OLTL Update Tuesday 8/28/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/28/07


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At Capricorn, Cristian is managing the bar when Sarahh appears. She asks if she can get a little service there. She tells him that she is going to find a job. He asks her who in their right mind would hire her. She replies that he will.

Starr and Cole are in the kitchen looking at their school schedule and figuring out what classes they should be in together. He kisses her. And she notices that something is going on with him. He tells her that it feels weird being happy. She tells him that it will just be a matter of time before his mother is released.

At the station, Marcie demands that Nora does something to prevent Lindsay getting in trouble. She tells her that John is obsessed about getting people in trouble and has his own personal grudge fest. She does not care if Michael hears her say this about his brother. He asks her to calm down. She tells him she refuses to calm down and will not leave without the best woman she has ever known.

John questions Lindsay in his office about how long she’s known that Tommy is Todd Manning’s son. She admits that she has known that for a while. But she tells him that he would not want that to come out any more than she would.

After the ceremony has ended and Todd and Blair are alone in the room, Miles comes and confesses to Todd that he knows where his son is. Realizing that Todd might not believe a word he says, Miles tells Todd that he is serious. Todd angrily tells Miles he better not say one more word. And he picks up a knife. Miles tells Todd that he has to tell him something and it is not a joke.

Marcie tells Michael that he has a lot of gall demanding that she calms down when the woman who has been just like a mother to her has gotten accused of murder.

When Bo is on the phone, Rex barges into his office and tells him he must know that it makes absolutely no sense that Lindsay would kill Spencer.

Nora tells Marcie she understands that she and Lindsay are very close. Marcie tells Nora that she understands that she (Nora) hates Lindsay’s guts. Michael then asks Marcie to stop arguing with Nora. Nora tells Marcie that John is just doing his job. And Marcie must realize that Lindsay is a suspect in a murder investigation. She will be questioned and charged only if she is guilty. And she cannot question how John does his job. Marcie tells Nora that she knows that this is all about John wanting to save Marty Saybrooke from the murder charges.

Right then, the guards are releasing Marty from her jail cell. And she tells them she knows that John is busy right now. He just went to the woman of the year ceremony and she knows exactly what happened.

Cole tells Starr that he loves everything about her. And they kiss when Dorian comes through the door. She tells them that they better not even pretend that they are doing homework. Starr tells her aunt that they are just coordinating their class schedule. Starr asks Dorian how the awards ceremony went. Dorian tells her niece that it went ok. Starr seems to know that some sort of scandal had to have happened. Dorian admits to Starr that she may be wise beyond her years. She informs Starr that the woman of the year had a melt down right in front of the entire audience. And the cops came and arrested her for the murder of Spencer Truman.

John tells Lindsay that there is a woman downstairs who has been locked up and unable to see her son for weeks for a crime she did not commit. She tells him she is sorry that  her best friend from losing the only child she ever had. He asks her how much longer she wants for Todd to be kept in the dark about his child. She tells him that he has known about Todd being Tommy’s child for a long time also. And she asks him why he has not done anything about it.

Cristian asks Sarahh just what she has in mind for a job. She tells him he will not get her payment for the cable until she gets hired. She reminds him that Antonio has considered hiring her as a booking agent. She asks him if he has any problem with a strong woman. He tells her he has no problem with strong women. But he does not see her that way. And Antonio didn’t promise her anything. He only told her he’d consider her.  He tells her that in order to do things, there is a process involving research, marketing and analyzing their clientele. And she has to start out from the bottom. She reminds him that he did not have to start out at the bottom when he’s the owner’s brother. She tells him that he knows what her goals are long term. But today, she is willing to start out as a server.

Nora tells Marcie that John would never allow his personal life to interfere with his ability to do his job. Michael seems to agree. But Marcie tells them they all know that John has a “personal thing” about Marty. And she asks Nora if she does not find it a bit odd that John went out of his way to investigate any and every alibi for Marty yet would never give Lindsay any similar benefit of the doubt. Nora tells Marcie that she cannot discuss that with her. She tells Marcie that she admires her loyalty to Lindsay and admits that Lindsay has done some really great things in the last year. But Marcie must also realize that Lindsay has a major rap sheet. And John has good reason to suspect her as much as he could anybody else.

Rex tells Bo that he cannot think that Lindsay would do this. Bo tells Rex that he knows that he and Michael have a personal issue about this case. He knows that they have a secret involving Spencer’s murder. He wonders if Rex might have some motive to protect Lindsay from something he knows and is not telling. He tells Rex that he’s been overlooking the very obvious evidence that Rex has a secret. But Rex better come clean and tell him what he has been hiding.

John asks Lindsay if Marcie knows anything about who Tommy really is. Lindsay tells John that Marcie has absolutely no idea how Tommy was conceived nor that she could ever lose him. She believes that the child she loves and has raised as her own and who knows only her as his mother will grow to be an adult and she will be able to know him as her son for the rest of her life.

Nora goes to see Marty and tells her that things are going good. She will probably be freed soon because there is another suspect. Marty then asks her if she knows the suspect. Nora tells her it’s Lindsay Rappaport. Can she believe it? Nora sounds happy and not worried about what will happen to Lindsay and she wonders why Marty is not very happy to find out that it’s Lindsay. And she asks Marty to tell her the secret that makes her less than happy that Lindsay got arrested for murder.

Dorian informs Starr and Cole that Lindsay Rappaport got nailed for murder. They find that odd. Dorian looks happy although she admits that she has no clue why John would suspect Lindsay. Cole concludes,  if nothing else, that will free his mother. And he is happy.

Lindsay asks John why, if he’s known all this while that Tommy is Todd Manning’s child, has he not called child services and taken him away from Michael and Marcie. He tells her that he knows she has been carrying this around for months and this has been eating her up.

Todd is ready to stab Miles and will not forgive him for what he did. Miles tells Todd that he must listen to him. He has a secret about his son that he needs to know. Blair tells Todd he has to go home, with her, calm down and stop letting Miles get to him. But when they are ready to leave, Miles tells Todd that if he goes out the door, he is giving up on finding his son. His son is alive, Miles tells him. Hearing that, Todd can only believe that Miles is telling him a cruel, sick lie to hurt him. And he pushes Miles over the table.

Cristian is surprised to hear Sarahh say that she would be willing to wait tables. And he warns her she has to work her tail off. She tells him that she can do it. It may not be her dream job but it will do. He asks her what this is all about. She informs him that her dad offered to put her back on “the dole” but she turned him down. He asks her why she would do that. He asks her if she really wouldn’t mind starting out at the bottom. She tells him she realizes that her great grandfather did it. So she can too. She asks him how hard this could be.

Cole tells Starr and Dorian that he wants to go down to the police station and take his mother home. Dorian tells him that it’s kind of late and maybe he should wait until John gives the word that Marty is released. Starr protests that he needs to be there for his mom. Dorian then tells Cole that maybe he should go and do it. He leaves, hugs Starr and hugs Dorian, then departs. Alone with Starr, Dorian tells her niece that maybe Cole is not such a bad kid after all. Starr is happy but wonders where her mom and dad are at this late hour.

Todd pins Miles to the ground and tells him if he mentions Todd’s dead son again, he will die. He tells Miles he has two children. And if Miles names them, he might let him leave. He bangs Miles’ head on the floor. Blair yells that he stops. He demands that Miles names his kids.  

At the station, Marcie tells Michael that Lindsay has gone out on a limb for them many times. So the least they can do for her is stick around for her unless he doesn’t want to.

Bo asks Rex just what he believes he can do in order to help Lindsay if he really wants to do something good. Rex then indirectly tells Bo that he can “do some digging”. Bo asks him just what he means and how “doing some digging” is going to clear Lindsay. He again tells Rex that he needs to disclose his secret. Rex does not tell Bo the big secret but tells him there must be something he can do in order to prevent Lindsay from getting nailed for a murder she did not commit.

Lindsay tells John he may do whatever he wants to her. She does not care. But he must leave the secret about Tommy alone. If the truth comes out, it will destroy Marcie and Michael. She tells him she will never tell them that Tommy is Todd’s son. If John wants to destroy that family, he must do it all by himself.

Cristian begins to tell Sarahh about all of the tricks of the trade in waiting tables. She tells him she is not an idiot and has done this before. He tells her one last thing. All of their servers need to know how to mix certain drinks when bartenders are busy. She tells him no problem. She can handle it. He then asks her to make one now. She asks him to stand back.

Marty admits to Nora that she saw Lindsay slip out of Blair’s hospital room and nobody saw Lindsay except her. Nora asks how Lindsay could have been unseen. And she asks Marty just what John said he’d found out about Lindsay. Marty says John did not tell her how he knew and she wonders why Lindsay would kill Spencer when she didn’t even know him. Nora concludes to Marty that she doesn’t understand exactly what Lindsay’s motive would be either but it doesn’t matter at this point. She tells Marty the main thing is that she is getting out of there. Right then, Cole bursts in and runs to see his mother.

Alone, at Dorian’s, Starr tells her aunt that it really looked as though her parents might be getting back together. Dorian tells her niece she doubts that. Starr tells Dorian that it’s very odd that Lindsay got charged with murder. Dorian says she agrees and bets in another day the charges will be dropped.

Lindsay tells John she is not asking him to protect her. She’s asking him to protect Michael and Marcie. He must choose between upholding the law and protecting his family. And she hopes and prays that that innocent child does not have to pay for the decision he makes.

Sarahh shows Cristian how she measures drinks. She puts all of her special ingredients into a Cosmo. She tells him he may taste it and weep. But he tells her ladies first. She tastes it and it appears to be too much for her. He then tells her that the drink has different ingredients. She tells him she was just being creative. He reminds her that most of the money she will make will be from tips. And he shows her how he makes a Cosmo.

Bo tells Rex he needs him to stay out of this investigation. He cannot do anything stupid.

Michael tells Marcie she must know how much he loves Lindsay. But there is nothing they can do tonight. He asks his wife if she thinks it’s doing Tommy any good if they stay there and leave him alone with a babysitter. Marcie then tells her husband maybe he is right and they should go home. But she is returning here first thing in the morning. He then tells her he will be right there with her. He hugs her. Right then, Rex comes out of Bo’s office, not happy that Bo has demanded that he stays out of the investigation.

Cole goes to see his mom and asks her what exactly happened. She tells him that John figured it all out for her. She is free and she owes it all to him.

Todd puts Miles in a chokehold on the floor and demands that he says Todd’s kids’ names. Blair demands that Todd leaves with her and stops this. Todd tells Miles if he mentions Todd’s dead son’s name one more time, he will kill him. He then leaves with Blair. Miles is on the floor bloody and looking like he is going to pass out. But he tries to talk and speak the truth.

Lindsay tells John that her conscience is clear and it’s all in his hands now. Right then, the deputy comes out and John asks him to “escort” Ms. Rappaport to her cell. She leaves without a fight but tells John that she and he are not all that different. She tells him that they would both do anything to protect the people they love. John says nothing to argue with that.

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