OLTL Update Monday 7/16/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/16/07


Written By Jennifer S.
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When Starr is alone in the dark, depressed and missing her dad, Cole finds her. He tells her he’s missed her. She reminds him that it’s only been a few hours. She smiles and they kiss. But not far away, Britney watches them and wants to break them up..

Blair is singing at Capricorn. Rex finds Sarah by herself, telling her that for a person who wants to stay inconspicuous, she is sure finding a conspicuous place to have dinner. They observe Blair singing. Rex reminds Sarah that she must know that if something were to happen to Todd, she could be charged as an accessory for murder. But Sarah does not seem to care. She is engrossed in listening to Blair singing She is singing a song about the difference between lonely and being alone. And right then, Blair interrupts her song, says she is sorry but somebody she loves is missing and she cannot continue singing tonight.

Right then, Todd is walking though the woods all lone.

At the hospital, Paige announces to everybody that Jessica has made it out of surgery and both she and David are going to be ok. Right then, Nash asks if he can see her soon. Paige tells him as soon as it is safe for him to see his wife, she will clear it for him.

Right then, David and Jessica are in hospital beds side by side. He awakens to see a nurse and asks if she is an angel. She tells him no. But somebody could say that he is for the sacrifice he’s made for this young woman. He notices Jessica awaken. He turns to her and tells her he hopes that she enjoys his organ as much as he did. She holds his hand. He makes jokes about feeling a whole liver lighter and he’s glad it’s out of his torso. Jessica reminds him that she cannot laugh after surgery. There are too many stitches. She tells him that he is her hero.

Clint tells Dorian that his daughter has fought so hard. She tells him yes. Jessica has the Buchanan spirit. She also tells Clint that she would like to talk to David when he can have a visitor. She asks Clint if that is a problem. Clint admits to Dorian that Clint has blackmailed him and he is not going to let that go. But Dorian tells Clint that David did make the noble sacrifice to save Jessica and she is not angry at him.

Not far away, Miles is trying unsuccessfully to win Marty over by offering to take her and Cole out to dinner. She is not responding and only wants him to leave her alone.

When Britney comes and harasses Starr and Cole, Starr asks Britney if she has anything better to do with her time. Britney departs. Cole indicates that he might be concerned about her. And Starr snaps at him, telling him that if he wants to feel sorry for Britney, then he should be with her instead.

John finds Blair at the bar after she’s stopping singing. And he seems to know that she is close to having another meltdown. She tells him about how every day that goes by with Todd missing just pushes her closer to the edge. Right then, Sarah and Rex enter and Sarah informs Blair that she might be able to help her. Blair asks Sarah if she’s heard from Hunter or knows anything about Todd. Sarah admits no. Blair then demands to know why Sarah said she can help her. Sarah then tells Blair that what she means is that maybe she could be more supportive. Blair snaps at Sarah, reminding her that she could have saved Todd but she didn’t care if he died. Sarah admits that maybe she is a bitch and a spoiled brat. But she was just a little scared of the risk of going to jail for getting medical care for Todd. She leaves. Blair tells John that she cannot deal with not knowing where Todd is or when or if she will see him. Rex and Sarah go to their table and he asks her why, not long ago, she did not care about Blair and now she is all over her like a cheap suit. Sarah tells Rex she was just trying to be nice. Right then, Rex gets a call from Michael McBain at the hospital. Marcie is standing right by her husband when he calls Rex, realizing that there is something he is not telling her. She asks him if they are ok now that he’s found out from her that she cannot get pregnant.

Dorian tells Clint that maybe he should just be happy that Jessica made it and David’s liver saved her. But he angrily tells her after the stunt that David pulled in order to donate the liver, Clint would like to get his hands on David and rip every organ out of his body.

In the hospital recovery room, after Jessica has told him he is a hero, David sets her straight without coming out and telling her exactly what happened. He admits that everything has a price with him. Right then, Nash walks in. Jessica is elated to see her new husband.

Marcie tells Michael that she wanted them to work through the bad news that they cannot have a child together. But right after she told him, he left. He came to the hospital when he wasn’t even on duty. She asks him if he knows how that makes her feel. He tells her he is sorry. She tells him that she does not think he’s sorry. She thinks he’s angry. He feels cheated. He feels ripped off. He is giving no consideration to how she feels. She wishes that he would have some sensitivity for how she hurts. He again apologizes to her, telling her he’s been thoughtless and callous. He tells her he loves her and he loves their son. And they could always try to adopt again. They can have other kids. Everything will be fine. But she tells him no. The pain will never go away. She cries. And he assures her that she is the love of his life. She is the best thing that has ever happened to him. And he never wants her to doubt that. He tells her he wishes they could talk now. But he absolutely has to meet somebody right now. He still cannot tell her what he has to do.  He tells her that they will have to work this thing out at home. And he will see her later. He gets up to leave. And Marcie does not look like she is ok with what is happening.

Sarah goes to the hospital and asks a nurse of Jessica Buchanan is out of surgery. The nurse tells her that Jessica is out of surgery and she’s doing ok. She then asks Sarah if she is family. Right then, Sarah says never mind and rushes out of there.

Right then, Rex discovers that Sarah has departed from Capricorn. John tells him he better keep better track of her.

Jessica and Nash tell David that he is an incredibly generous person. He tells them they would not say that if they knew everything about him. Right then, the nurses take Jessica to her room. Nash helps. When David is alone in the room, Clint comes in to confront him.

Cole and Starr go to meet Marty and Miles at Rhodi’s but cannot find them. They sit down. She tells him that he must be happy not to have to have dinner with his mom and psycho step dad. He tells her that he is just getting used to his new family situation. She tells him that she knows that maybe he doesn’t want to be there alone under the present situation. Right then, Blair appears. Starr is surprised to see her mom and tells her she thought she was working together. Blair admits to her daughter that she is upset about not finding Todd. Blair tells Starr and Cole that she thought she’d come by. But she doesn’t want to interrupt their date. Right then, Marty and Miles enter. Miles asks Blair to join them. She asks if he is out of his mind. At another table, Britney admits to her friends that she is going to mess with Cole’s mind. She tells them that Cole deserves it after lying to his girlfriend about her missing father.

 Right then, Todd is stumbling through the wilderness. And right then, he notices the poster that Blair his put up to find him.

David asks Clint if he has seen his daughter and knows that her color is better. Clint angrily tells David that David does not give a damn about Clint’s daughter. All David cares about is greed and revenge. David tells Clint that he really values his liver. And he tells Clint that he admitted to Jessica that he is nobody’s hero. He admits to Clint that money is what he lives for. And he got his money. And Clint got his daughter back. They have both won. So maybe Clint should see the money that has come from his off shore account as a token of Clint’s appreciation.

Blair admits to Starr and Cole that she would rather go to the bar and have an adult beverage that join them with Marty and Miles. And she encourages them to get home safely. Marty, Miles, Cole and Starr sit at a table when Britney comes by. Cole tells her to get lost. Having no clue whom she is and assuming she is Starr’s friend, Miles tells his “stepson” to have some manners. But Cole tells him that Britney is not Starr’s friend. Marty and Starr leave Cole and Miles alone at the table. Cole tells Miles that he is keeping his mouth shut about Todd but he’s not ok with it. Starr goes over to confront Britney and Britney informs her that Cole is keeping a major secret from her.

Michael goes to Capricorn to talk to Rex. John asks them what is going on. He can tell that his brother has something going on that he’s not admitting. And he tells the two of them that whatever is going on, it’s going to come out sooner or later. John leaves Rex and Michael alone. Rex can tell that Michael is getting freaked out, assuming he’s afraid that Rex is going to spill the beans that Todd Manning is Tommy’s biological father. Michael tells Rex that there is something else that he’s upset about. He informs Rex that Marcie cannot get pregnant. Hearing that, Rex asks if she is alright. Michael tells Rex that he cannot understand why it is that Marcie does not trust his love in her. And the only way they can have another child is if the secret about Tommy never gets out. So he blames himself for the threat that Marcie might never get to be a mother again, as long as she is married to him.

David tells Clint he may go ahead and hate him. But Clint’s daughter is going to be ok. And his father can stay out of prison after killing David’s brother. Clint tells David he’s despicable but he’s now rich because he will get the money. Clint gets up to leave. David asks him if he’s going to tell Viki. Clint then tells David he will let him have that honor. Clint goes out the door and sees Dorian. He admits to her that he’s not ok after talking to David. She then tells him he may say no more. She urges him to go in and see his daughter as that will make him feel better. He then goes in and tells Jessica that he has prayed for this. She is his precious little girl and he loves her so much.

Rex tells Michael that even if Todd is alive and comes back, he need never know that Tommy is his son. But Michael is very worried that Todd may not stop until he finds his kid. And hel admits to Rex that the only way he will have peace and security is if Todd Manning stays missing.

Cole tells Miles that he really should tell Starr and Blair where Todd Manning is. But Miles tells him he cannot. They whisper and make certain that nobody can overhear their private conversation. But people all around are noticing them. Miles tells Cole he must stop obsessing about Todd Manning and he must start acting like he’s happy to be part of this new family. At the bar, Blair observes them and can tell that they must be in cahoots about Todd.

After Britney has told Starr that Cole is lying to her, she tells Britney she does not believe it. She tells Britney that she is pathetic. She has so little going on in her life, that she has to do these ridiculous things. She returns to the table with Cole and Miles. Marty is ready to leave. But Blair corners her and tells her she want to know what Cole and Miles know about Todd.

Rex tells Michael that he “gets” why he wants to Todd to stay missing. Michael tells Rex he may be sick and dishonorable to want that. But Todd has a wife and two children. And he could destroy Michael’s marriage and family. And he wont’ let that happen. Michael then goes out the door. Sarah comes in and finds Rex and asks him what that was all about. He asks her where she went. She admits she went to the hospital. He asks her why she would want to visit the Buchanans. He thought she wanted nothing to do with them. She tells him she made herself very scarce. And she asks him about his private conversation with Michael McBain. He tells her it was none of her business and that she better not sneak off again without telling him. She tells him she did not think he cared. He tells her he does not.

Clint admits to Dorian that his daughter has gotten a miracle. And here he is hating the man who saved her life. He admits that maybe he needs to let bygones be bygones with David. And he tells her he is very happy to have her in his life.

David is alone in this room contemplating what to do with all of his investments. John McBain walks in. He tells John that he’s on some really good drugs and doesn’t want his spirits dampened.. John then reminds David that they still have a killer to find. So David better rest up and get ready to cooperate in finding him.

Blair tells Marty that she believes that Miles and Cole have a secret. She sounds courteous to Marty for the first time telling her that maybe they can work together. She can help Marty and Cole get rid of Miles. And Marty can help her find Todd.

Right then, Todd has fallen over in the wilderness and weakly calls out for help.

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