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Viki calls the hospital to see how David Vickers is doing. It sounds as though the nurse has told her that David is a funny man. Viki laughs when she hears how he behaves as a patient. And she sounds like she cares very much about David.

Rex and Cristian tell Sarah that she has to face her family sooner or later. But she tells them she won’t. They remind her that she went to see Jessica in the hospital. It must mean that she cares. She admits that she may care but she’s not ready to see all of them. They stand outside Viki’s home and the two guys want to drag her in there to announce her presence to Viki and her family.

Viki is alone in her home when Clint comes in. She tells Clint that she is amazed that David Vickers gave half of his liver to Jessica. That was incredible. And she can sense that her ex husband is very angry at David and she does not understand why. Clint agrees that David did a great thing for Jessica. But that does not make him a saint, he tells Viki. She then asks why he is concerned about whether David is ready for sainthood. Clint then attempts to explain to Viki that David is not the Good Samaritan that she thinks he is. Right then, their conversation is interrupted when Rex and Cristian physically drag Sarah into Viki’s home and inform her that she is in town.

Dorian and Blair discuss how Blair is going to find Todd.

Starr asks Britney what her big secret is about Cole. Why is she harassing Cole?. Britney tells Star that this secret is something that should be very important to both Starr and her mother.

Right then, Marty and Cole go to the police station to admit to John and Bo that Miles has been holding Todd Manning.

When Sarah notices Clint and Viki, she greets her grandpa and aunt. They are very surprised to see her and wonder why she did not contact them to inform them she was in town.

Starr asks Britney just what this secret she has about Starr’s father. Britney then explains to Starr that she came there to help both Starr and her mother. But Starr does not buy that. She tells Britney she needs to leave her alone. Britney then tells Starr that she does not believe that she could sleep nights without telling Starr something that she and her mother should know. Starr asks Britney if she knows where her (Starr’s) dad is.

Dorian tells Blair that perhaps she and the children would be better off without Todd. Blair asks Dorian how she could say that.

Miles denies knowing where Todd is. But Marty tells Bo and John that he has been holding something over her. She knows that he has kept Todd Manning somewhere. She does not know exactly why. But she knows the reason why Miles has blackmailed her into marrying her is because of a secret she has that she killed Spencer Truman

At the station, after Marty has revealed Miles’ secret, Bo asks Miles if there is anything he wants to tell him. Miles has nothing to say. Bo tells him in that case, he needs to drop his butt in the chair. Natalie is hearing the whole conversation and does not believe what Marty has just accused Miles of. Bo tells Natalie that he knows Marty and knows she would never lie about this. Marty goes into John’s office to talk in private. He asks her how she could confess to killing Spencer. He asks her if she has any idea what she is doing. She tells him she does. She tells patients all the time that she cannot help them unless they open up. It’s he only way they can have some closure. So this is how she is getting her closure. He tells her that she cannot do this. She tells him that she knows she killed Spencer. And she is confessing for her son.

Outside the door, Bo and Natalie brainstorm about what to do now.  Right then, a reporter asks about Truman’s shrink, Marty Saybrooke confessing to killing him. Cole then asks Miles if he thought he was holding something over him and his mom. And whatever it is., it’s over. Marty has already confessed to killing Spencer. Miles then asks Cole if he has kept the secret about Todd. He mustn’t tell anybody. Not Starr. Not his mom. Not anybody.

Starr demands that Britney tells her what she knows about Starr’s dad and then she better get out. Britney admits that she does not know where Starr’s dad is. But she knows that Cole does.

Blair tells Dorian it’s amazing that she has always hated Todd. Then, she acts like she’s his best friend right at a convenient time. Then she hates him again. Dorian then concludes to Blair that what she’s trying to tell her is that she’s a realist. She must know that Todd is gone for good and he’s not coming back. And she asks Blair just how long she plans to hold out having hope. Blair then replies that she will hold out having hope forever.

Right then, Todd is crawling on the ground, hurt but not looking like he’s going to die or fail to find the people he wants to find.

Sarah tells Viki and Clint all about going on tour to do concerts. Hearing that, Viki concludes that it sounds like she would have money.  Sarah bluff about the reality that she has not been living well. Clint informs her that Cord told him he’s hardly heard from her. She tells him that she’s been too busy to brush her teeth. Rex then concludes that she looks like her teeth are brushed pretty good. She tells them that being busy doesn’t prevent her from practicing personal hygiene. They ask her about how it is that Cristian and Rex have found her and can tell that the three of them have some sort of secret.

Blair confesses to Dorian that she traveled to Chicago to find Todd. Hearing that, Dorian asks her niece if she believes that it is wise to resort to such drastic measures to reconcile with Todd.

Starr tells Britney that she does not trust her. She knows that Britney hates her dad. Britney has been pulling sneaky little stunts from day one, like the slide show where she announced to the entire school that Starr’s dad was a rapist. Britney reminds Starr that he raped Cole’s mom. Britney tells Starr she apologizes for that and is not trying to hurt her. Starr reminds Britney that nothing she has done to break up her (Starr) and Cole has worked. So why doesn’t Britney just give it up?. Britney then tells Starr that once she finds out Cole’s secret, then she and Cole will break up without Britney’s help.

At the station, Bo privately tells John that maybe he (himself) should be interrogating Marty instead of John, whom he can tell may be too emotionally involved. John agrees to keep quiet while Bo asks her if it is true that she does not remember stabbing Truman. Marty admits that she doesn’t actually remember it. But she knows she did it. Bo concludes that Miles is holding Todd Manning somewhere and she has murdered Spencer Truman. That sounds very odd. She tells him that she would not make up either of those things. She tells him that she is confessing and risking the consequences in order to protect her son from a mother and stepfather that are full of lies. Bo asks Marty if Miles informed her that he was holding Todd Manning. He can tell that Miles was probably not the one to tell her that. And he asks Marty who did tell her that.

Sarah admits to Viki and Clint that she was staying in Chicago for a while. She was not living there but was performing there. They ask her why she travels and does not let anybody know where she is. She admits to them that Llanview is like a prison.  She doesn’t like to be stuck anywhere nor have anybody keeping tabs on her. Clint asks her why she does not live in London. She tells them it’s because her father is there. Her mother does not care about her. Cristian, right then, informs Sarah, in front of Viki and Clint, that he and Rex are not going to lie for her. She then confesses that she’s been lying to her parents for years and has been living in Chicago. Viki asks her why she’s done that. Has she been in any sort of trouble? She replies that she didn’t want anybody to know that she has failed as a recording artist.

Marty tells John that Miles cannot get away with what he did. And she cannot get away with what she just did. But neither Bo nor John believe that she killed Spencer.

Britney tells Starr that she knows Starr does not like her. But as soon as Starr finds out what her little boyfriend has been hiding from her, she will feel differently and know whom she cannot trust, Britney tells her. Right then, Starr yells at Britney to shut up. At that point, Blair comes out and asks what all the yelling is about and asks Starr if she is yelling about her father.

Todd is lying on the ground, grasping for his cell phone mumbling Blair.

Clint concludes to Sarah that sooner or later, they will have to tell her parents where she is. She says she realizes that but good luck finding her mom. Rex and Cristian then admits to Viki and Clint about her staying in Chicago with Hunter and the secret they had about Todd Manning.

When Blair comes to interrupt Starr and Britney’s argument, Britney tells Blair that she might want to know this secret that she is about to tell Starr. Hearing that, Blair wants to hear it.  But right then, Dorian interrupts Blair and informs her privately that Marty Saybrooke has confessed to killing Spencer Truman. Hearing that, Blair concludes that it would not make sense that Marty would kill Spencer nor that she would confess to it. Starr tells her mother and aunt that she doubts that Marty killed Spencer. And she tells them that she needs to call a cab on her cell phone to go down to the station and find out what is going on with Cole’s mom. But Blair tells her daughter she will drive her to the station because she is just as curious to find out about this. Alone with Britney, Dorian demands she tells her what is going on.

Hearing Miles and Cole’s discussion, Natalie is intrigued. She leaves them alone. And Miles tells Coles that he needs to think before spilling the beans about Todd. He could lose his mother, his girl friend, everything. Cole then tells Miles that it was he (Miles) who drugged and endangered Todd. He’s going to confess to the truth. He’s not afraid of the consequences. He then goes to find his mother and informs Bo and John that his mother was holding something back about Todd. And it was he who told her what has happened to Todd.

Right then, Todd is lying on the ground and manages to get up and dial on his cell phone.

After Rex blurts out to Viki and Clint that Sarah knows where Todd is, they want to hear what she knows.

Natalie gets a call and takes a message. Right then, she has a flashback of her old romance with John when they first got to know each other playing pool.

Knowing Cole is about to spill the beans to the cops, Miles tells him he better be very careful about what he says. Bo demands that Miles shuts up. Cole proceeds to tell Bo and John that Miles informed him that he’s been keeping Todd Manning unconscious in some room somewhere. And he urged Cole to keep quiet about it by playing a tape recording of Marty confessing to killing Spencer Truman. Hearing that, John is ready to lash out at Miles for blackmailing both Marty and Cole. But Bo urges John to stay focused. They ask Cole some more questions.

At La Boulaie, the phone rings and Dorian answers it. It sounds like a familiar voice mumbling about wanting to see Blair. And right then, she knows that it’s Todd.

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