OLTL Update Thursday 8/16/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/16/07


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Todd goes into the diner and shouts to everybody that there is an extra that everybody must read all about. He sees Rex and tells him he better read this. Rex notices that Todd has smeared his sister in this most recent article of the Sun.

At Vikiís, Natalie asks her mother what she got into the previous night losing all that money in a poker game to Dorian. Right then, Jessica walks in and informs her mother and sister that Todd went way too far.

Dorian and Blair notice the publication where Vikiís face is on the cover and the words LOSER are written right over her.. Blair is not impressed that Todd would do that to his sister. But Dorian thinks itís just great.

Clint and Bo go to their fatherís horse stable. Bo tells his brother that he cannot avoid what he has to do anymore. He has to arrest Asa.

At Asaís home, Nora and Matthew have breakfast with Rene. Nigel goes to find Asa and serve him breakfast. But when he enters, he notices that Asa is non-responsive. He goes and notices his boss lying in his bed and it looks like heís died in his sleep.

Natalie and Jessica look at their motherís picture in the Sun and cannot believe that Todd could do this.

Starr goes and notices her auntís picture on the front cover of the Sun. She is not impressed. She tells Dorian that were it not for Aunt Viki, she and Cole might have never gotten together again.

Nigel goes downstairs and informs Renee, Nora and Matthew that Mr. Buchanan is dead.

Clint tell Bo hat they thought theyíd agreed to look the other way with what their father did to Spencer Truman. But Bo tells his brother that he cannot call himself the Commissioner of police if he gives his father a free pass. Clint must realize that their arranged to have Spencer killed and Marty is sitting in jail falsely accused of that crime. What is Bo supposed to tell to her son. ? Should he say that his father is above the law but Coleís mother is not.? But Clint protests to his brother that with their fatherís health, he wouldnít last a day in prison. Right then, Nora comes out and informs Bo and Clint that their father has passed.

Langston is visiting Starr and then decides she has to leave. Dorian encourages her to stay and tells her she must take a croissant with her. When sheís gone, Dorian remarks to Blair that she wonders if that girl is neglected. Right then, Cole enters and informs them that Asa died in his sleep. Dorian is shocked and knows she needs to go and console Clint for his loss. She notices that Blair is not ok and asks her niece why she appears unhappy. She thought that Blair absolutely loathed Asa.

Viki is on the phone with Clint and finds out Asa has passed away. Natalie and Jessica are upset. But Todd walks in and tells them this day keeps getting better and better. Natalie then screams at Todd to get out and holds the door until he leaves. Viki gets on the phone to call her son, Kevin.

Clint calls Cord to let him know his grandfather died.

Matthew has a vision of his grandfather reaching to him from his hospital bed, telling Matthew he loves him and Matthew goes over to his hospital bed to hug him.

Sarah enters Asaís home, sees Clint there and instinctively believes that her grandfather is there to prevent her from seeing her great-grandfather. She demands that he lets her get in to see Asa because heís her only hope for getting the trust fund back. But Clint informs her that Asa has passed away. Hearing that, Sarah is shocked.

Outside of Asaís home there is a wreath in the front door. Nigel and the servants go about their business cleaning. He dusts off a picture of his boss.

Right then, Rex is in the diner observing a picture of Asa in the Banner. Bo enters and looks upset. Rex approaches him and informs him that heís just heard the news. He tells Bo that he wanted to visit him the next day but figured that Bo would need some space. Rex asks BO if he is alright. Bo tells Rex tha this father lived a long and prosperous life and died painlessly in his sleep. Rex asks Bo how Matthew is hanging in there. And he admits to Bo that he never knew his father. He  knows he was nothing like Asa. Roxy tells him that his father was pretty despicable. But Rex still wishes heíd known him. Bo then informs Rex that he must know that Asa Buchanan was no saint. And he tells Rex that he must know that right before Asa as ready to die, he was ready to arrest his father for a terrible crime. Rex tells Bo that must have been hard. Bo tells Rex that Asa did it to himself. And they are ready to attend the funeral.

Dorian asks Blair to honestly tell her how her outfit looks. Dorian looks really happy and like she wants to dress up in some really stylish clothes and celebrate Asaís funeral. Blair pays no attention to her aunt and is not happy. She reads the paper and asks if Dorian knows that Asa bought his first oil well at 21. Dorian is really happy wondering what type of ďtrickĒ Todd has thought up for Asa. She then notices a picture of Asa on the Sun that says: ďSay it isnít so.Ē

Jessica is reminiscing about her grandfather. Natalie comes by and the two of them get ready to attend the funeral. Nora then opens the door and reveals that she sees somebody she has not seen in a long time. Itís Max Holden.

Renee is upstairs reliving the history of all of the marriages she has had with Asa. Nigel enters. She informs him that Asa was the only man she ever knew who saw her without her makeup and appreciated her the way she really was. Nora then enters Reneeís room and tells her that there is somebody who wants to see her. She first tells Nora that she is not ready. But when she sees that itís Max Holden, she rushes to hug him, in awe that he came.

At the airport, Viki and Clint are waiting for family members. Kevin and Joey run up and hug their mother. Cord runs and hugs his father and stepmother

Todd reveals to Blair that he is happy that Asa is dead and is surprised that she is not happy he is gone after all the things he has done to her. But she tells Todd that she is not celebrating a manís death. She goes out the door. Todd asks her where she is going. She replies she is there to pay her respects.

The funeral director gives the speech that God does not want anybody to mourn. He wants to take Asa and eventually all who loved him to the place where He is. Alone, Bo observes the flowers. Viki stands by Kevin and Joey. Kevin leaves. Alone with Joey, Viki asks her son how heís been doing. She hugs him. He leaves her alone to observe Asaís gravesite.    

At Asaís home, Clint notices Bo silent and asks his brother if he is ok. Blair enters . She enters Asaís empty study and hears all of the nasty, abusive arguments they used to have throughout the time they knew each other. Max enters and tells her she better be careful. They are doing security checks at the door. She asks him if he believes that she will steal Asaís pen. He reminds her that Asa used to say, in regard to Blair Kramer, that women need to watch their backs and men need to watch their wallets. Blair laughs in response to that. But when her back is turned, she privately cries. Right then, the people downstairs notice that Sarah is gone. Cord goes to find his daughter. Bo drinks and leaves. Clint knows that his brother may not be entirely ok. Dorian tells Nora she needs to find Blair. Nigel stands alone and hears Asa hiring him for the first time, then meeting with him throughout their relationship, appearing cheap but indicating that he really has appreciated all the work that Nigel has done for him. Viki approaches him and asks how he is holding up. She asks if there is anything she can do to help. She tells him that anything would be better than everybody being so sad mourning the loss of Asa. He then tells her that there is some wine in the cabinet that Asa has been saving and he will go and get it.

Dorian goes and finds Joey Buchanan. She tells him he is looking well. He thanks her and tells her she looks beautiful as always. She tells him she is sorry about his grandfather and reflects that itís always difficult to lose somebody you care about. She tells him that she assumes that heís heard about his father and her. Joey replies that he knows that she is seeing Clint and hopes she is very happy. He then asks her if she ever thinks about her relationship with him. She admits that she has from time to time. Kevin interrupts and tells Dorian he is sorry to interrupt. She tells him he mustnít apologize and offers her condolences about his grandfather.

Bo stands outside the horse stable carrying a bottle of alcohol. He remembers being a young officer ready to arrest his father and Asa telling his son he is a Judas and may do it. He may shackle his pa, Asa told him. Bo picks up his deceased fatherís cowboy hat and drinks from the bottle, as he remembers.

Todd sits alone eating and remembers Asa threatening him and telling him if he does anything to hurt a Buchanan, he will kill him. Todd looks cocky. He sits on the kitchen counter and eats.

Blair tells Max that she hated Asa. He hated her. And maybe she should be happy. But she cannot stop crying. She asks what is wrong with her. He tells her nothing is wrong with her. She has a big heart. And that is one of the things he loved most about her.

Cord goes to find Sarah. She is crying very hard.  He asks her why she ran away and what is up. She tells her father that she will never forgive herself for what she has done. And itís too late to make amends to Asa.

Asaís grandchildren all raise their glasses and toast to their grandfather.

Nora is reliving her relationship with Asa and how he really loved and appreciated her. Right then, Lindsay enters. Nora asks her what she wants. Lindsay tells Nora that she came to check on Bo. She knows that he is not ok right now.

Bo then, drinks and staggers through Asaís horse stable. He tells his father that he spent his life screwing the world over and thinking he can get away with anything. Clint walks in and Bo throws down Asaís hat in anger.

Viki is in the wine cellar and relives telling Asa that she really wishes he would clean up his act. She knows that she has been given a second chance. Right then, Dorian walks in looking for Blair and sees Viki.  Right then, the door shuts on them, and the two women discover that they are locked in. Viki wonders what else is new.

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