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One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/5/07


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Marcie is in the park with Tommy. She does her impersonation of DeNiro in which he says, ďYou talking to me, uh-huh, you talking to me.Ē Then she says, ďhiĒ to Tommy. Tommy babbles. Lindsay walks up and just watches Marcie with Tommy. Marcie looks up and sees Marcie standing there. Lindsay apologizes and tells her that she hopes that she hadnít startled her. Lindsay comments on Marcieís impersonation of De Niro. Marcie owns up to Lindsay that every time that she looks at Tommy, she remembers what she is hiding from Michael.

Blair plays a game with Jack and lets him win. She questions him if he is going to have a good time at camp. Blair turns her attention to Starr and asks if she is going to spend the day with Cole. Starr is taken aback that she and Blair can discuss Cole without arguing. Blair asks her to just leave her phone on just in case that she finds out something about Todd. Starr agrees that she will do as she asks.

Cristian complains about the coffee being cold. Sarahh apologizes. Sarahh owns up to him that she is no cook. Cristian replies that making coffee is not cooking. Rex comes out of the bathroom and complains that there is no hot water and he promises them that he will get in the bathroom first the next morning. Cristian complains about having to sleep on the hard sofa, but he explains that it will be worth it when Hunter comes back. Sarahh lets him know that Hunter is not coming back and neither is Todd.

Miles comes into the living room where Marty is having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. Miles lets her know that he is going for a run. Marty tells him to make it a long run so she will be gone when she comes back . Miles wishes that Marty wouldnít talk to him like that. Marty reminds him that he had blackmailed her into marrying him. Miles tells her matter of factly that he will find a way to make her love him. Marty tells him not to hold his breath. Cole comes into the living room just as Miles leaves. Marty speaks to him and tells him that she hadnít expected him up so early. Cole lets her know that Starr had called and woke him up. Marty offers to make him some breakfast, but he refuses. Cole inquires as to where Miles is. Marty tells him that he had gone running. Cole reminds Marty that she used to go running. Marty tells him that she didnít do it everyday. Cole questions Marty as to why her and Miles didnít never do anything together. Marty imagines that Miles reminds her that she had killed Spencer Truman and she was his now. Marty orders Miles not to touch her and to let go of her. Miles tells her that she is not going to say no to him anymore. Marty begins to yell, ďlet go of me, let go of me.Ē Miles goes downstairs to visit Todd. Spencer appears to him and lets him know that he has done a masterful job up to now, but there is so much more to do.

Lindsay wonders how much longer that Marcie can go on like this. Marcie doesnít even know herself. Lindsay knows that Michael will be upset at first, but he does love Marcie. Marcie knows that Michael loves her, but she just wants to wait to tell him until she is absolutely sure. Lindsay reminds her that she had been sure for quite awhile now. Marcie doesnít want to accept that she cannot have children. Lindsay realizes that it is hard for Marcie to accept the inevitable. Marcie had considered fertility treatments, but the doctors had told her that it just wasnít worth it in her case.

Marty makes up the excuse that she hadnít gone running with Miles, because she had had some case studies to review. Cole wonders if that is all it is. Marty tells him that Miles ran faster than she did. Cole reminds her that her and Miles never did do anything together. Marty tells him that they had gone to Nash and Jessicaís last night . Cole tells her that he doesnít know much about being a newlywed, but werenít they supposed to kiss and hold hands. Marty reminds him that she has a teenage son to consider. Cole remembers that he had never even heard Marty tell Miles that she loved him. Marty apologizes and explains that she didnít know that he wanted to hear gushy protestations of love. Cole realizes that there is something that she isnít telling him. Marty knows that Cole is upset that he hadnít known about the marriage, but there are parts of their relationship that should remain between her and Miles.

Miles explains to Spencer that he canít keep doing this to much longer. Miles worries that someone will come down there and find Todd and that just makes him want to throw up. Spencer tells him that he is stronger than that. Miles lets Spencer know that he doesnít want to do this to Todd that he needs a doctor. Spencer reminds him that he has all the knowledge that he needs and he knows what needs to be done. Miles knows that he has been lucky so far because Marty had almost caught him. Spencer reminds him that Miles is in control and just sit back and enjoy the ride. Spencer tells him that he is proud of him and that he had done everything that he had told him to do in his letter. Spencer trusts Miles to finish what he had started. Miles wants to back out of this, but Spencer tells him that he is in too far to back out now.

Cristian tells Sarahh that she gives up pretty easy on Hunter not coming back. Sarahh assures him that the thing between her and Hunter wasnít that big of a deal. Rex interferes into their conversation and reminds Sarahh that Hunter had kidnapped her Motherís brother. Sarahh tells him matter-of-factly that that was just a coincidence that it was Todd that Hunter had kidnapped and by now he had probably dumped Toddís body somewhere. Rex reminds her that she had told them that Hunter was only doing it for the money, and that he must have collected the money. Cristian wants to know why he would do that. Rex tells her that he can prove that he had done what he was supposed to do to hold up his end of the bargain .Cristian suggests that he could have taken a photograph. Rex assures him that he could have taken a pic. Sarahh assures them that Hunter hadnít had a lot of experience with stuff like that, and that he was alright when she had met him. Rex tells them that somebody had got to him. Cristian states that someone had known that Todd was going and that they were going to Chicago. The thought occurs to Cristian that it must have been Miles because he had been the one, who had told Todd that his child may have been in Chicago. Between Rex and Cristian they begin to piece it together that Spencer Truman was behind all this and that he was the one, who had had enough money to pay off Hunter. Rex and Cristian come to the conclusion that they should all go back to Llanview. Sarahh refuses to go with them. She lets them know that she will let them know when she hears from Hunter. Rex insists on staying in Chicago until Hunter comes back.

Marty wants to know why Cole is standing up for Miles. Cole reminds Marty that she was the one, who had told him that she was doing what she was wanting to do. Cole has noticed Martyís treatment of Miles, but when she is confronted about it, she denies it .Cole insists to her that she doesnít want to have anything to do with him. Marty reminds Cole that her and Miles have an understanding, and can they just leave it at that. Cole agrees. Cole mentions that Starr has a lot of problems, but she never treats him like Marty treats Miles. Marty asks them if they had fun yesterday and she laughs. Cole tells them that they had just hung out at Dorianís pool and they had seen the fireworks. Marty reminds him that that had better been the only fireworks going on. All Cole can say is ďhuh. ĒMarty reminds him that him and Starr are still very young with all their lives ahead of them . Cole lets her know that they had already heard the lecture. Marty inquires if they had heard anything from Todd. Cole lets her know that they havenít. Cole tells her that Starr is always saying that Todd will come back. Cole knows that Blair will stand up for them .

Blair assures Starr that Todd had been in trouble before, but he always manages to get himself out of trouble no matter what and it is going to be that way this time. Blair changes the subject and asks Jack where his backpack is. Blair remembers that she had left it on the kitchen counter along with his lunch. Jack volunteers to go get it. Blair thanks him for getting the backpack .Starr tells Blair that she had just conned Jack. Blair denies that she had conned Jack. Starr tells her not to try it with her, and she wants to know everything. Blair tries to assure her that she knows everything that she knows, but Starr is still worried that this man may have hurt Todd. Blair tells her not to say that. Blair assures her that Rex and Cristian will find Sarahhís boyfriend.

Miles continues his imaginary conversation with Spencer in which Spencer had told him that he wanted to teach Todd a lesson. Miles reminds him that he has a wife and friends here. Spencer questions Miles if he is beginning to believe all the lies that people are saying about him. Miles confirms that what he had been told about Todd were right . Spencer reminds him that he will be Martyís avenger in what Todd had done to her. Spencer feels that it is ironic that Miles is in love with the woman that had stabbed him.

Marcie lets Lindsay know that she had wanted four children just like her Mom. Lindsay assures her that she can still do that. Marcie wants to see the child that her and Michael would make together. Marcie canít understand that no one else in her family has this problem. Lindsay reminds her that all Michael had wanted was a family and he had that. Marcie confesses that Michael bothers her lately to have another child. Marcie knows that she had to tell Michael about her problem, but she knows that she will disappoint him.

Sarahh thinks that bunking with Rex and Cristian is like bunking with Starsky and Hutch. Sarahh hopes with all her heart that they find Todd. Rex points out to Cristian that Sarahh had changed that she had grown and matured. Cristian doesnít quite see it like that. Sarahh tells them that they know nothing about her. Cristian lets her know that they are concerned about a manís life. Sarahh orders Rex to not go off on her because his girlfriend had kicked him out .She accuses Rex of talking in his sleep. Rex denies her accusation. The telephone rings and it is Hunter. Sarahh mumbles to herself that she canít believe that it is Hunter on the other end. Sarahh begins to questions Hunter as to where Todd is.

Miles reminds Spencer that Marty had killed him because he had been attacking Blair. Spencer denies attacking Blair. Miles tells him that Marty had said that he was forcing himself on Blair. Miles tells him that he is never going to do that with Marty. Spencer questions him as to when Marty will be ready to make love to him out of love. Miles assures him that it will happen. Spencer asks Miles if he would do anything to keep Marty and Miles tells him that he will. Spencer asks him does that include murder.

Cole tells Marty that he and Starr had won Blair over and they can do the same thing with her dad. Marty assures him that she had known Blair a lot longer that he has. Cole concludes that maybe she is right about Blair .Cole is happy that they donít have to sneak around to see each other anymore. Marty returns the sentiment. Marty tells Cole that she had married Miles without telling him so how could she forbid him from seeing Starr. Cole asks if she is happy. Marty tries to make Cole believe that marrying Miles was the right thing to do.

Michael comes to visit John on the roof and comments that John isnít too keen on recycling. John wants to know what he is doing here. John tells him that he guessed he had fallen asleep up here. Michael begins to say, ďJohn.Ē but John interrupts him and tells him to leave it alone. Michael lets him know that he canít do that. John refuses to talk to him. Michael notices that something is really bothering John. John inquires as to who had said that. Michael thinks that this is about Natalie. John lets him know that it is not about Natalie this time. Michael refuses to leave until John opens up to him. John gives in and tells him that it is about Marty Saybrooke.

Starr wonders if they canít find Todd then what will happened then. Blair assures him that they will find Todd because they have a good lead this time. Starr finds out about Sarahh and thinks that Blair must be kidding her. Starr wonders what if Todd canít get out of this trouble this time .

Hunter refuses to tell Sarahh where he is. Sarahh wonders whatís up with that. Hunter tells her that it is the same reason as before. Sarahh reminds him as to how that he had left her. Hunter reveals to her that he knows that she had sold him out. Sarahh denies doing this. Rex whispers to himself that Hunter is on to her. Hunter tells Sarahh that he has Toddís cell phone and he had checked the outgoing calls and someone had called Blair. Sarahh denies doing anything like that. Hunter demands to know if she had called the cops on him, too. Sarahh denies again that she has no idea as to who had made that call. Hunter tells her that she is a big disappointment and she isnít what he thought she was. Sarahh asks him if he is threatening her. Hunter asks her what does she think. Sarahh thinks that he is threatening her. Cristian knows that she isnít going to get Hunter to say anything to her about where Todd is. Rex remarks, ďNo, no Cris.Ē Cristian talks aloud so that Hunter can hear that it is just a matter of time before they catch up with him. Hunter wants to know who that is and had Sarahh called the cops. Cristian tells him that he is not a cop, but if he doesnít tell them where Todd is then he will be his worst enemy. Rex tries to get Cristian to relax. Rex gets on the phone with Hunter and explains the situation to him about Toddís children wanting him back and they donít care about him. Cristian wants to know what Rex is doing. Sarahh confirms that Hunter knows what she did and he is coming after her. Cristian comforts her and tells her that he and Rex will protect her. Sarahh doesnít believer him. Rex questions Sarahh as to what she is doing. She informs them that they are on their own that she is out of there.

Lindsay confirms that Michael has had a bad year. Marcie remembers how that Michael had thought that John was dead and then the explosion at the hospital. Lindsay knows Michael had been stressed, but she doesnít think that it had anything to do with Marcie and Tommy. Marcie is reluctant to give Michael any more bad news. Lindsay wonders what Marcie is going to do. Marcie tells her that she just doesnít know.

Michael gives John a hard time that there is something going on between John and Marty. John denies any involvement with Marty. Michael questions John if Marty had just married Miles Laurence. John confirms that she had. Michael offers his sympathies. John lets him know that he doesnít think that Marty is in love with Miles. Michael doesnít quite understand where John is going with all this. Michael can sense that John is on to something. Michael tries to get John to talk about what is bothering him, but John refuses to talk about it.

Cole tells his Mom that he just wants her to be happy. Marty lets him know that she has that someone in her life and that someone is Cole. Marty tells him enough is enough and that he should be making plans with Starr instead of playing matchmaker to her.

Spencer cautions Miles to think before he changes courses in midstream. He asks Miles if he wants Marty to become a jailhouse widow only to fall into the arms of John McBain. Miles assures him that Marty doesnít love John. Spencer cautions him at least not yet. Miles orders him to stop talking like that. Spencer reminds him that he isnít even here. Miles lets him know that it is all the stress that he is under. Spencer tells him to fix it .

Lindsay lets Marcie know that it isnít giving birth to a child that makes it yours, itís loving him and feeding him. Marcie asks her to change the subject. Michael join them and speaks to Lindsay. Michael apologizes to them for being late. Marcie tells him that it is no problem. Michael lets her know that he had bumped into John. Marcie notices that the baby swing is open. She asks Tommy if he wants Daddy. Marcie states that Tommy loves the baby swing .Marcie gives Tommy to Michael for him to take him to swing. Michael tells Marcie that maybe next year, theyíd be putting in another baby swing.

Sarahh orders Cristian to put her down. Cristian does as he likes. Rex lets out a whistle. Sarahh lets them both know that she is so tired of all this. Sarahh tells Cristian that she had loved the caveman routine. Cristian tells her that it had kept her from getting away. Sarahh wants to know what is she supposed to do just sit here like a sitting duck. Rex reminds her that she had said that Hunter was a regular guy. Sarahh tells them that he was up until today. Rex also lets her know that now Hunter knows that the cops are on to him. Rex isnít so sure but he thinks that Hunter may be scared and just wants to shut Sarahh up. Cristian doesnít know if he would take a risk like that Blair is glad that Jack had found his backpack so now he is ready for camp. She tells him to have a great day and not to throw his lunch away. Jack assures him that he wonít. Starr inquires if Paul is driving him to camp. Blair tells Starr that she is going to try to get in touch with Rex and Cristian. Starr tells her to call her if she hears anything. Blair promises that she will. Starr asks if Paul would drive her to Coleís. Blair tells her, ďSure.Ē Jack asks if Cole is Starrís boyfriend. Starr tells him to knock it off. Blair separates them from arguing. Starr whines that Jack does that all the time. Blair asks them to give her a hug. Starr and Blair tell each other that they love them .

Marty tells Cole that she hadnít actually done anything. Cole states that it sure sounded like that. Marty is glad that she had changed her attitude about him and Starr. All Cole will say is, ďoh.Ē Marty reminds him and also facing off with Blair. She reminds Cole that Blair is irrational. Marty realizes that she and Blair have a lot in common. Cole tells her that her and Blair have something else in common and that is Miles. Cole explains that she is married to Miles and Starr thinks that Miles might have had something to do with Toddís disappearance.

Cristian suggests that they let the police protect Sarahh. Sarahh tells them no. Rex reminds Cristian that Hunter is after Sarahh and they want Hunter in order to find Todd. Cristian states well, he guess. Rex suggests that they should move Sarahh out of town. Cristian thinks that that is using Sarahh as bait. Sarahh assures them that she doesnít care as long as it gets her out of Chicago. Rex asks if she is alright with going back to Llanview.. Sarahh balks at the idea.

Blair gasps as she asks, ďwho he is?Ē Hunter tells her that it doesnít matter who he is because he can tell her where she can find Todd Manning .

Marty knows that Starr is desperate to find her father, but Starr is wrong about Miles. Marty assures him that if she had thought that he had had anything to do with Toddís disappearance then she would never have married him. All Cole will say to that is ďokay.Ē Marty asks him if he believes her . Cole tells her that he just had to ask. Cole tells Marty not to get upset because Starr will be there soon. Marty assures him that she is not upset. Marty tells him to go and get that box of summer clothes out of the storage room. Cole does as she asks .

Miles pants. Spencer tells Miles that one little shot and Todd will be in dreamland forever.

Marty says, ďHi.Ē to John. John lets her know that he needs to talk to her. He asks her is she alone. Marty tells him that Cole is in the storage room and Miles is out running. John thanks her. Marty asks if this had something to do with Spencerís murder. John lets her know that this is not business, itís personal.

Cole arrives at the storage room and sees a man lying there. He tells the guy that he canít sleep here. He looks at him more closely and sees that it is Todd.

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