OLTL Update Friday 8/17/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/17/07


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In the Buchanan Mansion, Sarahh cries as she tells Cord that she doesn’t deserve to be in Asa's house, since she never found the time to visit him and now it's too late.  Meanwhile, Natalie, Joey, Kevin, and Jessica spend some quality time together as they toast their Grandpa and discuss each other's love lives.  Once that topic is exhausted, Natalie asks what they all think of their dad dating Dorian.  When Jessica reminds her that Joey used to date Mrs. Lord, a la "The Graduate," Natalie claims she must have blocked it out like the memory of a car accident.  Telling them they all suck for making fun of him, Joey wants to change the subject again and mentions to Natalie that she is the only one actually related by blood to Asa.  Kevin and Jessica agree, however, that DNA didn't matter to Asa who loved them all the same.  After they recall how much their grandpa loved country music and used to sing around the house at the top of his voice, especially the Jerry Lee Lewis version of "Chantilly Lace," they all break out into song.

Asa’s ex-wife, Alex, arrives and is quite upset that no one notified her of Asa’s death, but she bigheartedly forgives a grief-stricken Renee.  When Matthew asks who this woman is, Alex says she used to be his grandmother, while Renee shakes her head.  When Lindsay asks where Bo is, Nora informs her he went for a walk with a bottle of bourbon and Clint went after him, so she doesn't have to worry about him, since his state of mind is none of her concern.  Even though Nora wants her to leave, Lindsay insists on staying until she knows Bo is all right, because he is her friend.  Nora doesn't want this occasion to turn into The Lindsay Show, which Bo certainly doesn't need at this moment in his life.  While the two women bicker over Bo, Alex enters and remarks that some things never change.  Renee calls Alex a vulture when she admits she came for the reading of Asa's will and notifies security as Alex walks around "her" old house.  As Matthew inquires about his dad's whereabouts, Lindsay offers her phone number if they should need anything, then realizes she doesn't belong there and says good-bye.

In the stables, Bo takes out his anger on Asa's cowboy hat, giving it a good kick.  Even though Clint assures his brother that their dad was proud of him, Bo is angry at Asa for never showing him any respect.  Bo feels that nothing was ever good enough for his old man who mocked everything he did, including his police work, because he was embarrassed by it.  Clint, however, points out that the reason Asa was so hard on Bo was that he was jealous of him, because he could never break him.  Also he assures his little brother that their Pa was proud of him, because Bo became the man Asa always wished he could be.  Summoned by Nora, Clint returns to the house while Bo stays in the barn.  When Matthew finds him, Bo tells him how much he wanted to be like his dad when he was little.  Laughing, the little boy admits he wants to be just like his dad when he gets older.  Placing Asa's large hat on Matthew's small head, Bo promises he'll grow into it.  After Bo falls asleep with Matthew by his side, Nora finds them and lovingly covers them up.

When Max kisses Blair, she wonders if it's a reaction to Asa's funeral, but he assures her it's all about her.  As Max puts the smooth moves on her, Blair asks if he has some woman in Argentina who keeps him warm at night.  Assuring her there's no one in his life as special as she is, Max asks Blair to go home with him when he leaves tomorrow and bring her kids along, so they can get to know each other again and see how things work out.  Though flattered, Blair declines his invitation, because Todd will always be in her blood.  Claiming he was just caught up in the moment, Max backtracks and wishes Blair happiness with Todd.  Overburdened with being the only living person who knows, Nigel shares the secret of David Vickers being a Buchanan with Max who decides not to tell the family until the time is right.  Having overheard, Alex makes a call to find David Vickers.

While Viki is in the wine cellar looking for Asa's special champagne which he bought just for this occasion, Dorian runs in looking for Blair and slams the door shut behind her, making the key fall out.  A claustrophobic Dorian tries frantically to get free of the wine cellar while Viki wonders why this is happening to her.  Though Viki doesn't think they have anything left to fight about, Dorian disagrees and wants to have it out with her nemesis once and for all.  Viki doesn't believe Dorian when she confesses to killing Victor Lord and reminds her that neither of them did, because he returned from the grave a few years ago.  Since Viki won't let her rehash Victor, Dorian strikes another low blow by calling Viki's life empty.  Viki counters that she has four children, her home, her newspaper, and her work at the hospital, but Dorian wants to know what she is going to do with the rest of her life.  Just as Dorian begins saying something else about Victor, Nigel arrives, much to Viki's relief.  Clint pours a drink and sets it in front of Asa’s picture on the mantle.  Dorian hugs Clint as he cries over his deceased father. Viki goes to the airport and buys a one-way ticket on the next flight leaving Llanview to anywhere.

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