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One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/2/07


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In the court room, the judge asks Miles to enter a plea. He pleads not guilty. Nora represents the prosecution. Milesí lawyer protests that he is not a flight risk. But Nora doesnít want him gong anywhere. Right then, Todd enters and demands that Miles tells him where his (Toddís) kid is.

Martyís shrink visits her in jail. She tells Marty itís no big deal that she may have forgotten something and made an error in judgment. Marty tells the shrink that she knows she killed Spencer.

Cristian notices Sarah wanting to book music bands at Capricorn. But he is not going for that.

Michael comes by to see Rex and asks him if they are still on the ďsame pageĒ as far as Tommy is concerned. Adriana is there to hear Rex and Michael talk.

Sarah asks Cristian why he is telling her she needs to get out of ďhisĒ club. And she reminds him that his brother owns Capricorn. He is just hired help. She asks if they cannot just discuss having her sing there. But he tells her the answer is no. He has work to do. He needs to work in order to pay his bills. He doesnít have a rich family to support him like she does. He tells her she has no experience booking bands. She tells him that sheís been singing and working with bands since she was a teenager. He tells her that regardless of that, he is in charge of this place.  He tells her he will let her start at the bottom. She reminds him that he did not have to start at the bottom. He tells her that the reason for that is that his brother owns the place. If she proves she can work hard, he might promote her. Hearing that, she tells him that since he is too stubborn to give her a job, she will be his first customer. She wants a cosmopolitan. He tells her he wonít make her one. She asks why is his brother letting him run the place if he cannot make a drink. He tells her he needs her to show him some money

Michael informs Rex and Adriana that things have changed with him and Marcie. They have found out she cannot have kids. And heís afraid that if Todd finds out who Tommy really is, he will take Tommy away from them and they will never be able to have another child.

When Todd enters the courtroom and makes his outburst, the judge and bailiff tell him he must shut up. He protests that Miles drugged and tried to kill him. And God knows what he did to Toddís son. Nora tells the judge that Miles told Mr. Manning that he had information about his son. But for Toddís effort, he got beaten and stabbed and left for dead. The defendant also blackmailed Marty Saybrooke into marrying him. And because of recent evidence, she finds it very difficult to believe anything he says. Milesí lawyer tells the judge that his client is not a danger to anybody. Heís spent his entire life living in a care home. Llanview is the only home heís ever had. All he has ever wanted is a family. And he intends to fight for the people of this town to accept him. Unlike some people here, the lawyer says, Mr. Laurence has remained calm and respectful in this courtroom. The judge says she will take that under consideration. But right then, Cole enters. The judge demands to know whom he is. He replies that he is Cole Thornhart. Miles Laurence is married to his mom and Miles should be locked up for the rest of his life.

After finding out that Michael and Marcie cannot have more children, Rex asks who besides Spencer Truman could know their secret. Truman is dead. Trumanís lawyer is dead. And so are Tommyís biological parents. But Michael reminds Rex that they are forgetting the guy who sent them to Chicago to find Todd Manning; Miles Laurence.

In Martyís jail cell, she tells the shrink that she went into Blairís hospital room and saw Spencer attacking Blair. She felt responsible for that since it was she that declared Spencer unfit to stand trial so that he was free to endanger people. So she picked up the scissors and stabbed Spencer. She told Bo Buchanan recently and he arrested her. The shrink asks her what happened after she picked up the scissors. Marty says she remembers picking up the scissors and pointing them at Spencer. But she does not remember what happened after that. The shrink tells her that she went after somebody who was attacking a defenseless woman who was drugged and helpless. If she had not taken action against Spencer, then somebody else would have or Spencer might have been able to kill Blair or somebody else. And the shrink reminds Marty that she (Marty) was also the victim of a violent act. And that could have something to do with her inability to remember what happened when she picked up the scissors to stab Spencer.

In the courtroom, Cole yells that Miles blackmailed and threatened his mother. He had her put in jail for something she did not do. He cannot get away with what he did. The judge then rules that Milesí bail is set at $100,000. Natalie is there to offer Miles support. Coles finds John and realizes that Miles wonít have much trouble coughing up $100,000. But when Marty is in jail, at the very least, Miles cannot hurt or blackmail her anymore, he tells John.

Todd is in a wheelchair. Blair is ready to push him out of there. Starr announces to her parents that even if they are angry at her, she has decided to forgive Cole. They ask how she could do that after he let Miles get away with what he did to her father. Starr finds Cole and tells him sheís glad that he said what he did. Now, she can understand some things better. Noticing Natalie being friendly to Miles, John tells her he wants to talk to her alone.

 At Capricorn, Cristian makes Sarah the cosmopolitan. And she keeps working on him to let her be the booking agent of recording stars. If he gives her an office and a cell phone, she can make his bar a big success. He then gives her a white uniform. After scanning her credit card he finds out that itís maxed out. So he tells her that after a few hours of washing dishes, after taxes, she might be able to afford that Cosmo

At his home, Dorian tells Todd that maybe he needs a home nurse and the kids should stay with her. But he wonít go for that. Blair tells her aunt that Todd has been home for all of two minutes. Could they let that go please? Todd notices that Starr appears quiet. And he knows the reason why. He is not going to accept her wanting to see Cole Thornhart. Right then, Cole enters. Blair gets the door and assumes heís there to see he daughter. He tells her heís not there to see Starr. Heís there to see her dad.

Marty tells the shrink that she came to Llanview and just wanted to have some peace. But right away, she had to evaluate Spencer Truman. She realized that Cole was missing his father. Heís been going through hell and now might have to go it alone without a father or a mother. The shrink assures her that Nora Hannen wonít let that happen. Marty admits that she has had to make so many decisions all by herself, when for so long she had Patrick to help her with things like that. The shrink asks her if there is not somebody she can turn to. She suggests John McBain. Marty says she believes that John McBain is a good man. But she cannot be dependent upon him.

John asks Natalie why she is making excuses for Miles after all he has done. She tells him that Milesí entire family abandoned him. She knows what itís like to have nobody give you a chance or give you a break. He tells her that Miles is just playing her. And why does she want to be his protector? He tells her that Miles took over where Spencer Truman left off. Heís the same scum as the one who killed his father. And he canít help thinking that maybe her ďfriendshipĒ with Miles is her way of getting back at him for what happened to their relationship.

Sarah calls the credit card company and finds out her card had been cancelled. She demands to know how that could happen. Her father pays all the bills on time. Sheís had that card for a long time. And what is she supposed to do? When she gets off the phone, Cristian asks her if everything worked out. She tells him it could be. She asks if he does not have an ATM out back. He tells her yes. He also has a kitchen of dishes to wash.

Natalie tells John that Miles is innocent until proven guilty. From what she knows, Toddís body was dumped somewhere and nobody can prove that Miles is responsible. She tells him that she knows what itís like to be influenced by Mitch Laurence. John then asks Natalie if she is going to make the same mistake with Miles that she made with Mitch. She tells him that Miles may be damaged and brainwashed by Mitch just like she was. But the difference is that she is a lot tougher than Miles is.. John finds Nora and right then, remembers that he left something off and needs to go and do something.

Rex and Adriana assure Michael that they are not going to let Todd or anybody know that Tommy is Toddís child. But Michael tells them that he does not know how heís going to deal with having to run into Todd over and over again, knowing that Todd is clueless about his son. Rex tells Michael that he did nothing wrong. He had no clue whom Tommy was. But he and Marcie took him in and gave him a home. Michael tells Rex that he had to choose between his and Marcieís happiness, and Toddís right to find his child.

Cole tells Todd that there is something very important which he must tell him. Todd tells him this ought to be good. He tells Todd that he did not want to screw him over. But Miles played that tape of his mother confessing to murdering Spencer. So he was totally confused. Hearing that, Starr tells her father that Cole did for his father the same thing that she would do for her parents. He made a mistake. But Todd cannot hold that against him forever. Todd tells them he needs to go upstairs and take his pain killers. Right then, Dorian tells them she has to go home. But before she leaves, she tells Todd he is so fortunate to be home with his family. But he may have used up one of his nine lives. SO would he please be careful? Alone with Cole, Todd tells him he must get one thing straight. He does not like Cole. All the explanations in the world will not cut it.

Miles tells Natalie that he remembered one morning when Marty was making pancakes. He thought about how thatís what a family is really like. But then itís all over. She then tells him she knows all too well what itís like to have a relationship end. She used to cry. She could not live with having somebody reject her. But then, she realized that itís just as well it ended if it wasnít working. She tells him that itís no good to love somebody who does not love you back. He tells her heís not certain that heís gotten to that point yet. She tells him that when something ends, you need to get over them and set your sights on finding somebody better.

Nora comes to see Marty in jail and is pretty certain she can get her out soon.

While Rex and Michael are talking about what it would mean if Todd knew about his son, Michael gets a call from John. Michael tells his brother that heís a little busy now. But John tells him that this is very important.

Sarah goes outside and finds out that the ATM wonít give her her money. It tells her she has insufficient funds. She demands to know how that could be. She was born with tons of money and has never had insufficient funds. But right then, she discovers that she has been cut off.

Cole tells Todd that he loves Starr. Hearing that, Todd tells Cole he might have to put him in the hospital. But he tells Cole that he realizes if he does not find some way to tolerate him, Starr will hate him for the rest of her life. Cole concludes that if he does not try to do the same, Starr will break up with him. So, they realize that they must somehow tolerate each other. Cole tells Todd that whether he believes it or not, heís happy that Todd is alright. And he must leave. Todd then announces to Starr that heís letting Cole leave with all of his body parts in tact.

After Nora leaves Marty, she gets another visit from Miles.

After getting the call from John, Michael asks his brother what this was about. John tells Michael he needs to see him. When Michael gets off the phone, Rex assures him that he will keep the secret forever for Tommy.

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