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One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/26/07


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John grills Marty about what she remembers the day Spencer was killed. She tells him she dos not remember anything. He asks her what is wrong with her. Doesn’t she want to be found innocent? She tells him of course. She wants nothing more for not only herself but her son. But what if she is not? And the more they uncover, the guiltier she looks.

In Todd’s room, he is awake and getting better. Blair and Starr inform him about what happened. All he remembers is a punk and his girlfriend knocking him out. Blair tells him that the punk’s girlfriend was Sarah Roberts. He is surprised. Right then, Jack runs in and hugs his daddy, very happy that he’s been found and is ok.

Viki goes to visit David and tells him she is very disappointed at him. He tells her he is upset also. She asks if the only reason he’s not ok is because she found out that he committed extortion in order to donate his liver for Jessica. But he tells her it’s not that simple and that he has some information for her.

At  the station, both Bo and Talia are completely unaware of what Tate has done to Layla, Vincent, Adriana and Rex. She tells him she assumes that Layla has returned home and the two young women are ok.

However, Tate has both Layla and Vincent held hostage. Adriana appears and he has asked her to. And although she is unaware and did not invite Rex, he has followed her. Tate assumes that she asked Rex to come with her although he demanded she did not. And he’s very angry. Tate tells Rex that he’s worse than the three minorities. He’s a traitor to his own race. Rex tells Tate that he knows he’s responsible for all of the recent hate crimes. When it looks like Tate is threatening Layla, Vincent reveals that he is awake. At that point, Tate throws a rope to Adriana and Rex and demands that they tie Vincent up.

Dorian comes in to join Blair and the kids in Todd’s room. They tell him the whole story about David Vickers taking the rap for murdering Spencer and how they found out that Marty did it. And they found out that Miles blackmailed Marty to marry him because of that.

Bo goes to visit Miles in his jail cell and asks whom Kandie Lane is. Miles replies that he has never met the prostitute that was found with Todd. Bo asks Miles if there is anything he needs while in the cell. Is there any special food? Miles replies that he wouldn’t mind a specialty burger. Bo mentions the name Jordan Ames as somebody whom Kandie mentioned. Miles then asks Bo if he can tell Marty, his wife, that he is ok. Bo then tells Miles that he must be honest and admit that Marty does not want to hear anything from him or about him right now.

In John’s office, Marty tells John there is something she must ask of him. She tells him that since she does not know how much time she is serving, she must be realistic. She may never uncover her memory. She may be going to prison for extended time. So she must think about her son and the options she has. She alludes to him that she knows that Cole really thinks highly of him. He tells her he thinks highly of Cole also. He’s a great kid. She cries and tells John that she hopes he can look in on her son from time to him. Hearing that, he asks her just what she is asking him. He tells her that it sounds like she is giving up. And he tells her that he won’t let her do that.

Blair and Dorian ask Paige about the status of Todd’s condition. She tells him that he’s doing well and should be able to go home soon.  Starr tells her mother and aunt that the cops need to examine the evidence in order to nail the guy who tried to kill her dad. Blair tells her daughter that the main thing they need to focus on is that her dad is back, safe and going to be ok. Right then, Dorian asks Starr to go downstairs with her so that Blair and Todd can talk alone.

David shows Viki an official document that prevents him from having all the money.. She is very surprised to see that maybe he is turning over a new leaf. He tells her that after what Asa did, he has to pay up regardless.. She expresses to him that she really had faith in him. But she feels betrayed by him. She thought that they had some sort of mutual respect. He tells her that they do. He admits that he usually doesn’t really care what people think about him. But with her it’s different. She makes him want to be a better man. He tells her that that document is real. The money is out of his hand. And he just wants to ask her if she can forgive him.

On the roof, Tate ties Rex to a chair and demands that Adriana and Layla move to the other end. Vincent then asks Tate what kind of a man he is to let his own father take the rap for his crimes. He answers that question, about to tell him what type of “man” he is. Rex asks if he is the type of man who wants to kill anybody who is different than he is. He confronts Adriana about how she appeared so nice to him, opening up her home, giving him her friendship. And he bets she’d give him her bed. Hearing that, Rex demands that he shuts his mouth. Tate then punches Rex in the stomach. He makes a comment about Vincent being a low-life mutt. He then tells them that he’s willing to trade his life for theirs’. He has a “deal” to make for Adriana. She looks like she’s ready to listen to him. But Rex demands that she knows Tate is just working her. She asks him what he wants her to do. Rex yells that she does not listen to him. Tate tells her she can step out to the ledge. She steps out. He then tells her she must now jump.

Talia calls but cannot get a hold of any of the people whom Tate has held hostage on the roof. Right then, Renee comes with Nigel and gives Bo some bourbon that is one of Asa’s finest preserved drinks. He asks what this is for. He knows that Asa has been up to no good and might be bribing his commissioner son.

Viki sounds to David as though she might be willing to forgive him. And she tells him that she will see that Clint gets his document. Right then, she goes out the door and Dorian enters to ask what David just did. She knows something major has happened. He informs her that he just gave up the $10 million. And she asks him if he’s out of his mind.

Todd finds a way to get out of the hospital and go to visit Miles in his jail cell. He tells Miles that Spencer wanted him dead so that he(Spencer) could be with Blair. That he knows.  But he asks Miles what his excuse is. Miles denies having any intent to do Todd harm. But Todd knows better. Miles tells Todd he has no witnesses and no proof. Right then, Todd physically attacks Miles through his jail cell.

Bo talks to Nigel about what motive his father might have to kill Spencer Truman. He knows that Vickers never killed Truman. His father paid him off. But he knows he did what he had to do. And he admits that he will never forgive his father.

Right then, Paige admits to Viki that she has some secret about something she has to do..

Right then, Talia asks Renee if she has seen or heard from Vincent Jones. Renee admits that Vincent planned a romantic dinner not long ago. She hasn’t seen him since. And Talia finds it odd that she has neither seen him nor Layla nor Adriana nor Rex.

Tate wants to make it look as though Adriana chose to jump off the ledge. He talks about how he’s going to cover up his crime with “Kunta” and his “Nubian princess” meaning Vincent and Layla. He then demands that Adriana jumps or Layla goes over the ledge. Rex yells to Adriana that she cannot. But Adriana tells them she will do it. She will jump.

At the station, Talia is able to find out what has probably happened with Vincent’s planned date with Adriana.

Dorian lectures David that she believes he did a terrible thing to Clint; extorting money and putting his daughter’s life on the line. She tells him it’s the principle of the thing. And she is equally not ok with the fact that he’s just given up $10 million. She tells him that as much as she is absolutely amazed at this “change” in him, she is also very, very proud. She is very impressed that he’s finally become interested in somebody besides himself. He tells her as soon as he is out of the hospital, he wants to travel the world. She asks him if he really has to leave. He’s finally free. He tells her it will be the first time he is free since he was 15 years old and falsely accused of murdering John and Michael’s father. He has to find out what freedom really feels and tastes like. She tells him she will miss him.

Right then, Marty is having a flashback about what really happened the night Spencer was killed.

Bo, John and the cops come to pull Todd away from Miles. Miles is suspicious of John and tells him he (John) wants him (Miles) locked up so that he (John) can have Miles’ wife.

Paige tells Bo that there is no easy way to tell him this. She is leaving Llanview.

In David’s room, Dorian tells him when he comes back, she might be Mrs. Clint Buchanan. He tells her that that is fine with him. They seem warm around each other. She leaves and Nigel enters. It sounds like he wants to tell David something or give him something. But then, he leaves and David has no clue what is up with him.

When Todd returns to his hospital bed, Blair demands to know why he got out to confront Miles. He tells her that he and Miles had to have a little “chat”.

Right then, Miles is alone in his jail cell calling out to Spencer. But this time, Spencer does not appear nor answer him.

Bo returns to Marty and informs her that Todd went to confront Miles and was ready to hurt him. And he was also impressed by how feisty Miles is. Hearing that, Marty sounds like she remembers something very important.

Right when Tate is ready to carry out his dirty deed, Talia comes, pulls a gun on him and demands that he drops his weapon

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