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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/24/07


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 In his hospital room, David Vickers is talking on the phone about all the investments he can make with his new “windfall”. He’s looking at expensive cars and all of the features. But when he sees Viki, he knows he better not let her overhear that conversation. So he hangs up.  She smiles and tells him he didn’t have to end his phone conversation just because she is there. She can wait. Still having no clue that David has extorted tons of money form Clint’s family, she is very happy to see him and has a huge present for him. He tells her she did not have to do that. She tells him she certainly did. It’s the least she can do after he saved Jessica’s life. He then looks at her but does not feel entirely comfortable with that thought.

Rex and Adriana go to the station to report Tate. But Talia tells them they cannot go barging in on Bo unexpectedly. Rex insists that he sees Bo. He has some very important information. He and Adriana walk into Bo’s office and inform him that they have some new information on Tate Harmon. As it turns out, he tells Bo, he was right about Tate all along.

Layla gets ready for her date with Vincent. But the minute he goes out the door and she is alone in the apartment, Tate comes out of hiding and stares at her in a threatening manner.

Apparently, Hunter wants to make it look as though Todd is shacking up with a woman in a motel. When Blair and John finally found Todd alone in bed with the woman, she demands to know whom Blair is. Is she this guy’s wife?     

In response to hearing Rex say he has some “new information” about Tate, Bo asks what it could be. Is it another false charge that Tate is gay? Rex tells Bo no. Tate is not gay. In fact he hates all gays and all people who different than he is. He is a racist and a white supremacist. But Bo does not seem to buy that knowing that Rex does not have sufficient evidence. Adriana tells Bo that Rex is right. She admits that she too thought that Rex did not know what he was talking about and was only jealous of her friendship with Tate. But she now knows that Rex is onto something. She has seen it for herself. She discovered a racist medallion in Tate’s possession. And he did not seem to want to part with it when she asked him about it.

When Layla gets the surprise visit from Tate, she asks him why he was hiding in the apartment and spying upon her. He tells her that Adriana wanted him to come by. She tells him that sounds pretty odd that Adriana is nowhere nearby and never told her he was coming. Tate then asks Layla why she is giving him the third degree and being so suspicious.

The woman who is in the motel bed with Todd asks what Blair and John want. What is she doing wrong? They are two consenting adults. John asks her if she is a “working girl” and demands that she gets into the bathroom and gets dressed. Blair observes her ex husband and can tell that he is not drunk by choice. He’s been drugged. Todd still appears unconscious. But he opens his eyes to see Blair and smiles.

In the hospital, Michael asks Paige how Jessica is. She tells him that she is doing great and was able to go home. And it’s amazing that David Vickers was the only match for her liver. She tells Michael that it’s very odd that David would do such a heroic deed without an ulterior motive. She’s never known of David to do any “favor” for anybody without a price. Michael tells her that it’s entirely possible that David could change. But Paige seems to know better.

When Viki is visiting David and very happy and appreciative, he has a flashback of giving Clint the ultimatum to “walk” with his liver donation if he does not get the $10 million from Asa. And right then, Viki can tell that David is lost in thought. Right then, Clint walks in on them and demands to know what is going on.

John examines unconscious Todd and reports to Blair that he will probably be ok. His vitals are ok. But he’s definitely drugged with something. Blair gets on the phone to call Starr and tell her the good news that her dad has been found and will be ok. But she immediately assumes that the prostitute drugged him. John asks her for some ID. She shows him something that identifies her name as Kandie with a K. John does not buy that that is her real name. And he demands to know how long she’s known Todd and how long she’s been with him.

Vincent gets his date with Layla ready with the help of Renee and tells her that the occasion is that he wants to ask Layla if she is ready to start dating him exclusively. Renee finds it hard to believe that Vincent has serious intent with any woman. Right then, Vincent’s friend, Shawn tells him that this sounds like high school, telling a girl that he wants to “go steady” with her. But Vincent asks why they have a problem and question his intent. Shawn then tells Vincent he was just messing with him and will help Renee get the formality ready for Vincent’s special date with Layla.

 At the apartment, Tate tries to act friendly to Layla and jokes about the next time he comes to their home, he will make his presence known. She tells him she didn’t mean to overreact and everything is cool. She informs him that she has to get ready for her date with Vincent. Hearing that, Tate asks her if she is sure she is doing the right thing getting involved with a guy like Vincent Jones again.

 At the station, Rex tells Bo that he and Talia must know that there is something “not right” about Tate Harmon. Talia reminds Bo that they had Tate on the radar about something that happened in Wyoming, for which there was no explanation. And the medallion that Adriana found looks very suspicious. He tells her that they still have nothing more than circumstantial evidence against Tate. And they must realize that Tate is a famous, respected baseball player whom the media does not want to regard negatively. Plus the fact that Tate’s father, whom they have just buried, confessed to all of the crimes. Rex tells Bo that they got to be able to get some hard evidence against Tate. Bo agrees that if that is true, they need hard evidence and when he has it, he will certainly look into it.

Clint is not able to keep David’s secret when he sees Viki so friendly to David. So he blurts out that David does not need a “present” from her when he is extorting $10 million from his father.

The prostitute tells the story about her interaction with Todd. She tells Blair and John about how they met, got into talking, really hit it off. And she tells Blair she does not know what her “deal” is with him. But Todd really knows how to party, she tells Blair. Hearing that. Blair gets angry and is ready to physically attack the prostitute. But John tells her she must calm down.

Renee and Shawn tell Vincent that they have taken care of all of the finishing touches of catering. Renee leaves. Alone with Shawn, Vincent tells him he needs to go out and have a good time. Realizing he doesn’t have any money, Vincent gives him some. Shawn then asks Vincent to try to stay out of trouble when he’s not around.

In response to Tate’s “concerns” about her seeing Vincent, Layla asks Tate why he has a problem with Vincent. Tate acts friendly telling Layla that he does not believe that Vincent is good enough for her. Right then, he remembers overhearing Vincent talking about “guys like him”(Tate) who are like worms in the ground, too cowardly to admit to what they are and how they need to be eliminated. It sounds like he is very angry and wants to do harm to Vincent after hearing his strong opinions. And he tells Layla that maybe she and Adriana should beware of people like Vincent.

Bo gets on the phone after hearing Rex, Adriana and Talia telling him that he needs to investigate Tate. He calls the radio station where Tate works and finds out that Tate never showed up like he was supposed to.  After hearing about the medallion, he asks Talia to go with Adriana to her home and see if they can bring it in as evidence. And he tells Rex that he better not leave Adriana’s side until they can find out Tate’s whereabouts.

Clint informs Viki, for the first time that David refused to donate his liver to save Jessica’s life unless he paid him $10 million. Viki asks David if that is true. David protests that Asa owes him that money. But she asks if he was going to let her daughter die if he did not get the money. David admits yes.

When they are alone in Bo’s office, Rex tells Adriana that she did good. She tells him she feels like a total idiot; so gullible and trusting of Tate. He tells her she must stop beating herself up. It’s annoying. She tells him that if Tate has done all of these crimes, and she could have prevented it, she will never forgive herself. And what if he does more?  Rex then asks her what she wants him to say. Why is it that she gives everybody the benefit of the doubt except him? But he knows that confronting her about that won’t help matters any. She asks him if he thinks she is naïve and stupid. He tells her that maybe she’s a little bit “Pollyanna”. He asks her if she thinks he’s a disgusting hostile jerk. She tells him that he has a way of being antagonistic. He tells her that he knows he’s done some wrong things. But if they can get Tate Harmon and people like him off the streets, then they need no longer feel bad. He reiterates that they need to get hateful, racist, psychotic murderers like Tate away from good people like her and Layla and Talia. Right then Talia returns and talks to them.

Vincent calls Layla and tells her that he is ready for their big date. Right then, Tate gets his stuff ready and departs. He acts courteous to Layla telling her he hopes she has a good time and that Vincent better treat her right. He leaves. She is happy and suspects nothing.

Viki tells David that finding out that he is gloating about being able to profit over others’ misery is hateful and mean and despicable. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to assume the worst about him. She tells him that she really cared about him and thought that maybe he had changed. She admits to him that she will always be grateful to him for saving Jessie’s life. That will never change. But they will never be friends again. And that makes her really sad. She leaves. Alone with Clint, David tells him he is really going to regret this.

Outside in the hospital lobby, Michael and Paige talk about all of the unimportant medical tasks they will have working the graveyard shift with stitching up drunken frat boys and doing many other things. She talks to him about how great it must be for him to have a wife and child to come home to. He tells her that he and Marcie love Tommy more than anything. Hearing that, he knows that she has an empty void for losing her son.  But she tells him that she knows she did the right thing to never tell Hugh that Spencer was his father. It was better that he was raised by quality people. He does not reveal the similar situation she has with Tommy but tells her that he is very much in the same boat. She asks him how he can compare Tommy to her son. Both of his parents are dead, right?

 The prostitute who is with Todd goes on with her story about her “relationship” with Todd. Blair threatens to rip her tongue out of her mouth and tells her she knows that Miles has obviously paid her to make all of this up. But she denies knowing anybody named Miles. Blair then goes to comfort her unconscious husband and assures him that everything is going to be ok.

Clint tells David that he does not regret a damn thing except giving into his extortion. He tells David that he hopes that money was worth Viki’s friendship. Because that is what it has cost him. David tells Clint that he is not finished yet. He’s going to turn Asa into the cops for conspiracy. Clint tells him if he does that, he goes down with Asa. And he hopes that Clint can enjoy all that money while he is rotting in jail. Clint leaves. Alone in his hospital bed, David observes the card on the present that Viki gave to him where she wrote that he is a wonderful friend and signs it: “Love, Viki”. And he does not seem entirely content.

Right then, Todd gets rushed into the hospital on a stretcher. Viki is startled to see her brother in the state he is in.

Bo is on the phone getting all the information he can find on the recent hate crimes.

Right then, Layla goes out the door to meet Vincent for their date. But she looks suspicious of something.

John takes the prostitute to Bo’s office. Alone with Bo, she asks if she is in trouble. He tells her that Lieutenant McBain did not talk about arresting her. But she could really help herself by telling him everything she knows about Todd Manning. She proceeds to tell Bo how she first found Todd.

Rex and Adriana go to find Tate’s medallion where she last saw him putting it, in the trash. But they notice that it’s gone.

Right then, when Vincent is unaware, up on the hotel roof waiting for Layla, Tate sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a baseball bat.

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