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Rex is sleeping and unaware that Sarah is in his bed with him. He reaches for “somebody” and tells her he loves her but is startled that it’s not whom he thought it was.

Adriana and Tate go to talk to Bo at his office about the murder of Kirk.

At Marty and Miles’ home, he talks to her about the “compromises of marriage”. She snaps at him telling him that she knows about the compromises of marriage and wants to be left alone. He tells her that he could sue John McBain and the police department for the crimes they’ve falsely accused him off. She then demands to know what about the crimes that he has committed.

At the hospital, while David is being prepped for surgery, he admits that he is worried about having his liver removed. But he makes it clear to Dorian that he plans to collect all the money that Asa owes him whether anybody likes it or not.

In Jessica’s hospital room, she and Nash announce to her family that they plan to get married right there and then. Jessica then asks Piage if there is a problem with that. Paige says no. As long as it does not conflict with the surgery. Natalie then tells her sister that she is not going to let her get married without some things she is planning on getting her. Viki informs them that she also has to leave. Alone with Clint and Nash, Paige asks them to step outside so that she can examine Jessica. They leave. Alone with Jessica, Paige admits that she is noticing that Jessica’s pulse could be stronger. And they need to get her into surgery

David tells Dorian she cannot tell him that she would not do the same thing if she could collect $10 million. He justifies to her that you cannot put a price on saving a life. He’s saving Jessica’s life. And he’s selling his liver for $10 million. Dorian is angry at David for extorting Clint. David admits that he does not want to sever his friendship with Viki and realizes it might happen if Viki finds out what he is doing to Clint. So he tells Dorian if Clint talks, his liver walks. Right then Viki walks in and Dorian makes her aware that they were just talking about her.

Miles tells Marty that he has to go away for about an hour. She seems concerned about why he has to leave. He tells her he thought she did not care when or where he goes off or why. She admits that she does not. He tells her that some day she will kiss him good bye like a real wife. She departs and Marty gets on her phone.

Blair goes to find Cristian at the bar and informs him that she knows that Miles must know where Todd is. And she reminds Cristian that he told her she should not give up in finding Todd. He tells her that that is true. He does not judge her for loving Todd and refusing to give up.  He’s in a similar situation with Evangeline in a coma when he has no “rights” to visit or know how she is because he’s not her family. Blair tells him that she is going to find Todd. He needs her.

Right then, Todd is lying unconscious in a room in what looks to be a cage.

Rex tells Sarah that she was supposed to sleep on the couch. She tells him it was uncomfortable and she needs coffee. She also reminds Rex that he is experiencing “avoidance” She heard him talking about his “ex” in his sleep. He needs to realize that she dumped him. She asks him if he does not want to get this out and talk about it. He can’t bottle it all up inside. That will really mess him up. He tells her he will not let her act like his therapist. She tells him she has had enough experience seeing shrinks in her life. She knows the drill from having her mom send her to shrinks throughout her life. She then asks him about his thoughts and feelings about Tate Harmon. He tells her he still does not trust Tate. He believes that Tate is a weasel and he cannot figure out why Adriana trusts him. She seems to agree that Rex might have good instincts about that.

Layla and Vincent go to talk to Cristian at the bar. He is not ok with the fact that because he is not family to Evangeline, he cannot even visit her at the hospital. Layla informs him that doctors have told her there is no change in her sister. Cristian then gets a call. Rex asks him to come over and “stay” with Sarah. He has something to do. Cristian tells Rex that he’s a little busy there. But Rex reminds Cristian that it was both of their idea to bring Sarah to Llanview. He’s been her body guard the whole while. And now Cristian must pitch in. Cristian then agrees. He then informs Layla and Vincent that Kirk Harmon is dead. Vincent expresses his anger toward the racist jerk who is responsible for all the hate crimes, assuming it’s Kirk.

Tate tells Bo that he knows the reason why his father was killed.

At the hospital, having no clue about David’s ulterior motives, Viki tells him how grateful she is to him that he’s giving part of his liver to Jessica. She tells him she does not care if he has “motives”. Right then, Clint tells her that Jessica and Natalie want to talk to her. Clint departs to find Nash. Dorian goes in to talk privately to David. He thanks her for not ratting him out to Viki. But she is still not ok with what he is doing.

Nash is a little concerned about the results of surgery. And he needs to find the chaplain to perform the wedding. Right then, Clint takes Nash aside and tells him they need to have a little talk before he becomes a member of their family.

Dorian admits to David that she might have her own ulterior motives. She tells the nurse that since Mr. Vickers is making a noble sacrifice, so can she by donating blood to him. He then asks why he has to have his blood drawn. She reminds him that it’s standard hospital procedure.

Roxy goes to do a makeover on Jessica. Natalie and Viki tell her they appreciate her help. Roxy tells them that it’s her pleasure. Jessie was once just like her daughter.

Clint tells Nash that he wants to make certain that Nash loves his daughter and will honor all of his vows to her. Right then, Nash tells his future father in law that he completely forgot the formalities. So he asks if Clint will allow him to commit to his daughter. Clint tells Nash absolutely and hugs him. Right then, the Chaplain appears and everybody is ready. They enter to see Jessica with make up and flowers in her hair.

Tate tells Bo that his father asked him if he could earn his respect. And Tate told him that in order to do that, Kirk would have to promise his son that he would disavow his pledge of hate crimes and turn over the names of the other people involved. And that could have been what got him killed. Adriana is outside the office. Rex comes in and tells her that he knows that Tate’s dad was a “bad judge of character”. She tells him of course. He’s a white supremacist. And Rex asks her if Kirk’s “traits” could not have been passed down to his son. She asks why he would assume that Tate is racist if he hangs out with her when she is half Puerto Rican. He then asks Adriana if it might not be that Tate wants to “cover up” what he’s all about by looking like he wants to be friends with her. Blair then comes and tells Rex that she really appreciates his efforts to find Todd and she has realized that all of the conflicts she’s had with her ex husband are less important than they love they have. Rex and Adriana listen to that and wonder if that could not be applied to them.

But right then, Miles is in the room where Todd is lying unconscious.

When Cristian goes to be with Sarah, she asks how long he and Rex plan to baby-sit her. He tells her until they find Todd. But she tells him that she doubts Todd will ever come back. He tells her that Blair has not given up. Right then, Sarah notices a painting Cristian has of Evangeline. She can tell that this is an important woman in Cristian’s life. Cristian tells Sarah that Evangeline is out of commission. Hearing that, Sarah tells Cristian that maybe he needs to tell Evangeline how he feels about her. She can tell that he is in love with Evangeline although he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it. And maybe if he admits it to Evangeline, she will wake up.

While outside the office where Tate talks to Bo, Adrian tells Rex that she does not want to listen to his negative theories about Tate. Right then, Tate leaves Bo’s office.  Rex asks Bo if they can talk alone. Adriana seems very concerned about how Tate is feeling. Right then, she leaves and runs into Layla an Vincent. Layla tells Adriana that maybe she should not go outside. There are too many reporters outside asking too many questions. He tells her that reporters are asking him and Layla many nosy questions about how Layla’s and Adriana’s company has featured the son of a white supremacist as their spokesmodel. They’ve asked Vincent how that makes him feel, as a black man. And he’s wanted very much to ask the reporter how they would feel if he were to whoop their ass.

Bo can tell that Rex is on a “mission” He warns him not to do anything stupid and to be careful.

Marty invites her psychiatrist to talk to her alone in her home. Marty admits that their last session was very intense when she admitted to murdering Spencer. The shrink tells Marty that it is entirely possible that she did not really kill him. But Marty informs the shrink that Miles Laurence has a taped confession where she declares that she did. And Miles blackmailed her into marrying him. He’s told her that the only alternative to that is that he turns her in for murder, which will make Cole a warden of the court. And she admits that she is so angry at Miles, she would like to “kill” him. The shrink makes note of that last statement that Marty wants to “kill”.

Nash tells Jessica that the way they met was so uncommon. But there they are. She is the mother of his child. And now they are going to be a family. He never thought he’d have a family. Although he knows that this was not exactly the wedding that either of them wanted, it does not matter. He then tells her that he promises to spend the rest of his days making her happy, keeping her healthy and to continue being the man that she knows he can be. She tells him that she has dreamt of this moment too. And she pledges herself to him to be his wife.

Miles checks unconscious Todd’s pulse to make certain that he is still alive. He injects him with a syringe of something. He tells Todd that this is the last of it and he can get him some more at the hospital. He then promises to get Todd out of there and get “better accommodations” when they get back. He obviously has some motive to save Todd.

Cristian makes a call where somebody is doing him a favor to let him give a message to Evangeline. He asks if somebody can hold the phone to Evangeline’s ear. He takes Sarah’s advice and tells her he loves her and misses her and wants her to come back to him. He returns to see Sarah and thanks her for being a lot smarter than he gave her credit for.

Adriana asks Tate what the coroner said about his father’s death. He tells her that they said he can release the body. Right then, Tate is surrounded by a reporter as well as Adriana, Layla and Vincent. The guy asks Tate how he feels about his father. He tells him he hates what his father has done. But he has all the respect and admiration for his friend, Adriana Kramer, and her business partner, Layla Williamson. He then hugs Adriana and talks to her in Spanish.

Marty goes to join Jessica’s wedding ceremony. Miles is with her. The chaplain performs the ceremony. Both Nash and Jessica say they do. Nash gives Jessica the ring. And he pronounces them husband and wife.

Blair goes and posts pictures of Todd, asking people to call a number if they see him. But right then, she drops the poster with Todd’s picture. And it falls down a hole. And coincidentally, Todd is lying in that very place where the poster drops.

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