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One Life to Live Update Monday 8/13/07


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While Clint is showing Dorian the poker game before taking her to the B.E. party, he tells her that with one more hand, she will be ready for Monte Carlo. She marvels to him that this will be the first time they get to go somewhere as a couple. She kisses him passionately and he does not stop her. But at that moment, they see they have an audience of Starr and her friends.

Sarah talks to Cristian. He is concerned that she might not be ok after he shot Hunter. She admits to him that she cannot believe that Hunter was shot dead. She says he may have been a jerk but did not deserve what he got. Cristian agrees. Right then, Antonio enters. She tells him it’s been a long time since she last saw him and asks how he is.

Jessica and Nash are getting ready to make plans when they get a message from Natalie. She tells them that this is the first party she is planning with Asa for B.E. and she would really like them to come and maybe help her out. They don’t answer it. Nash acknowledges that Natalie sounds nervous and like she might benefit from having them there. Jessica says she cannot believe that she forgot about the B.E. event and asks Nash if he wants to go. He admits no.

Natalie walks into Viki’s kitchen and tells her mother that she knows she is not ok with Natalie’s insistence to let Miles stay at the house. Viki finds she cannot argue with her daughter about that. She reminds her that Todd is justifiably furious at both of them for that.

Michael and Marcie are enjoying a happy moment, once again with Tommy in the diner when Blair and Todd walk in. Instantly, Michael grows cold when he sees them.

John goes to confession. He meets the priest, hidden behind the pulpit. The priest remarks that he has not been to confession in a long time and asks why he is there. John replies that he has a terrible moral dilemma on his hands.

When the teenagers catch Dorian and Clint kissing, they ask them what is up. Dorian explains that Clint is going to take her to the B.E. party. The kids tell Clint and Dorian that they were going to hang by the pool but might be imposing upon them.  Dorian graciously tells them that they are just leaving. The young people can congregate by the pool and she might give them some money to go and have a treat. She then acknowledges to Cole that she believes his mother should have never confessed to murdering Spencer, she knows that Marty did not do it and she supports her. Right then, they hear the kids acknowledging that Clint is Dorian’s “boyfriend” and they were caught “making out”. Hearing that, Dorian beams happily thinking about how she wants to be known that way.

Nash tells Jessica that he wants to give her and their daughter a future with a beautiful life. She tells him he already has done that.

Natalie acknowledges to her mother that Todd is justifiably upset that Miles is staying at their home. Viki tells Natalie that Todd has felt like an outcast throughout his life and has had difficulty trusting people. But when he does develop trust, he is the loyalist person you could ever know to the people whom he loves. Todd feels justifiably betrayed by her letting Miles live there. The fact that his own sister whom he believes loves and cares for him would do something like that is more than Todd can take. Natalie then asks her mother if she’d rather that Miles not live there.

At the diner, Todd tells Marcie and Michael that he and Blair intend to go to the B.E. party.  He has a real score to settle with Miles. They assure him that Miles will not get away with trying to kill him. He tells the he hopes so. That son of a bitch is going to pay, he tells them.

John explains to the priest the situation involving a baby whose biological father has a lot of problems and who was conceived under very sick circumstances. His bio father does not know he is alive, much less where to find him. He has been adopted by a couple who love and care for him and are very capable of taking care of him much better than the biological father. And he has a real dilemma on his hands not knowing whether to take the baby from the parents who love him or deny the baby’s biological father the right to know that his child is alive. The priest then remarks to John that it sounds like he has some personal involvement in this situation. John admits he does. The baby is his nephew. He has been adopted by his brother and sister in law.

Antonio asks Cristian and Sarah how they are holding up after what happened. Cristian asks his brother if he means after he (himself) killed a guy. Sarah tells Cristian that he did not have a choice. Antonio reminds Sarah that she almost got his brother killed. But Cristian concludes that they are all going to be ok. And Antonio realizes that Hunter tried to kill Todd Manning. They all admit that Todd is not very popular and none of them like him personally. Sarah admits that Cristian saved her life. And they all realize that Todd will be angry at her for aiding and abetting Hunter in taking Todd’s child from him.

In response to Todd and Blair in such close proximity to Tommy, Michael tells Marcie that it’s getting late and they have to take their son home. But she asks him what the rush is. Alone with Blair, Todd tells her that he knows that Miles is lying to him about where his son is. Blair tells Marcie and Michael, almost as if she knows what they are doing, that Todd is dealing with a really bad situation and they must forgive him for his attitude.

John tells the priest that he does not know what to do in his present situation with Todd Manning’s child being raised by Michael and Marcie. He admits that he does not know who can help him. And right then, the ghost of his father appears and tells his son that he can help him. John need only ask his father.

In response to the comment about “making out with her boyfriend”, Dorian tells the teenagers that they were not making out. She acknowledges that they must wonder if people as old as herself and Clint still “do it” or “have it”. But she happily replies to them that certain things only get better with age. Dorian and Clint depart. Starr and Cole go off together. Langston and her boyfriend are together separately.

Antonio asks Sarah just how she got mixed up with Hunter. Did she know anything about him before dating him? In response to that, knowing that she cannot answer, she asks Antonio if he has never gotten into anything he did not know about and reminds him of Jessica. He then asks her if she plans on staying in town for a while. She replies that she has a “cash flow” problem. She plans on working. But not as a singer. He then asks her if there is anything he can do. She replies, telling him as a matter of fact there is.

Viki tells Natalie that she won’t go back on the promise she mad to her and to Miles that he can stay there. And Natalie need not worry about Todd. She will handle her brother. Natalie then asks her mother if she is ready to go to the B.E. party. Viki tells her daughter that she won’t miss it, realizing it’s Natalie’s first “coming out” party for B.E.. Right then, Miles enters in a white tuxedo. Seeing him and being uncomfortable with him in her kitchen,  Viki snaps at him that Natalie is getting dressed. He tells her that he would like to talk to her. He tells her he is sorry if he has severed her relationship with her brother. She tells him she is not primarily worried about her brother right now. But she is worried about her daughter.

Roxy goes to the diner and tries to sell to Todd, Blair, Michael and Marcie that they go to the B.E. party. Todd concludes that maybe they should go. And he’s not going to rest until Miles gets what he deserves. Todd, Blair and Roxy go out the door. Right then, Michael tells Marcie that he has to make a phone call. She seems to know that her husband has another secret.

John tells his father’s ghost that he knows if Tommy is taken from Michael and Marcie it will break their hearts. She cannot have children. And they may never be able to adopt again. He cannot take Tommy from them. And his father should see that Tommy is their kid. But this is very complicated for him.

Miles tells Viki that Natalie is the only real friend he has right now. And he’d never do anything to hurt her. Viki tells him somewhat sarcastically that that is very admirable. But things are always known to change. She then concludes to him that she will take him at his word because Natalie has vouched for him. But if he hurts her daughter, he will live to regret it. He tells her that won’t be an issue. Right then, Natalie enters wearing a lovely evening dress. She is very happy to be going with Miles. She tells them she has to get there early, greet the guests and prepare for the fundraiser. They leave. Alone in her home, Viki is less than satisfied.

Starr and her friends are considering playing cards for money. But right then, Blair comes and finds them. Starr tells her mother that she was just hanging out wit her friends. Blair tells them that is fine. And right then, they all have to inform Blair about Aunt Dorian’s “man candy” whom they caught her kissing. Blair admits to them that she really doesn’t want to know the details. She leaves and Langston asks Starr if her parents are planning on getting back together. Starr says she hopes but cannot guarantee it.

After Sarah tells Antonio that she would like to book bands at Capricorn, he surprises her by sounding like he might consider it. But right now, he has a fundraiser to go to. And he admits that he is going with Talia. Right then, Cristian asks his brother if he is “dating” Talia. Antonio says no. He is not ready to date. He works with Talia and outranks her in the police department so he couldn’t anyway. And he reminds them that that he is “not Jessica”. Hearing that, Sarah asks just what he is implying about Jessica. He tells her that Jessica waited all of 24 hours after divorcing him to marry another guy. Sarah protests that Jessica is her cousin and almost died. And maybe Antonio shouldn’t be so hung up on his bruised ego and judging Jessica.

John tells his father’s ghost that he knows that he put his duty as a cop before his life. But he asks him that, knowing what he now knows, if he could go back, would he do the same thing?

Antonio replies to Sarah that Jessica’s happiness is no longer his business. He intends to get on with his life. He is getting ready for the party and they will talk about Sarah’s booking. He leaves and Sarah tells Cristian that she has had a change of heart about seeing Asa. But right away, Cristian knows that she just wants to see him in order to get his money.

Clint and Dorian arrive at the party. They notice Natalie with Miles. He tells her he’s concerned about his daughter’s poor taste in men. She tells him she believes that maybe he needs to let his daughter make her own decisions. She suggests that maybe Natalie is being nice to Miles for the sole purpose of getting Spencer Truman’s money from him. Right then, Viki arrives by herself. And Dorian has to gloat that she is there alone.

Roxy talks to Michael and Marcie at the diner about how it looks like John has something on his mind involving Tommy.

John’s father’s ghost admits that when he got himself shot and killed, he reacted in a split second and didn’t have time. But John has more time to think. He admits to his son that it’s a hell of a choice to make. John then asks his father what is the right choice to make. What would he do if it were him?

Sarah gets dressed in a formal gown and goes to the party by herself. Cristian looks closely at her as she goes out the door but declines her invitation to come with her.

Jessica and Nash are ready to go to the party in their formalwear.

Viki responds to Dorian’s comment that she did not come alone. She came with her money. And she can see that Dorian did also. Dorian informs Viki that Clint just taught her Texas hold 'em. Viki tells her that’s nice. He taught her that game long ago. Dorian concludes that Viki must be very rusty at it by now. But the two women decide to challenge each other.

Natalie and Miles are together and Todd gives them the evil eye.

At the diner, Michael tells Marcie he just wants to go home and is too weirded out to go out anywhere.

John’s father’s ghost tells his son that he knows that he (John) will find the answer. John tells his father’s ghost that he knows the law. And he knows morality. And they are not always the same.

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