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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/31/07


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At the hospital, Cole gets off the elevator and tells Starr he wants to see her. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him. She has to go and see her dad. But he tells her that what he needs to tell her won’t take long. And he cannot say it in front of her dad.

While Todd is in his hospital bed, drifting off to sleep, Blair notices he is talking in his sleep and comes over to find out what he is saying.

Rex tells Adriana that they no longer need to worry about Tate. Luckily, he didn’t have a chance to hurt anybody. And he’s going away. But she tells him that it’s not as simple as that. She is concerned that she let Tate get between them.

At the diner, Antonio and Jamie enter and talk to Roxy. He appears embarrassed to have her know about his and Jessica’s divorce. And she assumes that Jessica will be a part of her former step daughter’s life.

Right then, Jessica and Nash are on their “honeymoon” in her hospital room. Natalie walks in and informs them that Marty Saybrooke confessed to murdering Spencer Truman.

John calls Miles into his office and demands that he sits down. Miles asks him why he is there and John does not answer. John gives Miles paper and a pen and tells him he needs to start writing. Miles asks what he’s supposed to write. John replies he needs to write his confession.

After Roxy has inquired about his recent divorce, Antonio asks Jamie to go and get a sundae while he talks to Roxy alone. She sounds very casual. She talks about a good hair stylist for Jamie. And she tells him she knows all about being a single parent as she raised Natalie alone. She also is surprised that he has recovered so well from surgery. And she does not realize that Antonio is unaware that Jessica and Nash just got married.

After Natalie informs them that Marty confessed to killing Spencer, Jessica and Nash are really surprised. Nash says it sounds odd that a shrink would repress and not remember whether she did it or not. Jessica is surprised. She admits that she thought that Miles is a nice guy and finds it hard to believe that he would blackmail Marty into marrying him. Natalie sounds as though she supports Miles and believes that Marty really did kill Spencer.

Miles tells John that he is not going to confess to anything because he didn’t do anything. He knows that John did not have any evidence so all he can do is grasp at straws and demand a false confession. John tells Miles that he sounds just like Spencer, lying. Miles tells John that he could get in a lot of trouble coercing him to write a false confession. John tells him that the department knows for a fact that he kidnapped and tried to kill Todd Manning. And by the time they are done with him, he will wish he was dead like Spencer Truman.

Rex tells Adriana lets forget about Tate. It’s the past and they can’t do anything about it. But she tells him they cannot forget nor erase anything. He admits that they had problems before they met Tate. He admits that he was a jealous jerk. But Tate pulled many dishonest stunts. She tells him that it’s not that simple. He killed people. And nobody knew what he was capable of and what he’s been doing all this while.

At the hospital, Cole informs Starr that he’s been talking to Matthew Rappaport about them. He tells her that Matthew is pretty sharp for a young kid. He seems to know her. And he is encouraging them to get back together. But she tells him this has nothing to do with Matthew. This is about them and the irreparable problems they have been having. He then asks her what that means. Does she hate him?

Todd awakens and informs Blair that he was having a dream about Evangeline. He wonders why she hasn’t been there to see him. She always contacted him before. Blair hesitates but informs Todd that while he was gone, there was a white supremacist group who tried to kill many people. Hearing that, he tells her that Evangeline could not be dead. Blair replies no. But she is in a coma. Todd asks if Evangeline will be ok. Blair admits that nobody knows. Right then, Todd attempts to get out of his hospital bed to see Evangeline. But Blair tells him he cannot do that. She’s not there. She’s in a private hospital. He tells her he does not care. He will pay for a cab and see her no matter what it costs. She tells him they wouldn’t let him it to see her. Only family is allowed. And if he injured himself further and pops a stitch, he won’t be any good for himself or for Evangeline or for anybody. He then tells her that he is determined to see Evangeline at some point. He will just tell them that he is her brother. Blair tells him she’s sure they will believe that. And she also tells Todd that they need to talk about his feelings for Evangeline.

Adriana tells Rex that Evangeline is in a coma because of Tate. They almost all got killed because of her blind and stupid trust for Tate. But he tells her that it was her who discovered the racist medallion. It was her who told him and told Bo. But she tells him that she feels so foolish to have trusted Tate. He tells her that Tate is a sick person. And she could not believe that anybody could be capable of so much hate. There is nothing wrong with her because of that. But she is not ok to know that she had complete inability and unwillingness to see the way Tate really was.

At the diner, as soon as Roxy finds out that Antonio did not know that Jessica married Nash so quickly, and without his knowing, she is embarrassed to have put her foot in her mouth by telling him. And she goes out the door.

Natalie tells Jessica and Nash that the main goal they have is for Jessica to get well and for them to be able to enjoy their honeymoon. She departs. Jessica tells Nash that she cannot believe that Marty killed Spencer. He tells her even if she did, any court could understand that she probably acted in self defense. She tells him that even so, she believes it’s really strange that Marty would marry Miles. And right then, she knows she better call Antonio. She dials him on Nash’s cell phone. Assuming Nash is calling him, Antonio demands to know what Nash wants. But Jessica tells Antonio that she is calling him. She needs to talk to him. And not on the phone. She wants to talk to him in person. She asks if he can come down to the hospital so that they can talk.

John interrogates Miles at the station about how odd it is that he would be able to get Marty to marry him. Miles does not want to answer that and tells John that maybe he (John) can answer that question. Just what is John capable of doing in the “name of love”?

Antonio goes to see Jessica while Nash is overhearing their conversation unseen. He asks her about the transplant. And he asks her if she wanted him to come by so that she could tell him that she married Nash. Hearing that, Jessica asks him how he found out. Antonio tells her that Roxy was his source. He was not going to believe a word of what Roxy said and wanted to hear it straight from Jessica. He is bitter and resentful. He asks her if she married Nash right after she divorced him. Did they have a “drive by” wedding. She admits that her mom pulled some strings for her. And he is not ok to know that she could remarry so soon after divorcing him and especially after he risked his life to donate his liver to her. And he concludes that nothing he could hear could hurt or offend him as much as finding out that she was having an affair behind his back.

Cole protests to Starr that he loves him mom more than anybody on this earth and would do anything for her. He just wishes that she could understand that he did the wrong thing for the right reason. Hearing that, she tells him that her aunt Viki told her that maybe that was the case. He tells her that her aunt is a smart lady. And he wants to be able to make it up to her, whatever it takes. He won’t give up on her or on them.

Todd tells Blair that he did have feelings for Evangeline. But she has been messing around on him for a long time. He tells her that he’s tired and a little wrecked right now. She reminds him that only minutes ago, he wasn’t tired and wanted to rush to Evangeline’s bedside.  He tells her he doesn’t want to talk about this now. She tells him that they will have to talk about it.

John tells Miles that he may have made some mistakes in his life. But he would never resort to the drastic measures that Miles has with what he’s done with Marty. And he demands that Miles starts writing. Miles writes and shows John that he’s written: “where is my wife?” John replies that she is in jail.

Rex asks Adriana if she doesn’t think that she isn’t being a bit hard on herself. She tells him no. Tate totally charmed her and she had no clue who he really was. Rex warned her. But she completely blew him off. She cannot believe how gullible, naïve and stupid she was. He tells her that it could be called innocence instead. She tells him that that innocence could have gotten everybody killed. He tells her that is a non issue at this point. Tate is locked up and can no longer hurt anybody. But she is still not ok with what has happened.

Cole tells Starr that he wants to win her back no matter what it takes. And she breaks down and hugs him and tells him she forgives him.

Blair confesses to Todd that she never gave up looking for him. She knows that they have always had a connection. But he sounds like he does not trust her and asks what happened to that connection. Didn’t she want to get rid of him many times? Or was she just jealous of Evangeline? She tells him that he must know that this is not entirely about them. It’s about their kids. They need their father. He tells her that their kids have their father. But there’s no reason for them to stay together.

John tells Miles that there’s no point in him being concerned about Marty. All he needs to know is that he is in deep trouble. But he tells him that there is a little glimmer of light. A tiny beacon of hope. Miles tells John that he is not confessing. John tells him he may suit himself. But the prison he is going to will make the hospital he grew up in look like Tahiti. He then tells Miles that he has to get up and walk around to stretch his legs. And when he gets back, there better be ink on that paper. He leaves.

Jessica tells Antonio that he has every right to be angry and bitter. He thanks her for her “permission” and tells her that he is neither angry nor bitter. But he is a realist. He knows that she wants to wash away her guilt by having him tell her that it’s ok. But the truth is she’s done things that have hurt him. And he’s not going to say that it’s ok. She betrayed his love for her and broke every vow she made when she married him. He now knows that she never meant anything she said to him. He tells her that he works on cases every day and knows how to detect truth. He then gets up to leave. He sees Nash and tells him he hopes that Nash’s marriage to her will last longer than his did.

Adriana asks Rex if Tate has destroyed what they have. He tells her that what they have, nobody will ever be able to destroy. And he kisses her.

After Starr hugs Cole, he asks her if her dad will be ok. She tells him that probably he will be ok. He asks her if he can go with her to see him. She admits that it might not be a good idea. Todd might try to strangle him. Right then, Cole gets a call from Matthew who has informed him that his (Cole’s) mom just got arrested for killing Spencer. At that point, Cole tells Starr he has to go.

Todd tells Blair that once he gets stronger, she won’t be able to handle him. She jokes and tells him that she has always been able to handle him. She tells him that she has never given up on him. Never. He tells her that he can see that a lot has changed since they’ve been apart. She tells him yes. They have a lot of things to figure out.

Alone in the interrogation room, Miles remembers John telling him if he gets put away, the prison will make the hospital he grew up in look like Tahiti. John tells Bo that he can tell that Miles is not as stupid as everybody thinks he is. And hopefully Miles will be getting writer’s cramp. Right then, Natalie gets in to see Miles. She asks him if he is alright. He answers not really. She asks him what he is writing. He tells her it’s his confession. She asks if John asked him to do that. And when she finds out he did, she immediately wants to protect Miles. And she tears it all up for him.

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