OLTL Update Wednesday 8/1/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/1/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana kiss and make up.

Blair and Todd talk about catching up. Jessica comes in to visit Todd. She’s in a wheelchair and Todd kids her about it. Then they tell Todd about Jessica’s liver transplant and how she divorced Antonio and married Nash. Todd wants to hear it all.

Antonio is at his locker in the Police station and finds c picture of Jessica and his wedding. He tears it up as Talia walks up.

Nora visits Marty in jail. Marty is worried about Cole. Nora says he can stay as long as he wants too. They talk about John McBain.

Cole comes into the police station with Starr. Cole questions John on Marty’s arrest.

Natalie rips up Miles confession and tells him not to confess. Miles tells her that she isn’t doing this to help him but to screw over John.

Todd talks to Jessica about what’s gone on in her life in the last few months. Jessica says if you really love someone nothing can keep you apart as Todd and Blair look at each other. Sarahh comes in and apologizes.

Adriana tells Rex she missed him and that nothing happened between her and Tate. She says she’s sorry. Rex stops her and tells her it’s not her fault. Tate was too slick. Adriana says that she was the one who hurt Rex. She asks for his forgiveness.

John tells Cole he doesn’t believe Marty is guilty but they have to follow procedure. John says they need information that will rule Marty out. He takes Cole to see Marty.

Natalie denies helping Miles to get John. She says she’s been where Miles is now and that when she first came to town everyone hated her. Miles can’t believe it. Natalie said she redeemed herself. Miles says what if he is the monster they think he is.

Marty asks Nora how much time she could actually serve. Nora says best case-up to ten years. Marty freaks out. Nora tells her she has a good case and that she could walk free. Marty asks what the chances are of that and Nora just stares at her. Nora says she can’t guess the odds. Marty asks the worse case. Nora says she has to go to Miles arraignment. Cole, Starr and John come in.

Antonio tells Talia he doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he just came to use the gym. They talk about what happened on the palace roof and Antonio thanks her for saving his sister. He says she got the job done. Talia says she looked at the situation like “what would Antonio do” test. Talia offers to listen if he wants to talk. Antonio says Jessica and Nash got married.

Sarahh apologizes for not calling the cops while Todd was in her apartment. Jessica asks what this is about. They explain.

Rex tells Adriana that forgiveness isn’t an issue. Rex says he doesn’t trust guys around such a smart, sexy woman as her. They talk about the trust issue in their relationship. Adriana asks if that means he doesn’t want to get back together and Rex turns the question back to her. Adriana tells him she never stopped thinking about him or wanting him. Adriana talks about her past and how it gave her trust issues. Rex asks if she can trust him now. Adriana ask for another chance and he takes her in his arms and kisses her

Sarahh says she was afraid of Hunter but she called Blair. Todd forgives her. Blair says she’ll try to get past what Sarahh did. Todd wants to know who hired Hunter. Blair says it’s Miles Laurence. Blair says Miles is in Jail and being arraigned. Todd starts to get out of bed to go to the arraignment.

Marty tells Cole where her ATM card is and asks if he’s eating enough. Cole says she’ll be out soon. Marty says she has to pay for what she did and she’s not sorry she stopped Spenser but she is sorry that she won’t be able to be with Cole. They talk about Miles and Cole says he’ll pay.

Natalie says Miles isn’t a monster. Miles says he didn’t stab Todd but he did force Marty to marry him. Natalie says that was his first mistake. Miles says he knows he can’t force someone to love you now. Natalie says he made a mistake and deserves a second chance. She tells him about her past and how she tried to destroy Jessica. They talk about Miles past in the hospital. Natalie says people helped her and she wants to help him now and he’s not alone. She tells him to fight for himself.

Nora and John talk about the arraignment. John says he might have a confession. Nora promises the Nigle will bake him a cake.

Natalie tells Miles not to let others pressure him. The door opens and John walks in and asks Natalie what the hell she’s doing in there.

Rex and Adriana move to the bed and kiss again. Cut to the love scene, clothes disappear, sheets tangle…

Talia urges Antonio to talk. He says they got married and that’s it. She tells him its Jessica’s loss and he deserves better. Antonio says the old Jessica was an amazing person and he doesn’t know if he can do better. Talia says not better, just different.

Todd argues about going to the arraignment. Blair goes to talk to a doctor. Sarahh leaves. Todd orders Jessica to find his pants. She says she can’t because of the transplant. Todd asks how she screwed up her liver. Jessica tells him about the Hep C and how Vickers gave her part of his liver. She tells him that if you love someone you should fight for them because you might not get another chance. Blair eaves drops.

In court Nora talks to Howard, Miles lawyer.

John confronts Natalie and Miles about tearing up the confession. They cuff Miles and take him out. John seems shocked by Natalie’s behavior.

Rex and Adriana share the afterglow and talk about what’s next. Adriana says he’s going to be the perfect girlfriend for him. He tells her to be herself. She says she never stopped loving him and they kiss. Sarahh walks in.

Marty tells Cole there will be a bail hearing. That then they will talk about what will happen after. Cole says not today. An officer comes and tells Cole its time to leave. Starr and Cole go up to Mile’s arraignment.

Nora asks john if he brought a confession. He says something got in the way. Nora says no cake for you. Miles come in and takes his seat, the Judge comes in and the arraignment starts. Nora gets up and says the charges. Todd is wheeled in announcing that if the court doesn’t put Miles away he will.

Sarahh says she was just looking for her MP3 player, makes a comment to Rex about working out the trust thing, and leaves just as quickly as she came in. Adriana asks if Rex told Sarahh about her problems. Rex says he told everyone he loved her and wanted her back. They kiss again.

Jessica is in the hall and her phone rings. It’s Nash. She says she loves him. The nurse says she’s lucky to have such a love.

Antonio says he’s not ready to date and he heads to the gym. Talia has to tell herself to get a grip.

An officer checks on Marty. Marty asks if she’s being nice because of John. She is but she didn’t like what Spencer did.

At court the judge takes control of the room and asks for a plea. Miles looks at John, Todd and finally Natalie.

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