OLTL Update Wednesday 8/15/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/15/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At Dorian’s Starr & Cole are playing by the pool. It turns into kissing. Starr wonders where Markko and Langston are. We see them in the kitchen covered in chocolate and whip cream rolling around on the floor and kissing.

At the Palace Casino night Viki scowls at Dorian while Clint tells Dorian she has to be sure because its ten million dollars of his money.

On the roof John imagines asking Marcie if Spencer knew she couldn’t have children. In real life Marcie asks John if he’s thinking about Spencer.

At the Palace bar Todd and Blair stare into each other’s eyes and wonder what they’re doing

Talia and Antonio sneak into his mother’s diner for a snack. Antonio brings them some Flan.

John asks Marcie why she asks that. Marcie says he’s not as mysterious as he pretends to be and he’s obsessed with Spencer’s murder. She asks who else would be suspects. Rex and Mike? John just looks at her.

Blair and Todd pull apart saying it was too close. They chat about what happened and their commitment record.

Clint wants his note back but Dorian throws it in the pot. Clint’s worried but Dorian says she won’t lose and dares Viki to see her bet. Clint tells Viki she doesn’t have to do this. Viki writes a note and Roxy puts it in the pot. Viki calls.

Everyone is gathered around watching. Roxy looks for the rule book and finds she was sitting on it. Nora tells Viki she doesn’t have to do this. Dorian goads her on. Viki says she’ll be fine. Viki says the pot is 20 million dollars and it’s a lot to lose. Dorian says Viki has more to lose.

Antonio and Talia talk about the Palace. They agree they’d rather go to a neighborhood bar instead of a fancy place. Talia asks why Antonio went with her. He says because they are friends, cops. He says she’s one of the guys. Then says how great she looks in that dress.

Markko and Langston decide to “do it.” Langston pulls out a condom and tries to take him upstairs. Markko asks why she’s doing this and Langston thinks he doesn’t want to do it with her.

Cole and Starr talk by the pool.

On the roof Marcie asks if John still thinks Mike did the murder. Then she blames John for messing up her marriage. She tells him Mike did not kill Spencer. John says he knows that and Marcie says she told him everything she knows. They go over what happened that night. She says she was with Tommy. John says too bad Tommy can’t talk and Marcie asks if he thinks she did the murder.

At the Palace Blair and Todd talk about their relationship and the past.

Marcie rants at John for thinking she killed Spencer. Sarcastically, Marcie says she dragged a ladder in the room to get high enough to stab Spencer in the back. She asks what her motive could be and John looks at Tommy. Mike walks in and asks what’s going on. Marcie says John figured out she killed Spencer.

As they eat their flan at the diner Antonio asks Talia about men in her life and if she’s having issues with them. She nods and Antonio asks who.

Clint offers to write a check and save both Viki and Dorian. Viki says she doesn’t need saving from Clint. Viki flips her cards and has 4 aces. Dorian looks upset and flips her cards. She has a royal flush and wins. Viki does not look happy. People applaud.

In the kitchen Langston turns away from Markko and he comes over with a sponge and tries to wipe the ice cream off her. She says not to touch her. Markko asks what’s wrong. Langston tells him to go because everyone else does. They argue. Markko says he likes and respects her. And he sees what’s going on with her and her parents. Markko starts to leave but Langston stops him. He tells her she doesn’t have to have sex with her to keep him around.

Starr and Cole sit beside the pool and talk. She shares with him how she felt about having fun while her Dad was in jail. Cole sees she understands how he feels. She assures him his mom will come back.

Mike accuses John of grilling his wife. Mikes tells Marcie to take Tommy down stairs. Marcie picks up Tommy and says she’s going to write a book about a cop named Jerk McDuff who alienates all his friends and family. Marcie leaves and Mike grabs John and starts to push him over the edge.

Dorian gives Viki’s ten million to the orphans. Nora and Natalie try to console Viki. Viki tells Natalie to go do something and Natalie and Miles walk away. Nora reminds her she just gave 10 million to an orphanage and that’s a good thing. Viki asks why does she feel like such a fool?

Back in Dorian’s kitchen Markko and Langston play with the food and kiss. Starr and Cole walk in and Starr yells, “What happened here?” Langston tells her they made sundaes.

Natalie asks Clint what they’re going to do about the fact that Viki just lost 10 million dollars. Miles says it was for a good cause and Clint’s says yes it was. Natalie storms off. Dorian gets romantic with Clint.

Viki and Nora talk about what happened and that the donation was magnificent. Nora asks why Viki let it get that far when she knew Dorian gets down and dirty. Nora says she did it because of Clint.

In the hall Lindsay walks up to Bo. They talk about Viki and Dorian’s bet. Lindsay asks why he’s so down. Bo says he’s fine. Lindsay doesn’t believe him and Bo admits he’s not fine.

Antonio asks who the guy is and Talia changes the subject and talks about the flan. Antonio presses for who the guy is and Talia looks at a quarter in her hand and says, George. Then she gets up to wash the dishes.

Mike lets John up and they talk about Marcie being a suspect.

Todd and Blair are still talking at the bar about what’s between them. The kids, common interests. Blair says they’re going to make Miles pay.

Antonio says he wants to meet George and Talia says he’s shy. She says George is going through a rough time because he just got out of a relationship.

The kids clean Dorian’s kitchen. On their hands and knees with buckets of soap. They start throwing sponges and water.

Lindsay asks Bo if it’s Paige and Bo says no, it’s about Asa. Bo tells her he doesn’t feel right about something Asa did and it bothers him. Bo says half of him wants to arrest Asa and the other half says he’s his father.

Clint suggests to Dorian that they should go. Dorian wants to celebrate her victory. Clint says it’s eating Viki up. As they walk past Viki and she tells Nora she doesn’t want Clint. Nora says she doesn’t want Dorian to have him either and she has to let it go.

Todd and Blair talk about what Miles did and revenge. Todd says she won’t be apart of it. Blair insists she will. She turns to look at Natalie and Miles and says they have never seen Blair and Todd in action.

Mike says Marcie would never have let Mike sit in jail if she was guilty. Mike asks John to promise he won’t tell Marcie anything about Tommy. John refuses to promise. Mike says if he says one word to Marcie they won’t be brothers anymore. Mike walks out but John looks teary eyed.

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