OLTL Update Wednesday 7/4/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/4/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Viki finds David sunbathing by the pool. She offers him a drink. He teases her. He sips it and complains there is no champagne in it. They talk. David asks why he woke up naked in her bed.

Doran brings flowers to her patio and thinks of how she left Clint to go see David and Viki. Clint comes in and they talk. She offers him a drink and he offers an apology.

Jessica and Nash cuddle on the couch and talk about the BBQ. They talk about Bree.

Talia helps Antonio off with his shirt. She changes his bandage.

Cole tries to go down stairs to get his swimsuit from the storage room. Miles tells him not to go down there.

Roxy and Lindsay set up a picnic with Marcie, Mike and Tommy. Roxy makes a remark about hearing Marcie and Mike last night.

Marty asks what the problem is and Miles gives Cole money to buy a new swimsuit. Marty gives in and tells him to make due with shorts. Miles says he was just trying to help and Marty walks away.

Dorian tells Clint she missed him and she made a mistake. Clint says he wasn’t being honest last night and Viki and David made him jealous too. He tells her he understands.

They make up. Clint says that fire makes him fall in love with her. They kiss.

Nash brings Brennan out of the bedroom and Jessica and Nash discuss calling her Bree over Brennan. Jessica says the name Brennan Brennan is a name that will get her teased. She wants her to be called Bree.

Talia is shy about looking at Antonio. He worries about that the scar is ugly and they start showing each other their scars. Talia applies medicine to his wound and wraps it up. She teases him about their relationship and Antonio says something about her being subtle. Talia is nervously putting things away as Antonio says he sees her as a friend.

Cole and Starr leave as Miles tries to give advice. Miles said parents are supposed to present a united front. Marty says this isn’t like that. Miles said he’ll do whatever it takes.

Dorian and Clint talk about going to Llanfair and making peace between Viki and Dorian. She agrees but then Clint rethinks his decision. Dorian says lets go anyway and catch Viki by surprise. They head over to Viki’s.

Viki asks David if he thinks she took advantage of him. She laughs and tells him the truth. She slept in the guestroom. David starts doing exercises and offers to teach Viki. She asks him to stop faking it. David says he is obsessed with making Doran squirm. He offers to “unclog” her. He massages her neck and she starts moaning with pleasure. She starts moaning “Yes, David” as Clint and Dorian come over.

Jessica and Nash talk about inviting others over.

Roxy teases Mike and Marcie about having another kid. Lindsay and Roxy face off about Roxy’s ability to keep a secret and Mike calms them down. Roxy tells Marcie her clock is ticking.

Jessica calls Marty and asks about her and Miles. Marty lies about their relationship. Jessica invites them over. Marty begs off as Miles picks up the phone and says hello. He accepts the invitation.

Talia talks to Jamie about finding her crayons and Jamie asks if Talia can stay.

Starr and Cole are at Dorian’s pool and Starr offers to put sunscreen on him. They talk about how creepy Miles is. Starr stares at Coles back then begins to rub the lotion in again. Teasing him she squirts him with lotion and they wrestle.

At Jessica and Nash’s Miles asks Marty to renew their vows.

Viki asks Dorian why they are there. Dorian says they are offering peace. Dorian asks what the GPS on his ankle is. They discuss his release. Viki asks what she meant by peace. Clint says they should all be nice to each other. David gets sarcastic. They all offer to be nicer. Viki invites them to a picnic. David reluctantly agrees. David puts clothes on and offers Clint a drink. Clint says he doesn’t drink pink. Viki offers Dorian food, she declines. Viki eats as Dorian says she admires how she’s been bearing up under the pressure of having David running around half dressed. Viki says he’s well built. Dorian points out David’s faults and Viki says he’s delightful but he does snore. Dorian looks stricken.

Marcie and Mike talk about feeling nervous about having more kids. Lindsay and Roxy walk up and turn and leave. Marcie worries that they won’t have time or money for more kids. Mikes says they will work it out.

Cole and Starr talk about finding Todd. Starr tells him about Chicago and Sarah. Starr tells Cole Miles could be dangerous. Cole says he won’t stop helping and they kiss.

Marty refuses to remarry. Miles tries to convince her. Jessica tells them Nash wants them to elope.

Viki tells Clint she knows it was his idea to declare peace. Dorian teases David about massaging Viki. They watch the fireworks. Dorian watches David and Viki.

We see all the different groups watching the fireworks; Starr and Cole, Marcie and Mike, etc.

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