OLTL Update Wednesday 8/8/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/8/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd meets Vincent in the hall outside Evangeline’s hospital room. Vincent tells him he can’t come in.

Natalie brings Miles into the carriage house. Miles worries about how Viki feels about his staying there.

John tells Rex and Mike he knows the truth. Mike asks what truth? John tells him he loves him but its police business and he knows Tommy is Todd’s lost son.

At Capricorn Hunter is stabbed while wrestling with Cristian. Sarahh believes he’s dying. Cristian finds a pulse and puts towels on the wound. Sarahh calls 911. Cristian suddenly backs away and says Hunter is gone. Cristian takes Sarahh’s phone and calls the cops saying he killed a man.

At the hospital Todd tells Vince to step aside. Vince says family only. Todd says he will visit Evangeline. Layla comes out and tells Todd its family only. Todd tells her that he and Evangeline are very close. Layla says no and he should go. She goes back in to see Evangeline. Todd tries to bribe Vince.

Natalie shows Miles the carriage house. Natalie tells Miles John can make noise but that doesn’t mean he can make a jury convict him. Miles asks if she’s doing this to get to John.

At Rex’s apartment Mike plays dumb. John lays it out for him and tells him he understands why he did it. He urges Mike to talk. Mike reminds John they are brothers and asks him to take it to his grave. John says he can’t do that. John commiserates but tells him the adoption is illegal. Rex tries to interrupt but John silences him. Mike says he did what he had to do to keep his family together. Mike begs him not to take Tommy away. John says it will come out eventually. They argue.

At the carriage house Natalie asks Miles who he’s been talking to about her. She denies doing this to “get” to John. Miles worries that people will think less of her because she’s friends with him.

At the hospital Vince and Todd talk about them letting him get into see Evangeline. Todd tries to bribe him but Vince knocks the money to the floor. Todd says he’ll leave and asks if he can send flowers. He leaves and Layla come out of Evangeline’s room. Vince tells her Todd is done bothering them. He wants to take her home. She says he’s been great being there at the hospital with her. Perfect. He offers to drop her off at her home. She says no.

The police are at Capricorn talking to Cris. Sarahh is sitting at the bar. Cris goes over to her and tells her she’ll be okay. Sarahh turns and asks if he’ll be okay?

In the hall at the hospital Vince says they came together, how will Layla get home? She says she wants him to stay. He says cool, we can watch a movie. Layla says she doesn’t want to do anything but be with him. She says she wants him. They leave hand in hand. Todd comes back up and picks up his money. Then he bumps into a nurse and knocks the files out of her hand.

Cris says he’ll be okay. Sarahh is upset and says he saved her life. She says thank you.

John and Mike keep talking about Tommy. They argue about the law and doing what’s right. John says he has to give Tommy back. John reminds him Truman stole Todd’s son and by keeping Tommy he is doing Truman’s work. Mike argues with him and John’s phone rings. Rex asks Mike what they do now. Mike says he can’t lose his son or his wife. John has to leave to go to Capricorn. Before he leaves Mike breaks down and begs him to leave Tommy with him and Marcie. John says you do what you gotta do. As he leaves Mike follows and asks what he’s going to do. John says he doesn’t know. He leaves. Rex says maybe Mike got through to John. Mike says if he didn’t he just lost his whole life.

Natalie says she doesn’t care what people think. Miles says he only messed up. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Natalie remarks Marty broke his heart. Natalie says losing John almost killed her, a chronic pain you learn to live with. Miles jokes he has something to look forward too.

Todd lies to the nurse and says he was seeing his grandma and slips her money. She leaves and Todd enters Evangeline’s room. He talks to her.

At Capricorn John talks to Cris. They talk about how the last time Cristian killed a man and how it really messed him up. He tells him to go home and clean up and take Sarahh with him. John asks if Hunter mentioned Miles. Cris says no.

Layla and Vince enter her apartment. They go to the bedroom.

At Capricorn Sarahh asks Cris what John talked to him about. Cris said it was about Todd. The cops take the body out.

Todd holds Evangeline’s hand and talks to her. Todd wishes there was something he could have done to protect her. He talks about his missing son and how she helped him when he got the death certificate. He tells her she gave him strength and he needs it now because he’s starting to believe his son is dead.

Rex and Mike talk about what John might do. Mike believes John will tell. Rex tries to make Mike feel better. Rex suggests Mike could leave town and never come back.

At Layla’s apartment, Layla and Vince kiss, get undressed and fall into bed.

At Cris’s studio, Cris tires to leave but Sarahh asks him not to go and starts crying. Cris holds her.

Back at the carriage house, Natalie tells Miles she can handle Todd. Natalie says she’ll call him in the morning.

Todd is still talking to Evangeline, promising to make the person who took his son pay.

Still at Rex’s apartment, Mike calls John in a panic asking what he’s going to do about Tommy. John is sitting at the bar in Capricorn alone. He says not tonight and hangs up. He pours himself a drink.

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