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One Life to Live Update Monday 8/20/07


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Nash walks into his and Jessica’s new home after being out jogging. Jessica is folding clothes and seems like she has her mind elsewhere. He jokingly asks if she is leaving him. He replies that yes, she is.

A guy gets freed from prison and checks into a room in a rooming house. His landlord tells him he just wants his rent every month and doesn’t care how he gets it. He notices that the guy has literature about Asa Buchanan and tells him it’s odd that he would not know that Asa has passed away. The guy admits that he did not know that Asa died.

At the station, Bo has some real issues involving his father’ death and is burying himself in work. Right then, Nora enters, concerned about what is going on with her son’s father and tells him that he has to  face what is going on.

Natalie goes to the kitchen at Viki’s home and is surprised to notice Miles cooking. She is friendly as always to him. He informs her that his preliminary hearing is today and he has to leave soon. She tells him he will not leave and attend his hearing alone. She will come with him.

At the courthouse, Blair runs into Max Holden who is ready to leave town. He tells her that he wanted to see her one last time before leaving. He sounds like he has real feelings for her. He admits to her that he tried to kiss her the previous day. Right then, Todd appears and witnesses them together.

At the diner, Marcie and Michael are having their meal with Tommy. She tells him that she is a bit provoked that his brother would suspect her of murdering Spencer Truman. She admits that she did not like the guy. But for John to think that she would murder him is outrageous.

John goes to see Marty in her jail cell. He informs her that he thinks he figured out who killed Spencer Truman and it wasn’t her. She asks if he has proof in the way of hard evidence that it was somebody else. He tells her that he has not given up on the case and neither should she. She asks what if he is wrong. She admits that she does not remember exactly what happened. But she knows she had motive. Spencer threatened Cole. And what mother would not want to protect her son.?

Marcie and Michael are discussing John’s suspicion of her killing Spencer. He feels cornered and is looking for an excuse to leave. Right then, Lindsay appears. Michael tells them he has things to take care of and once again Marcie wonders what is up with her husband. Lindsay can tell that Marcie has some things going on. Marcie admits to Lindsay that her husband is driving her crazy. But she has some good news that might be of interest to Lindsay. Llanview is hosting the annual woman of the year awards show.

When Todd overhears Max admitting he has feelings for Blair, Todd tells Max that he knows he wants something. He must want to sleep with Blair. Max tells Todd he may take pot shots of him. But he cannot insult Blair. She tells the two men they must stop arguing. They are there for the trial of Miles Laurence. They cannot be trashing each other. Todd then asks Max exactly what he wanted to talk to Blair about. Max admits to Todd that he invited Blair to go away with him and that would take her a long way away from Todd. And she admits to Todd that she has seriously considered Max’s offer.

Miles tells Natalie that it is no big deal that he’s going to trial today. She doesn’t need to worry about the outcome or about what will happen to him. And he asks her what makes her so certain that he is not guilty. She tells him he has a good heart. He then tells her she is an incredible friend.

Bo asks Nora how Matthew is holding up. She tells him he’s ok. He did love his grandfather very much. Asa knew how to be a friend to Matthew. He tells her that he also tried to be Matthew’s friend and father in order not to make the same mistakes with his son that Asa made with him. She then tells him that when people die, it makes those who mourn their passing view life in a different ways. She then tells him this may not be her business. But if he needs to take time off, he should. She leaves. Antonio enters and Talia notices that he is late. He tells her that he wanted to attend Asa’s funeral to offer support to Bo. She tells him that she knows he has some issues about having to run into Jessica and Nash.

Right then, Jessica tells Nsh that she and Bree have to get out of Llanview and go off away together without him. He tells her that it may be too soon for her to go traveling and he should come with her. She tells him that she knows he cannot. He has the vineyard to attend to. She has things to do after her grandfather’s passing. He tells her that it seems as though there is something going on. She tells him that she just needs a little space. And she asks if he can give that to her.

In response to Marcie talking about the woman of the year awards show, Lindsay asks her whom it is that has been elected woman of the year. She assumes that it might be Nora. Marcie tells her it is not Nora. Lindsay then assumes that it must be some other woman who is well known and regarded for her sainthood. But Marcie surprises Lindsay by informing her  that the woman of the year is her(Lindsay) Lindsay is pleasantly surprised and asks Marcie why anybody would consider her. Marcie tells Lindsay that she has done many heroic things in the last year and she deserves it.

Michael goes and talks to Natalie asking if she can shed some light to him about his brother.

At Marty’s jail cell, she asks John how he can be so certain that she is innocent. He asks her how she can explain that she woke up passed out with a head injury that nobody can explain. He tells her that there is a lot of reasonable doubt. She tells him she questions that the jury would see it that way. He asks her if she is the opposing counsel and then tells her that he can play devil’s advocate and ask her many questions about how it does not add up that she killed Spencer.. He tells her that she is in a lot of trouble and he is determined to get her out of there no matter what he has to do.

Nash tells Jessica she can have anything she wants including all the space she wants. But he needs her to tell him why she needs it. She tells him that she just has to get away for a while. He asks her if Antonio has something to do with this. She tells him that she has to get away for a while because she is constantly running into Antonio and Llanview is not the same without her grandfather. She tells him that she would rather go shopping or taking the kids to the museum without somebody seeing her and whispering about what she did. They must face that she cheated on Antonio and everybody knows it.

The mysterious guy who has just gotten released from jail and moving into the room tells his landlord that he is in awe of all of the accomplishments that Asa Buchanan has made in his life. And he wishes he could have that opportunity. The landlord tells the guy he must let him know when he finds out about that opportunity. And he goes out the door.

At the station, Talia tells Antonio that he need not worry about Bo losing his father. She knows that he has something else going on. Antonio then goes into Bo’s office. Bo invites him in and tells him he may have a seat. Antonio tells Bo he is sorry about his father. Bo knows that Antonio needs to ask him about something else and assumes that he wants to get back to work as a police detective. Bo tells Antonio that he needs his help and welcomes him back

In response to Lindsay’s questioning what she did that was so great and why anybody would want her to win the woman of the year award, Marcie tells her she must realize how she has changed since Jen’s death. Marcie tells Lindsay that she has nominated her for this award because Lindsay is like family to her. She’s been there for Marcie. Marcie never knew her mom since she died so early in her life. And Lindsay has been as much family to her as any of her blood relatives.

Michael goes and finds Natalie and asks her if she can shed some light on the situation involving John. She tells him that she thought that he and his brother were really close and is surprised that he’d ask her for help in that area. She concludes that she cannot help him with any issues involving John. And she believes that if he needs any help in regard to figuring out John, the person with whom he should discuss that is Marty.

John is spending a lot of time talking to Marty and doing everything he can to get her acquitted of the murder charges before her hearing.

At the court hearing when Todd gets really angry and makes many crude comments to Blair about her relationship with Max, he leaves. Max tells Blair is he ready to leave. But it looks like he doesn’t want to leave without her. He departs and tells Todd that the reason Blair is not going with him is not because of Todd. It’s because of the kids. She then concludes to Todd that they do not belong together for reasons that have nothing to do with Max. They are  co-parents to the kids. But they are not right for each other. So neither of them has any right to judge what either should do with their lives or whom they should interact or kiss. And right then, they are interrupted by reporters asking them what they intend to do in regard to Miles. And Blair responds that she wants that bastard to fry after what he did to Todd.

 In response to knowing that Jessica has made herself famous not in a good way around town, Nash tells her she should not feel guilty about anything. He tells her he does not care what anybody thinks and neither should she. And he’s concerned about how she might not be up to traveling after not being long out of the hospital. But she assures him that she is fine. And she thanks him for agreeing that it’s ok for her to leave. She tells him she promises to make it up to him when she returns. They look like they still have a lot of spark left in their relationship.

Bo tells Antonio that he knows that he has issues involving Jessica. And he is grateful for Antonio donating his liver to his (Bo’s) niece even though it did not take. He knows that Antonio is rightfully very upset that she’s divorced him and remarried so fast. But he knows that Antonio will get over this in time.  He tells Antonio he knows he will meet somebody who is right for him and whom he can be happy with. Right then, Talia enters.

At the courthouse, Todd notices Natalie enter. He regards her coldly and tells her she should not count on “circus boy” being there for her. After this trial, Miles will be in prison. Natalie enters the courtroom and rushes to find Miles. He admits to her that he is a little nervous. She assures him he will be fine. John goes and finds Marty. He tells her that the prosecution is busy with “the other case” meaning Miles. So they might not have time to bring solid charges against her.  She need not worry about her hearing. She tells him she wishes she never met Miles Laurence or Spencer Truman. He tells her he wishes she had not also.

Bo observes Talia and Antonio together and tells them he believes they should work together on many cases because the two of  them work well together as a team. They tell him they can do that. She leaves the room. Alone with Antonio, Bo asks him if he is ok with officer Sahib has his “go to” uniform cop. Antonio tells Bo yes. She is a good cop.

Lindsay is in awe of Marcie choosing her to be woman of the year and she admits that that is not the reason why she does charity work. Marcie tells Lindsay that it’s partly because of what a great mother Lindsay has been to Jen. She wishes she had a mother like Lindsay. And Marcie alludes to her doubts about her own family with Michael and Tommy. And she tells Lindsay that she knows that her husband has a lot going on and she cannot deal with it.

John sits with Marty outside the courtroom and tells her he won’t give up on her.

Inside, the judge rules that the charges against Miles Laurence for the attempted murder of Todd Manning have been dismissed for lack of evidence. Todd sits up and tells her he won’t let Miles get away with what he did.

Jessica and Nash are saying their good-byes before she leaves and they look like they cannot wait to be together again very soon.

Antonio goes and talks to Talia about some non-work-related issues. He admits to her that he has observed her “boyfriend” named George , and asks specifically whether she is happy or intends to have a serious relationship.

Right then, Bo is alone in his office, angry at his deceased father.

The mysterious guy is alone in his new room obsessing about Asa.

After the judge rules that Miles is acquitted of charges, Nora protests that Marty’s son, Cole knows all about what Miles is guilty of. Miles’ lawyer tells the judge that Cole is not a credible witness. The judge then asks Miles to stand.  He is ready to talk. She cautions him that anything he could say without legal counsel could be held against him. Miles then surprises the court by informing them that he wants to change his plea to guilty.

Lindsay tells Marcie that she cannot believe that John would even remotely consider that she would commit murder. And the fact that she would stop at nothing to protect her child from being taken from her is understandable. Not far away, John enters and observes them. He looks like he is very suspicious about something.

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