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One Life to Live Update Monday 7/23/07


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Adriana surprises Rex by knocking on his door. He asks her what she wants. When she tells him she’s there to talk about Tate, he assumes she is going to tell him what a great guy Tate is and he’s ready to slam the door in her face. But, low and behold, she surprises him by telling him she is not going to defend Tate this time. She tells Rex that she has proof that Tate may be as sick as his father. Hearing that, Rex invites her in to tell him all about it.

Miles is stuck in jail and asks the guard if he can see his wife. The guard tells him that his “wife” has made it clear that she does not want to be within 10 miles of him. The guard leaves. And Miles, again sees the ghost of Spencer in his cell, reminding him that his entire life has fallen apart.

Blair and John are out searching for Todd in the wilderness. Right then, they come across some belongings of Todd’s. Blair calls out to Todd. But they do not find him anywhere. Right then, Hunter has dragged an unconscious,, bloody and injured Todd away to a place with a bed.

Cole goes to see Starr in an attempt to explain and justify his choice of not telling anybody that he found her dad. But she is very angry and will not forgive him. She tells him she never wants to see him again. If her dad dies, it will be all his fault. But he urges her to listen to his explanation. He tells her that he had reasons and he must attempt to tell her all that has happened. She lets him in but tells him that her mother is out in search of her dad in the wilderness, putting her own life on the line. So she asks Cole just what good the “truth” would do now.

In Miles’ jail cell, Spencer’s ghost tells Miles that he has really screwed up. Miles reveals that all he can think about is how he must win Marty over. Spencer laughs and tells Miles he needs to realize that Marty will never love him. He did not “lose” her. He never had her in the first place. And Spencer’s ghost reminds Miles that he has a lot worse problems than a woman who could never love him. Right then, Miles addresses Spencer’s ghost telling him it’s his fault. He falsely led Miles to believe that he could be loved. He made Miles hate Todd Manning. He is the reason why Miles resorted to all these drastic measures that have gotten him into such serious trouble.

Blair and John run into a guy whom they ask questions about Todd. Right then, Hunter has Todd in a bed. He has gotten some “medicine” from Miles. He tells Todd it’s time to “party on, dude”. And Todd may wait there while he calls the “entertainment”.

Cole tells Starr that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. She tells him he did far worse than “hurt” her. He lied to her about something from which there is no going back. She reveals to him that Britney informed her that he was hiding something from her. And Britney was right. She cannot believe that he could ever hide something this big from her. And she asks him how she could ever believe a word he says about anything. How could she not assume that everything he ever told her was a lie? He tells her she must trust him.  He loves her. She tells him she hates him. She will never forgive him. It’s over. And he better get out.

Fascinated to hear Adriana’s confession that she knows he is right about Miles, Rex asks her to tell him what she has found. She tells him that Tate has been acting all friendly to her. But it looks very false. Maybe then, she is just being paranoid. But there is more. At the funeral home, Tate really had an “issue” finding out that the funeral director was named Emilio. He had a very unpleasant tone when he asked if Emilio was Hispanic. And he seemed to want to wipe his hands after hugging her and after shaking Vincent’s hand. Rex realizes that that is not solid proof that he is a white supremacist. But Rex does not want to give up in getting to the bottom of this mystery.

Vincent goes to visit Layla. They sound like they want to get back together. She talks about how upsetting it is that her sister is in the hospital unconscious because of some racist bastard. He tells her that people like that will never stop their dastardly deeds until people like the two of them stop them. He talks about how they, as minorities can right the wrong by raising their kids the right way. Unknown to them, Tate is at the door eavesdropping upon their conversation. Vincent, right then, can tell that Layla is not ok and has something on her mind. She admits that she has some suspicion that Tate Harmon is a racist.

Starr tells Cole that she does not believe that he cares about her. All he cares about is himself and his mom. He tells her that he had to protect his mom. Her life was on the line. He is sorry for hurting her (Starr). But he is not sorry for protecting his mother. She tells him that there is one thing he could do in order to make things right. He could go back in time and not do what he already chose not to do.. But it’s too late. So he better get out of her house and out of her life. He tells her he’s not leaving until she hears his side of the story.

Rex tells Adriana if Tate threatened her, she better tell him. He will go after Tate. She tells him Tate has never threatened him. He has not done anything obvious. But it’s very odd that while mourning his father, he is suddenly appearing racist. She does not want to admit that she could not see the signs and be so stupid as to be fooled by Tate. He tells her she is not stupid.  She is a wonderful person who trusts and sees the best in people. She tells Rex that she has some more proof. When she went through Tate’s stuff, she saw one of those medals of hate crimes for white supremacy.

Tate is hiding behind the door of Adriana’s and Layla’s apartment, staring at his racist medal. It looks like he’s hiding in the closet while over hearing Layla and Vincent’s conversation. She tells him that although she doesn’t want to be paranoid about Tate nor distrust Adriana’s judgment, she might have to tell her friend, roommate and business partner that she will not let Tate in her home. She cannot sit by and overlook what has happened to her sister. She cannot give anybody the benefit of the doubt after all the things that have happened. She admits that maybe she is just being paranoid and judging Tate because of his father. If he was racist, it would not seem “likely” he’d be hanging out with all of them. But Vincent tells her that maybe she is onto something. And he’d prefer she does not let Tate near her. He will do anything to protect her. Tate listens from inside the closet and puts the silver white supremacist medal around his neck.

Spencer’s ghost tells Miles that he needs to wake up and realize he owes nothing to Marty. After all, she killed Spencer.

Cole asks Starr how she could tell him he should let his mother go to prison and not protect her. She yells that he could be responsible for her father’s death. In response to that, he reminds her that her father raped his mother. And he is not going to overlook that.

The guy whom Blair and John meet reveals that when he went rock climbing, Todd must have stolen his cell phone. He asks if he can go now. John tells him not quite yet. The guy reveals that his name is Earl. Earl admits that he has no clue whom Todd was, what his situation was nor why Todd stole his cell phone. He swears to that. Right then, Blair’s phone rings. She can tell that Todd is calling and trying to tell her something. But he cannot talk coherently.

Adriana tells Rex that Tate informed her that he is keeping the medal because it was the only thing to remember his father by. He tells her that that sounds like a lot of crap. Nobody has anything like that in their possession if they are not racist. She admits that when she demanded Tate get rid of it, he got really angry. Rex tells her that Tate is trash. She tells him she wishes she could see what he was able to see. He tells her that she did nothing wrong. She is a glass half full kind of person when he is a glass-half-empty kind of person. And he is on this and will make certain that Tate is not able to hurt anybody again. Now that he knows what Tate is capable of, he will take action before it’s too late.

Blair calls to Todd on the phone. And John is able to find the proof that he is calling from Earl’s cell phone. But they lose the connection. John tells her that at least they know that Todd is alive. And he tells her he wants to see if they can put a trace on the phone in order to get some clue from where Todd is calling.

Right then, Hunter is dousing unconscious Todd with Miles’ “medicine”.

In Miles’ jail cell, Spencer taunts him for being so weak that he cannot get over his ‘pretty little wife”. He tells him that Marty used him in order to save her own butt from going to prison. And it was all because of her punk son.. Miles tells Spencer that all he ever wanted was to have a family. He just wanted to be loved. He hadn’t a clue how to accomplish that except to think about what Spencer would do. SO now he blames Spencer. Spencer then reminds Miles that he is the only person whom Miles ever met in his pathetic life that ever cared about him. Miles then concludes that he has to make effort in order to make this right.

Starr protests to Cole that her dad is a changed person. He is not the same person he was many years ago when he raped Marty. Cole tells Starr he is not convinced of that. She tells him even if he does not care for her father, if he loved her, he would not have let Todd be anywhere around “that monster”, having no clue exactly whom was going to endanger her father. Right then, Cole reveals to Starr that Miles wanted him to kill Todd.

Adriana confesses to Rex that she should have believed him. He tells her that now they know what they need to do. She tells him that she should have called Bo and let the police handle it. He tells her that she need not worry about the past. But there is one thing that must be done now. She asks him what that is. He tells her that she and Layla must get out of that apartment from where Tate has access.

In the apartment, while Tate overhears, Vincent tells Layla that he has a surprise for her. They are going to go somewhere and he will give her the royal treatment for the queen she is. He kisses her. And Tate spies upon them from the closet door.

Cole admits to Starr that Miles obtained a tape of his mom confessing to killing Spencer Truman. And he threatened to turn it into the cops if she did not marry him. So, he asks Starr, can she now see how stuck he was? She tells him that that still does not exonerate him for what has happened to her dad.

Right then, John suddenly gets a trace on the location of the cell phone Todd is using. He concludes to Blair that it’s a motel a few miles from where they are. They go off to find Todd.

Rex is ready to turn the evidence over to the police. But Adriana asks him if they should really go through with this when there is insufficient evidence. He tells her that he knows ways to persuade Bo. She reminds him that Bo has many times not listened nor approved of Rex’s “methods”. He tells her that there has to be ways to have proof about what Tate does. But she asks how anybody could believe their word over that of a famous and respected athlete like Tate. He tells her that often times, people have a hunch and can prove the truth from things like that. She then asks if Tate knows she’s onto him. He caught her going through his personal stuff. And she admits that she is scared. Rex then tells her that sometimes there is nothing wrong with being scared. It keeps one on their toes. And he knows that he can get through to Bo and get something done about Tate.

In the apartment, not knowing that Tate is right in the closet, Layla and Vincent make plans for their special night together. He departs telling her in a few more hours he will be back to pick her up. And the moment she is alone, Tate appears and comes face to face with her.

Spencer tells Miles that he cannot distrust him (Spencer). He reminds Miles that he was Miles’ only one true friend. It won’t be too easy for Tate to make new ones. Especially from inside a jail cell.

Starr demands that Cole gets out of her house. He does not leave however and tells her he will always love her. She screams and physically pushes him out the door telling him she will never forgive him.

John and Blair go to the motel room where Todd is staying. And for some strange reason, they notice a woman in the bed with him. It looks to them like Todd is alive, well and making a “choice”.

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