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One Life to Live Update Friday 8/3/07


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Marcie and Lindsay are taking care of Tommy and talking about how precious he is. Marcie admits that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Observing that, Lindsay asks Marcie if she’s given up on having kids because she cannot have one of her own.

Meanwhile, John calls Michael into his office to ask his brother some questions about the murder of Spencer Truman. Michael asks his brother why this cannot wait. He assures John that he’s already told him everything he needs to know. But John tells Michael that nobody is going home until Michael tells him everything he knows.

At the bar, Bo observes Antonio upset and drinking. He knows that the reason is because Antonio has just found out that Jessica and Nash have gotten married. Not far away, Adriana, Layla, Talia and Natalie are toasting Jessica’s wedding.

At Todd’s, Blair and the kids are making plans to be a family. But it looks like he has to get to the bottom of something. He makes plans for dinner. But the kids want to have fun and be able to camp in his living room. Todd encourages Jack and Starr to do what they want and to let Blair stay. Starr then tells her dad thank you for letting her mom stay.

In Marty’s jail cell, Miles comes to see her and tells her that there are ways that lawyers can get her acquitted. If she cannot admit to killing Spencer, there are ways that she can get freed from jail. She admits to him that she does not want his help in any capacity. Hearing that, he exclaims that she would rather rot away in prison than accept his help.

Hearing how upset and angry Antonio is about Jessica’s decision, Bo tells him that he may not agree with everything Jessica does, but she is still his niece. But it does not help if Antonio ruins what he has left of a liver by drinking. Hearing that, Antonio tells Bo that he did not intend for his boss to hear him drown in his sorrows. Bo then tells Antonio that he has his own problems involving Paige finding her son. She thought she had a second chance. But then Hugh died. She wanted to help him when he was severely injured. But then she found out she had the wrong man. She could not live with that. So she had to move a long, long way away. Hearing that, Antonio tells Bo at least he knows that it was Paige’s own problems that drove them apart. It’s not as if she fell in love with another man.

Not far away in the bar, Adriana tells Layla, Talia and Nora and Vincent that she feels so stupid to have trusted Tate. Vincent admits that he feels equally stupid to have let Tate live. And he departs, telling the women he will see them later. Layla goes after him and asks him if he is ok. He tells her he is fine and he will talk to her later. Nora asks Adriana how she and Layla have handled the falling out from the other night. Adriana admits that she and Layla have had some crying jags. But she is back with Rex and she could not be better. Adriana looks, however, as though she is not entirely ok.

John tells Michael that he knows that Michael and Rex have some sort of “secret” together. Michael tells his brother that it’s noting complicated. He and Rex both thought that they knew whom Spencer’s killer was. Hearing that, John tells his brother he needs to cut the crap. Michael tells his brother he knows how much he( John) wants to clear Marty but he’s (Michael) telling him everything he knows.

Marcie confides in Lindsay that there is something else going on besides the fact that she cannot have children. Every time she and Michael talk about how they at least have Tommy, he gets really “weird”

At the station, John grills Michael about how Michael is involved in finding Todd’s son.

At Todd’s, they watch the video of the Llanview high school musical.

Rex joins Antonio and Bo. He tells Antonio that he’s Adriana’s big brother. He can always hang with them. Antonio half jokes about how that’s great as long as he doesn’t have to talk about his feelings. At the other table, the women are gathered and talking about how Talia arrested Tate. Right then, a guy brings them a drink that is called compliments of Mr. Jones. And they toast to Tate being behind bars and to beautiful women. And it looks like Talia has an “admirer”. Nora, Layla and Adriana ask her if she is with somebody. She replies no. They ask her if she wants to be. And she hesitates to answer that question.

Miles goes to see Marty and tells her that he can have his lawyer get her out of jail. But she doesn’t want anything to do with him or his lawyer. And he tells her that since she is his wife, she does not have to testify against him. And if she’d just let him help her, she won’t have to spend another night in jail. She then tells him that there is one thing he can do for her. He can give her an annulment. That’s all she wants.

John tells Michael that he knows that Rex was very close by when Truman was killed and that makes him a suspect. Michael bluffs that he really doesn’t know much about Rex. But John knows better. Michael made Rex his son’s God father. Michael says that that was Marcie’s idea. Not his. And it was because they thought that John was dead. John tells his brother that he better start talking and telling him what he knows.

At the diner, Marcie admits to Lindsay that Michael has a real issue about wanting and needing to have his old children. She knows that he loves Tommy no differently than if he were their own child. But she can sense something going on with him. Lindsay says she knows that they can work that out in time. She knows that Michael loves Marcie. And he’s just processing not being able to have a child. But they can always adopt more and have a real family.

At Todd’s, they watch the video of Starr in the musical. And it looks like they are a family, at least for now

Miles tells Marty that he had this stupid idea that he could come to her rescue and win her over. But it must be Cole that poisoned her mind against him. She tells him he better get out of there. He tells her that before he leaves, he must let her know that he married her because he loves her. He knows he does not deserve her forgiveness. But he can make it up to her by getting her out of there. Hearing that, she asks him if he does not have enough problems of his own. He tells her that for him, prison is just another institution. But he knows she has to get out of there for Cole. He knows that they do not have a “future” together. But if she just lets him do this for her, then he will be out of her life forever.

John tells Michael that he has one last chance to tell him what he needs to know. Michael asks his brother why he cannot let it go. John tells him for one thing, Marty Saybrook confessed to a crime that she did not do. He cannot sit back and accept her being in prison for the rest of her life. So he urges his brother to please tell him what he knows. Right then, Michael gets a call from Marcie. She invites him to join her and Tommy at the diner. He tells her he will be there as soon as he can. He tells John he has to meet his wife. But John tells him that they are not done there. Michael tells his brother that he can ask him the same thing ten million times and he will have the same answer. He does not know what happened the night that Spencer Truman was killed nor does he know anything about Marty Saybrook. He wishes that John knew that if he had anything that would help Marty, he’d do it. But he doesn’t. And if John does not believe him, he can arrest him. Michael leaves and Rex calls him. He informs Rex that he did not tell John anything but John knows something. He does not believe that Marty Saybrook did it. In response to that, Rex tells Michael that since John is his brother, maybe Michael should come clean and tell John that Tommy is Todd’s brother. Michael says absolutely not. But Rex tells him that maybe it won’t end in such a negative way if he does.

In response to the question of whether Talia is seeing somebody, they talk about how society puts so much pressure on women to be “seeing” somebody. Nora tells Talia is alright if she is not. But Adriana says it makes no sense that Talia is not since she is gorgeous. Talia says it could be due to the fact that she is a cop that she scares men off. Vincent goes and joins Bo, Antonio and Rex. Bo tells him that he believes that Vincent did the right thing the other night with Tate. Vincent does not want to talk about that however. He tells them he’s happy that he’s back with Layla. But they can tell that Bo has been estranged. Bo admits to them that Paige has gone far away and he cannot even contact her by cell phone.

Alone in John’s office, he draws a flow chart about all of the circumstances involved in his case and the secret that he knows that Michael is not telling him. And he seems to know that there is something going on involving Tommy.

Michael goes to the diner to meet his wife and baby. He holds Tommy. Marcie asks him how John is doing. She tells him he should have asked John to come and join them. But he doesn’t want to talk about his brother. He tells her he wanted it to just be the three of them. He tells her he can notice that Tommy is changing so fast and he doesn’t want to miss a second of it. They could turn around one day and their little boy could be gone.

At the bar, the table of women talk about how female cops might date. Talia admits that she is taking a break from dating indefinitely. And the others conclude that is until she finds somebody right.

Rex makes a joke with the guys. Bo tells hi that maybe he should try stand-up comedy. Vincent asks Bo what is going to happen to Tate. Bo admits he does not know exactly. That will be the decision of the judge and jury. But he knows that Tate is going away for a long, long time. And he thinks it might be better if Tate has to wait around in a court room and sweat bullets, wondering if he’s going to be in prison for the rest of his life or get the death penalty. Being in prison will not be fun for Tate. He’s heard that white supremacists do not do very well in prison. And they conclude that they should drink to the future.

Marty tells Miles that she wants to never see him again. She will have Cole put all of Miles’ stuff in storage. She will hire her own lawyer and start annulment proceedings. He admits that maybe he deserves that. But she does not deserve to be in prison. She tells hmi that she does. SHe killed a man. But she deserves way better than him.

John comes up with some clue and gets on the phone. He calls and asks for a search warrant and it looks like it’s Marty’s house that he wants to search.

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