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One Life to Live Update Friday 7/27/07


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At the hospital, Jessica wants to get out and go home but knows she can’t yet. She jokes with Nash about how he can carve her a gun out of soap or bend the bars or do something to get her out. She asks him to tell her that the doctors told her she can get out. He tells her that is true. But she knows he’s lying. And she jokingly hits him with pillows.

In Todd’s hospital room, Blair and Starr are wondering if they should tell him the truth about Cole and what he did. He admits that he does not trust Cole nor approve of the fact that his daughter is dating a guy who has Miles Laurence for a step father.

Cole reluctantly agrees to stay at Asa’s after his mom told him she wants him to. Nora and Matthew greet him and tell him he can join them in ordering a pizza and hang out with them.

On the rooftop of the palace, Tate holds a knife on Layla, urges Adriana to jump off the roof, has both Vincent and Rex tied up and tells Rex he must say that he (Rex) does not deserve to live. But right then, Talia enters, pulls a gun on him and demands that he freezes.

Paige tells Bo that she is leaving Llanview. He tells her that he hopes she is joking. She tells him that she got a call from a doctor who has approved her application on the other side of the world. He told her that thought she already decided not to travel so far away. She tells him that she does not want to leave but feels as tough she has been called to do this. He asks her how long she will be gone. She tells him that it’s open ended. He then tells her that the question still remains; when is she going to come back. In response to that, she tells him that maybe the question should be; is she ever going to come back.

Nash tells Jessica that he talked to the doctors and they told her she needs more testing. But he tells her she will get out of there soon. She tells him not soon enough. He tells her that he has some good news. Her uncle Todd has been found and is going to be ok.

In Todd’s hospital room, Starr admits to her father that she and Cole were in a school musical. They weren’t getting along. But she could not tell him the rest. Blair wants her to divulge the whole story to her father. But she tells her mother that it will only make matters worse. Right then however, she admits to her dad that while he was gone, she and Cole got back together.

At Asa’s, Matthew wants Cole to join him in playing cards or basketball. Cole is still a bit uncomfortable. He tells Matthew he appreciates his hospitality and all. But he has some things to process right now. Matthew then tells Cole that he knows that Cole is “trying too hard” to act like he’s ok with what he’s is going while waiting for his mom. He shares with Cole that he had to spend a lot of time wondering when his mother would wake up from her coma when she had the stroke. Right then, Nora is outside overhearing their conversation.

On the rooftop, Tate loses balance and falls. He hangs on the ledge by one hand. He demands that somebody helps him. Talia tries to save him and tells him that she’s not going to let him die and be able to get let off the hook for his crimes.. She urges that Vincent helps her pull Tate up. His arms are longer and he’s stronger and could probably save Tate. But he gloats and refuses to help. He tells her that Tate deserves to die.

Bo asks Paige why she is making it sound as though she is never coming back. She replies that she is not certain. He then tells her that he thought that they had something and could make a go of it. She tells him she is not certain. He then tells her that he is lost here. One day, clear out of the blue, she announces that she is leaving town. She admits that the place where she is going to practice medicine is near Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hearing that, he tells her he is very worried. It’s half way across the world. It’s one of the most dangerous places for anybody to be. Plus the fact that it makes for a very, very distant relationship. And he asks her if it was because of something he did.

 After finding out that Todd has been found, Jessica asks Nash what all has happened to her uncle. He tells her he’s not entirely certain. But Blair, their kids and Viki are all there for him . She tells him she wants to see Todd soon. She talks about having a “normal” family. But he tells her she must know that there is nothing normal about the family she has with him. She says she knows that. But she wants to commit to the same things with him that all families commit to. And right then, the doctors tell her she needs to have more tests done. She leaves Nash alone in the room. Alone, he tells her if she wants something conventional, he will show her conventional.

Todd gets very angry to find out that Starr has been seeing Cole and Blair has approved it. He tells her that he got dragged off and had to lie in a maggot infested sleaze hole for the last month, stabbed and unconscious. And she’s running around behind his back with Marty’s son. He knows that Miles and Marty and Cole are probably all responsible for what happened to him. Blair protests that their daughter is in love with Cole. She tells him that she thought it might help Starr through this whole ordeal if she had a shoulder to lean on. He asks her why she was not there for Starr. She tells him that the reason she could not was because she was looking for him. Blair protests that she put their daughter’s happiness first. And right then, Starr interrupts her parents and tells them it’s pointless to keep arguing because she and Cole broke up.

Marty is finally able to tell John that she is having some recollection of what happened the night Spencer got shot. She tells him that she remembered walking outside of Blair’s room. She saw Rex and Dr. Miller arguing. She pushed Blair’s door open. She saw Blair on the bed, in a wedding dress. Spencer was on top of her and probably drugged her. And she knew she had to stop him.

While Tate hangs on the ledge with one hand, ready to fall, Talia urges Vincent to help her pull Tate up. Vincent stares at Tate and does nothing. Tate tells Vincent please. Right then, Vincent finally gives Tate his hand and he and Talia put Tate up to the top of the ledge. And right then, she puts Tate under arrest. She immediately gets on her police phone and calls the ambulance to offer assistance for people who were injured.

Todd asks Starr exactly why she broke up with Cole. Did he hurt her? If he did, if he so much as laid a hand on her, he will kill him. She tells her father no. Cole did not hurt her. The reason she broke up with Cole is because he knew that Miles was holding Todd captive and drugging him and Cole said nothing. Todd and Blair both conclude to their daughter that Cole is a liar. Hearing that, she tells her parents that they have no business judging Cole. They have both lied more than Cole ever has. Cole did what he did in order to protect his mom. She’d do the same for them even though they don’t deserve it.

Matthew asks Cole if he can give him some advice with girls. In response to that Cole tells Matthew that he might not be a good source. He doesn’t understand women nor have much of success record. Matthew tells Cole that he thought that he (Cole) and Starr were going out. Cole tells Matthew that they were. But Starr broke it off with him and is very angry at him. Matthew then tells Cole that he is pretty good friends with Starr and could maybe help them get back together if Cole can give him advice with a girl he likes.

Marty continues telling John what she remembered in regard to Spencer’s death. She admits that Spencer attacked her and she acted in self defense by stabbing him.

Nash has a plan for Jessica. He has a raincoat for both of them. She tells him she has no clue what his plan is. He asks her to close her eyes. And he pushes her in the wheelchair into a room he’s planned for her. And he tells her ht he is about to give her the perfect honeymoon with the sound of Niagara falls. He has a tape recording of the waterfall, a fan and some mist. She laughs and tells him she never took him for the Niagara Falls type of guy. And he takes a picture of the two of them.

Bo tells Paige that he never meant to do anything that would hurt her. She cries and tells him that she knows he has done nothing wrong and there is nothing to fix. He is great. Matthew is great. She is not. In response to that, he tells her he does not buy that. He is not a Greek God. He is just a guy who is in love with her. She tells him that she is broken. When her son died, a piece of her died too. He tells her that he can be there for her. She tells him that he can’t help her. But he tells her he does not want her to go through this alone. He does not want her to leave. She tells him she does not want to leave either. But she is drowning and does not want to drag him and Matthew down with her. She tells him that she sees no other way to do this. She tells him she wishes he could get her through this grief. But she has to do this on her own. She hugs him and cries.

Talia takes everybody down to the station to get their statements about Tate. Vincent tells her that he thinks he speaks for everybody in saying they got to speed this up. He doesn’t want to be stuck in a police station all night. Adriana tells them she needs to go call Antonio and Cristian. Vincent tells Layla and Rex that he wanted to let that racist pig die and it just drives him insane. Rex tells him that all that matters now is that Tate gets what he deserves and it’s over now.

Cole calls Starr. She seems no longer angry at him. He asks how her dad is. She tells him he is fine but still very angry at him. So she tells Cole that he would be will advised to steer clear of him. He tells her he’s glad her dad is ok. She tells him that Todd would never have been found were it not for him. In Todd’s room, Blair and Todd observe their daughter on the phone and suspect she’s talking to Cole. Blair tells Todd that Starr is not a little girl anymore. She is a young woman who is very free spirited and head strong. She laid down the law to them because she is not over the boy. He asks her how she would know that. She tells him she knows.

Marty tells John that she knows she stabbed Spencer with the scissors. But he tells her that it’s very possible that she never did it and only believes she did. But she tells him he must know that there is not going to be some fairy tale ending to this.

Talia to Bo’s office while he talks to Paige.. She tells them she’s sorry to interrupt but announces they finally got Tate Harmon. Adriana tells Rex that she wishes so much she had believed him and seen the signs about Tate. He tells her that he does not judge her. They agree that they just want to forget all about this. Right then, the cops bring Tate into the station in handcuffs. He struggles. When he comes face to face with Vincent, he tells him the first thing he wants to do when he gets out of the hand cuffs is to was the filth off of his hands from when he touched him. Vincent freaks out and is ready to hurt Tate. And Bo demands that Tate comes into his office.

John tells Marty that it’s very odd that she would have stabbed Spencer yet forgot the whole thing. In response to that, she evades his questions and becomes hysterical. She doesn’t want to answer that. She obviously has something going on that she is repressing.

At Asa’s. Nora tells Matthew that she overheard his conversation with Cole. She tells him that maybe she can talk to him about his girl issues. She reminds him that she was once a young girl and knows the way they think. Outside the room, Cole is talking on the phone to Starr who tells him she forgives him and understands he had his reasons for what he did. When he’s done talking to her, he returns to Matthew and Nora. Matthew can tell that Cole reconciled with Starr and is feeling much better. And he congratulates him.

Blair tells Todd that she is not going to give up on him.

Right then, music plays. We see Bo and Paige kissing passionately. Marty is struggling with John while he urges her to remember and tell him what really happened with Spencer. Jessica and Nash have their “honeymoon” in the hospital room he fixed up for her. Starr and Cole are able to reconcile on the phone against their respective parents’ wishes. Blair stands by Todd when he drifts off to sleep in his hospital room. Paige walks out the door and says good bye to Bo.

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