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One Life to Live Update Friday 8/10/07


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At the diner, Jessica and Nash are ready to start their marriage in their new home by the vineyard. But she admits feeling guilty for what she did to Antonio.

At the diner, Antonio enters and talks to Talia. She asks how he is recovering from the recent surgery. He makes a comment about how he’s creaking along trying to get back I shape at the gym. She indicates that she believes that whatever he says, many people would be envious to be in the condition he is in. He tells her he’s got to run

In the jail cell, there’s a guy in jail talking to the guard about looking up an old friend.

Dorian finds Blair in the park and indicates that she does not approve of the fact that her niece has gotten back with Todd.  Blair admits to her aunt that she stayed at Todd’s home but slept on his sofa. And she informs Dorian that Todd had to leave to be with Evangeline. She says she is not threatened by that because Evangeline is in a coma. Dorian then asks her niece when she’s going to get over Todd and realize he does not care about her. All Todd cares about is Todd.

Natalie is going through some of Miles’ things and notices a “picture” at his wedding. He tells her that he had a chance to have a family and he blew it.

Before Marty’s hearing, a guy who apparently works for Todd approaches Cole. Starr tells him she knows him and if he doesn’t get lost and stop harassing Cole, she will have her dad fire him and possibly get him arrested. Right then, Marty walks in with her lawyer.  When everybody is seated, the judge says this is the people vs. Margaret Saybrooke. She is being accused of murder and one count of obstruction of justice. And he asks her how she wants to plead. She stands up before answering.

Nash tells Jessica that they cannot just waltz into the house so that she does not enter the hospital again. It looks like they have a new house. She tells him that he sounds like he is superstitious. But he reminds her that he is a vineyard owner. The last time they entered the place, he carried her over the threshold and that doesn’t work. He jokes about how this time, they need to do it the exact opposite way. She needs to carry him. They laugh. But right then, they notice that Antonio is standing nearby.

In the courtroom when many people are concerned that Marty might incriminate herself, she remembers hearing both Cole and John telling her that she cannot take the rap when the real killer is out there. So she answers that she pleads not guilty. The prosecutor says that the defendant murdered a highly renowned surgeon and left him for dead. So this is a very serious offense for which she is obviously a flight risk.

Natalie finds Miles and continues being very friendly to him. She tells him that he needs to forget about his failed plans. She tells him that there will be many pictures he’ll be able to make. One of which will be with her playing pool with her some time. She notices that she’s walked into his home to see him shirtless. She tells him that she didn’t mean to barge into his home after he’s just gotten out of the shower. He then puts his shirt on. But she tells hi that he does not have to “accommodate” her. This is his home. He has the right to stay there as long as he wants. But he acknowledges to her that he hasn’t even been there a week and he’s causing trouble for her and for Viki. But she tells him he need not worry about anything.

Todd tells Blair and Dorian that he does not know what is up with Viki. He doesn’t know what has happened to her sister.. Hearing that, Blair assumes that maybe Viki is upset after her daughter just got surgery for liver cancer. Dorian tells Todd she knows what is wrong with Viki. David Vickers. Viki actually let David live in her home. She is so desperate for male companionship. Blair then explains to Todd that Dorian kicked David out of her home. And Viki let him stay at her home. But it’s no big deal. And Viki is still the sanest woman they know. But Todd reveals to his ex wife and her aunt that unknown to them, Viki has just allowed Miles Laurence to live at the carriage house. And he is not going to let that son of a bitch get away with what he did to him. Blair and Dorian are very surprised to hear that. Dorian tells Todd that she bets Viki is having another personality split. Blair says she does not believe that about Viki. And she bets that Viki is just acting nice to Miles in order to lead him into a false sense of security. Of course Viki is not forgiving the man who tried to kill her brother. But Todd says they are both wrong. She is doing it to appease her idiot, red-head daughter. Blair and Dorian are then very surprised to know that Natalie cares so much about Miles.

At the carriage house, Miles tells Natalie that he knows that Todd is furious that she and Viki are letting him live there. They believe that he is evil. Natalie they protests that what is evil is her uncle helping Mitch Laurence to surgically extract her heart. She tells Miles he mustn’t feel like he’s a bad person nor that Todd has any right to judge him.

In the courtroom, Marty’s lawyer protests that her client needs to have her bail set at a reasonable amount. But the prosecutor argues.

At the diner, Marty tells Michael that she knows there is something going on. She tells him that now that she has vacation time, there’s so much she can do. But she can tell that his mind is somewhere else.

Antonio goes to see Jessica and Nash and Nash tell him he can come in. Antonio opens the door. She makes small talk with him asking about Jamie. And he admits that since they’ve severed all the ties between them except for one, he thinks it’s time that they cut that one also. And he admits to them that he is selling Capricorn. He wants to make Nash the offer to sell it to him first. He tells Nash if he can come up with the money, great. He coldly tells Jessica he’s glad she’s out of the hospital and hopes that David Vickers’ liver serves her better than his did.

The judge rules that Marty is going back to jail. That causes Cole and John to get very upset. But John tells Cole he must pull himself together. He tells him that his mom needs to know that he is ok so that she can concentrate on her defense. Reporters surround them. John demands that they back off.

After finding out that Natalie invited Miles to stay in her home, Dorian reminds him that Natalie is still his niece. And Blair tells Todd that it’s just a matter of time before Miles goes to prison. Todd informs them that Hunter almost killed Sarah until “Blair’s favorite cave man”, Cristian Vega came and saved her. Dorian theorizes that it will only be a matter of time before Viki throws Miles out on his ear. She wants Clint. But Dorian says that she will have him.

Natalie wants to help Miles get all set up in his new home. He is ready to go and get some groceries. She admits to him that she wants to go out with him.

Right when Dorian is talking to Todd and Blair, Clint arrives and asks what they were talking about. He knows she will not give him a straight answer. But he tells her that “they” have big plans. He wants her to wear something glamorous and sexy because he’s taking her somewhere that dictates nothing less.

Natalie tells Miles that she and her dad are hosting a benefit raiser at B.E. So she thought it would be kind of cool to have  a friend there to celebrate with. She tells him that she wants him to trust her on this. He tells her he does trust her. But he has to think about his wife.

Outside the courtroom, John tells Marty he’s glad she decided to fight. She tells him that she believes that Cole is in good hands with him. She again knows that there is something going on with him.

Marcie asks if it is her fault that their marriage and their family is falling apart. She tells him that he won’t talk to her and won’t even look her in the face. She asks him how she’s going to fix this if she does not know what is bothering him. He tells her it’s not about him. He just has something going on with John. She tells him that he has to tell her what the big secret is. She then asks him if he loves her. He tells her of course. She is his world. But right then, Todd and Blair walk in and he freezes.

Nash and Jessica talk about all of the business maneuvers for the winery. He wonders whether Antonio was not correct in saying that it might be better to either be in business by himself or with a stranger. She tells him she has another idea. Maybe she could be his business partner. He tells her he’s afraid that that might bring back the whole thing he had with Claudia. She says she hopes that he would not compare her to Claudia. He tells her he is not. But he’s afraid that he might turn into the man he was when he was with Claudia and use a rich woman for her money.

Natalie encourages Miles to be comfortable and have no fears going out with her to Asa’s party.

Right then, Clint is showing Dorian how to play 5 card hold-em poker. But she’s not used to that game.

In court, after Marty’s lawyer has been unable to help her, she walks out of the room. At that point, Starr asks Cole what he wants to do. He says he wants to break things. At that point, Starr, Cole, Langston and her boyfriend knock over all the courtroom tables. But they realize that now they have to clean everything up.

John goes to see Marty when she’s back in her holding cell. He tells her that he sometimes hates his job and doesn’t know what to do. He tells her that he does not know how to do what is best for all of the people he cares about and at the same time uphold the principles of his job. She tells him that that does not sound unlike what is going on with her. She also had the choice of either keeping quiet and protecting her son or making another choice. She found out that she kept quiet, yet it didn’t help him. Sometimes when you try to hardest to protect people, you end up hurting them the worst.

Blair and Todd walk into the diner to see Michael, Marcie and Tommy. Blair remarks how familiar the baby looks. Marcie is ok with Blair giving so much attention to her son. But Michael is very much on edge. Not far away, Antonio indicates to Talia that he’d like to take her to the B.E. party.

The mysterious guy in the jail cell gets sprung. He gets on his cell phone and makes a call to a mysterious girl. The guard asks him how he’s going to meet her. He tells her he’s going to surprise her and has a date with destiny. She looks familiar.

Right then, Natalie asks Miles if he is in or out. He tells her he will accompany her to the party.

Clint shows Dorian that she has a royal flush but she doesn’t seem to know. And he admits that she might have a pretty good poker face. He concludes that they are going to have a lot of fun tonight. He kisses her. And she says let’s start now.

When Marty is in her holding cell, she hears Cole telling her that she must listen to John and let him help her get free. Then she hears the judge rule that she goes back to jail. And she says this is not over yet.

Blair picks up Tommy and holds him. She says he is so beautiful. Todd does not seem to suspect anything. Marcie smiles. Michael is not ok. And John watches them from outside the window.

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