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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/17/07


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Rex pounds on Adriana’s door and asks to talk to her. But she doesn’t answer. Instead Layla answers and informs him that Adriana is not there. She’s out. And she’s with somebody whom Rex does not want her to be with.

Adrian goes with Tate to the funeral home where they are going to bury his father. She is still friendly and has no suspicion of him. Right then, the funeral director walks in and reveals to Tate this his name is Emilio and his mother is from the Dominican Republic. And right away, he can tell that Tate might have a problem with that.

John goes to see David after the surgery and tells David that he knows his liver will regenerate soon so he cannot be stuck in the hospital forever and use that as an excuse to avoid the issue of Spencer’s murder.

Todd falls and lies on the ground helpless and injured. Right then, some people are walking around with flashlights not far away, ready to find him any minute.

At Rodi’s, Natalie observes Blair and Marty talking and not appearing hostile to each other. She tells them she’s intrigued that they have not scratched each other’s eyes out. Blair then tells Natalie that she’s glad Jessica is ok and she is impressed that David would donate his liver to Jessica. Natalie is cordial to Blair but makes it clear that she does not care for Marty. She leaves to get to work. Blair and Marty admit that they do not like each other but might be willing to work together to get Todd back and to get Marty and Cole away from Miles.

Not far away, Starr and Cole are very surprised to notice their respective mothers talking without looking to be arguing. But they notice that something is going on with Britney. He asks her what was up with Britney. Starr says nothing special. But Cole tells Starr that he knows Britney said something that he needs to know about. Starr then admits to Cole that Britney told her that he is keeping a secret from her (Starr).

David tells John that when a man makes such a noble sacrifice as to donate his liver in order to save somebody, he should be appreciated and honored. John admits to David that that may be. But when David gets out of there, he’s going to demand that David helps him get to the bottom of the mystery of finding out who killed Spencer. He knows that David knows something which he is not letting on about who killed his brother.

Rex asks Layla if she knows whether Adriana will be back soon. Layla admits to him that she does not know and cannot get involved. He tells her that he is just concerned about Adriana’s whereabouts and would like Layla to divulge what she knows. Layla then admits that Adriana is with Tate at the funeral home making funeral arrangements for his father. She admits that she does not approve of Adriana’s friendship with Tate any more than Rex does. But she warns Rex to realize that Adriana does not want him harassing her and getting into her business.

After finding out that the funeral director is Hispanic, Tate appears to have no problem with it and tells Emilio that it is he (Emilio) who appears paranoid. Tate has no problem with people of different races. After all, his friend Adriana is half Puerto Rican. So he asks Emilio to get started with the funeral. They leave together. But right then, Adriana can sense that there is something less than sincere in Tate’s tone.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells Blair that neither she nor her son have a clue where Todd is.

Miles senses the ghost of Spencer telling him that maybe he better watch his drinking. With Miles’ limited tolerance, Blair might be able to catch on that Miles knows where Todd is. And he warns Miles that he needs to keep up his “plan” to blackmail his homicidal wife.

Cole finds Brittan and demands that she tell him what she was talking to Starr about. She admits to him that she informed Starr that he is hiding a big juicy secret from Starr. And she asks Cole if that is not true.

At Rodi’s, Natalie talks to Vincent at a table. He tells her that he can tell that she is still missing John even though she tells him she is contented. She tells him that she does not want to go there. The subject of John is off limits. She then asks him about his love life. She asks him how it’s going with Layla. He tells her that he and Layla might have a chance. She tells him that is good.

Rex tells Layla that he can tell that there is something not right about Tate. And Bo has suspicions also. She tells him that neither he nor Bo have any hard evidence about Tate besides the fact that his father is a white supremacist. And she tells him that she does realize how Adriana feels about somebody disliking somebody over nothing more than jealousy. She admits to Rex that Tate has been staying in hers’ and Adriana’s apartment and sleeping on their couch. He then tells her that he is getting really tired of everybody making excuses for the guy. When if he (himself) so much as has any suspicions about anybody, he’s a terrible person. She admits that she has forgiven Vincent for his wrong doings. Yet she suspects Rex for his motives about having concerns for Adriana.

Adriana and Tate talk to Emilio about the different types of burials for Tate’s father. Tate tells them that he wants his father buried as quickly and simply as possible. She suggests that maybe they should have some sort of eulogy or something to right the wrongs that his father did. But Tate does not want to even consider that. And he admits that he is angry that anybody would so much as suggest that. Emilio leaves and Tate tells Adriana he does not understand why people are so concerned about a dead person who’s just going to be rotting in the ground. What is the point? She tells him she understands that he was angry with his father for good reason. But some people like to have certain traditions for deceased family members. He then realizes that he wants to appear courteous and hide his racist attitude from her before she catches on. SO he apologizes to her and tells her he has to leave. He knows he needs to be alone in order not to blow his cover around her.

At Rodi’s, Cole knows that Britney has some plan to hurt him and hurt Starr and he demands that she leaves Starr alone.

Miles is again haunted by the ghost of Spencer telling him  that if he did kill Todd, he will be doing the world a big favor. Miles tells Spencer’s ghost that he is not a murderer. Spencer reminds Miles if he’s not going to kill Todd, he must at least cover his tracks in order to protect his own self interests. Miles then goes and finds Cole and asks him to call him on his cell phone so that he (Miles) can look to Blair and Starr as though he has an important call and has to depart.. Right then, Blair approaches Miles and tells him she has changed her mind and will stay for dinner and join him. Cole goes and makes himself scarce while he calls Miles on the cell phone. Miles picks it up and sounds as though he has an important business call. At that point, Blair knows he is finding an excuse to leave and tells him that she’s certain whatever it is can wait and she asks him why he has to rush off so son.

Right then, Todd is able to stand up again and limps while walking.

Rex admits to Layla that he wants Adriana back more than anything. But now, his main  concern is to keep her away from Tate because he’s worried that the guy is dangerous. She reminds him that he does not want to be judged because of Roxy so maybe he should not judge Tate because of his father. But Rex protests that for reasons that have nothing to do with Tate’s father, he can tell that there is something not right about Tate. She concludes to him that she believes that he is simply jealous about Adriana’s friendship with another guy.

Tate is alone imagining how he’s going to convince Emilio that he is the non-racist son who feels terrible about what his father did. And right then, Emilio enters and can tell that Tate is lost in thought. He asks him to sign some papers.

Britney tells her friends that she and Cole are over because she can do much better. They then ask her why, in that case, does she care what Cole does? She tells them she does not care. Cole is a loser and he and Starr deserve one another.

After Miles gets his “call”, he announces to Blair and Starr that he got a call from a realtor. And Blair tells her daughter that she is going to follow him and see what he is really up to. But she somehow knows that she has to stay there and cannot put that plan into motion quite yet.

John tells David that as soon as he is out of the hospital, they are going to put the word out on the street that David knows who killed Spencer Truman. He tells David if he dies, he needs to spill out the name of the murderer in blood on the floor. David then reminds John that that sounds like a joke but he knows that David did not say it in order to be funny. Right then, a nurse comes in and John assures her that Mr. Vickers will be ready to be released from the hospital very soon.

Natalie tells Vincent that she is excited to go into business with Asa and that she’s going to travel on her first business trip. He seems genuinely happy for her.

After Blair reveals that she believes that Miles must know something about Todd, Cole asks her why she would assume that. She tells him she thinks she knows there is something going on. Blair leaves Starr and Cole alone. He tells her he can sense that Britney is going to spill the beans about something and is afraid that something could drive them apart. She asks what could possibly drive them apart. He does not answer. Marty enters and asks them where Miles disappeared to. They don’t seem to know. She asks Starr if she has a ride home, assuming Blair has left to tail Miles. Starr tells Marty that her mother will take her home. Marty and Cole leave. Starr goes to find her mother and can sense that Blair has something on her mind.

When Adriana returns home, Layla shows her the gift that Vincent gave her for Evangeline with the healing bark. She reminds Adriana that Rex still loves her and asks if Adriana knows that. Adriana admits that she loves Rex also. Layla leaves to give Vincent’s gift to her sister. While alone, Adriana remembers Tate’s very odd reaction to finding out that the funeral director for his father is not a Caucasian.

Right then, Tate is on the phone, admitting to his contact that he does not care for Adriana but must keep up his phony act with her as long as he has to before “doing what he has to do”.

Alone in the apartment, noticing Tate’s stuff that he’s left behind, Adriana searches through his belongings and finds a coin that looks very suspicious.

Rex goes to find Tate and tells him he does not trust him and won’t let him get away with his “plans”. Tate then tells Rex that he’s pathetic. He’s just jealous that he lost his precious little Adriana. He’s a love sick loser and needs to get a life. Rex knows that there is something Tate is hiding.

Blair tells Starr that she believes not only Miles, but Cole as well, has some sort of secret. Starr tells her mother that she trusts Cole. Blair tells her daughter that is ok. But she has plans of her own.

Marty returns home to Cole and knows that he has some sort of secret. She asks if he is having a problem with Starr. She urges him not to keep secrets. Right then, Cole blurts out to his mother that he knows that she is keeping a secret. He knows that it was she who killed Spencer Truman.

Natalie runs into John and tells him that she thinks it’s very odd that Marty and Miles are married. She obviously does not love him. John asks Natalie if she saw Marty and Miles leave together. She replies no. Miles left without Marty. John then warns Natalie to be careful around that guy. He does not trust Miles as far as he can throw him.

Right then, Miles goes to find Todd in the place where he left him. But Todd is gone. Spencer’s ghost tells Miles that Todd probably could not go very far in his condition. But Miles better find him fast.  We, then see Todd not far away, lying on the ground in the dark.

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