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One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/23/07


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The mysterious Jared Banks is shuffling cards and observing a picture of Jessica and Foxy Roxy’s. Nash tells Roxy that he recognizes Jared.

Blair notices that somebody left a swimming trunks behind and she knows who it is. She “quizzes” Start telling her daughter she knows it’s too big for Jack. And it’s not David’s. Starr admits to her mother that she and her friends went swimming together. Nothing happened that should not have. She explains that Cole has been really down with his mom being in jail and last night was the first time he’s enjoyed himself in a long time.

Cole goes to visit his mother in jail. He doesn’t know exactly what to say to her. But he tells her that he is afraid that they might never find out who really killed Spencer.

At the Woman of the Year Awards show, Dorian congratulates Lindsay. Bo appears. Dorian knows that Lindsay wants to be alone with Bo. She and Marcie go and get some drinks. Alone with Bo, Lindsay tells him how much she appreciates his coming to see her at this awards show. He tells her that he knows his father would want him there to support a strong and heroic woman. Not far away, Rex and Michael are having a secret conversation bout whether Bo is aware that Tommy is Todd’s son and whether he might want to find out who really killed Spencer.

John is alone at Rodi’s investigating leads. He gets on his phone and asks to see somebody. We do not yet know whom it is.

Rex tells Michael that every day that John keeps the secret for Michael and Marcie is more encouraging for Michael. He tells him that maybe he should have faith that his brother is not going to double-cross him. They return to Marcie. Rex leaves Michael and Marcie alone to go and talk to Lindsay. Again, Marcie is wondering what her husband’s big secret is. She remarks that he and Rex looked very serious when they came in. And his excuse that they were talking about leap frog does not sound credible. She asks if everything is ok. He tells her of course and he hugs her.

Rex goes and tells Lindsay she looks really hot. She tells him that everything she has done is to honor Jen. . He tells her he knows and if Jen were here, she would be very proud of her mom

Cole tells his mom that he is not going to let her get tried for a murder she did not commit. But she tells him that neither of them have any control over the situation. He tells her he’s very surprised that John is not there. He remarks that he likes John and believes he’s a good guy. But it doesn’t look like he’s making any great efforts to help Marty right now.

John calls a guy to talk to him. This guy tells John that he was raked over the coals when Spencer was killed. John reveals that the guy is a cop who was a witness and he needs to ask him some questions. But the guy appears scared to give information. He is afraid he will be killed or lose his job. But John asks if he can help with something. He shows him a picture of some guy who he might have seen the night that Spencer Truman was killed. The cop admits that that guy looks familiar and asks John just whom he is. John tells him that he is a suspect.

Roxy and Nash wonder why Jared is in her salon by himself playing cards. He tells her he is just there to play cards. Right then, there is a knock on the door. She goes to get the door. Nash and Jared stair at each other. Right then, some friends of Roxy’s enter who seem to be big poker players. She tells them that they are ready to start a very important poker game. She tells Nash that she can help him make some money with the card game now that all the players are there.

Starr asks her mother how going to Monte Carlo with Todd went. Blair tells her daughter that the two of them had a good time. The situation with Miles Laurence has brought them closer together as a team. But not as a couple. Starr asks her mother to explain. Blair explains that she and Todd work well together in situations like that. But they cannot eave any romantic involvement or consider remarrying. Starr tells her mother she better not give her the “just friends” speech or she will throw up. Blair tells her daughter she will find her a bucket. She believes that she cannot live without Todd. But living with him won’t work. Starr says she does not understand that. She feels as though she cannot live without Cole and she is not about to separate from him as Blair is with Todd.

Cole admits to his mother that he is not entirely comfortable staying at Asa Buchanan’s house and he is concerned about the care she is getting in the jail cell. She tells her son not to worry. Everything is going good for her under the present situation. He tells her that he is ready to return to school and has his new class schedule. Right when Cole is ready to depart, the guard brings a rowdy looking guy into the jail. Marty notices him and instantly has a flashback of the night when Spencer was killed. She remembers struggling with Spencer. And she screams that somebody must let her talk to John McBain. It’s urgent.

At Rodi’s John’s witness does not give him any information and he leaves.. Alone, John gets a call from the guard informing him that Marty Saybrooke is demanding to talk to him face to face. John then tells him he will be right there and he heads out the door.

Nash, Jared, Roxy and the couple play cards. Jared notices the picture Nash has of Jessica and asks him if the picture is his lucky charm. Nash tells him it’s a picture of his wife, the love of his life.

Cole goes to see Starr. He notices that Blair is there. She asks him how his mom is. He tells her she is ok and they have selected a jury today. Starr tells him that he must believe that everybody will be ok. He admits that he will have a really hard time of this until they find out who really killed Spencer.

At the Woman of the Year award, Bo indicates to Rex that this must be a tough act to follow. Rex jokes that he doubts that anybody would elect Bo for the woman of the year. Bo then tells Rex that he remembers something that happens every year they have the award show. A year ago, Evangeline Williamson got the award and then got kidnapped. The year before that, Rae Cummings revealed that she was faking her identity. And before that, Nora got the award and Lindsay caused a terrible scene. In response to that, Rex tells Bo that he realizes that Lindsay has had her moments. But she has given a lot and done a lot of good things since Jen has died. Bo tells Rex he remembers that but reminds him that Nora is going to present the award.

Not far away, Dorian tells Nora that she is a friend of Lindsay’s and if Nora does anything to ruin it for Lindsay, she won’t get away with it. Nora angrily tells Dorian she does not buy that. She believes that Dorian only wants the award for herself. And she makes it clear that she is completely uncomfortable with being there.

John goes to see Marty in jail. She tells him that she now knows that she did not kill Spencer. He then asks her who did.

At Foxy Roxy’s, the couple leaves and does not believe that they will have any luck at the poker game. So Nash and Jared are alone. Nash asks Jared if he is new in town. Jared says yes. Nash informs Jared that he owns a vineyard and knows he won’t have any financial trouble in owning it. Jared asks him why his wife is not there. Nash asks Jared why he is so interested in him and  his wife.

Lindsay tells Marcie she is nervous and worried about what Nora is going to say.

Nora rehearses her speech  about what a great humanitarian Lindsay Rappaport is. She is completely uncomfortable and concludes that this is just a crock. Right then, Marcie approaches the podium and tells the people that Lindsay is a very important person in her life. She talks about how people say that you do not choose your family. But she has chosen Lindsay to be part of her family. Lindsay is like a second mom to her son and to herself. And she introduces Nora Hanen to present the award to Lindsay. Nora approaches and announces that she has ripped up and discarded the speech she is going to make about Lindsay. So, she has decided that she is going to make her speech extemporaneously. Right then, Dorian, Bo, Lindsay, Marcie and Rex all stare at her afraid of what she will do next.

Marty tells John about how Spencer endangered and tried to kill her in the hospital. He dragged her to a bed. She remembers that she must have passed out and did not remember what happened. And that means that she probably did not kill Spencer. Hearing that, John tells her he never thought she did.

In response to Nash asking him why he has this interest in Nash and Jessica, Jared tells him that he is just making conversation. It looks like both men are unafraid that they can win the game and a lot of money. Roxy observes them and tells them she is going to go and have a bottle of hooch.

Right then, Blair tells Starr and Cole she will leave them alone. She gets a call from Todd. He tells her that he is coming by to pick her up to go to the Woman of the Year Award even though it’s already started.  Blair agrees to go with Todd and announces to Starr and Cole that he is coming. Starr is worried that Todd will not be ok with seeing Cole there. Blair tells her daughter that her father will be ok. As long as Romeo keeps his shorts on.

Nora gives her speech about her “history” with Lindsay. And we see all of the scenes throughout their relationship where they have gotten into physical combat. Nora tells the audience that she and Lindsay have many times gotten down and dirty. Lindsay has always been by her side. She relives how Lindsay went off on her when she got the award a few years ago. She talks about how she and Lindsay have “crossed many bridges together” and she relieves Lindsay driving on a bridge, ready to mow Nora down and throw her in the river. When people hear Nora’s speech, as Nora remembers her combative relationship with Lindsay, they ask if this is a tribute or a roast. Nora then admits that she and Lindsay have had many differences. But they have one thing in common. They both love their children and would do anything for them. She talks about Lindsay’s daughter, Jen’s tragic death, which she admits was inflicted by a despicable man (whom she was married to). And she admits that Lindsay Rappaport as a heroic woman.

In response to John telling Marty that he knows she did not kill Spencer, she asks him how he knows that. He tells her he knows she did not kill him because he knows who did.

Roxy notices Nash and Jared silently staring at each other. Nash asks Jared how much he wants to bet and tells him that he knows that Jared does not have enough to place a bet and he will not take any chances. Jared then puts a ring down on the table. Roxy inspects it to see if it’s worth any money and confirms that it is the real deal. And she seems to know that the two of them have something really significant going on as poker rivals.

Alone with Cole, Starr asks him how he could have left his boxers at her home. He explains that he did not know that they were missing because he’s been sleeping in his clothes since he’s been staying at Asa Buchanan’s home. He tells her about what it’s like to live there and how Nigel is really missing Asa. She listens attentively. He then tells her he hopes that her mom is not mad at him. She tells him that her mother did ask her about the shorts.

John tells Marty that she must tell him what happened when she woke up on that bunk after passing out. She admits that she does not remember a thing. When he tells her she must think hard, she says that when she woke up she saw something. He asks her just what she saw.

At the Woman of the Year awards, Nora concludes to the audience that this is not about the past. It’s about the future. It’s about a mother who has given so much.

Marty tells John about how she walked into Blair’s hospital room to find Spencer. And she saw somebody coming out. He asks her who it was.

Nora tells the crowd that it is her pleasure to present to everybody the 2007 Llanview Woman of the Year.

Marty answers John that the person she saw kill Spencer was Lindsay Rappaport.

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