OLTL Update Monday 8/6/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/6/07


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Cristian enters Capricorn to notice that Antonio is in a bad mood. He is dissatisfied with the upkeep of his club in his absence.  Cristian tells his brother that he needs to follow doctor’s orders and stay home. Antonio indicates to Cristian that he does not trust his brother to handle things while he’s gone. He tells Cristian he (Cristian) is too busy playing bodyguard to Sarah Roberts. But Cristian says he is only doing that as a favor to Viki and Clint and he is not really concerned about where Sarah is every minute. She’s a big girl. He realizes he does not know where she is right now and is not very concerned.

Right then, Sarah goes to Asa’s.

Dorian goes to see Viki and angrily tells her she hopes she is happy. Viki tells Dorian that it’s a beautiful day. her daughter is on the mends. And now she gets a visit from her friend, Dorian. What is not to be happy about? Dorian tells Viki that it’s her fault that David Vickers is up to his most recent stunt.

At the palace, Miles Laurence asks Renee if there is a suite she has for him to stay in. She tells him that with all of the legal problems he’s recently been having, she’s not going to let him stay there. Natalie is not far away. And she asks Renee if Miles is guilty until proven innocent.

At the station, John tells Talia that he believes that he has found Truman’s killer.

In response to Natalie’s inquiry about why she won’t give Miles a room, Renee asks her if she has not heard what has been in the news. She tells Natalie that she has a new policy not to let anybody with a criminal record stay in her hotel. Natalie then reminds Renee that that would mean that neither she nor Asa are allowed to stay there. They have both had questionable pasts. And she urges Renee to give her friend a break. She doesn’t seem to want to give up on helping Miles.

Sarah goes to Asa’s home and Nigel serves her some tea. But she knows that he’s going to leave her there by herself. She tells him she knows that Asa has been working him hard. And she says she wants to talk to him for a minute. She asks him why Asa has not offered him a raise or vacation time. She tells Nigel that you have to fight for what is rightfully yours in this family. And right then, she reveals to him that her trust fund has been cut off. And she would be totally willing to talk to Asa for him, if he talks to her grandpa Clint. Maybe he can give her some information about what is presently going on in Clint’s head, maybe in order to “loosen up the purse strings a little”. Right then, Clint appears and tells Sarah that she could ask him that herself.

While Rex and Adriana are in bed in his apartment, John and the cops enter and tell them they have a search warrant to search for evidence in the murder of Spencer Truman. Rex protests that they cannot do that. But John tells him that he better cooperate or he’s in trouble.

In response to what Dorian says, Viki tells her she absolutely no idea what she is going on about. Dorian shows Viki a postcard she got from David while he travels the world. Viki informs Dorian that she got a similar postcard. And it looks like there’s no cause for alarm. But Dorian tells Viki she knows that David is having financial troubles. And he’s going to resort to becoming a private gigolo. She knows that David will not make it as a cabana boy. Viki must know that this meaningless way of life will ruin him. And it’s Viki’s fault. Her sanctimonious guilt trip to David to get him to give up the money that he previously demanded from Clint and Asa is the reason for this. So Viki better give David back his money.

In response to overhearing Sarah’s conversation with Nigel, Clint tells her he does not want her to be manipulating Nigel into shaking down the family tree. If she wants to talk, they can talk. But he’d prefer she is straight with him and not coming after him at some “angle” She then asks him if she can have some money. And he says no.

Natalie tells Renee that nobody really knows whether Miles did something wrong. But Renee tells Natalie that it’s pretty obvious that Miles did something wrong. For one thing, he is a Laurence. And how can Natalie defend him after what his brother did to her? In response to that, Natalie reminds Renee that she (Renee) used to run a whore house. And so maybe not everybody should be judged. In response to that, Renee breaks down and tells Miles he can have a room. But she demands that he does not have any visits with “working women” while in her hotel.

While the cops are searching Rex’s home, Adriana asks him what they would have on him. Rex tells her he’s not entirely certain. But he calls out to them that he will call his lawyer. Adriana struggles to get out of bed by covering herself with blankets. She sees Talia and tells her so much for “bonding” on the palace roof and acting like they are friends. Talia reminds Adriana that she is just doing her job. Rex asks John what is up. John tells Rex that he knows that Rex was holding the murder weapon that killed Spencer. And he has some involvement, at least in covering it up. Rex tells John he knows that John does not believe that any more than he believes that Marty Saybrooke killed Spencer.

Dorian asks Viki why it does not surprise her that Viki cannot get off her high horse long enough to understand David’s rights. Viki protests that David has a job, serving drinks. Dorian tells Viki that if David had the money, he could make meaningful contributions to worthy causes. Viki tells Dorian that David is “growing” from this experience. And she reminds Dorian about how David got blackmailed out of marrying her. Dorian tells Viki she knows that Viki is using another “tactic” to get her back with David. She wants David to be desperate and miserable and run back to Dorian. And that will keep her away from Clint. But Dorian tells Viki that will not work. She and Clint are there to stay.

Sarah tells Clint she knows that he is the reason she got cut off. He tells her that he did inform her father that she was back in town. She tells him that she knows he told her father that she was not in “alignment” with the family trust and that caused him to cut her off. He tells her that Cord is just being her dad. And he asks her just how much she would have taken him for if Cord had not given him the heads up. Clint protests to her that Cord was going to give her money under certain conditions. He tells her that he knows that she was lying to her parents. She asks him if he did not lie to his parents. She tells him that she gave her parents some “misleading” postcards just so that they would not worry. She didn’t want them to know everything about her. He then asks her what happened to suddenly make her so untrustworthy.

At Capricorn, Cristian protests to Antonio that he can manage the place and knows what he is doing. Antonio need not worry. He tells Antonio if he cannot trust his judgment to manage the place in his absence, he will just go and find another job. But he knows Antonio does not want that.. He tells Antonio that he is just taking his frustrations out on him because of his anger about his situation and how he cannot stand being unable to work.  Antonio then admits to his brother that he is right. He cannot get back on the force. He cannot stand not being able to work. Cristian tells his brother that he is trying to similarly busy himself because if he were not working, he’d be torturing himself over what has happened to Evangeline. He is helpless to do anything for her. She is lying in a coma and she may never be the same again. They have similarly helpless situations involving the women they love.

John tells Rex that he knows that he has some information about Spencer’s murder. He tells Rex he has to take his computer to the station and go through everything. And if he finds out anything that Rex did not tell him, it will be “on him”. But Rex tells John that he will feel differently when he hears the truth. John will not like where the truth will lead. In response to that, Adriana asks Rex just how bad this gets.

Viki tells Dorian that she is not going to fight with her today. Dorian tells Viki that she does not intend to fight. She (herself) has won a long time ago. Viki just wants to break up Dorian and Clint. Viki retorts to Dorian that she can have Clint. So why keep wasting all of this time or energy? Dorian replies to Viki that she (herself) has two wonderful men in her life. She has David and she has Clint. That will never be a waste of her time. And she goes out the door.

Clint tells Sarah she must talk to her parents. She tells him she does not know where her mom is. He tells he, in that case, at least talk to Cord. She tells him that her father never told her any of his rules. And she asks Clint why he never asked her for her side of the story. He tells her she is his granddaughter and he loves her. She tells him she knows he won’t give her any money. He tells her what he will give her is an entry level job at B.E. She tells him she won’t do that. He asks her how she will support herself. She tells him he need not worry about that. He tells her he is not her enemy. She tells him that she just got a job at Capricorn. And she doesn’t want to continue this conversation.

At the palace, Natalie implies to Miles that maybe he should celebrate the end of his marriage. He tells her that that was insensitive and he does not believe that he’s better off without Marty. She tells him that he must see that there’s no point in prolonging the agony with anybody who does not return his feelings. He tells her she had a similar situation with John. She admits yes, she did. But she got wise to it. He tells her that he believes that if he had had more time with Marty, he could have persuaded her to love him. But she tells him that he is living in a false world. He is acting out what a happy couple is supposed to be. But it’s not real. She tells him that you can never force anything that is not real. If it was not real in the beginning, it will never be.

Rex tells Adriana that he needs a lawyer. And he cannot expect Bo to help him. She tells him that maybe they are overreacting. She tells him that maybe if he and Michael stick to their stories, then John will never find out the truth about Tommy. Rex protests that John is a bloodhound. He won’t give up until he gets to the bottom of the situation. Adriana then asks Rex if there is another secret that Rex has which he could get into trouble with.

At the station, John and Talia brainstorm about going through Rex’s entire hard drive.

At Capricorn, Antonio suggests that he and Cristian take the day off. They will go and pick up Jamie and have some fun and forget about work for a day. Cristian asks him what about the employees and the profits they will lose if they don’t work. Antonio tells Cristian that they can let people work there today in their absence. But they are taking the day off. Cristian agrees to join his brother.

Natalie tells Miles that she can help him with everything he needs and won’t let him refuse to accept her help.

Rex tells Adriana that he cannot tell her what John could possibly find out about his knowledge of Tommy from his computer. Having her knowing that could get her in trouble. He tells her that he believes there is no harm in handing his computer over to John. There’s no incriminating evidence so far as he knows. He remembers that there was this “one thing” But he deleted it so it should be gone.

Right then, John goes through Rex’s computer and looks like he’s stumbled onto something.

Dorian goes to see Clint and can tell that he is upset about something. He admits to her that he had a “little blow out” with his granddaughter, Sarah. She said she heard that Sarah is back in town through Blair and Todd. And she can guess that the issue was about money. It’s not hard to figure that out. She is Tina Lord’s daughter. Clint tells Dorian she’s right. And he told Sarah she must get a job. Dorian tells Clint good for him.

Right then, Sarah goes to the empty bar after Cristian and Antonio have left. And Hunter comes up behind her and attacks her.

Rex then answers Adriana’s question that he did have a copy of Todd’s kid’s imaginary death certificate on his hard drive. But it’s highly unlikely that John would recognize it or be able to put two and two together. John could not have that great of a memory.

But little does Rex know that right then, John is able to match up the death certificate with what Rex has hard drive and he asks just how Rex would have access to it. He concludes from that that he’s “got” Rex, now.

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