OLTL Update Wednesday 7/18/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/18/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash and Jessica are in her hospital room talking about Bree and when Jess will come home. Jessica looks sad and says she doesn’t want to go home.

At Dorian’s she talks to Clint about Jessica and the transplant. Dorian makes him a drink as Clint says he doesn’t want to go home and get into it with Asa about David and the ten million. They talk about David’s extortion.

Paige brings crème puffs to Bo. She asks for forgiveness for not being around the last few weeks. Bo say she saved Jessica’s life. They kiss and Paige moves over to get him coffee. Lindsay comes in and asks about the problem he was working out. Paige comes out from behind the door and asks what problem.

At the police station John and Natalie discuss Jessica’s wedding and the fact that Miles and Marty were there. That gets John’s attention and she mentions that John really has a problem with Miles.

Cole confronts his mother about knowing that she killed Spenser.

Bo tells Paige that he talked to Lindsay about working something out. Lindsay says she didn’t know what he was working out. Paige offers to talk if he need too. The hospital beeps her and she leaves. Lindsay tells Bo she was worried about him so she brought him crème puffs.

At the station Natalie asks John about Miles. She says she knows there is more that John suspects about Miles.

Star and Langston arrive at Dorian’s talking about Markko. Langston admits to “just talking” at the movies with Markko. Starr smiles knowingly and asks about him. Starr tells Langston that Britney said Cole is lying to him.

Marty questions how Cole knows about Spenser. Cole asks what happened and makes up a few scenarios on how Marty could have had reason to murder Spencer. Marty tries to explain. Cole begs for the truth. Marty tells him she is afraid of prison and not being with him for all the high points of his life. She says she would do anything to protect him. Coles says he would protect her too and Marty asks from what?

Miles searches around the bridge for Todd. He calls someone and tells them there is a big problem.

Nash and Jessica discuss her coming home. She says loves Nash and Bree and thinks she should stay in the hospital because she is scared her body will reject the liver again. Nash says he has enough faith for both of them. He pulls out papers about post liver transplant and Hepititius C. He tells her everything will be okay this time.

Dorian and Clint discuss Viki and David. Clint tells her David is thinking of leaving town and Dorian says he can’t due to medical and legal issues. Clint says Dorian wants him to break his promise to David and tell Viki about the ten million.

Starr and Langston discuss Britney’s attempt at breaking up Starr and Cole.

Britney and her friends conference call and discuss hurting Starr by telling her Cole is keeping secrets from her.

Marty and Cole argue about being honest and Marty’s relationship with Miles. They both cry and decide to be honest. Marty says she killed Spencer.

Langston braids Starr’s hair and discuss Britney’s goal of hurting Starr and Cole. Langston causions Starr about Britney’s motives.

Britney talks about telling Starr about what Cole is keeping secret. Britney says she needs to think about it. Everyone hangs up but Heather and Britney tells her there is no time like the present.

Lindsay wants to open the All American Exhibit but Bo asks her to hold off until they know that the OPP is gone. Lindsay realizes Bo is eating a chocolate crème puff instead of the strawberry ones she brought. Bo tells her about Paige bringing the same thing. The phone rings and Bo talks to the mayor as Lindsay takes her crème puffs and goes. Bo assures the mayor that finding Spencer’s killer is a priority.

Natalie tells John she will defend her friends or do anything to protect them. John says he’s starting to understand.

Marty tells Cole she will tell him everything. She explains about blocking out the memories and what she remembered. She tells him about her therapist and hypnotherepay. She says she wanted to go to the police but worried about Cole so she kept quiet. Cole says he will keep her secret. Marty asks how he knew about Spencer and he says Miles played the tape for him. Marty asks why he would do that and Cole tells her about him holding Todd hostage.

Miles meets Hunter by the bridge. He tell him Todd is missing. Hunter says that he kept him doped up and Todd couldn’t recognize him. Hunter and Miles walk off to talk.

At Dorian’s, she discusses David and Viki. Dorian tells Clint he is her only concern. She tells him to make the ground David walks on a bit shakey by telling Viki about the ten million dollars. Clint says he can’t tell Viki and Dorian says she can do it.

Nash reads the recovery book to Jessica and she starts talking about working for the Sun from home. Nash reads about the patient having children after the transplant. They chat as Paige comes in to check on her. She tells her the test results look good and she should go home in a few days. Nash makes an excuse to step outside and talk to Paige. He asks her about Jessica’s chances for how she will do with the new liver. He tells Paige to reassure Jessica and Paige says she can’t do that.

Marty gets upset that Cole is an accessory. She wants to go to the police station and Cole says she can’t do that. Marty says she’s glad its out in the open and everything will be okay. She says she is going to the police station and tell them the truth. Cole wants to go with her. Marty says for him to keep quiet and she will tell them about Todd and Miles.

Miles and Hunter search the woods for Todd. Hunter finds the flyer for Todd. Miles says that nobody can find Todd before they do.

At the hospital Jessica and Nash discuss what Nash talked to Paige about. Nash tells her Paige said she will be fine. Jessica wants to discuss the wedding reception and Nash tells her Viki and Natalie can handle that stuff.

Heather gives Britney the address for Dorian’s place.

Langston wonders if Cole really has a secret. Langston teases Starr about Cole going into a phone booth and coming out in a red cape. They laugh.

John and Natalie discuss being friends. Natalie tells him that she knows something is bugging him. Marty and Cole show up at the police station with grim faces.

Clint and Dorian discuss telling Viki about David’s extortion. Clint says Dorian should keep it to herself. Clint leaves to go to the hospital to see Jessica and David.

At the hospital Nash and Jessica talk about their quick wedding. Nash pulls out a ring and puts it on Jessica’s finger. The inscription reads “Two bodies, one heart.”

Britney shows up at Starr’s to tell her Cole’s secret.

John tells Marty he’ll be in the office in a minute. Marty says she wants to see Bo. Cole steps away and calls Miles in a panic about Marty confessing. Miles rushes to see her. Cole closes his phone and says, “Got ya!” Marty walks up to Bo and says she has a confession to make. John and Natalie watch.

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