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One Life to Live Update Monday 8/27/07


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After Nash has lost the poker game to Jared, he drinks with Roxy. She tells him that not long from now, everything will go good for him and he will forget the whole thing. But he tells her that he was almost ready to buy Antonio out. But if he doesn’t come up with the money soon, Antonio can buy out his house and that will be the end of his and Jessica’s dream

Talia goes to a bar and notices Antonio. He notices her dressed like she is “undercover” as a “lady of the night”.  He asks her if she’d like to join him.

Natalie and Miles sit at a table. Jared comes and asks if they want more drinks and tells the bartender he will put it on his tab. He leaves. Natalie looks annoyed. Miles ask who Jared is. She replies he’s nobody. He’s just an annoying jerk.. Right then, Miles indicates to Natalie that he has a key to “the truth”.

At the Woman of the Year Award, John surprises everybody by barging in and arresting Lindsay for the murder of Spencer Truman.

Roxy goes with Nash to his house and asks why it would matter if Antonio owns half of the place if Nash owns the other half. He tells her that what is wrong is that Antonio can sell out is share to whomever he wants. He is worried that that would ruin his vineyard. She then tells him that maybe they can build some strip malls where there can be hair salons. And she tells him there has to be a way to fight this. He tells her that he knows he has to come up with a new scheme and fast. She laughs and tells him that there is one little thing that he needs.

Antonio tells Talia that he has to do whatever he needs to do in order to rid himself of Jessica. And he’s going to meet a mysterious person who will change his life. Right then, Jared appears and meets with Antonio. He introduces Jared to Officer Sahib. Right then, Talia tells the two men that she needs to go and get out of her “work clothes”. Jared asks Antonio why he is selling his shares. Antonio tells him he has his reasons. Jared tells Antonio that he can beat Antonio’s asking price. Antonio then asks Jared why he is so interested.

Natalie tells Miles that he may have made a mistake. But he did turn the letter over to the police as soon as he found out that Todd was missing. But he tells her that the letter was  incomplete. But he left something off. And he and Spencer had a secret. Spencer knew that Miles would see Todd as an enemy and Spencer entrusted his secret to Miles. She then asks what the secret is. She knows that Spencer did something to Todd’s baby which Miles knows but is not telling.

In response to John arresting Lindsay, Marcie is outraged. She demands that her brother in law tells her how he can do that after Lindsay has been named woman of the year. Michael tells his wife she has to calm down. There are many things she does not know about. Todd tells Blair and Dorian that he is not very worried about Lindsay getting charged with murder. He bets she did it. She killed her ex husband. But Dorian tells Blair that it does not make sense that Lindsay would have killed Spencer. He had many enemies whom he has driven to do many things. Marcie protests to John that Lindsay hardly knew Spencer and had no motive to kill him. John tells Marcie that actually she did.

Roxy tells Nash that she has some ideas for how he can gain money. He can bet on a pony. And she believes he can win and make a bundle. But he tells her that his recent loss has kind of soured him on gambling. She notices that he has some literature for investing. He tells her he needs a new plan and needs to come up with it fast before Jessica comes back to him.

Jared tells Antonio that he has reasons for wanting to invest. He is a businessman and knows when there are good investments. It can benefit Antonio. So all Antonio has to do is sign the papers and they can make it happen. Antonio, however, is a bit suspicious of Jared’s offer.

Right then, Jessica calls Antonio from England. She asks him what has been going on in her absence. She asks just what she missed. And he does not know how to answer that.

Miles tells Natalie that although he has been working with Spencer and does not care for Todd, he has developed a conscious,. He believes that Todd needs closure if his child is missing. And if he is alive, Todd had the right to find him. Natalie then asks Miles just what his plan is.

Marcie demands that John tells her what is going on. But Michael tells her she needs to drop this and they are going home. She tells her husband he may leave if he wants. But she is not going anywhere. She is going to get to the bottom of this. Lindsay tells John he mustn’t prolong  the agony. He needs to just put her in handcuffs and get it over with. Adriana tells Rex that she is just as baffled by this as Marcie is. Why would Lindsay kill Spencer? He indicates to her that he might know why she would. Bo then approaches Lindsay and asks her if there is anything she needs to say to him. She tells him yes. She wants to tell him that it’s alright. She will go with John. Marcie tells Lindsay that she must tell her that it’s all a mistake. But Michael urges Marcie to stay out of this. Marcie pleads to Lindsay to please tell them the truth. Tell them that there’s no way she could have killed Spencer. Marcie looks like she’s going to cry. Lindsay does not know what to say in response to that.

After Jessica asks Nash what she missed, and he is silent, she tells him that he sounds far away. He tells her it’s because he is far away. But she knows that something is up. And Roxy shouts that he must tell Jessica what is really going on there. Hearing that, Jessica asks her husband why Roxy is overhearing the conversation and just what she means by telling Nash he must tell Jessica what is going on there. Nash does not answer that.

Jared tells Antonio that he can give him a cashier’s check right away. Antonio tells him that he will consider his offer. And Jared notices that Antonio has a picture of Nash’s wife. Jared leaves and Talia enters again. She tells Antonio that maybe he should take Jared up on his offer. He tells her that he wants to make certain that Jared is a qualified buyer. She asks how he would question that when Jared is paying cash upfront. She knows that there’s more to it than that. He is not certain that he wants to cut Jessica loose.

Miles leaves Natalie at their table and goes to the locker where Spencer gave him the key for. Spencer’s ghost appears and tells Miles he must open the locker and find out the big secret. But Miles is not certain he wants to find out what is in that locker. SO he hesitates to open it.

At the awards’ ceremony, Dorian approaches Rex and asks him if he might have a clue what is up with Lindsay since he once knew her really well. And she tells Adriana and Rex that she may have not spent every waking hour of the last year doing good deeds for those less fortunate. But at least she didn’t kill anybody. Lindsay urges an upset Marcie to know that everything will be ok. John tells Bo that he has reason to take Lindsay in. Bo then tells him he may do what he has to do. John then takes Lindsay down to the station.

Miles finally opens the locker and takes out a folder. He looks through the pages and notices something startling. And Spencer’s ghost tells him that he must believe that it’s brilliant. Miles tells Spencer’s ghost that this cannot be true. But Spencer’s ghost tells him that it is. It’s all there in black and white. And now the question is what is Miles going to do about it.

Todd and Blair are at their table. He is ready to print a story about Lindsay. Dorian informs him that he is missing a very important component in the story. He has the who and what but not the why. Marcie tells Michael that she needs to be with Lindsay and asks if he can go home and be with Tommy. But Michael tells her he cannot do that.  He needs to come with her. Adriana tells Rex that she can see that Marcie would do anything to protect Tommy. And Marcie is like a daughter to Lindsay.

At the station, Bo admits to Nora that he still cannot see that Lindsay had a motive to kill Spencer. He tells her that he cannot believe that she would have committed a senseless act. If Lindsay killed Truman, then there must have been something else going on. John takes Lindsay to his office. He tells her she doesn’t have to speak without a lawyer. She tells him she does not need a lawyer. He admits that he has now discovered that she has means, motive and opportunity. He knows she killed Truman and he knows the reason why.

On the phone, Jessica seems like she has no clue what happened to Nash. But he tells her that there is something else he must tell her in regard to the issue of buying Antonio out.

After talking to Talia, Antonio finally concludes to Jared that if his offer is still good, he’s got himself a deal.

Miles suddenly finds out the big secret and reveals that Spencer probably never told him what happened to Todd’s son. He then goes and informs Natalie that he now has proof that Todd’s son is not dead. He’s alive and well and living in Llanview. She tells him it’s entirely possible that it’s not true. It may just be another scam of Spencer’s. But he tells her that he knows that it’s true. It’s confirmed. She asks where, in that case, is Todd’s son? He tells her that he doesn’t want to reveal that because he doesn’t want to involve her in this. She then tells him that she will stay out of it. He needs to do the right thing for Todd’s son and let everybody know the man he really is. Right then, Miles goes out the door without telling her where he is going nor saying good bye.

Right then, we see the whole award’s show going on as if nothing had happened. And Marcie announces that the real woman of the year is Dorian Lord. Everybody claps. Dorian approaches the podium and gives her speech. She boasts of the many heroic things she has done. And right then, she is awoken by Blair and Todd telling her that it’s time to go home. And she realizes that she must come back to the real world. Dorian leaves Blair and Todd. Alone, Blair asks Todd where they should go now. He tells her that it would be a real shame to let all that champagne go to waste. She indicates that she agrees. Outside in the hallway, Rex and Adriana are wondering what is going to happen next. She tells to him that maybe Lindsay’s motive is to protect Marcie form losing Tommy. And maybe if she can establish that, she can get her sentence reduced. But Rex tells her there is no way Lindsay will get away with murder.

In John’s office, he tells Lindsay that he finally discovered that there was a secret that she somehow got wind off. And he tells her that now that she’s found out the secret, he wants her to tell him who else knows. She admits that she has no clue what secret he is talking about. He tells her that the secret is that Marcie and Michael’s adoptive child is Todd Manning’s long lost child. Hearing that, Lindsay reveals that she has never heard anything about that until now. She appears shocked.

Roxy asks Nash what his plans are. He tells her that he has determined that when Jessica comes back, she will be returning to a place that is 100% theirs’’

Right then, Jessica is calling and arranging for her flight to Llanview to be pushed up so that she can return sooner.

Jared asks Natalie if she will reconsider his offer. She tells him she is not hiring him. He smiles and tells her she will change her mind. Right then, she calls Miles telling him she is concerned that he just bolted off without telling her what was up. So she’d like him to call her.

John assumes that Lindsay already knows that Tommy is Todd Manning’s son. He tells her that he appreciates her devotion. But she cannot protect them anymore.. So she might as well come out and tell him. How long has she known that Tommy is Todd Manning’s’ son? She does not answer

Todd and Blair drink the champagne and toast to their wealth and success. Right then, Miles bursts through the door and tells them he must tell Todd something very important about his son.

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