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While Sarah stays at Cristianís home she looks at pictures of her parents with her when she was a baby. When Cristian enters, he notices that she is not wearing much. She tells him heís not wearing much either. But he reminds her that itís his house and he can do what he wants. She boldly tells him that he and Rex  tell her she must live there. So she is their half naked roommate. Right then, Rex enters. Cristian asks him what is going on, knowing something happened. Rex informs them that Tate tried to kill Adriana last night.

Right then, Vincent is standing on the ledge where Tate threatened all of the people. And he has a flashback of Tate nearly falling off the ledge before he gave Tate his hand and saved him.

At Noraís, Matthew is having real difficulty processing how it is that a guy who seems so nice and whom he idolized as a baseball star could do something like that. Right then, Cole enters.

At the hospital, Starr and Viki are outside Toddís hospital room. Viki tells her niece sheís glad that her dad is back and ok. She knows that Todd would never abandon his kids. She can tell that Starr may not be as happy, however. Starr informs her aunt that she and Cole might be through. He could have gotten her dad killed. Viki tells Starr that she understands that Cole was only trying to protect his mom. But Starr is still not ok with what Cole did.

In Johnís office, Marty still believes that she killed Spencer. It was in self-defense. But she did it. John, however, does not believe that.

Dorian goes to see her daughter. Finding out what almost happened to Adriana and Layla, she is shocked and wants to make certain that they are ok. She assures them that since Tate also went after Bo Buchananís son, Tate will stay in jail. She tells the two of them that she brought them some breakfast muffins from the cafť. But she notices that Adriana is not ok. She asks her daughter what is up. Adriana informs her mother that she remembers all the times that Tate brought her breakfast and acted like her friend.

Shawn goes and talks to a depressed Vincent up on the roof. He tells him that itís over and Tate will be put away. And Vincent should not blame himself for what almost happened to Layla and Adriana. Vincent tells Shawn that he had Tateís life in his hands and is not certain that he did the right thing. He admits that he did not get much sleep and would prefer to be alone. Shawn gets up to leave. But he tells Tate he did the right thing. He admits, however, that he would have wondered the same thing if he had been in Vincentís position.

After Nora and Matthew find out what happened to Coleís mom and Miles, Matthew asks his mother if Dr. Saybrook will be in jail for a long time. Nora tells her son that she sure hopes not. In response to that, Cole says no offense but hope does not cut it.. Nora sounds positive in telling Cole that she wants to give his mother the best lawyer she could have. And Matthew encourages Cole to let him help him get back with Starr.

Hearing that Starr is really angry at Cole, Viki tells her that sometimes forgiveness is very difficult. Starr asks her aunt if she believes that she should forgive Cole. Viki admits that that is not her decision to make. Starr has to figure that out. Starr informs Viki that everything was so perfect. Their parents were finally willing to let them go out. And then this thing happened. And she does not know how to deal with it.

After Bo hears Marty confessing to John that she killed Spencer, he warns her that she might not want to say that around the wrong witnesses. John does not believe for a minute that she did it. He informs Bo that she admits that she did not even remember stabbing Truman. Marty says that may be. She is just repressing her memory. She remembers, however, how scared she was. And when the scissors were in her hand, there is no way she could have not gone through with it.  Bo then asks Marty to have a seat. He tells her he needs to know everything that she does remember from the beginning.

Jessica and Nash are having all kinds of fun on their animated honeymoon at the hospital. He tells her there is nothing to worry about. But she reminds him that Antonio does not know that they are married yet. And she wonders what he will do and how he will feel when he finds out.

After finding out that Vincent prevented Tate from dying, Cristian tells Rex and Sarah that he wishes Tate had just died. Evangeline, the woman he loves is in a coma because of him. His cousin, Adriana could have been killed by him.

Dorian tries to encourage Adriana and Layla to eat. But they are not hungry. She tells them they need their strength in order to save their company. She informs them that she took the liberty of contacting a publicist who can write a press release. And in this personís word, all they need to do is ďride the waveĒ.  She tells them there must be a way to make good of what happened. But they are very worried about how they are both minorities owning this underwear company and all of the negative and embarrassing publicity they will get. Right then, Shawn comes by to see Layla. Dorian greets him and introduces herself. He tells Layla that heís concerned about Vincent. He does not think that Vincent is ok. He tells her that Vincent needs somebody to talk to. And that might mean he needs her.

Cole does not seem upset about what Tate did. He tells Matthew that maybe they can make good of what happened and cash in Tateís baseball cards. But Matthew is not happy. He asks if they can talk about something else, like getting Starr back. He asks Cole exactly what he did to make Starr angry at him. Cole admits that he lied to Starr. It was a pretty big one. He blew it and is not certain if they can get back together.

At the hospital, Viki asks Starr if she believes she can get back with Cole. Starr says she is not certain. And even if they did get back together, she doubts her dad will be ok with that. But Viki tells her niece that maybe she should not care about her father. She also reminds her that they talked on prom night. And Starr told her aunt that she loved Cole and he was the only person with whom she felt safe. Starr reminds Viki that that was before she found out what he did to her dad. Viki tells Starr that Cole made the wrong choice for the right reason. And she asks Starr what she would do if she had to choose between saving her dad or Coleís mom. Starr admits that she does not know.

Bo and John talk privately about whether to arrest Marty. John tells Bo no. It would be a mistake. John tells Bo that he does not believe it happened since Marty does not remember it. But Bo tells him that if she says she believes she did it, a prosecution would jump all over it. John says he believes that maybe something happened to Marty. She may have passed out and had no clue what happened. But Bo asks if Marty did not kill Spencer, then who did?

Cristian and Rex admit to Sarah that they have not found Hunter. Rex leaves. Sarah asks him if he plans to get Adriana back. Rex and Cristian ask her if she has any friends or would consider getting a job. She informs them that she had friends back home. And she does not need to work since she is a Buchanan. Cristian reminds her that all the Buchanans he knows work hard and she should check the want ads.

Layla goes to see Vincent. He apologizes for not calling her last night. She tells him that he has been there for her. Now she is there to help him. He tells her that he didnít want to get her involved in what is going on in his mind. She tells him that he had a very difficult choice to make, deciding whether to let Tate live. So she asks him how he feels about it. He admits to her that he feels like he did the wrong thing. He believes he should have let Tate Harmon die.

Bo tells John that he does not believe that Marty is a killer. But John must know how the system works. And they must go by the book. He admits that something about Martyís confession does not sit right. But the more she confesses to doing it, the more his hands are tied. John tells Bo he understands. But he needs more time. Bo asks if they should let her walk. If they do that, then they might both be out of a job and be no good to anybody. And Bo reveals that he might know whom the real killer is.

Right then, Dorian tells Adriana that she had no clue that Tate was a killer. Adriana tells her mother that it ruined her relationship with Rex. Dorian tells her daughter that maybe now that all of this is over, she and Rex can find their way back to each other. Hearing that, Adriana asks her mother if she really wants that and reminds her of what happened almost a year ago. And she remembers all of the times that Rex saved her life and she distrusted him. So how can he forgive her?  Dorian reminds her daughter that Todd and Blair are getting back together despite the odds. But Adriana is not certain that she and Rex can survive all of the things they have done to each other.

Cristian tells Sarah that she should not assume that she is safe when Hunter might still be at large. She asks what she should do. Pick out china patterns? Rex tells her that maybe she could get a job. She asks doing what. Cristian informs her that his mom is looking for help at the diner and asks if maybe she can put her energy to use doing that.

Vincent tells Layla that he had the chance to end Tate. He looked him right in his eyes but did not have the guts to let him die. He saved his life. And he let the people he loved down. She tells him that he did the right thing. If he had dropped Tate, then he would not be the man he is. She knows that he is better than that. He is not a killer. He tells Layla that Officer Sahib had the right idea. She pulled a gun on Tate. He was going to kill both her and Adriana. And what did he do? He saved that sickoís life. She asks if heíd rather Tate be dead because of him. He replies yes.

After Cristian suggests Sarah works at his motherís diner, she tells him that she does not have the temperament for it. She could not deal with the customers and could get fired. Rex asks her about a desk job. She says no way. She tells them what she believes she could do is sing at Capricorn.

Starr asks Viki if she believes that if she waits, that in time, she could forgive Cole. Viki admits that she does not know. But things can change.  Starr tells her aunt that after her dad finds out what Cole did to him, he will probably go after Cole and kill him. Viki admits that she never promised it would be easy. But Starr must know that itís possible that her dad has changed. She knows a lot of things about her brother. And he will probably blame Miles Laurence a lot more than he will blame Cole. And she reminds Starr that itís good that the truth came out. The truth is always better.

In response to Jessicaís concerns about Antonio, Nash tells her that she should not believe that Antonio would want anything bad to happen to her. She admits that she does not regret what they did for a minute. She just feels a little guilty. He tells her he does too. But Antonio will be ok in time. And marrying her is the best thing he ever did.

Layla tells Vincent that she knows what kind of guy Tate is. She hates him for what he did to her sister. But if he just let Tate die, she is not certain that she could feel the same way she feels about him right now. He asks her how she feel about him. She tells him that he is a hero. She is proud of him and she wants to know everything there is to know about him.

Bo tells John he must know how this conversation is going to end. John admits he does. And he invites Marty to come back in and talk to them. She enters and asks Bo if she is under arrest.

Cristian tells Sarah about all of the famous performers they had at Capricorn. She asks him what they have done lately. And she tells him that maybe if he gave her a chance, she would prove to benefit his club. He admits that he is not certain and needs to shower and do some things he needs to do.

Viki tells Starr she needs to go and see if Jessica is ok. And then they can go and see Todd together. When Starr is alone, she walks toward the elevator. And who should enter but Cole.

Vincent tells Layla that he asked her to have the romantic dinner together so that they could be alone together and he could asks her if she wanted to take another shot at being his girlfriend. She tells him that she already is. And they kiss.

Right then, Bo admits to Marty that he has to arrest her for the murder of Spencer Truman.

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