OLTL Update Wednesday 7/4/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/4/07


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Viki comes out on the patio where David is lying on a recliner. She offers him a glass of orange juice. David asks her if she had missed him. Viki tells him that she thought that he might be thirsty.  When David kinda makes a face, then Viki remarks if you don’t want it. David tells her to hold on and he makes a face when he sees that there is no champagne in it. Viki questions him if he had put a bottle on ice. David wonders what is on her mind. Viki lets him know that she is just enjoying the birth of their nation. She turns the tables on him and asks what is on his mind. David tells her that he had woke up naked in your bed this morning. Viki remarks, “Oh.” David questions her if they had done it.

Clint remembers when he had told Dorian to forget Viki and to stay there with him. Dorian remarks that she will only be gone for a few minutes. Dorian mumbles to herself, stupid, stupid, stupid. Clint walks into the room where Dorian is. Clint asks Dorian if this is a bad time. Dorian remarks that it is never a bad time for him. Clint tells her why don’t they start with an apology.

Jessica tells Nash that they should start cooking. Nash makes a growling sound. Nash remarks, “I’ll say.” Jessica giggles at his remark. Jessica hits him. She lets him know that she had meant the barbeque. Bree begins to fuss. Jessica tells Nash you see, she is saying, “Feed me, feed me.” Nash tells her that Bree might be saying that she hopes that Mommy  and Daddy are cooking me a brother or sister. Jessica reminds him about waiting for an okay from the doctor. Nash tells her that Bree doesn’t know about the doctors orders. Jessica reminds Nash that the baby’s name is Bree. Nash reminds her that that isn’t what it says on her birth certificate. Jessica assures him that that is going to have to change. Nash wonders says who.

Talia comes to visit Antonio. Talia reminds him that she is a cop and not a paramedic, but she offers her help. Antonio asks her if the place is that bad.

Cole asks Marty which box his bathing suit is in. Marty instructs him to look in one of the bigger boxes. Miles orders them to wait and then he asks what are they looking for. Marty tells him that Cole is looking for his swimsuit. Miles wants to know where is the  box. Marty tells him in the storage room. Cole tells them that he will be right back. Miles tells him, “No.” Everyone looks at him quizzing.  Miles orders Cole not to go downstairs.

Lindsay and Marcie are enjoying the Fourth of July celebration. Roxy exclaims that she loves the Fourth of July, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Brassiere Day. Marcie is confused. Lindsay corrects Roxy and tells her that she thinks Roxy means Bastille Day. Michael reminds them that since they are talking about clothing that they need to take Tommy shopping for some new clothes. Marcie remarks that she is such a bad Mom. Marcie suggests that they get together the stuff that he had outgrown and donate it. Michael thinks that this a great idea. Roxy reminds them that they will need all those old clothes when another McBain pops out, and from the sound that was coming from their bedroom then that will be in nine months sharp.

Marty asks Miles is there a problem. Miles tells them that they won’t want to spend their time looking around the basement for his swimsuit so Miles offers Cole money to buy a new swimsuit. Cole refuses his money. Marty tells him that Miles is right that the storage room is a mess. Marty suggests that he wear a pair of shorts for now. Cole tells her all right .Cole and Starr go to the bedroom to pick out a pair of shorts. Marty reminds them to leave the door open. Cole says, “okay.” Miles lets Marty know that he was only trying to help. Marty tells him that he has a lot to learn.

Dorian lets Clint know that she had missed him last night .Clint tells her that he had missed her, too. Dorian tells him that she had made a terrible mistake. Clint tells her to stop that she had made her apologies last night. Clint reminds her that she was being honest last night, but he wasn’t. Clint owns up to Dorian that that scene between Viki and David had made his jealous, too, but not enough to hightail it over there. Dorian knows that it was terrible leaving Clint alone at her house. Clint reminds her that she had given in to twenty years of antagonism. Dorian tells Clint that she is not perfect. Clint tells her that he is not asking her to be perfect, that he doesn’t even want her to change. Clint lets Dorian know that he is falling in love with her. He asks her to just choose her battles a little more carefully. Dorian agrees to do as he asks .

Nash hums as he gets ready for the barbeque. He speaks to Brennan and asks her how is she doing. He senses she likes her name, Brennan. Jessica asks Nash would he want their daughter to have a complex about her name. Jessica reminds Nash as to how their daughter will be treated in school when they find out that her name is Brennan Brennan. Nash remarks that that is cold, but he sees Jessica’s point. Jessica tells Nash that she understands why he and Tess had wanted to name her that. Jessica tells Nash that she loves him and will marry him one of these days.

Talia asks what is Antonio talking about. Antonio knows that Talia is not looking at the wound. Talia begins to make excuses. Antonio orders her to stop hemming and hawing. Antonio questions her if he will have an ugly scar. Talia lies and tells him no. Talia notices how vain that Antonio is about his scar. Talia tells Antonio that scars give you character. They begin to show each other their scars.  Talia begins to put antibiotic ointment on Antonio’s side. Antonio groans a little. Talia begins to question him as to when he may be back on the job. Antonio lets her know that Bo won’t let him near the precinct until Paige signs off on his recovery. Talia begins to tape up his incision. Antonio remarks that he owes her and thanks her. Talia tells him that she means to collect. Talia questions him if he thought there was more to their relationship. Antonio agrees. Talia acts as though she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Antonio then accuses her of being all over him for months.  Talia can’t believe her ears. Antonio admits that he likes the attention. Talia lets him know that he is celebrating today because it is Independence Day.

Cole lets Marty know that they are heading out. Marty wants to know if he had left a number where he could be reached. Cole tells her that he did. Marty confirms that Starr’s Aunt Dorian will be there. Starr lets her know that there are a million maids at her house and it is like Big Brother. Miles interrupts and asks them about sunblock. Marty tells them to have a great day. They tell each other bye. After Cole and Starr leave, Marty blasts Miles and lets him know that he is no parent. Miles encourages her to tell him what it is like to be a parent. Miles wants to know all Cole’s favorite things. Marty assures him that it doesn’t work that way. Miles tells Marty that he just wants them to be a real family. Marty tells him that it takes years to build a family. Miles assures her that he will do whatever it takes.

Dorian wishes Clint a Happy Fourth of July. Clint suggests that they go to Llanfair right now and sue for peace. Dorian wants to know how that is a good idea. Clint reminds her that it is Independence Day and he wants a line drawn in the sand which says, “no more fighting.” Dorian remarks, “no further fighting.” Clint suggests a real and genuine truce. For once in her life, Dorian is speechless. Dorian admits that fighting had gotten them nowhere so why not peace. Clint is surprised by Dorian’s change of heart and he is glad to hear it. Dorian suggests going over to Viki’s for a good old-fashioned Fourth of July declaration. Clint changes his mind and suggests that they wait a few days before going over there. Dorian declares that she had always liked the element of surprise. Clint questions her if she is going to apologize. Clint has reservations about them doing this.  Dorian goes to change her clothes.

Viki asks David if he is suggesting that she took advantage of him. David lets her know that she wouldn’t be the first. Viki lets him know that they did not do it. Viki laughs. Viki lets him know that he had conked out about ten minutes into “people will talk.” David wants to know how he had ended up naked. Viki lets him know not a clue. David suggests that he would shout it from the rooftops that he finds her. Before he can finish his sentence, Viki lets him know that he is obsessed with Dorian and that is what this all about. David reveals that she is right that he is totally obsessed with making Dorian squirm. Viki lets him know that his secret is safe with her. David is glad that they finally got that settled. David suggests a method that will unclog Viki. Viki thinks that the method is so good and wonders where he had learned it . David relives his past with a woman named Uta and how she had reconciled with her husband and had left him high and dry. Viki realizes that she must be reaping the benefits of David’s instincts. Viki assures David that that feels so good. David lets Viki know that she is one sexy mother. Clint and Dorian walk up and overhears David’s remark.

Jessica wonders why there are 15 pounds of ground beef unthawing on the counter. Nash tells her that he is grilling. Jessica asks him if he would mind if she called for reinforcements.

Roxy accuses Michael and Marcie of wanting more children. Roxy wants to know who she would tell. Lindsay remarks all the ladies at the hair haven and then before you know it, it would be all over Llanview.

The telephone rings and Marty answers it. Jessica is on the phone and invites Marty and Miles to come to the vineyard for a Fourth of July celebration. Marty refuses, but Miles takes the phone from her and and accepts for them both. Miles asks what can they bring.

Miles lets Jessica and Nash know that they brought pie. Miles offers his help. He goes into the house to help Nash with the corn and Marty helps Jessica with the grilling . While they are eating Miles asks Marty to marry him again in front of all their family and friends in Llanview.

Clint and Dorian walk in on David massaging Viki’s shoulders. It is an embarrassing situation for all. Clint and Dorian reveal the reason why they are there to mend fences and to try to get along .Viki suggests that they have a picnic and watch the fireworks. Chairs are brought up and Clint goes to the grill. David fixes Clint a drink which Clint refuses. Viki join them to see if she can do anything and Clint hands her a plate to take to the table.

When Viki join Dorian at the table, Viki tells Dorian to help herself, but Dorian tells her that she is watching her weight. Viki begins to eat because she is starving. Dorian begins to point out all of David’s faults, but Viki defends him. Viki gets Dorian’s goat when she tells her that David snores.

Marcie asks Michael if it makes him nervous when people start asking them when they are going to have children. Michael replies, “not really.” Marcie lets Michael know that she wants more children, but she doesn’t know if they will have enough space or enough money. Michael assures her that they will work all that stuff out. Marcie knows that Tommy is a huge responsibility. Michael tells her that every parent has doubts, but he knows that this little guy is going to be the best McBain ever.

Michael tells Marcie that he just wants her to be happy. Marcie tells him that she is happy. Roxy comes up and tells Marcie that Michael is a keeper that he is a good father and husband.

Starr and Cole try to come up with another plan to find out if Miles had really disappeared Todd. Starr tells Cole that Blair had gotten a lead on Todd. Cole thinks that that is great. Cole asks when is he coming back. Starr lets Cole know that the guy that had Todd had moved him. Starr fills Cole in about Sarahh. Cole thinks that all this is weird. Starr feels that if Miles had anything to do with this then he could be dangerous and she doesn’t want Cole to be hurt.

Marty declines Miles’ proposal. Miles asks her doesn’t she want people to know how they feel about each other. Marty tells him that all the people that needs to know how they feel do. She also tells him that the wedding they had was the kind of wedding they deserved. Nash tells Marty that he is jealous of their wedding. Jessica lets Marty know that Nash wants them to elope.  Jessica knows that her parents wouldn’t appreciate that . Marty suggests eating because she is starving .

Viki questions Clint that the truce idea was his and not Dorian’s. Clint defends Dorian that it was a lot of Dorian .

Dorian confronts David about going back to his old massage routine. David wonders why she is so skeptical. David calls her jealous and if she had played her cards right then she would be enjoying the magic of his fingers instead of Viki. The fireworks begins as music plays.

A singer sings ,”I love you for the rest of my life.”

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