OLTL Update Tuesday 8/21/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/21/07


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Adriana, Layla, Rex and Vincent go to the gym. The young women admit to the guys that they are looking for hot guys to potentially be the new spokes model for their company.

Right then, Nash is alone in his home,  having trouble raising enough money to pay off Antonio.

At B.E., reporters are harassing Clint with questions about his fatherís death. He demands that they get out.

In the courtroom, after Miles pleads guilty, everybody is surprised. But Todd knows that it will not help him one bit. Miles will still get away with what he has done to him.

At the diner, John observes Marcie and Lindsay talking and views Marcie with suspicion. He goes in and asks them some questions. Instantly, Lindsay demands that John leaves Marcie alone. She can sense that John might want to get her friend in some trouble. He asks her why she is jumping down his throat. Lindsay tells John that Marcie is like a daughter to her. And she tells John that it sounds like he is accusing Marcie of murdering Spencer Truman. She demands that he stops harassing Marcie and accusing her of doing something that she obviously could not have done.

In the courtroom, Miles surprises everybody by pleading guilty. He announces to the court that he is guilty of blackmailing Marty Saybrooke into marrying him and convinced her that she killed Spencer Truman. And he says he will accept any consequences the court wants to inflict upon him.

At the gym, right when Adriana and Layla are scoping out a new male model for their magazine, Nash appears, overhears their conversation and tells them he might be their man. Adriana regards Nash coldly, reminding him that he and Jessica really hurt her brother. But he reminds her that he is not the bad guy. He did not intend to hurt Antonio and Jessica made a choice. Layla notices that both Rex and Vincent are indirectly implying that they would not mind being the male models in place of Tate. They both laugh but decline realizing that their respective girlfriends might not approve of it. Right then, Layla suggests that maybe they should consider Nash.

 After John leaves the diner and Lindsay demands that he leaves Marcie alone, Bo enters the diner to see the two women with Tommy.. Lindsay goes and talks to him telling him that John better stop harassing Marcie. She is also concerned about Bo losing his father. He admits to her that he and his father did not always see eye to eye but he is processing Asaís death. Right then, Marcie tells Bo that Lindsay has some good news that she might want to tell him. Lindsay does not want to tell him, however. Bo tells the women they better start talking because he knows that something interesting has happened. Marcie tells Bo that the ďscandalĒ of the previous nominee for the woman of the year has had a benefit. Because Lindsay has been nominated. Bo is really happy to hear that and hugs Lindsay. But she does not look entirely comfortable with that.

At Johnís office, he is busy digging up all the dirt and background checks he can find on Marcie Walsh McBain. Right then, Michael enters knowing what John is doing and demands that his brother tells him why he wants to ruin his family.

In the courtroom, Nora tells the judge that there is a new witness that can prove that Mr. Manning was kidnapped and left for dead by Mr. Laurence. Her name is Sarah Roberts. The judge tells Nora that the charges against Miles for what happened to Todd have already been dropped and itís a mute point. But Todd is not going to take that without a fight. He protests that Miles Laurence tried to kill him and took his son away from him and has been working with Spencer Truman. He cannot get away with that, Todd yells. The judge then demands that Todd sits down and shuts up or she will put him in jail. Nora then tells Todd not another word. The judge rules that court will be convened in another week. Todd then tells Nora that she better do everything she can do in order to put that son of a bitch away. But she tells him thee is not a thing she can do as long as he keeps behaving like an idiot. He tells her that she has no regard for justice. But she tells him that she does not care about him. She only cares about her friend Marty. Natalie, again, is defending Miles and tells Nora that she cannot get him in trouble for what he did to Marty.

A reporter comes and asks Clint why it is that his stock is dropping and his family may be in trouble. Dorian tells the man he better leave Mr. Buchanan alone after his father has died. She screams at the reporter to get out or she will throw him out. Throughout this conversation, Clint does not seem to have a chance to get a word in edgewise. The reporter leaves and Dorian apologizes to Clint for not letting him have any say in what happened. He calmly tells her she must remind him never to get on her bad side, after watching how she went off on the reporter. He seems very impressed by her fierce loyalty to him.  And they go to lunch.

In response to Nash sounding like he is willing and able to be Adriana and Laylaís new male model, Rex asks him why he would consider doing that. It canít be that he is hard up for money. He just married a Buchanan. Adriana tells him there is no way she will give him that opportunity. If she lets him have any involvement in her company, her brother will never forgive her. Nash then tells them that maybe this wasnít such a great idea after all.

Clint and Dorian go to the diner and run into Bo, Lindsay and Marcie. Clint admits that he got harassed by a reporter who wants to do  a story on them and their father. Marcie then announces to Clint and Dorian that Lindsay has been nominated woman of the year.

Michael demands to know why John would accuse his wife of murder. How could he do that? John tells Michael that he is just curious why it is that Marcie has been hanging around the hospital right about the time that Spencer Truman got killed. Michael tells John that Marcie has been going to the hospital to find out about her fertility issues. And he knows that John is desperate to clear Marty Saybrooke. But he tells his brother if he is willing to take his son away from him and put his wife in jail, then he does not want to know John anymore and he is not his brother.

Back at the gym, Adriana and Layla are trying to figure out whether they should go through with finding a new male model. And they know that finding another one to replace Tate might remind the media all about Tate. Layla tells Adriana that she is not just concerned about the media and publicity about Tate. Her sister is in a coma because of Tate. And they two of them conclude that when and if they find another spokes model, they will have to do a thorough background check on him.

In the courtroom, Todd tells Nora that if she does not make better efforts to get Miles convicted for what he did to Todd, he can make her life miserable. After Miles has surprised everybody, Natalie is siding with him. And Marty tells him she is very surprised that he would suddenly come clean about what he did to her.

Michael tells John that there is no excuse, legally or morally, for him threatening to take Tommy away from Marcie and Michael. John admits to his brother that he is not entirely certain what to do and what is right and wrong. Michael tells his brother ht he knows he is scared because if he makes the wrong choice, he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. John then turns to face his brother and tells hi the last thing he wants to do is tear his family apart. Michael then looks like heís going to cry and tells John in that that case, then donít do it.

Rex, Vincent and Nash are in the sauna having a private meeting.. Rex tells Nash that there are ways that Roxy can get him certain opportunities in the poker world or in other organizations that might not be above the law nor ethical but can make him some money. Inside the gym area, Layla and Adriana conclude that maybe they should consider more than one guy to be their spokes model.

At the diner, Bo, Clint, Dorian and Lindsay talk about what Asa thinks and feels and says when he notices his two sons getting on with their lives  and their personal and professional endeavors.

In the courtroom, Todd is putting his foot in his mouth looking to many reporters and everybody who hears him that he might be making personal threats to Nora. She tells him that not only is he her worst nightmare, he is his own worst enemy. Heís going to ruin his trial with his mouth. Blair is siding with her ex husband. And Nora makes it clear that she is there to offer personal support to Marty but not to Todd.

Michael tells John that whether he is breaking the law or not, he will do whatever is best for his wife and his child. He urges John to leave Marcie alone and accept that she had nothing to do with Spencer Trumanís murder. John must know that she could not have possibly done it. In response to that, john tells his brother that Marcie admitted to him that she could very well have considered killing anybody who would have threatened to take Tommy from her. Michael then asks John if he can really believe that Marcie would go that far even if she said sheíd consider killing somebody. John then tells Michael that regardless of that, he cannot live with a lie as big as what Michael is asking him to cover up for him. He tells Michael that he  cannot live with himself keeping his mouth shut about the fact that Michael is knowingly keeping Toddís son away from him and he is covering up for Michael.

At the gym, Adriana asks Layla if she is considering getting serious with Vincent. Layla admits that she really believes that Vincent is not the man he used to be. He is really doing some great stuff and she is getting very serious with him.

In the sauna, the three guys admit that if Nash could win a poker game and make enough money, he could buy Antonio out of Capricorn.

At the diner, Dorian, Lindsay, Bo and Clint are all noticing how great of a baby Tommy is and have no clue who he really is.

Natalie observes a picture of Asa. And she has a flashback of how she seriously considered having a relationship with John. She enters her office right where Asa had her sitting. And right then, the secretary informs Natalie that there is a Jared Banks there to see her. She is not familiar with the name or the person. She asks the strange Jared Banks who he is. He informs her that he is the answer to her prayers. And that is the same guy who just recently got released from prison.

After the hearing, Blair approaches Marty and tells her how grateful she is that Marty saved her from Spencer. And she asks Marty how it is that she could not remember what happened. Marty tells Blair she does not know.

Michael tells John that he must realize that Marty killed Spencer. He has to accept it. John says no matter what Michael says, it will not stop him from doing what he has to do.

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