OLTL Update Wednesday 8/22/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/22/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At the gym Cristian is lifting weights and Sarahh comes up. She asks him how long he’ll be on the bench and takes offense when he asks what’s it to her.

On the roof John has flashbacks of when he confronted Rex and Mike about who Tommy really is. He wonders why Spencer let Mike know that Tommy is Todd’s kid.

At the diner Lindsay and Marcie talk about who will be presenting Woman of the Year award as Nora walks in. Dorian asks them what they are talking about. Nora says she is presenting and she has no idea who the honoree is. Dorian says “I do.” And put her arm around Lindsay.

At Buchanan Enterprises Jerry Banks tries to charm Natalie but she offers to have security escort him out. He asks for five minutes. She asks why and he tells her Asa was his idol. He turns to leave but Natalie gives him 3 minutes. He tells her he knows all about Asa. Natalie cuts him off. He tells her he talked to Asa a few weeks ago and Asa told him to stop by and he’d show him around. Natalie tells him to shut up and that Asa was at home sick for the past month. He runs down Natalie’s life story and tries to relate to her. He starts to leave but she smiles and asks for his resume.

Rex and Nash go to Roxy’s for the card game. Roxy tells Rex Nash will scare her big rollers away.

Back at the diner Nora laughs and doesn’t believe its Lindsay. Bo tells her Dorian isn’t joking. Nora turns and smiles and says she’s happy for Lindsay. Marcie offers to write the speech and starts to list all the good Lindsay has done. Bo, Clint and Dorian chime in.

On the roof John thinks out loud that someone else knows about Tommy. Spencer Truman appears and says John can’t win this one. He drinks the beer and talks to John. John talks back to him. They discuss John’s motive for hunting Spencer’s murderer. Spencer says it’s all about Marty.

Cris catches up to Sarahh in the gym and tells her he’s done with the bench. They apologize and Sarahh asks him to take the weights off the bar. Sarahh lies on the bench and Cris sets up the bar with weights. They talk about Asa as Sarahh lifts weights. Cris invites Sarahh to get something to eat.

Roxy warns Nash about the gamblers from Atlantic City. Nash says he’s serious and needs money to buy Antonio out. Roxy tells him if he loses he has to pay up. Roxy lets him play. She puts her hand out for the money. He doesn’t have it with him. She gives him a half hour. Nash goes to get the money.

Bo tells Nora people can change. Lindsay says Nora will never forget. Marcie defends Lindsay. Bo and Clint try to help. Lindsay leaves. Marcie tells Nora to stay home. She says if Nora ruins it for Lindsay she will kick her ass.

Natalie tells Jerry to stop playing games. He warns her about corporate raiders. He tells her that he is her only hope.

Spencer and John talking on the roof. John says he won’t let Marty pay for a crime she didn’t’ commit. Spencer accuses John of drinking alone because he might have to destroy Mike’s family. Spencer warns John that he is becoming just like Spencer. John denies being anything like Spencer. They go through the list of suspects.

Marcie asks to talk to Nora alone. Bo tells her that no one is going to kick anyone’s rear-end. Marcie apologizes to Nora but tells her to give her hatred of Lindsay the night off. She tells Nora that Lindsay helped her plan her wedding and has been a good friend. She ask Nora to think of the Lindsay that Marcie knows, not the one that Nora knows. Marcie leaves. Bo talks to Nora.

Dorian and Clint are on the other side of the diner talking. Clint says he has to go back to the office. Sarahh and Cris walk in.

At Roxy’s Rex justifies Nash being allowed to play. Lindsay comes in and asks for a new do. She tells her about being nominated Woman of the Year. Roxy tells her that after people get the award nothing good happens to them. Rex says he’s going to the award ceremony. Roxy brings Lindsay into the back to do her hair.

Jerry talks to Natalie about his plan for BE. Natalie reads his resume. She’s says that he went to the same school as her nephew. Jerry pretends to know Duke. Natalie adds up the dates and catches him in a lie.

Clint talks to Sarahh about Cord. Clint says Asa would be happy he brought Sarahh and her father together.

Bo reads Nora’s speech for Lindsay. It’s lame and Nora says all she can think of is how Lindsay ruined her Woman of the Year night and what she did to her and Bo. Bo tells her to get over it and that Lindsay is trying to live her life to honor the memory of her daughter.

On the roof Spencer suggests how Marcie could have done it. Maybe Spencer told Marcie about Tommy. John says no, Marcie doesn’t know. Spencer suggests Marty again. John says it had to be someone who cared about Tommy and wouldn’t’ have stuck around to take care of Blair.

Roxy finished Lindsay’s hair and Lindsay leaves as Nash comes in with money in hand. Nash asks if she’s staying. Roxy covers and Rex and Lindsay leave. Roxy yells at Nash.

Natalie figured out Jerry’s lies and tells him to leave. Jerry calls Asa a liar and cheat. He says Asa was the same way he is and leaves.

Sarahh gives Cristian her French fries. She lost her appetite. She says Clint doesn’t like her too much. They talk about Asa.

Natalie looks at the resume as Clint comes in. They talk about the work to do and it will be a late night. Clint leaves and Natalie picks up the resume and shreds it.

Nash pulls Jessica’s picture out as he gets ready to play. Roxy asks it he’s sure. There’s a knock at the door. She gives a password and is shocked when Jerry walks in.

Marcie and Lindsay are early for the Woman of the Year award. Marcie asks what she was reading. It was a newspaper article about Marty and Spencer’s murder. Lindsay says no one should be punished for ridding the world of Spencer.

John ponders who killed Spencer. Then says he knows who killed Spencer and leaves the roof.

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