OLTL Update Friday 8/24/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/24/07


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At Foxy Roxy’s, she is noticing Nash and Jared engrossing in poker. Nash has a good hand and is confident that Jared won’t beat him. Jared then shows him that he can, by showing Nash another hand.

Natalie is calling a contact to get information on Jared. She tells her contact he is an arrogant jackass who believes he can “use” something against her to take Buchanan Enterprises form her. She asks her contact to find out the inside story about this guy. Miles enters and asks Natalie if she can keep a secret for him. She tells him of course. Hasn’t she already been there for him? He then informs her that he knows more than he’s admitted about Todd’s son.

Todd walks in to see Starr and Cole together. Starr is assuming that he is there to pick her mother up for a date. But Todd sets his daughter straight that it is not a date. It’s business. Blair enters wearing a dress that looks like something she’d wear for a date.

Marty informs John that she now knows who murdered Spencer. It was Lindsay Rappaport. She saw Lindsay do it. But she has no clue what motive Lindsay would have to kill Spencer Truman.

At that moment, Lindsay is awarded with the Woman of the Year Award. Nora has given it to her without a fight. Everybody claps and Lindsay approaches the podium. She tells everybody she is speechless. She does not know what to say. She is overwhelmed. And she concludes that she cannot possibly accept this award. Marcie and Rex exchange disappointed looks.

Blair comes out in a stunning dress. Todd is ready to tell her she looks beautiful and Starr finishes his sentence. He gets ready to go with Blair and tells Starr and Cole that they better use good judgment while they are alone in the house. Starr keeps telling her parents that she believes it’s a date. But Blair tells her daughter that that is not what this is. Alone with Starr, Cole asks her if her parents are always “like that”. She replies only when they are getting back together.

Miles tells Natalie that Todd is devastated about losing his child. She tells him that her family has tried to help Todd. But he tells her that Todd blames him for that. He tells her that it is his fault that Todd was stabbed and almost killed. She still seems to trust Miles. But he indicates to her that there are many things that neither she nor anybody knows about.

After Marty has confessed that she knows that Lindsay killed Spencer, John tells her that he has to go and arrest Lindsay. But Marty tells him he might not be able to do much if it’s her word against Lindsay’s. She is very emotional to John for believing in her when she did not believe in herself. And she concludes to John that she owes him her life. She asks him what happens now. He tells her he now has to go and arrest Lindsay for murder.

At the award’s ceremony, Lindsay tells the audience that they have all probably heard a lot about her. One would have to live in a cave not to have heard about her. She tells the audience that she is very grateful to be getting the award. She says that she does not believe that she should be considered any woman of the year by anybody. She talks about the loss of her daughter, Jen. She says that no mother ever gets over the loss of a child. So she organized a group of mothers who have had the same tragedy. She saw a good opportunity to help good people who had done nothing wrong. And she did that to honor the memory of her daughter. And it for the sweet memory of the life that her daughter lost too soon. So she is not a woman of the year, she says. She is just a mother who would do anything for her child. She would lie and cheat and steal and kill in order to protect any mother from having to go through what she has done. And she has already done that. She breaks down crying. Marcie runs to her and hugs her.  Rex asks Bo what to do. Bo starts clapping and the entire audience claps. Michael observes what is going on and is totally baffled.

In Marty’s jail cell, John is happy that he can release and acquit her of the murder charges. But he admits to her that the timing stinks. Lindsay is right now about to accept the woman of the year award. Hearing that, Marty is not happy to know what will have to happen to Lindsay.

Observing that Nash has gotten cleaned out at poker, Roxy gives him frozen peas. She asks if he wants another drink. He tells her he was supposed to pay off Antonio but now he can’t. He concludes that the best case scenario is he will just let some stranger buy him out. She brainstorms about some of her contacts giving him a loan. But he knows that nobody in their right  mind would do that. Roxy then suggests going to Antonio, telling Nash that he is a fair guy. But she realizes that Antonio is not about to let Nash slide after Nash ran off with his wife. Nash tells Roxy it’s very obvious that he’s screwed.

In response to her discovery that Lindsay killed Spencer Truman, Marty asks John if Lindsay even knew Spencer. John tells Marty so far as he knew, Lindsay did not know Spencer and he has no clue what motive she would have to kill him. But you never know. He tells her that he can get her(Marty) acquitted. And he can arrange for her to call Cole.  

Starr tells Cole that she knows her parents are nuts. They cannot decide nor can anybody else, whether they love each other or hate each other. She tells him that their most recent attempt to get married got cancelled. And everything has been back and forth ever since. He concludes to her that that sucks. She then asks him if he remembers when his parents were together. He tells her yes. They were awesome. He tells her that remembers being about 8 or 9 years old and he walked downstairs and saw his parents dancing without any music. He watched them unseen. And the more he watched, the more he thought it was pretty cool. There was the two of them dancing as if there was music that nobody could hear except for the two of them. She tells him that her parents heave had a lot of problems. But maybe tonight will be different. He asks her if that’s true even if they say that it’s only a business meeting. She tells him that every year when they have the Woman of the Year award, something happens. And she hopes that something will force her parents to be stuck there all night so that they will have to admit how they really feel.

Todd and Blair arrive at the awards ceremony and sit with Dorian. She informs them that Lindsay broke down crying after she got the award. Todd assumes that Nora would have had to have caused that since she hates Lindsay. Dorian tells Todd no. Nora was very gracious. He tells her that he knows that every year they have the Woman of the Year awards, some disaster happens.

Alone with Lindsay, Marcie tries to calm her down when she is crying hysterically. Lindsay sobs and tells Marcie that it was a big mistake. She did a terrible thing. But she did it because she thought she was saving Marcie. Marcie asks Lindsay just what happened. Todd observes and asks Michael if he has a clue what is happening with the two of them. Michael is sullen and admits he really doesn’t have a clue.

Roxy tells Nash that what has happened reminds her of that “old Mr. Rogers” song: “Know when to hold them, know when to fold them.” He asks her what Jessica will do when she finds out.  He tells her that he knows that Jessica would probably cover him. But there is no way that he’s going to take money from his wife to pay off her ex husband.

Miles tells Natalie that he never told anybody about his relationship with Spencer. She tells him that she realizes that Spencer was his friend and really helped him. He tells her that he feels guilty to be enabling Spencer to get away with the things he’s done to everybody, even to Todd. She tells him that he should not be beating himself up for what happened to Todd. No matter what he does, Todd will hate him. So why stress himself out over it? It’s not worth it. He asks her what if he could bring Todd’s son back to him. She tells him that nobody can do that. Todd’s son is dead.

At the Woman of the Year award, Rex and Michael talk privately about whether John is going to “out” their little secret in order to clear Marty. Rex asks why John would do that. Michael answers it would be motive that John is establishing. Michael is very worried that his brother will end up arresting his (Michael’s) wife.

Bo goes and finds Lindsay. She tells him that she is terribly sorry. He tells her she has nothing to be sorry for. Nora is there and does not argue.  But she tells them all that she has to finish her speech. They leave and she approaches the podium again. She gets up and tells the audience she is sorry. This is just something very near to her heart. Her daughter was a sweet person. And this woman, Marcie McBain is also such a sweet, good, kind person. She says that Marcie is like her daughter. Marcie was Jen’s best friend. Marcie brought out the best in Jen. She brought out the best in everybody. Many people know Marcie as a best selling author and as a teacher and Llanview High. But she is more than that. She is the most incredible mother to a little boy whom she and her husband have adopted. Lindsay then breaks down crying when she says that no mother should ever have to give up her child. When John enters, Michael rushes, corners him and demands to know what he is doing there. Todd turns to notice him and says this is show time.

Cole tells Starr that he does not get it. Why can’t her parents just figure it out and get back together? She tells him that the last time their wedding got cancelled was not their fault. And it’s a long story which is a bit complicated and morbid. He tells her he is fascinated to hear the whole thing. She then tells him that this crazy woman tried to kill her dad.  Her name is Margaret Cochran. He tells her he heard that Todd had a baby with Margaret. She tells him that Margaret was crazy. She stalked Todd. And they did not have consensual sex when Margaret got pregnant. Todd had a brief affair with Margaret and probably messed up her mind thinking that they had a future together.. She tells him that her dad has some bad habits. And he’s had a lot of problems with her mother. But her parents are soul mates. And nothing and nobody can ever change that.

While Lindsay is giving her speech about how much she loves Marcie, Michael confronts John, afraid that he’s going to arrest Marcie for murder. John tells his brother he needs to calm down and listen. He has no clue why he is there, John tells him. Michael tells John he will not calm down nor listen while John puts his wife in handcuffs. John tells Michael that that is not why he is there. Michael asks his brother if he is really not there to make an arrest. John admits that that is the reason why he is there. In response to that, Michael shouts to John, loud enough for everybody to hear him,  that he is not going to let him haul his wife to jail.  Everybody turns around and stares at them assuming that John is going to arrest Marcie.

Roxy gets her phone assuming it’s her bookie. Alone with Nash, Jared tells him he’s sorry but he got a very lucky hand tonight. He realizes that Nash does not have the money to buy out his partner. Nash tells Jared that nothing will prevent him from achieving his dream of owning the vineyard. Jared asks Nash what he’d do if he could help Nash win his money back. In response to that, Nash tells Jared he does not take charity. He leaves. Roxy tells Nash she will pour him another one. He needs it.

Natalie confides in Miles that this strange guy named Jared Banks walks into her office and implies that he can buy out her grandfather’s empire. He listens but she can tell that he has something else on his mind. She asks if it’s Marty. Is it Todd? Is he certain that there is not something else going on? He then tells her that he is not ok with Todd hating him. And maybe there is a way that he can make it up to Todd.

Cole and Starr have ice cream together and look very cozy. They talk about his mom’s fate in jail. He tells her that he is worried that John may not come through for his mom. Right then, he gets a call. He doesn’t recognize who it is. Starr suggests he picks it up anyway. It’s his mom calling him from the jail cell. He is surprised that she would call, remembering that she told him she cannot make calls from jail at this late hour. He asks her if she is ok. She is very happy and tells him that she is more than ok.

Right after Michael blurts out to the entire awards show that John is going to arrest Marcie, Bo goes and asks John if he really wants to go through with this. Marcie asks John if he has the gall to publicly humiliate his brother and ruin this night for Lindsay. Hearing that, Lindsay tells Marcie that John has the wrong person if he is accusing her (Marcie).

Roxy pours Nash a drink and tells him she’s sorry he bet the farm. She then asks him what his Plan B is.

Jared then calls Antonio and tells him he has heard that he has a vineyard to “unload”.

Marty calls Cole, telling him she is happy. She loves him. Everything is going to be ok. She cannot go into any of the details. But it’s almost over. He hangs up and tells Starr that his mom has gotten some good news and she sounded happier than he’s ever seen her in such a long time. Starr hugs Cole.

Natalie asks Miles just what he means about giving Todd’s hope back. He tells her that there is something that he could give back to Todd that would profoundly change his life for the better.

Bo asks John if he’d like to tell him what is going on. Hearing that, Lindsay says that she will tell him. She announces to everybody that John did not come there to arrest Marcie for the murder of Spencer Truman. He came there to arrest her. Everybody stares at her, shocked.

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