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One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/9/07


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The court is getting ready for Tate Harmon’s trial. Matthew surprises his parents by paying a surprise visit. Nora and Bo tell him it might not be a good idea to be there. But he tells them he believes he is old enough to understand some things, face the court hearing and be informed. He wants to know what will happen to the man who tried to kill them.

Right then, Rex informs Adriana that he’s very worried what will happen now that John knows that Tommy is Todd’s son.

Todd finds out that Viki and Natalie have agreed to let Miles stay at Llanfair. He goes and yells at his sister about how she could allow anybody who’d tried to kill him to stay in her home. Viki protests to her brother that it was not her idea. She does not want him there. But Natalie insisted. Right then, Miles enters. Todd tells him he knows that he hired Hunter to kill him. And he’d like to know how they pulled off their scheme.

At Cristian’s home, Sarah is still traumatized about the shooting. She tells Cristian that she feels responsible for what almost happened to him and what had to happen to Hunter. But he tells her that it’s over now. She tells hi that she feels like there’s something wrong wit her to cry over the loss of Hunter. But he tells her that it’s ok to cry after what has happened. She concludes to him that he and Rex cannot get mixed up with her anymore. And she needs to get out of town. But he tells her he’d rather she stay.

After Adriana finds out that John is aware that Tommy is Todd’s son, she is very worried. But Rex tells her that John has only speculated, but cannot prove that Tommy is Todd’s child. She tells Rex that it’s very easy for him to find out. A DNA test is all it will take. Rex protests that if John does that, he will have to order a DNA test on every other baby born in America the time Tommy was born. He tells her that he will find a way to prevent John from ever proving who Tommy really is. There are ways that he can “dummy” a DNA test. He will do whatever it takes to keep the two of  them out of jail, for knowing what they know and not admitting it.

Alone with Michael, John asks his brother how he could have withheld the information that Tommy is Todd’s son when he’s known that for so long. Michael again protests that he and Marcie and Tommy are a family. And biology does not matter. He asks Michael if he thinks he can live with himself after giving that baby back to that lunatic Todd, ruining his life and destroying his family. John asks Michael how he can live with himself knowing that he’s stolen somebody else’s kid. Michael asks John what about Marcie. She can never have kids of her own. And if Tommy is taken from her, it will kill her. Hearing that, John tells his brother he is sorry. Michael reminds John that Todd Manning already has kids. He urges John not to take his son away from him. He tells John he can either be a cop or he can be his brother. He tells John if he truly loves them, he will keep his mouth shut. John tells Michael he cannot do this. Right then, Marcie enters with Tommy in her arms. She knows that they are having a heated discussion. She is pretty angry, realizing that Michael has been keeping a secret from her for a long time. She asks John if he might be able to tell her the truth about what is going on .

Cristian tells Sarah that she can start as a server at Capricorn. And if she proves herself to be a good worker, he will consider her for that booking position. She tells him he needn’t do that. She has a few ideas. He asks her if she plans to stick around for a while. She replies yes. He tells her that he hopes she does. He has a few things to do and will be back soon.

Layla tells Vincent that he had a chance to let Tate die and good reason to do so. But he did the right thing. And because he is “that man” is the reason she is with him today. In the living room, Adriana asks Rex to be real. It’s very obvious that John will have to nail both of them along with Michael for lying about who Tommy really is.

Bo asks Matthew why it’s important for him to see Tate Harmon at his trial. Matthew tells his father that it’s important for Tate to see him. He needs to know that he cannot threaten or scare people just because of their race or religion. In response to that, Bo and Nora agree to let their young son witness the hearing and tell him they are very proud of him. Right then, Tate enters in handcuffs. And the judge and bailiff announce that this is the commonwealth vs. Tate Harmon. The judge tells Tate that he is being charged with multiple counts of murder, arson and attempted murder. And she asks him if he is certain that he does not want legal counsel. Tate apparently does not want a lawyer. Nora then tells the court that she is ready to present all of the evidence about what Tate has done. The judge then asks Tate if he has anything to say. He says nothing. She asks him if he is ready to enter a plea. And Tate answers that he pleads guilty. This surprises everybody.

At Viki’s, Todd tells Miles that he may be able to get away with a lot of things. But Cole Thornhart is going to nail him (Miles) for what he did to Cole’s mom.

Right then, Cole visits his mother in jail and asks her why she is pleading guilty. She tells him that she killed a man. He asks her what about John. She asks what about John. He tells her that if she pleads guilty, then John will have to give up the search for the real killer. He protests that he knows she is innocent and so does John.

In response to Marcie’s question, John tells her that he and Michael were just talking about “family stuff”. She apologizes and tells John she does not want to pry into his personal life. And at that point, she sounds as though she suspects nothing. She gathers Tommy and tells them that they are going to go out and play in the sun. She leaves to get ready. Alone with his brother, Michael tells John he must see how their lives will be destroyed if the truth comes out about Tommy. Michael tells his brother that he begged him to “stop digging”. But Michael tells him he should know him well enough to know that he won’t. Michael tells John he knows that he is driven and wants to shut off his emotions. But he knows that deep down, John wants the same thing that Michael wants; a life, a wife and a family. And John cannot shut himself down and tell Michael that it’s not ok to have that. John tells Michael that he knows what is right. Marcie enters and John immediately leaves. But he looks in the window to see his brother and sister in law with their baby and stares for a while before leaving. Remembering Rex’s suggestion, Michael tells Marcie that it might not be a bad idea for the three of them to go away on a trip. She asks him, however, just what is going on.

Cole tells his mother that he is very worried that she is locked up. But she tells her son that she doesn’t want to talk to him about her problems. She wants to know about his life and about Starr and everything. She admits that she is not crazy about Starr’s family. But she is happy that he has a relationship with somebody he cares about. She smiles and tells him that she is happy for him and he won’t be alone right now. He then informs her that he and Nora threw Miles’ stuff out into the hallway. He smirks. She tells her son that she hopes that he will not go too far in antagonizing Miles.

At Viki’s, Todd tells Miles that he knows that Cole won’t let him get away with what he did. Even if Cole does not personally care about him (Todd), he’s going to turn Miles in for getting him involved in attempted murder. Miles says he doubts that. Right then, Viki enters and tells Miles that it does not sit well with her for him to enter her home. But she’s honoring Natalie’s wishes and realizes that Miles has not been convicted of anything. She informs Todd that she understands that he is justifiably not ok with this. But at least until the court hearing, Miles is going to stay at the carriage house .

Tate speaks to the court by saying that he resents that they would have selected a bunch of “mongrels” that the courts would call his peers to determine his fate. He says he did not do anything wrong. Right then, Layla stands up and yells that her sister is in a coma because of him. He then says that they may put him away. But there will be many of his followers to carry out his “mission”. And he tells them that he only regrets that he was not able to “finish” what he started. At that point, Layla, Adriana, Rex and Vincent stand up and yell. The judge demands order in the court and no more outbursts.

In response to Michael’s pitch that they all get away for a while on a vacation, Marcie says she’d like to do that. But now is not the right time for that. She has a lot of parent teacher conferences that she cannot get away from. But it still looks like she suspects nothing for why Michael would suggest they get out of town with Tommy.

After all of the people have their outbursts in regard to Tate’s speech, the judge says she could hold them all in contempt but will overlook it this time. It seems that she is angrier at Tate than at anybody else. She tells him she’s heard all she is going to hear from him. And she demands to know that the bailiffs escort him out of her courtroom. They remove him. Matthew surprises his parents by telling that that he “feels bad” for Tate. Nora asks her son if he “feels bad” that Tate will reap the consequences of his actions. He tells her no. He feels bad because he’s now seen that Tate is absolutely pathetic. Bo and Nora then tell their son he is absolutely right. Tate is not worth getting upset over.

After Cole is done visiting his mother in jail, John comes to see Marty. She sounds like she is calm and not worried about what will happen to her. She can tell that he has some of his own issues. He tells her that maybe now is not the time for her to “play shrink”. But she smiles and asks him if he wants to talk about what is going on with him.

After Viki confirms he can stay at the carriage house, Miles politely thanks her and leaves. Todd then thanks his sister for stabbing him in the back. Viki tells her brother that she is not doing this in order to hurt him. She is doing it in order to respect Natalie’s wishes. She admits to Todd that her daughter brought up a valid point. She admits to Todd that she has stuck her neck out for him (Todd) against her better judgment many times and defied many people whom Todd has hurt. So maybe Natalie has similar justification to do the same for Miles. Todd asks her how she could have any justification to let the man who tried to kill him live in her house. She then concludes that Miles will have a trial and if he gets convicted, he will pay.

At the end of the hearing, Rex and Adriana talk about what they are going to do now that they are finally rid of Tate. They realize that they now have another very crucial issue on their hands. Nora tells Vincent and Layla that she’s pretty certain Tate will get nailed when they see the tape that he made. Right then, the officer takes Tate to jail and introduces him to his new cell mate. He puts Tate in a cell with an African American man named Luther. Luther sees Tate, knowing whom he is and welcome him to Statesville.

Marcie, Michael and Tommy are all acting like a happy family at the park.

Meanwhile, Marty tells John if he needs to talk to her about his issues, he sure knows where to find her. She seem very calm and content when the guard lets her out of her cell and puts her hands in cuffs to the front of her. She walks with John out of the jail and into the courtroom.

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