OLTL Update Wednesday 7/11/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/11/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Jennifer

At the diner, Adriana is surprised to notice Rex walk in with Sarah. She remembers her as Flash. They tell her that Sarah is just in town temporarily. But it looks as though Rex and Adriana are both having their doubts about continuing their relationship and Sarah may be a part of that. Not knowing whom Adriana is, Sarahh then asks her if she is the “ex” whom Rex has told her about.

At the police station, Talia talks to Bo about what should be done with Kirk Harmon regarding the consequences of his “hate crime”. Right then, she answers the phone and somebody tells her they want to talk to the police commissioner. Bo and Talia wonder just whom would be making this call.

At the hospital, Dorian, Clint, Viki and David are all very surprised to find out that after Jessica’s new liver has failed, they’ve found that David may be a match for a new transplant.

Right then, Nash happily proposes to Jessica and she says yes.

At Marty’s home, she is able to tell that her son knows something that he is not telling and he has a secret with Miles. He tells his mother that he knows she has a secret she is keeping from him. Starr an Blair listen and are shocked at what they hear.

Miles is driving with the ghost of Spencer in the passenger seat talking to him. Right then, a uniform cop stops him. John is nearby. The cop tells him that Miles has been driving erratically. He asks for license and registration. Miles admits that it’s not with him. The cop then asks him to get out of the car and keep his hands where he can see them.

At the diner, Adrian assumes that Rex might have moved on and is seeing Sarah. Rex and Sarah both trip over their words trying to explain that they are not sleeping together. The reason Sarah is temporarily staying with Rex has nothing to do with that. Adriana then informs them that she knows that Rex and Cristian went to Chicago to find Todd and ran into Sarah and boyfriend, Hunter, who have admitted to seeing Todd. But she seems to know that something else might be going on. Right then, Rex notices Tate and can see that he and Adrian are getting along really well. Rex asks Adriana if she can overlook what Tate’s father has done and which he can sense Tate might be involved in. They argue. Rex and Sarahh decide to get their own table. Adriana and Tate sit at another table. Again, he tells her about his most recent visit to his father in prison and milks all of her sympathy about his father’s terrible attitude and his noble concern for him. Sarah observes them together and tells Rex that it’s clear that his girlfriend has moved on. So maybe he should too.

Rex tells Jessica he needs to get some coffee and leaves. Natalie enters.. Jessica is beaming with happiness and tells her sister she must know how happy Nash makes her. Natalie smiles and notices that her sister is genuinely happy.

Outside in the hospital, Viki is concerned that it will be a big commitment for David to have surgery in order to save Jessica’s life. She reminds them that her own liver was as much of a match but doctors won’t let her put herself at risk to save her daughter. Clint then asks David if he’s willing to save their daughter’s life.

While Tate is in his car and stopped by the uniform cops and John, John tells him that he must know that by driving Marty’s car without her permission, he has stolen her car. Miles then reminds John that since Marty is his wife, he does not need her permission to drive her car. But the cops realize that by driving without his license or any registration in the car, he is breaking the law. John then tells them he wants to know just how many other laws this guy could be breaking. So he instructs them to search the car.

Bo answers his call and finds out it’s the prison warden. He informs Bo that he need not come to the prison to talk to Kirk Harmon. Kirk previously called and asked to talk to Bo. But there’s no reason for Bo to go and talk to him. The reason is because Kirk has been killed. Talia is very surprised to hear that somebody in the prison would murder Kirk. She asks how it could happen. It seems odd that the person who did it is white and had no motive to kill a racist.. And Bo then finds out that Kirk made a call before he died and wanted to talk to Bo. He hasn’t a clue as to why. He assumes that maybe Kirk wanted to “cut a deaf”. But now that Kirk is dead, nobody will ever know just want he wanted to talk to Bo about.

At the diner, Tate tells Adriana how concerned he is about his father’s terrible crime and how everybody judges Tate because of his father. She assures him that she will not stand by and let people do that to Tate and she will stand by him to convince the world that Tate is not his father. At the other table, Sarah tells Rex that she can notice something kind of “odd” about Tate. They both wonder what Adriana sees in him and can notice that Tate has some sort of secret.

In Jessica’s hospital room, she tells Natalie that she has some good news. Natalie can tell what that is. Jessica is going to marry Nash. She hugs her sister and seems happy for her.

Paige talks to David about the procedures involved in the surgery that would enable him to donate a portion of his liver to Jessica. He tells her he is willing to go through with it. But it seems as though nobody will let him back out. Viki happily thanks David for the tremendous sacrifice he is making for her daughter. So does Clint. And Dorian is happy also although she reminds him that she knows how afraid he is of any medical procedure, knowing he probably does not want to do this.. And Viki tells David that they will go and announce the joyous news to Jessica.

Miles protests to John and the cops that they cannot inspect the trunk of the car. They ask Miles why he is refusing to open it if he has nothing to hide.

Cole tells his mother that all of this stuff that Blair has revealed looks really suspicious. He knows that either she or Miles know something about Todd which they are not letting on.

John tells Miles that Hunter somehow knows that Miles might very well be hiding Todd Manning at his address. Miles asks why they would believe such an absurd story coming from this Hunter character. Miles keeps seeing and hearing the ghost of Spencer telling him he’s completely failed to bluff John. And at that point, the cops decide to cuff Miles and take him down to the station.

Sarah tells Rex that she needs to find something out. She has a lot of suspicions. She demands the keys to his apartment so she can investigate something. She leaves. Right then, Bo enters and finds Tate. Tate asks Bo what he may have found out from his father when Kirk called and asked to talk to Bo. Still having no clue what is really up with Tate, Bo informs Tate that there is no easy way to say this. But his father has been killed in the prison.

Viki walks into Jessica’s room and informs her daughters that Jessica is getting a new liver. Right away, Natalie and Jessica tell their mother that she cannot risk her health by donating her liver. Viki informs them that it is not hers’ that will be donated. Clint enters and informs them that it’s David Vickers who will be donating his liver to Jessica. Nash then walks in and informs them that he wants to get married before the surgery.

At the diner, Bo tells Tate that he questioned everyone about the murder of his father. Rex and Adriana come by and witness the conversation. Bo admits that he has no clue what the motive for the murder is. Tate says he assumes that it would be somebody who is angry at his father for the racially motivated hate crime. Adriana wonders what information they would have. Bo then tells them that it’s totally odd. The murderer has been identified as not only a white guy. But a skin head and member of the white supremacy, no less. Rex and Adriana are very surprised. And Tate seems no less surprised although little do they know what he knows.

After hearing that Nash wants to marry Jessica ASAP, Viki asks why the rush. He tells her that all he knows is that the wants to marry Jessica. It does not matter where they are or what they are doing. As long as he is with her, their wedding ceremony is the best thing in his life. He loves her. He then tells her family that even though the actual wedding cannot be a Buchanan celebration the way they want it, they will have all the time they want and need to have a reception when she comes home and everything is back to normal. Viki then tells them that she has some things to do. Clint goes outside and informs Dorian that Jessica and Nash want to get married right away. Dorian seems happy. But is the reason really for that? She reminds Clint that she is really “happy” that David is going to go through with the surgery to save Jessica, knowing that he may not want to. Right then, Clint goes to see David and tells him that he is eternally grateful for what he is doing. And he asks if there is anything he can “do” for David. Hearing that, David then tells Clint that actually there is something he could do. He can get back the $10 million that Clint’s father stole from David.

Bo talks to Tate about the funeral arrangements and the autopsy scheduled for his father. Tate then tells Bo that he needs to be alone. Adriana asks Tate if there is anything she can do. But Rex reminds her that Tate has just told her he needs to be alone. She does not listen and goes out the door after Tate.

In Jessica’s hospital room, Natalie tells her sister that this day has started out lousy but has turned out pretty good. She’s gotten a new liver and is marrying a wonderful man. Jessica reminds Natalie that she(Natalie) has always been such a pessimist. Natalie tells her sister that she(Jessica) has always been such an optimist. Nash informs them that he’s always been a realist abut he couldn’t be happier that he is marrying the woman he loves.

At the hospital, while David and Clint are talking, Viki tells Dorian that she wants to thank David from the bottom of her heart for the sacrifice he is making for Jessica.

Clint tells David that he can tells that David wants to be friends with Viki. And that might end when Viki finds out that David has demanded the money form Clint. David tells Clint that he’s willing to accept the consequences for demanding the money. Clint better cough it up or he will not go through with the surgery. Clint then informs David that he will see if he can get it wired.

John goes to Marty’s and asks her  if Todd is not in hers’ and Miles’ home, why then did Hunter say he saw Todd there?.

Tate is on his cell phone, in the dark, alone, having a private conversation with this “contact” who has killed his father. He tells the guy that he did not want him to kill his father. But because he did not want Kirk’s death to be for nothing, he will do what he is supposed to do. He then goes to a park bench, noticing that Adrian observes him, and looks, to her, like he is crying and mourning the loss of his father. She asks him if she can help with anything. He tells her that when he was a child, his father was a great dad. He used to go out and play sports with him. He used to be such a great person. But then, somehow, he and Kirk went on their separate paths. And no matter what, Kirk is his father. He loves him. And he’s going to miss him. He breaks down crying. And Adriana puts her arms around him.

Bo tells Rex that as much as he does not like Kirk Harmon, he is not happy about his death. Rex asks Bo if he does not find it a bit odd that Kirk was killed by a white dude, a white supremacist, no less. Rex asks if maybe that white supremacist killed Kirk right after Kirk was ready to call the cops and implicate another racist. Bo says that’s entirely possible. Rex then asks if maybe there is somebody whom they know right now who knows something about this whole thing, meaning Tate.

After John tells Miles of his suspicion of hiding Todd, Miles tells John that he wants a chance to prove his innocence and that Hunter does not know what he is talking about. John tells Miles he hopes that he can do that. Cole and Marty are nearby. Marty leaves her son and “husband” alone.  Miles then privately tells Cole that he is doing the right thing to keep quiet about trying to kill Todd. Cole does not argue with Miles but is worried about the outcome.

At the hospital, Viki reiterates to David how grateful she is to him. In Jessica’s room, Natalie and Nash talk about how she’s going to get all spiffed up and look beautiful for her wedding. Nash then tells her that they should start a record for the longest and happiest and most beautiful “ever after”. And he kisses her.

Sarahh and Rex walk into Roadies and meet Adriana. As Rex tries to move along, Sarahh asks Adriana if she is the ex he keeps talking about in his sleep.

At the police station Bo gets a call about going to Statesville prison because Kurt wants to talk to him.

David Vickers is shocked to learn he is the exact match for Jessica’s liver transplant. Nash prods Jessica to marry him and she says yes as Natalie watches.

Marty asks Cole why he’s upset with her. He remembers Miles telling him that his mom will go to prison if he goes to the police.

Miles talks to his imaginary Spencer as the police pull him over. John McBain shows up. Miles doesn’t have his license and they ask him to step out of the car.

Adriana asks about Rex talking about her in his sleep and Sarahh remarks that it makes it hard for her to go to sleep. Adriana is shocked but she believes they’re not a couple because of what Cristian told her. She asks about Todd. They argue briefly about Tate and he comes in. Sarahh drags Rex off to a table and Tate and Adriana take one across the room. They discuss Kurt’s sentencing. Sarahh tells Rex he should move on.

Nash runs out to get a priest so they can get married. Natalie stays with Jessica.

In the hall Viki, Dorian, Clint and Page talk to David about the surgery and scars.

At Marty’s apartment Cole tells his mother she threw away any chance of happiness by marrying Miles. He warns her to stay away from Miles before it’s too late.

On the road Miles gets out of the car and they frisk him. John asks him to open the trunk.

Bo talks to the warden at Statesville and finds out that Kurt has been killed. He was stabbed in the dining hall. Bo talks to Talia about it.

Adriana asks what Kurt said to Tate. Tate said he was spinning more venom then ever. Tate worries about how this will affect Adriana’s company. Rex watches from across the room and Sarahh asks about Tate. Rex tells her that the underware company he works for is Adriana’s. She says because Tate’s upper lip protrudes he wears “headgear”.

Natalie asks Jessica if she is strong enough to get married and Jessica says it will give her strength. Out in the hall David agrees to be the donor. Everyone is grateful. David goes off to get tests and Viki and Clint go in to tell Jessica.

Miles tells the cops they can’t open the trunk. They tell him his suspicious behavior gives them probable cause. They pop the trunk and stare.

Cole and Marty talk about Todd’s disappearance and how Miles could be mixed up in it. Cole demands to know what she isn’t telling him.

Miles opens the suit bag in the car. Spencer tells him it’s a good thing he dumped Todd when he did. John asks if Miles knew Hunter but he denies it. John has Miles arrested and drags him down to the station.

Sarahh ducks behind the menu as her Uncle Bo walks in. She says she doesn’t want to see Bo and Rex assures her Bo is cool. Sarahh tells Rex to bring her food and she flees.

Bo tells Tate his father was killed in prison.

Jessica tells her parents that Nash and she are getting married. Viki tells her she’s getting a new liver from David. Nash comes in saying he heard. He says he got a priest but needs a license. He asks if Clint or Viki could help so they can get married today, before surgery.

Bo says the inmates give no information but they know who stabbed him. Adriana asks if it was racial. Bo says he was white. Tate remarks that doesn’t mean it was from his brother hood and Bo says he was a skinhead. Tate asks about claiming the body.

John brings Miles into police head quarters. Miles asks for a lawyer. John gets in his face and tells him he’s going to find out what he’s hiding. John orders Marty’s car to be carefully searched and then dropped off at Marty’s. John will drive Miles home.

Nash and Jessica talk about not waiting to get married with her family. Viki doesn’t look happy but says Jessica should be kept quiet right now. Viki and Clint go into the hall and Clint asks if Viki knows a judge. Viki goes to make a phone call. Dorian comes up and asks what’s going on. Dorian brings up the fact that she insisted David get tested. Clint goes to tell David how grateful he is.

Page takes the blood samples to the lab and Clint comes in and says thanks for helping Jessica and if there’s anything he can do –just let him know. David asks for the ten million dollars Asa promised him.

Bo tells Tate there will be an investigation and autopsy. Adriana asks if she can do anything. Tate leaves and Adriana follows him. Rex tries to stop her but she goes anyway.

Jessica worries about her body rejecting the new liver and Nash and Natalie try to reassure her.

Viki comes back down the hall and she says she might not get the license till tomorrow. Viki thanks Dorian for getting David tested. Dorian makes a remark about Viki and David getting close just in time. Viki thanks her for doing whatever she did to make David so mad he asked to move in with her.

David tells Clint. No money, no liver. Clint says how do you want it transferred?

Marty and Cole talk about Miles and Todd as John walks in with Miles. John says Miles sent him to Chicago.

Tate argues on the phone about the OPP killing his father. Tate ends the call saying he’ll do what he’s supposed to do. He hangs up the phone and sits on the bench as Adriana walks up to comfort him. Tate reminisces about his father and breaks down. Adriana gives him a hug.

Bo and Rex talk about Kurt’s death. Rex asks if it bugs Bo that he was killed by a white dude. Bo says the guy was a skinhead and yes it bothers him. Rex asks if he was going to give someone up. Maybe someone they know?

Tate begins to rage about making people pay. Adriana tries to comfort him.

Miles denies knowing what Hunter was thinking. John says they’ll catch him and ask him. John tells him not to leave town until the ticket is taken care of. Marty walks John out and Cole asks where he took Todd. Miles says he’s been taken care of.

David joins everyone in the hallway and makes jokes. They tell him it will be alright. Viki tanks him and hugs him.

Inside Jessica’s room Natalie asks what they can do to get ready for the wedding. They talk about everything that happened today and kiss as Natalie smiles.

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