OLTL Update Friday 7/13/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/13/07


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Right after Blair has dropped a poster with Todd’s picture, it falls into the place where Todd is lying unconscious.

At The diner, Starr talks to Cole and Langston about the search for her father. Cole reveals that maybe he does not want her father to turn up.

At Marcie’s, she is with Tommy, telling Lindsay all about how much fun to watch him grow. Lindsay then asks Marcie how long she plans on holding off telling Michael that she cannot have a baby of her own. She admits that she has yet to tell him. Lindsay reminds Marcie that Tommy will ask why he cannot have another brother or sister. Michael needs to know. And Marcie needs to tell him today.

After Jessica and Nash’s wedding, Miles tells Marty that they have the same vows as they do. She tells him there is one major difference. Jessica and Nash actually love each other.

 At the hospital, Viki tells Clint and Dorian how grateful she is to David for donating his liver to her daughter. Little does she know that David is demanding that Clint coughs up $10 million for the “favor”

Right after the wedding, in Jessica’s hospital room, they suddenly notice that Jessica is going into shock and becoming unconscious. Paige and Michael rush in. Michael announces that Jessica is coding so he needs everybody out.

Vincent tells Layla that he has suspicions about Tate. She tells him that maybe Tate should not be judged because of his father. Vincent tells her that he has kind of a similar situation with a father he wishes he did not have and his quest to prove that he is not like his father.

Marcie argues with Lindsay about how now is not the right time to tell Michael the unfortunate news. But Lindsay tells her that there is no “right time” to tell him. Marcie is just afraid that when he finally tells him, it will be too final.

Nash freaks that right after exchanging vows, Jessica has to go into shock. Viki and Clint tell him he must calm down and not assume the worst. But he tells them that right after getting married, he cannot lose her now. The doctors rush Jessica into surgery. Michael tells the family that he wants to help although he is off duty. Viki tells him that she appreciates his help. But she encourages him to go home to his family. He then tells her that Jessica is in his and Marcie’s prayers. And he departs.

Miles tells Marty that he is upset about what has happened to Jessica. She is his niece, his only living relative. Marty then snaps at him, telling him this is not about him. Natalie then enters, overhears their conversation, tells Marty that maybe that was not what Miles meant and she asks Marty why she is so hostile to her own husband.

Cole is keeping the big secret from Starr, Langston and Langston’s boyfriend. Cole has the flashback of Miles convincing him to keep quiet about what has happened to Todd by reminding Cole that Todd almost had him killed, he raped Cole’s mother and he kept Cole away from the girl he loves.

Not far away, Britney and her friends can sense that Cole has something going on that he’s not telling anybody.

Right then, a guy is walking with his dog along the bridge, right above where Todd is being kept. Suddenly, the dog runs underneath the bridge and is able to smell a human being. And he finds Todd.

Vincent, implies to Layla, something about how he’s working to reform himself from the “man he used to be”. He sounds like there are some things he doesn’t want to talk about. She tells him that he really let her down. She was really angry at him. But she knows that he is making efforts to change and that means something to her. He tells her that he is making changes. But she mustn’t flatter herself thinking he’s doing it for her. He’s doing it for himself.

Michael returns home to Marcie, Tommy and Lindsay. He picks up his son. Marcie asks how Jessica’s surgery went. He informs her that she needs emergency surgery. But hopefully she will have the right liver match. He also informs Marcie and Lindsay that Jessica and Nash got married right before the surgery. Lindsay then tells Marcie and Michael she has to leave. Marcie follows her to the door. When they are alone and Michael cannot overhear, Lindsay tells Marcie that she does not need another child in order to make her marriage work. That man is crazy in love with Marcie. Michael is able to see that Marcie is upset about something. She then tells him that there is something going on that she’s been keeping from him that she has held off on telling him. He asks her if it’s something bad. She tells him that it is really bad.

At the hospital, Marty leaves Miles and Natalie alone. Natalie tells Miles that she can tell that his wife is not being “too sympathetic” the way a wife should be toward her husband’s niece having a crises like that. He tells her Marty is just upset about the situation. She tells him that everybody is upset. But they are not biting each other’s heads off nor blaming anybody for something that is nobody’s fault. And right then, Natalie asks Miles just why he married the “ice queen” in the first place.

Bo comes to the hospital to talk to Clint. He is very angry to find out that David Vickers is blackmailing him in order to donate his liver to Jessica. Clint tells Bo that he wants to just let it go. And he reminds his brother that if he arrests David for the $10 million scheme, then Bo must also arrest their father.

Starr tells Cole and Langston that she needs to call her mother to see if there is any sudden news about her father. Cole tells her she may not need to do that and asks her if her mom would not have called her if she found anything out.

Britney and her friends are on the warpath with Starr and with Cole since Cole ditched her at the prom and asked Starr instead.

Right then, the dog has found Todd, jumps on top of him and is obsessively sniffs all over him. The dog’s owner calls and looks like he’s about to follow the dog and find Todd in seconds.

Layla asks if Vincent means that by his wanting to change being all about him, that it does not matter what she thinks. He tells her that he did not say that. He tells her that it does involve her. He admits to her that she has given him a conscious and damn her. She then tells him she is sorry. She can tell he is kind of joking and asks him how he likes the ‘new” him. He tells her he sometimes misses the old con he used to be. He asks her if she wants him to be a saint. She tells him she would not go that far. She wouldn’t like him as much of he was a saint. And she admits that she likes the new him a lot. And he kisses her.

Michael holds Tommy and asks Marcie if her “grim” secret is about Tommy. She tells him no. He then asks her if she is ok. She asks him why he would assume she is not ok. He tells her he wishes she would just get it out. She then explains all the excuses she’s found to put off telling him. She cries. And he demands that she just says it. She tells him that she just didn’t want “it” to be true. He asks her what it is that she did not want to be true. She then answers that she cannot have children.

In surgery, Paige works with the other doctors operating on Jessica.

Outside, Nash tells Viki that he knows that Jessica has always been a fighter. She tells him that that is true. But she believes that her daughter needs him. She believes that together they can beat the odds.

In response to Natalie’s question, Miles tells her that he married Marty because he loves her.

Bo tells Clint that he just cannot let David Vickers get away with what he did. And he might not have a problem arresting Asa with him. But he admits that at their father’s age, it could kill Asa. And he cannot be responsible for his father’s death.

After Starr and Langston go off together, able to sense the Cole is acting kind of funny, Britney and her friends are contemplating whether they can break Starr and Cole up.

Marcie admits to Michael that she cannot get pregnant. It’s not him. It’s her. He tells her that maybe she should go and get some tests done. There are ways to help her. But she angrily tells him that she’s already seen too many doctors and had too many tests done for nothing. She breaks down crying. He asks her what they told her. She tells him that she has too narrow of a cervix. He tells her she must know that that can be easily corrected. But she tells him he does not understand. Her uterus is abnormally shaped. She cannot carry a child. And there is no way to fix that. He then tells her that he wants to go and talk to the doctors and find out if there is a way. But she tells him there is no point in doing that. There is no way she can have a baby. And she is sorry. She cries. He tells her there is no reason for her to be sorry and he holds her.

Natalie tells Miles that we cannot choose whom we fall in love with. But we also cannot make anybody love us back. He tells her that he believes if you really love somebody, in time you can make somebody love you. She tells him he should not count on that.

Bo leaves Clint alone and Dorian returns to Clint. She tells him she is truly sorry and never knew that David would pull a stunt like this. She has sincerely tried to talk to him and persuade him not to go through with it. But he won’t listen.

Bo runs into Lindsay and she can tell that there is something going on with him. He tells her that there is something he wishes he could do. But he cannot. She asks him why he cannot do it. He tells her that it would tear his family apart. He tells her he’s on slippery moral ground, right now Not far away, a nurse comes out not looking positive about Jessica’s surgery.  Nash and Viki can tell that this cannot be good news.

Vincent shows Layla a present he has for her sister. It’s the bark of a tree that’s the only one like it that grows in the African Savannah. It’s the only tree that can re-grow its own bark. And it’s supposed to have profound healing powers. He admits to her that he’s not certain if he believes it. But she tells him she does. She really appreciates his thoughtful gesture and she will go and give it to Evangeline.

Marcie tells Michael that she blames herself and she feels like they are being punished. She tells him that maybe they could adopt more kids. Right then, he reveals that maybe they should not do that. She tells him that maybe this is God’s way of telling them they cannot have more kids. He then tells her she cannot think like this. She must believe that God is on their side and will help their family get through this. She then tells him that He has already given them Tommy. And no matter what happens, they will always have him. He then assures her that everything will be ok. And they hold Tommy together.

The doctors admit that Jessica might be in fatal condition.

Right then, a nurse comes out and admits that the surgery is not over. She brings Nash Jessica’s wedding ring in a plastic bag and assumes her name is still Mrs. Vega. Nash then snaps at her that Jessica is Mrs. Brennan. Nash then goes to find Marty, remembering that that was the ring that Patrick gave her that she gave to them. He tells her he really appreciates what she did. But he will be positive and believes he can buy Jessica the biggest diamond he can find when all of this is over. She is happy that he has hope for his true love. But right then, Miles enters and Marty is furious.

Not knowing exactly what is up with Bo, Lindsay tells him that if he knows what he is doing is right and nobody will get hurt, then maybe he should go with his gut. At that moment, he gets a text. She tells him she can walk him to the elevator. He tells Clint he must leave and to call him when Jessie is out of surgery. Clint then asks his brother what his plans are. Bo admits that he can “live with it”.

At the diner, Cole gets a call from Miles which he knows he must take without his friends overhearing. Miles asks Cole if he is still sticking to their plan. Cole tells Miles he is but he does not like what it is doing to Starr. She is going crazy not knowing where her daddy is. Starr then asks who called him. He lies telling her it was just his mom.

Right then, Todd awakens and stands up. He finds he’s underneath a bridge. He walks on the rocks and seems to be ok.

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