OLTL Update Friday 7/20/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/20/07


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Adriana is alone in her apartment, lost in thought after discovering damaging evidence that Tate is a racist. Tate knocks on her door. She lets him in. He tells her about his fatherís funeral arrangements but he can tell that she is not ok. He asks her what is up. She then demands to know what this thing is that she found in his back pack. Itís a symbol of white supremacy. He has no answer except to ask her how it was that she went through his personal belongings.

After finding out from Sarah, Rex and Cristian that Todd has been found, Viki tells her niece that she must tell her where Todd is. Sarah then admits that she does not know exactly where Todd is. All she knows is that he was barely alive when she last found him.

Right then, while stumbling out in the wilderness, Todd gets on the phone to call Blair and Dorian answers the phone. She informs him that everybody has thought that he was dead including Blair.

After finding out that Miles has been holding Todd after Cole has told him, Bo asks him the details. Right then, Blair and Starr walk in to hear that and are horrified. Blair demands that Cole tells her where Todd is.

Viki tells Sarah that sheís going to call the police to find Todd. Cristian then informs her that that is not necessary. They are already on it to find Todd and to find Hunter. Right then, Viki asks who Hunter was. Sarah then explains that Hunter was her boyfriend and he and his friends wanted to kill some guy but would not tell her whom. And one day she came home to her apartment and found Todd there badly hurt. And it may have been one big coincidence that Hunter had no clue that Todd was her uncle. Viki then demands to know why she did not call the police when she found Todd. Sarah then admits that she was afraid of what Hunter would do to her if she got him in trouble. But she called Rex, Cristian and Blair. Rex and Cristian confirm that she was the ďanonymous tipĒ. She concludes to Viki and Clint that that was the entire story. But Rex reminds her thatís not quite everything. She left out the part about her life being in danger.

Todd is lying on the ground talking to Dorian on the phone, barely able to talk. Not far away, a guy finds him and he passes out. And he loses his connection with Dorian. She calls him and asks if he is there. It looks like Hunter has found him. And he tells Todd heís in a lot of trouble. After failing to connect to Todd on the phone, Dorian concludes that she must tell Blair. But right then, she has a flashback where she tells Blair that she believes that she and the children might be better off without Todd.

At the station, after hearing Cole confess that Miles told him he is holding Todd, Blair lashes out to him. He then admits that he saw Todd a few days ago but told nobody. Hearing that, Starr is very upset and asks him how he could do that. He tells her he had his reasons. She demands to know what reasons. He tells her that he and Miles found Todd and he looked ok. And he had no clue exactly what Miles was doing to Todd. Right then, Blair is ready to physically attack Miles when John and Bo restrain her.

Tate asks Adriana why she was going through his backpack. That was his personal stuff. She tells him she did not intend to go through his stuff. She was just straightening up her apartment and it got knocked over and the medallion fell out. She then asks him why he would have something that symbolizes hate and racism. In response to that, he tells her that although he disapproved of his fatherís lifestyle, that was the only thing he had to keep that belonged to his father. She asks why he would keep anything like that. He rationalizes that it was proof of how his father died. She tells him she believes that itís proof that he condones what his father did.

After Rex and Cristian tell Viki and Clint that Hunter may be trying to kill Sarah, she tells them that that is not true. He would not hurt her. She concludes that Hunter got what he wanted; all that cash. And he is probably nowhere near Llanview

Right then, while Todd is passed out on the ground, Hunter says why stop now. He can collect more money and get just what he wants

At the station, Cole confesses to Starr that he wanted to tell her about her father. But he had to protect his mother. He hopes she can understand that. Blair then lashes out at him that nobody understands why he would not care when a manís life is in danger. John tells them that he knows what when he was tailing Miles in his car, the other night, he knew that Miles was hiding something. He refused to open the trunk of the car. And it was probably because Todd was in it. Right then, Dorian appears and informs them that Todd Manning is alive. She just spoke to him on the phone.

At Vikiís, Cristian explains that when he and Rex found Sarah, they agreed to protect her from Hunter. Hearing that, Viki and Clint conclude that they must let her stay with them. Clint tells her she has to stay at Asaís. She admits that she got to be close to Asa and adores Renee. But she cannot live by their rules. She cannot be their property and live like some Buchanan cow-girl. She does not belong in their home nor in Llanview. She does not mean to be rude, but itís not an option. Viki and Clint insist that she stays nearby because she is family.

In response to Adrianaís question, Tate asks her if she is implying that he is a racist pig like his father. She tells him thatís true. He then asks her if he would be friends with her and launching a company with African American business owners if he was like his father. And right then, Adriana remembers Rex telling her that itís very possible that Tate is hiding his racism by hanging out with her and Layla. In response to Tateís question, Adrian concludes that he has made efforts to ďproveĒ to her that he is not racist.

Dorian informs Bo and John that Todd called but they lost the connection. Blair and Starr demand to know what she found out. She tells them that she could barely hear what Todd said except that he sounded like he was calling from a camp ground. Bo then asks Miles what he knows about all of this. He replies that he wonít say another word until his lawyer is present. And he needs to make a phone call. Bo tells him he may knock himself out. It looks like they will not let Miles out of their sight. Miles then tells them that he thought he was entitled to a private phone call. He gets on his cell phone where he is not overheard and calls Hunter who informs him that he found Todd. Miles is also visited by Spencerís ghost who tells him heís come too far now to give up. Miles asks Spencerís ghost just what he is supposed to do when heís about to get nailed by the cops. Spencerís ghost assures him that ďtheyĒ will think up something. Miles asks Hunter if Todd is alive. Hunter says he has a pulse but is unconscious. Miles again hears Spencerís ghost telling him he must pretend that he is Spencer and ask what Spencer would do in this situation.

John traces Dorianís cell phone connection and traces it to some guy who was camping out by Llantano Mountain. He tells them that he will go there and investigate. Blair insists on coming with him. But he tells her he must go alone. Right then, Miles then reappears and asks if they had any luck finding Todd. Blair says yes. So itís over for him. Cole then tells Starr he needs to talk to her. But Blair yells absolutely not. He is not coming near her daughter. Alone, Bo and John are conferring on what to do. They both agree that Miles will be in a cell and John remarks that he believes Miles should burn. And they are questioning whether they should get Cole implicated as an accessory.

For the first time, Tate shows Adriana he might not respect her the way heís shown her he has so far. He tells her poor little Adriana cannot trust anybody who does things she does not understand. She tells him she does not want him talking to her like that. He asks her why she is judging and distrusting him. She tells him that if he could so much as have a medallion like that in his possession, it must mean that he must support the cause. He tells her she is such a drama queen. She tells him if he wants to prove to her that he is not a racist, then he needs to get rid of the medallion and burn it in front of her. He tells her he cannot do that.

Clint and Viki tell Sarah that they must insist that she stays there. They must know that she is safe. At least until they know that Hunter is not after her. They debate over whether she should stay with Tinaís family or Cordís. Clint tells Viki that since her sister, Sarahís mother cannot be found, and his son is the more responsible parent, then he should contact Cord (her father) and let him know that his daughter is staying with his family. She then tells them if she is going to be forced to stay in Llanview, she will neither stay with the Buchanans nor the Lordís. She indicates that she wants to stay with Cristian.

Starr asks Dorian just what happened when Todd called. And she tells her that she cannot trust Cole. Dorian tells her that maybe Cole had his reasons for not telling her where Todd was. Starr admits that maybe Britney was right. It sounds like Dorian is defending Cole. OR is she just encouraging Starr to keep seeing him to make Todd angry when he comes back?

At the station, Marty tells Cole that they will be ok. He does not have to worry about her being alone. They will get through this. Cole then turns to Miles and tells him he can no longer hurt Coleís mom. Miles tells Cole that he never intended to hurt her. He loves her. She cries. Cole hugs his mom and leaves. Bo then asks Marty if she needs to make a call. He tells her that maybe she needs to have a lawyer present before answering more questions. And she faces Miles to remember that she needs a lawyer to manager her annulment. Miles asks her why she would do that. She tells him that she needs legal confirmation that their marriage should have never happened. Bo tells Miles that as soon as they can confirm the allegations against him, he will be charged with kidnapping and attempted murder.

Adriana asks Tate why he cannot dispose of the racist medallion. He asks her why she cannot trust him. And he turns it around to blame Rex for making her distrust him. He tells her that Rex is a nasty, jealous little bastard that wants to keep her away from him. She then apologizes and admits that Rex has been falsely accusing him. But she tells him that if he is her friend, he will do what she is asking and put that medallion where it belongs, in the garbage. He begrudgingly drops it in the trash, hoping he can dig it out when she is gone. But she tells him that he needs to go to his own home. And as soon as he is out the door, she follows him to see where he goes.

Rex returns home and looks to see if there is anywhere where Sarah did not leave a mess. Right then, there is a knock on the door. He is surprised to see Adriana and asks her what she wants. He can tell that she is not happy. She tells him she is there about Tate. He asks her if she is there to tell him what a great guy Tate is. She tells him that maybe heís right about Tate. Maybe Rex has been right all along.

Right then, after Adrianaís apartment is empty, Tate returns and retrieves his medallion from her waste basket.

Viki and Clint reluctantly agree to let Sarah stay at Cristianís.  She tells Viki she did everything she could to find Todd and hopes that they find him. She leaves with Cristian

Dorian tells Starr that although it does not seem possible now, she will get over Cole. Starr does not believe that. Dorian tells her that men come and go. But the women in her life will always be there for her. She tells Starr that one day she will understand what it means to be a Cramer woman. Starr then thanks Dorian for taking her out of the station and bringing her home. And she says she must go upstairs and wait for her dad to call her. Alone in the living room, Dorian calls her daughter Cassie on the phone. She tells her she hopes she is not calling too late. She just wanted to hear that sound of her daughterís voice. Alone, Starr answers the doorbell. Itís Cole at the door.

 At the station, Bo asks the uniform cop to escort Miles to his cell. And he tells them he does not know the whole story but will find it out form Marty.

Blair and John go out in the wilderness with flashlights in the dark, in search of Todd. And right then, John discovers something that indicates that Todd must not be far away. Blair then calls out to Todd.

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