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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/7/07

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Written By Jennifer S.
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Sarah goes to Capricorn looking for Cristian, who has left with Antonio. She calls to him telling him that the only way she can afford one of the drinks she wants to get is if he hires her for a job. But unknown to her, Hunter is hiding.. He grabs her and covers her mouth. She tells them they need to have a little talk. Right then, Cristian enters and demands that he lets go of her. But he holds Sarah hostage and points a knife at Cristian.

Natalie enters Llanfair with Miles and tells her mother they must let him stay there. He has nowhere to go. He acts all polite to Viki apologizing for imposing. Natalie tells him he has nothing to apologize for. But Viki says she doesn’t know about that. Miles knows he’s not welcome there and leaves. Alone with her mother, Natalie protest that Miles has nowhere to live. He’s down and out. And she cannot turn her back on him. Viki demands to know why her daughter would even suggest that she takes in Miles Laurence after what he has done to her (Viki’s) brother.

Todd is back in his home with Blair. And they doze off on the couch together wondering if they should get back together or not.

Marcie and Michael are in the park playing with Tommy and taking pictures. She shows him some digital images. She makes a comment that “that is all they will have left” of little Tommy. IN response to that, Michael assumes that John must have said something to her.

John calls Rex to the station. Rex tells John he knows it must have been a waste of his time. But John tells Rex that he did find something. He asks Rex if he wants to tell him why he “dummied” a death certificate of Todd Manning’s kid. Rex does not answer. He later tells john that his investigation lead to a hospital in Cleveland that told him that the baby died. But John tells Rex that he got the records from Cleveland. And he happens tot know that that baby is Asian. That one is probably not the product of Todd Manning and Margaret Cochran. At that point, John knows that Rex is hiding something and he ass him  why he wanted to prevent Todd Manning from finding his son.

Cole returns home to his and his mother’s house and finds Nora there. And he discovers that Miles’ stuff is still there. Nora tells him that is easy to fix. And she throws it into a pile on the floor and tells him they can make a donation to the shelter. They discover that Miles also has camping gear that he wanted to use to have a family outing and are ready to get rid of that. Right then, Miles returns and knows that nobody wants him to live anywhere.

Natalie tells Vikki that a lot of people hate Todd. And how would she feel if they judged her for that? Viki tells her daughter that Miles Laurence is a very wealthy man and obviously has enough money to live where he chooses. But Natalie protest about how Renee does not welcome Miles in her hotel. She tells her mother that she knows what it’s like to be unwelcome. And everybody deserves a break. Hearing that, Viki tells her daughter that this profound “friendship “ and loyalty she has for Miles is in response to her broken heart over John. She did the same thing when she married Mitch Laurence and gave up Cristian. And then she had an equally sick relationship with Paul Cramer. It’s a pattern for Natalie. But Viki tells her mother she does not understand

Hunter holds Sarah hostage, points the gun at Cristian and tells him that Sarah has something that he wants.

Blair tells Todd that her home, now, is in La Beaulee and it has been since before he went missing. They realize that if they lived together, they would end up hating each other. They relive how they hated each other at the ski lodge. And they always end up hating each other and driving the kids insane. She tells him that it always seems to be one big storm after enough. They talk about hurricanes and natural disasters.

When Hunter endangers Sarah and Cristian, he tells them that he knows that she is a rich princess. She never before told him that she has a rich grand father and great grand father.  But she protests that she is broke. She no longer ha her trust fund.

Marcie asks Michael why he asked her if she was just talking to John. He tells her that he and John had a phone conversation about Marty Saybrooke being in jail, away from her child. And he worries that they might not always be there for Tommy. She then tells him that she knows it’s taken her a while, but she’s gotten to where she can have a future with just them and Tommy.

At the station, when Rex does not talk, John tells him that he is very amazed at how unlike Rex it is to be speechless. Rex tells John he did not forge the death certificate. It came from somebody who he worked with in Cleveland. But John knows that is not true. He forged it from his computer. Rex tells John that he was “practicing” forging something with that. And he can prove that the death certificate is an official document. He realizes that maybe he found the wrong kid. But when he found that death certificate, he was finally happy to be done with that case and realize that the baby was dead. John asks Rex if he wanted Todd’s baby to be dead. Rex tells John that he didn’t want to get Todd’s hopes up falsely believing that his child was alive. But John does not buy that.

When Miles enters, Cole asks him what he’s doing there. Mile still believes that he can have a “father and son bond” with Cole. Cole then asks Mile if he wants him to follow in “step daddy’s” footsteps to do all of the crimes that Miles has done. And Nora reminds them that Cole need not tell Miles what is going to happen to him. She is going to prosecute Miles

Natalie asks Viki why she judges her. She inquires to her mother how she (herself) is so different than Miles. She was very capable of hurting people when she first came to town. Viki did not know her the first 20 years of her life any more than she knew Miles.. She knows that her mother believes in second chances. If she did not, then they would have never bonded. And she wants to have the same trust and faith in Miles that Viki and others have had for her. She asks her mother to please trust her judgment. Viki tells her daughter that she believes that Natalie is making really bad judgment forgiving Miles. Natalie then tells her mother she must know that Todd has hurt many people. But has she abandoned him? SO maybe Miles is to Natalie what Todd is to Viki.

At Todd’s home, Blair takes Jack away to leave Todd and Starr alone. Starr tells her father that she knows he might be getting back with her mother. He asks her where she would be getting that idea. She tells him that it’s pretty obvious. Even Jack can tell. They both want their parents to get back together. She tells him, however, that she realizes that her parents have had so many problems when they are together.

John asks Rex why he would represent Todd if he wanted Todd off his back. That sounds kind of odd. Rex makes the excuse that Spencer was really hounding Todd. John does not believe that Rex would care about that. John tells him that he bets that Truman (although dead) has one more card to play. And he bets that Rex knows just what that is.

Todd tells Blair that their daughter is onto something about them.

John concludes to Rex that whatever it is that he and Michael have up their sleeve, he’s going to find it. Rex tells him he’s wasting his time. He asks John if he is under arrest just because he accepted some low-life’s word about a baby’s identity. John tells Rex he needs to be more careful about where he gets his information from in the future. Rx tells John duly noted and looks like he’s ok. But privately, he’s very nervous. He collects his laptop and leaves. Right then, John gets on the phone and tells his contact that they must tail Rex Balsom so that he can lead them to answer the unsolved mystery.

Right then, Marcie and Michael are talking about how Tommy is their child no different than if they had him biologically. She tells him that whenever she sees their son, it makes her want to have more kids. She asks her husband if he thinks that makes her selfish to want more kids. She tells him that maybe if they are going to adopt again, they could maybe get a child of another culture. They could maybe get a surrogate mom. And right then, Michael demands that she stops. She can tell that he is on edge. But she has no clue as to why. He tells her that he just wants to enjoy this incredible gift that they have been given. Right then, Marcie snaps a picture of her husband and child. But she can tell that he is a million miles away and looks like he is praying.

Hunter tells Sarah that she must find a way to get him his crack fix. She tells him that her family cut her off. But he does not believe that and demands that she gets them on the phone right now. He tells her she better call her father. But she tells him that it’s too early in London. She calls Cord. She tells him she’s in a bit of a bind and needs money. He tells her that she has been very irresponsible and obviously has no clue as to why she needs the hung up. She becomes very afraid. She then concludes that her father is giving her tough love. But Hunter does not buy that.

Cole tells Miles that everybody knows that he (Miles) forced his (Cole’s) mother to marry him. And when he gets done testifying against him, everybody will know what he is.

Natalie tells Viki that she believes that maybe she has the same “unpopular fondness” for Miles as her mother has for Todd. Viki is the one person who cares for Todd. Maybe she has the same “stand alone” feelings for Miles. In response to that, Viki tells her daughter she should be a lawyer. Natalie asks in that case, can Miles stay at the house? Viki tells her daughter she would not be comfortable having him living in her home But she’ll let him stay in the carriage house. If Kevin or Kelly comes back, however, Miles is out. Natalie hugs her mother and reveals how happy she is.

Marcie brings Tommy to see John. He visits with the baby.  She admits to him that she and Michael don’t know their adoptive son’s exact birthday.  She tells him that he needs to talk to Michael. He says perhaps he can come over to their home for dinner some time soon. She tells him she has to get going and they depart. Alone in the office, John writes that he bets Tommy was born about February 5th 2005. He then remembers both Rex and Michael warning him to drop the case. They tell him not only do they want to let it go. It won’t be good for him to find out the truth. And they both seem to know and reveal to John that his preoccupation with finding Todd’s son has something directly to do with Tommy. So he concludes that Todd’s deceased child is Tommy. And he gets on the phone.

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