OLTL Update Wednesday 7/25/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/25/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At the hospital Michael is at Todd’s bedside and remembers talking to Rex about Todd’s disappearance. He asks if Todd remembers anything and a groggy Todd replies, “My son.”

Langston and Markko arrive at Dorian’s to see Starr. She tells them that Cole knew who had Todd and where.

Cole visits Marty in jail.

David Vickers is in the hospital trying to order a gourmet meal from the Palace. They tell him he is on the take out black list and hang up on him. John walks in and tells him to get dressed. David protests but John tells him he is going on camera to tell the world he knows who killed Spencer

Adriana is upset she can’t find the OPP metal. Rex suggests that maybe Tate came back and took it.

Laila goes on the rooftop and finds Vincent unconscious and tied up. Tate comes up behind her with a knife.

Talia, Rex and Adriana talk about Tate but are unable to reach him. Adriana worries about Laila and tires to call her.

On the roof top Laila tries to wake Vincent when she sees Tate. She tries to run and he puts a knife to her throat. Her phone rings and she takes it out. Tate sees its Adriana and says hello.

Michael comes out of Todd’s room and Blair asks how he is. Michael explains he’ll be fine in time. Blair asks to see him and Michael tries to stall them. Blair tells Viki about how Todd was found in a seedy motel with a prostitute.

David Vickers tells John he is in no condition to move. John tells him to get dressed. He looks at the broken lap top. John says David either comes or he’ll bring the cameras to him. Just then David’s high powered attorney walks in and tells John he isn’t doing anything.

At Dorian’s Markko refuses to believe Cole would do this without reason. Langston and Markko argue about Cole and Starr tells them that Marty killed a guy.

At the jail Marty asks Cole if he found the money and talks about that he should eat right. Marty is sorry she did this to Cole. Cole is upset and Marty tries to reassure him she is doing the right thing. Marty asks about Starr and Cole tells her that she is the only thing that matters to him. He says Miles did this to them.

David introduces John to his lawyer. John asks if David won the lottery. The lawyer steps in and tells him that David’s finances are none of his business. He tells him to cease and desist.

Michael tells Blair not to expect too much from Todd. Viki asks to sit with Todd and Michael makes excuses. Paige walks up and tells Blair and Viki they can go see Todd. She asks Michael what he’s doing.

Viki and Blair are amazed that Todd cheated death again. They discuss Todd’s condition. Todd wakes up.

Michael tries to go check on Todd and Paige says let Viki and Blair spend time with him. She asks Michael what’s wrong and tells him to go home. He says he wants to stay. They discuss him going home and knowing about Marcie.

Blair and Viki talk to Todd. They tell him how he was found. Todd laughs.

Langston, Starr and Markko talk about Cole. Markko points out that Cole only has his mother and how would Starr feel if someone threatened to take away Blair. Would she let that happen? He tells her to give Cole the benefit of the doubt.

Marty warns Cole not to do anything to Miles. She makes him promise. Nora comes in to check on them. Cole defends his mom and Nora tells him not to worry. She’s not here on official capacity. Charges haven’t been filed yet. Marty says she understands if Nora wants to keep her distance. Nora says she’ll let Bo and John sort it out and asks if she can do anything. Marty asks her to take care of Cole

John tells the Lawyer that David hindered the investigation of a capital crime. The lawyer says John endangered his client by involving him in everything. David is in the background smiling. The lawyer tells John they have Marty in custody over this crime. He tells him to take his ankle monitor and leave.

Adriana asks Tate what he did. Tate tells her to pretend to be talking to Laila. Tate tells her to get to the roof of the Palace hotel and to come alone. Adriana hangs up and looks worried.

Paige and Michael talk about Marcie and fertility doctors. Paige offers her help. Michael says he needs Paige to allow him to do his job. He goes to check on Todd. Todd is telling Blair and Viki what happened in the crack house. He says he heard a baby crying. Blair tells him they found that tape. Todd says someone jumped him and he didn’t see him because he wore a mask. Blair says he’s alive and Todd says he’s still down one son. Michael asks how he’s doing. Viki says they will find the son. Todd says he needs Viki to do something for him.

Starr tells Markko she dumped Cole. Langston says dumping him was good now go in for the kill. Starr says she doesn’t want that but her dad could be dead because of him.

Blair calls Starr and tells her to come to the hosptial that they have Todd.

Cole tells Marty he can take care of himself. Nora agrees to Cole can stay at the mansion. Cole asks if Marty doesn’t trust him. Marty begs him to stay with Nora. Cole says what about John.

John tells the lawyer to make a complaint. The lawyer shows him a document to free David. John leaves. David jokes.

Adriana looks sick as Rex asks what Laila said. Taila talks to Rex about going back to the station and asks about Laila and Adriana lies and says Laila and Vince are coming back now. Rex stays, Taila leaves. Rex asks her what Laila said on the phone. Rex tries to call Laila because Adriana isn’t telling him the truth.

Tate sits Laila at the table with Vince. Tate makes threats about killing her. Vince is awake but pretends to be asleep. Tate tells her he was listening at the apartment when they called him a coward.

Adriana grabbed the phone from Rex and tells him he is too controlling. Adriana lies about the phone call. She says Layla and Vince had a fight and she’s on her way back. She tells him to stop hovering. Rex storms out and Adriana grabs her keys, drops them and then collapses in tears. She gets up and braces herself to go. On her phone we see 911.

Marty insists Cole stay with Nora and Cole says he wants to live with John. Marty insists he go with Nora. Nora offers to talk to John about keeping Cole in the loop. She jokes with Cole about not letting Matthew trick him into playing games. Nora promises to bring him back in the morning. They leave and Marty cries.

Viki and Paige discuss Todd. Paige says David urgently wants to talk to Viki.

Michael says Todd’s vitals look good. He leaves. Starr comes in and hugs Todd.

Adriana is very scared as she remembers Tate’s threats. She leaves the apartment. Rex is in the hall hiding. He follows her.

Viki enters David’s room. David tells her he’s sorry.

John tells Marty they found Todd and he’ll be fine. She talks to him about Cole. She tells him Nora will take care of Cole. John tells her he had to cut Vickers’ loose. He says he’s sorry but it’s not over till she is free and clear.

Todd, Starr and Blair talk about what Todd missed while he was gone.

Tate is on the roof and gets Laila on her feet. Vincent secretly works on his ropes. Adriana walks in. Tate tells her she was supposed to come alone. Adriana turns and sees Rex. Tate says its time to start the party.

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