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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/14/07


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Starr and Langston are getting ready to play poker with their boyfriends. But it looks as tough Starr has some sort of reservation, either about playing poker or about her parents going to the party. Langstonís boyfriend defines the terms of the game where those who lose must take off their clothes.

At the casino, Roxy announces all of the terms of the game by the table to the guests. Dorian and Viki observe. Dorian gloats about how Viki and Clint have to give David the millions that he is supposed to collect from his liver donation Lindsay appears and dances with Bo. Nora is there. Natalie arrives with Miles. Blair watches and remarks that itís outrageous that Natalie would go there with him. Right then, Todd approaches them and knocks the drink out of Milesí hand and demands to know what Spencer Truman did with his (Toddís) son.

At the diner, Rex and Adriana are worried that John could get them in real trouble for knowing that Tommy is Toddís son and not reporting it.

Right then, John is on the roof, alone drinking a beer.  Marcie comes out with Tommy. She wants to talk to him. She tells him that she needs some information. Something is wrong with Michael and she knows that his brother knows what that something is. John does not respond to her question. She asks why he has not responded. He tells her that she should ask Michael. She tells John that Michael is obviously keeping a secret from her. She bets John knows what that is. And itís really taking a toll on their marriage. She tells John that whatever Michael has been keeping to himself, has only gotten worse since heís been talking to John. She overhears them alone and talking about something very negative and morbid.  And she believes that itís about some ďdecisionĒ that Michael has  to make . Observing Johnís silence, she concludes that Michael has asked his brother not to talk to her. So she tells John that she thinks she ,knows exactly what the secret is.

Starr and her friends seem to be engaged in poker with as much enthusiasm as the adults at the casino.

In response to Todd, Blair, Miles and Natalie arguing, Bo asks them to calm down or go to their respective corners and leave each other alone. Natalie defends Miles to the hilt. Blair tells her that she sounds pretty sure of herself believing Miles. She reminds Natalie that Marty and Todd trusted Miles as she is doing. And Natalie might want to look what happened to them. Blair and Todd leave and Natalie tells Miles that she doesnít want him to feel intimidated.

Sarah enters and sees Viki and Clint. She tells them that she is looking for her great grandfather and wonders where he is. Clint reminds her that she got into a lot of trouble with her most recent boyfriend. Dorian stands by him and tells Sarah he is right. Clint tells his granddaughter that itís remarkable that sheíd manage to ďpull herself togetherĒ so soon after this traumatic event. It can only mean that she wants money. Not far away, Antonio and Talia enter. They then see Jessica greeting guests and introducing them to her husband Nash. At the bar, Todd is silent. Blair asks him what is on his mind. He tells her that he has concluded that he has accepted what happened. She tells him that she agrees that Miles had to stir this whole thing up with Spencer. And she hates that man. He tells her he blames himself for not making better efforts to find his son. And he concludes that Spencer played his last card. They conclude that Margaret had to have him. Spencer had to have her. And when they could not get what they wanted, they had to get even. It looks like Blair and Todd are getting along and completely on the same page with their anger toward Miles, Spencer and all surrounding people and events. Clint approaches Sarah and tells her that sheís had it too easy getting money handed to her. And now not having a trust fund forces her to focus on what she really wants. She protests to her grandfather that itís not as if she doesnít want to work. He tells her that is good because an entry level job with B.E. is still available to her. But she protests that a desk job is not for her. She wants to work in the music industry. He tells her that nobody gets everything they want. She says maybe. But she is not ready to give up on it already. He tells her that working in B.E would make her a very powerful woman. She may never have to work again. She tells him that working in the recording industry has always been a passion for her. He tells her that is great but she will have to achieve that on her own. She asks him why. He tells her that itís because he loves her and does not want her to become any more spoiled than she is.

Not far away, Viki and Dorian argue over who can win at poker. And it looks like they have an audience not unlike contenders in a boxing arena.

Talia and Antonio greet Jessica and Nash. Talia tells Jessica that she looks really good and hopes she is recovering. Jessica asks Antonio how he is. He says fine and asks Nash if he is making any ďprogressĒ in what they talked about. Nash answers that he is looking for investors to buy out his share of the winery but doesnít want to rush anything. Antonio asks him why not. Jessica could write him a check for his share and heíd be done with it. He tells Nash thought that his MO is to use rich women even if he has to marry them.

At the diner, Rex tells Adriana that if John nails them both for knowing that Tommy is Toddís son, he wonít let her take the rap for it. But she tells him she is just as responsible for the consequences as he is. And they talk about how it will seriously damage Michael and Marcie if they have to lose their child and wonder if John would actually take him away from them.

Marcie tells John that she has figured out that Michaelís big secret is that heís sick and is afraid he will die. He is constantly talking about Tommy never seeing him again. So that must be the case. John tells her that Michael is not going to die. Sheís gotten a false idea. She then asks John if Michael is having second thoughts about her. John tells her no. Itís not that. She then asks John if itís not that Michaelís days are numbered nor that heís having second thoughts about her, then what is up with him?

Starr and her friends are laughing up a storm while playing poker.

In response to Antonioís comment to Nash and Jessica, Nash tells him that he can insult him all he wants. But he better watch what he says about Jessica. Antonio reminds Nash that when he met Tess, he had not long since spent his meal ticket with Claudia after sending her to the rehab ward. Nash tells Antonio off.. And at that point, Talia tells them that she doesnítí want to be part of this negative conversation nor know the details. They go off and separate from Jessica and Nash. Alone with Antonio, Talia asks him if he is alright. He is silent and tells her he is fine. She tells him he must know that he was out of line. But he sounds like he may not agree.

There is a poker table with Viki and Dorian competing. Lindsay talks to Dorian over her shoulder as though she is betting on her. Dorian gloats that she gets to go home with Clint and Viki  will be going home alone. It looks like Nora is in Vikiís corner. Lindsay finds Bo and tells him that she knows that this is going to get ugly.

After Blair and Todd attack Miles, Natalie defends him, reminding them that when Miles saw Todd ready to die, he panicked and was intimidated by Spencerís threats. He did a stupid thing. But of course Todd can never understand that because he has never made any mistakes. Bo then comes and tells the four of them they have to stop arguing. Natalie and Miles leave. Lindsay tells Blair and Todd that they cannot let Natalie and Miles upset them.

Adriana reminds Rex that Michael is asking them to keep their mouths shut about Tommy not unlike Cristian asked John not to tell anybody that he is alive. They conclude that the situation with Cristian is forgotten because he is alive and back and nobody has lost. And the realize that regardless of that, John might very well tell Todd that Tommy is his child. And they are very worried about how that will ruin Michael and Marcie.

John still will not tell Marcie just what he and Michael have talking about. He tells her that he and his brother have talked about many things. They talked about Spencer Trumanís murder and about his accident. Marcie tells John she does not buy that. Neither he nor Michael are upset about Spencerís death. They all see that as a win-win situation.  And she certainly believes that Spencer deserved to die. John tells Marcie that he knows he is glad that Truman is dead but wonders why she would have a strong opinion about that. She tells him that Spencer murdered her father in law. He tells her he finds that strange because she never met his father. He then asks her if Truman ever threatened her or Tommy. She tells him not that she knows of. But she is very weirded out by Johnís expression and knows that something is going on with him that he is not telling her.

Clint tells Sarah that she has played enough ďpokerĒ with her family. She has played them all as suckers. And thatís not going to happen anymore. He asks her how she could have managed to get into the casino tonight.  There is an expensive entry feel. She replies that her great grandfather paid her way for  her. In response to that, he tells her that she must some time see what a great feeling it is to pay your own way.

Antonio observes Nash and Jessica and cannot seem to get them out of his mind. Talia wants him to let it go. She tells him that she is his friend and doesnít want him to be so engrossed in this. He will only end up getting hurt. Sheís just saying that as his friend. She realizes that itís none of her business. In response to that, he tells her that maybe she is right that he needs to get over Jessica and Nash. And he apologizes. He then asks her if she wants to go and play some poker.

Miles tells Natalie that maybe he deserves everything that Todd said to him .But she tells him that Todd loves to point fingers at everybody else without taking responsibility for his own actions.

Alone with Blair, Todd asks her if she did ok when he was gone. He asks her if sheís gotten any new boyfriends. She tells him she was too busy looking for him.

Starr and her friends go for a swim and then conclude that they are hungry. Alone with Cole, Starr tells him she remembers their ill-fated prom. But it looks like they are not worried about negative outcomes anymore. And they kiss.

Todd asks Blair where the kids are. She replies that Starr is with Cole and their friends. He remarks that he does not approve of Cole. She tells him that Jack is staying with a new friend he made. Todd then concludes that he never heard about Jackís new friend and thereís been a lot going on since heís been gone that he didnít know about until now.

In response to Natalie telling Miles that she doesnít want him to feel guilty or intimidated by otherís disapproval of him, he tells her he really appreciates that. And he only wishes that Marty could have supported him the way she has done. Right then, Jessica approaches them. She tells Miles that she welcomed him into the family but now knows that that was a mistake. She is disgraced that Natalie would bring him to the B.E. party. After what he has done to Todd, he better not think that he can count on any support from her. Right then, Miles concludes that Natalie is the only friend he has.

Viki wages Dorianís bet and raises her. Dorian asks her how she can do that. Sheís all out of chips. Nora and Roxy watch them as though they are their respective agents.

Rex concludes to Adriana that even if Todd has one more child that he is not fit to raise when he already has two, and Michael and Marcie never get to have a child, he at least wonít let John get her in trouble for it if he spills the beans. Heíll take the rap for it and wonít implicate her.

Marcie tells John that maybe she is panicking and suspecting something that is not going on. But Tommy is the only child that she and Michael will ever have. She informs John for the first time that she cannot have children. Hearing that, John is speechless and then tells her that he is sorry. Now knowing that, he then asks her if there is any possibility that Spencer could have known that she cannot have children. Silently, he puts two and two together figuring that itís entirely possible that Spencer used that to threaten Michael. He may have arranged for them to adopt Tommy and held the threat of taking him over their heads. And that could have been what motivated Michael to kill him. At that moment, he grows silent and Marcie can tell that he has something very morbid on his mind that she is not admitting.

Sarah goes to find Jessica who introduces her to Nash. She asks them if she can get a ride with them. She tells them itís a long story why she is in town without any money. They just have to take her to Cristian Vegaís house. Thatís where she will stay until he finds out that she is a freeloader too.

Antonio and Talia decide to get out of there. He suggests they go to his momís restaurant.

Viki and Dorian are attracting an audience with their competitive game.. Dorian admits that she is all out of cash and checks in her purse. But she pulls out a piece of paper and informs Viki that itís worth $10 million. Itís the money that Clint and Asa have to give to David.

Right then, John has a fantasy that Marcie is holding a lethal weapon over Spencer Truman. She notices his expression and asks him what on earth is going on.

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