OLTL Update Tuesday 7/3/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/3/07


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A thud is heard and then Nash yells for Jessica. Jessica asks him if he wants some juice. He replies that he does. Nash jokes and tells Jessica that he had been meaning to have that toe removed. Jessica asks him if he is alright. Nash replies that he’s not. Jessica questions him as to what he is afraid of. Nash replies that he was afraid that she wouldn’t be here. Jessica assures him that she is right here and she hadn’t left him. Nash compliments her and tells her that she looks irresistible. Jessica asks to see his toe.

Talia asks Antonio if he needs to take a rest. Antonio lets her know that she just wants to get home Talia assures him that they are almost home. Antonio tells her that she doesn’t have to do this. Talia lets him know that she has her doubts about him making it on his own. Antonio raises his voice and lets her know that she should let go of him and he will prove it to her. Talia asks him to keep his voice down. Antonio orders her to stop telling him what to do. Antonio takes out his keys and opens the door. Jaime yells, “Daddy, you’re home.” Carlotta begs Jaime to be careful of her father.

The telephone rings in Rex’s apartment. Cristian answers the phone. Rex begins to say, “What, what, what.” Cristian asks if he had heard anything. Blair tells Cristian that there is no word on Todd. Cristian lets Blair know that Hunter hasn’t shown up. Blair asks him about Sarahh. Cristian lets Blair know that Sarahh isn’t talking. Blair tells him if he hears anything to let her know even if it is the middle of the night. Blair begs Cristian to get whatever he can out of Sarahh. Cristian assures her that he will try another angle. Starr questions Blair if there is any word on Todd.

Miles lets out a groan. Miles mumbles to Todd that he really shouldn’t be doing this to himself. Miles lets Todd know that it is lucky for him that they are easy to obtain--that is if you have enough money. Miles hopes that Todd will not get strung out on this stuff.

Cole comes into the living room and wonders what is all this. Marty has fixed Cole a breakfast of blueberry pancakes. Cole wonders what the occasion is. Marty tells him that there is no occasion. Cole knows that she hasn’t made blueberry pancakes in a long time. Marty apologizes for not making them in a long time. Marty lets Cole know that she was so proud of him last night .Cole realizes that these are his reward. Cole asks her if she is going to sit down. Marty lets Cole know that the pancakes are for Miles.

Miles lets Todd know that this is all Todd’s fault because he had hurt Marty. Miles tells Todd that he loves Marty and it’s because of Todd that Marty doesn’t love him. Miles tells Todd that Marty will never know how far he had gone to protect her. Miles apologizes for things being this way.

Starr questions Blair if that was Todd. Blair lets her know that they don’t have anything concrete yet. Starr wants to know what they do have. Blair lets her know that she will tell her everything if she will tell her about last night .Starr assures Blair that it was okay. Blair apologizes for not being there. Starr is sorry, too. Blair tells Starr that she was fantastic. Blair lets Starr know that the DVD was there when she came home and she had watched it three times. Starr demands to know where Todd is. Blair tells her that they are at a dead end. Blair tells her that Rex and Cristian are still in Chicago. Starr inquires if someone had seen Todd. Blair tells her, “yes,” but then he had disappeared.

Sarahh tells Rex that she is disappointed. Rex tells Sarahh that you usually get that way when you have men sleeping on the floor. Sarahh lets them know that she’s not worried about them. Cristian tells her that that is good because she shouldn’t be. Sarahh tells Cristian that she knows where they live. Cristian notices that Sarahh isn’t taking this situation too seriously. Sarahh lets Cristian know that she has a different way of showing seriousness. She thinks that the situation is kindly funny that her boyfriend had stabbed her uncle. Cristian replies that he doesn’t think that it is funny. Rex butts in and tells Sarahh that he bets that her Aunt Viki wouldn’t think that the situation was funny. Sarahh wonders what her Aunt Viki would think about her living in Chicago like this. Cristian questions her as to what she thinks. Cristian accuses her of lying to them about everything. Sarahh replies, ”You think.” She questions Rex as to what he thinks. Rex tells Sarahh that he doesn’t think that she is lying. Sarahh tells Rex that she is disappointed. Rex suggests that she take a trip down to the police station and then she would have something to tell them .

Jamie tells Talia that she calls this one, Nurse Lisa so she can take care of Daddy. Talia thinks that that is such a good idea. Antonio remarks, “Oh.” Talia tells Jamie that this picture was done by a professional artist. Antonio remarks that she must have gotten her genes from her Uncle Cristian. Carlotta tells Antonio that the fridge and freezer are full and most of it Antonio can microwave. Antonio assures her that he thinks that he can figure it out. Talia and Jamie give a high five. Talia pretends as though Jamie’s high fives are too strong and she had broken her hand. Jamie lets out a little giggle. Carlotta notices how good Talia is with children. All Antonio will say is, “hmmm.” Carlotta questions him if Talia has any children of her own. Antonio notices what Carlotta is getting at. Carlotta assures him that she was only asking. Antonio tells her that he knows her all too well. Carlotta tells him that she is happy that he is home.

Nash notices how hot it is getting. Jessica tells him that that is the point. Nash questions her what if they pass the point of no return before the doctor says that it is okay. Jessica asks him what if the patient says that it is okay. Nash tells her that he would like that. Jessica tells him, “okay, fine.” Jessica tells him that she will stop and it’s not that she wants to. Nash growls at her. Jessica orders him to stop. Nash assures her that they don’t have to sneak around now. Jessica wishes that it wasn’t or that they didn’t. Nash finishes her sentence for her about Antonio being hurt. Jessica feels that this will always be hanging over their heads. Nash assures her, but not forever. Nash tells her that they need to start living a normal life. Jessica thanks him for the sermon. Jessica suggests that they have a barbeque in a couple of weeks. Nash tells her that he would love that. Jessica suggests that they have a home warming party. Jessica tells Nash that they could invite Jessica’s parents and Natalie, and Marty and Cole. Nash tells her that no one would be thrilled for her to invite Marty’s new husband. Jessica is shocked to find out that Marty had married Miles Laurence. Nash relates the whole story to Jessica how Marty had eloped and married Miles Laurence.

Cole tells Marty to wait. Marty replies, “Hmm.” Cole reminds Marty of the time when he was swinging and he had tried to go all around the bar. Marty tells him that he had given her fifty gray hairs. Cole assures her that he thought that he could make it. Marty tells him that it is virtually impossible to do that. Cole replies that now she tells him. Marty and Cole chuckle. Miles comes in and asks what had he missed. Marty replies, “Hmmm.” Miles asks had he said something. Marty tells him that she had made some blueberry pancakes for him, but since she couldn’t find him then she had ate them .Miles tells her that he was just down at the car. Marty tells him to have a seat and she will go and make him some more. Miles compliments her and tells her that they smell great. Cole tells him that Marty makes the best pancakes. Miles tells him that this is nice. Cole wants to know what. Miles replies them having breakfast together. Miles lets Cole know that when he had grown up in a hospital that he hadn’t smelled anything. Cole thinks that that is a bummer. Marty comes back with the pancakes and tells him that she hopes he likes them. Miles tells him that he already does.

Blair lets Starr know that they were at Sarahh’s. Starr corrects her and says, “Flash.” Blair tells Starr that Sarahh says that she is not responsible, but she had your Dad’s phone when she called me. Blair also tells Starr that Todd wasn’t there when she had gotten there. Starr wonders what Blair thinks. Starr thinks that this is completely insane. Blair tells her that it is, but Rex and Cristian are there and they would get the answers.

Sarahh asks if they are going to turn her in. Rex wonders if that will help her remember what had happened to her boyfriend. Sarahh assures them that she don’t’ smoke pot. Rex reminds her that it is her apartment. Sarahh, sarcastically, tells him to take her downtown. Cristian assures her that they are not here to get her into trouble, but to find Todd. Sarahh tells them that she still does, but she doesn’t know why Todd was here. Rex questions Sarahh if she and Hunter are serious. Sarahh replies that they are just hanging out. Sarahh tells them that she doesn’t know what Hunter is up to and as far as she knows, he’s not coming back. Cristian questions her if that bothers her. Sarahh replies, “whatever.” Rex asks her if she believes in exclusive relationships. Sarahh tells her that he does if it is with the right guy. Sarahh tells them that she is looking for Mr. Right. Cristian asks her why is she hiding from her family. Sarahh tells them that when her parents got divorced they told her not to become a singer. Cristian wonders if her parents know she is in Chicago. Sarahh replies that she has friends popping in post cards from here and there. Cristian asks her what does she do for money. Sarahh tells them that her parents deposit money in a bank account for me. Cristian asks her if that is how she wants to live-lying and hiding . Sarahh replies that maybe it is. Rex wonders what Sarahh is hiding from.

Starr wants to know what Sarahh said. Blair tells her that Sarahh is not saying anything. Starr tells Blair that she knows Rex works for her, but why is Cristian there. Blair tells her that Cristian has been a really good friend to her. Blair also reminds Starr that Cristian was the one, who had talked her into letting Starr date Cole again. Starr wonders why Cristian would care. Starr questions Blair as to what Cristian had said to her. Starr comes to the conclusion that she should thank Cristian for helping to change Blair’s mind. Blair tells Starr that it is good to see her happy. Starr tells Blair that she is cool-sometimes. They hug. Blair reminds her that they should go over to Marty’s and set up some ground rules for Starr and Cole. Starr asks her is that a good idea. Blair tells her that she can be civil with Marty.

Miles tells Marty that the pancakes are perfect. Miles tells them that it is not just about the pancakes that when he was in the hospital that he had always felt empty. He tells Marty that the breakfast was great. Miles lets them know that he is full of warmth, compassion, companionship and family. He excuses himself by saying that he have forgotten something in the car. Cole chuckles. Miles leaves the room. Cole tells Marty perfect pancakes, Mom. Marty thanks Cole for trying with Miles. Cole tells her that it doesn’t mean that he has to like it. Marty assures Cole that it will just make it easier for them. Marty lets him know that she doesn’t want him to be pushed beyond what he can be comfort with. Cole tells her not to worry. Marty asks him about Starr and how she is. Cole assures her that he and Starr are getting along great. Marty is glad that Cole is happy. Cole lets Marty know that it is easier for him and Starr to be together now that Todd isn’t around, but that Starr is really hurting over her father being gone. Marty is sure that she is. Cole questions Marty if Miles had anything to do with Todd’s disappearance.

Miles is with Todd in the storeroom. He lets Todd know that he had just had pancakes with his family and he sure isn’t going to let Todd take that away from him.

Sarahh is quite annoyed that Rex and Cristian thinks of her as some sort of creature that lurks in the shadows only to come out at night to get the rakings and scrapings of things that her parents leave on the lawn for her. Rex questions her if she isn’t hiding then why does she have postcards sent from all parts of the country. Sarahh just tells them that it gives her something to do. Rex asks why doesn’t she give her family a chance. Sarahh assures them that she had given them plenty of chances. Sarahh also tells them that she had done everything that she could do to help Todd. Cristian questions her if she isn’t going to give them a clue as to what had happened to him. Sarahh assures him that she doesn’t have a clue as to what had happened to him. Rex laughs. Rex questions Sarahh if she ever wonders how her family is doing. Sarahh assures them that if something happened one of the letters would catch up with her. Rex questions her if she knows what had happened to Jessica. Sarahh pretends as though she is concerned and she asks what had happened to Jessica.

Jessica doesn’t believe Nash when he tells her that Marty had married Miles Laurence. Nash tells her, jokingly, that he doesn’t judge the facts that he just reports them .Jessica assures him that it is just weird that Marty would marry Miles. Jessica suggests that they change gears. Nash asks her who are they inviting to the barbeque. Jessica tells Nash that she thinks that they should have a lot of kids. She suggests Jack, Starr and she begins to say, Jamie, but then stops. Jessica tells Nash that she misses Jamie a lot. Nash tells her to give it time. Jessica replies, “yeah, time.”

Carlotta tells Antonio that they are going to the diner so he can rest. Antonio assures them that he is fine .Carlotta notices how very tired that he is. Jamie tells Antonio, bye. Carlotta orders Antonio to sit down .He replies that he will. Carlotta tells them that Antonio never listens to her. Carlotta thanks Talia for caring for her son. Talia lets her know that Antonio is a lousy patient, but a fantastic cop. All Antonio will say is, “hmm.” Carlotta and Jamie leave. Talia orders Antonio to do as his mom says. Antonio obeys her command. Talia offers to help him to the couch. Antonio lets out a moan. Talia inquires as to how he is feeling. Antonio assures her that he had felt better. Talia suggests that Antonio get some sleep. Antonio replies that if he sleeps now then he won’t sleep tonight and he enjoys her company.

Marty tells Cole that Blair is fixated on tying Todd’s disappearance to Miles. Marty owns up that Miles had given Todd the tip from Spencer that had sent Todd to Chicago, but that had nothing to do with Marty and Miles. Cole questions her as to what is happening between her and Miles. There is a knock on the door and it is Starr and Blair. Marty asks them to come in. Cole asks them if everything is alright. Blair assures him that everything is fine. Blair suggests that she and Marty set up some ground rules about what was and wasn’t going to be allowed in Cole and Starr dating. Cole lets Blair know that he totally respects Starr. Blair admits that she has one concern and that is about Miles and his say in all this. Marty assures him that he has no say in this at all. Marty tells Blair that Miles is not Cole’s father. Miles comes in and wants to know what Starr and Blair are doing there.

Sarahh admits that her and Jessica were never really that close. Rex, sarcastically, tells Sarahh that that means a lot to her. Sarahh orders him to knock it off. Sarahh tells him that he has no right to make snap judgments. Rex tells her that she is right and that he is sorry, but Todd’s family, too. Rex notices that Sarahh doesn’t seem to be all that concerned about helping Todd. Sarahh tells them that they are just waiting for the to slip up. Cristian tells her that they will take info any way they can. Sarahh informs him that he isn’t going to get any info, because she doesn’t know anything.

Marty lets Miles know that Blair and Starr had stopped by to discuss how to handle the kid’s relationship. Miles tells them that he understands, but as head of the household. Marty lets him know that he is not head of the household. Miles backs down and says, “well, at least, part of the household that he didn't think that it was wise that they had problematic people coming over. Marty lets him know that she is glad that they had stopped by. Cole inquires as to what the rules were going to be. Blair tells him that curfew still holds. Marty suggests that Cole and Starr take it slow. Starr totally agrees, and tells them that they don’t want to sneak around behind their backs. Starr asks if they can go swimming. Marty tells them that that is okay. Starr lets them know that Dorian has a really nice pool. Blair tells them that she will be there. Marty tells them that that is okay with her. Miles gets a call and takes it in the other room. Cole asks where his bathing suit is. Marty tells him that she doesn’t think that they had even unpacked it that it is in a storage box in the storage room.

Nash whistles and starts to say, “Did you,” but his words trail off in mid sentence. Jessica questions him, “Did she what?” Nash tells her nothing. Jessica still wants to know, but Nash refuses to tell her. All Nash will tell her is that he doesn’t want to ruin a perfectly perfect moment. Jessica demands to know the question. Nash gives in and asks her had she signed the divorce papers. Jessica informs him that “No, she hadn’t.” Nash tells her that Antonio will push for her to sign. Jessica tells him that she knows he will. Nash lets her know that Antonio had filed those papers as fast as he could. Jessica questions Nash as to how did he know that. Nash informs her that he called the hospital last night. Jessica wonders why Nash had done that. Nash tells her that he knew that she would want to know how Antonio was. Nash lets her know that Antonio was getting released today. Jessica tells Nash that he is a really nice guy. Nash tells her that he is in love with her.

Talia lets Antonio know that this is the reason why she had become a cop instead of a paramedic. Antonio asks Talia how does the incision look. Talia is hesitant to tell him. Talia tells him that the cut looks as though it is oozing. Antonio reminds her that the doctor had said to keep it covered. Antonio offers to redo the bandage, but Talia insists on doing it for him. Antonio insists that he doesn’t want her passing out. Talia knows it’s not her calling, but she promises to be a good nurse. Talia orders him to take off his shirt. Antonio knows that it is a lot easier said than done. Talia insists on helping him remove his shirt. Antonio winces as she helps him take off the shirt.

Rex tells Sarahh that they are not going anywhere until they get some answers. Cristian insists that it is spelled out for them. Sarahh insists that if they aren’t going to pay rent then they can go and buy some groceries. Rex asks Cristian if he thinks that they are going to get anything out of Sarahh. Cristian lets him know that he doesn't think so. Rex insists on waiting for Hunter. Cristian reminds him that he had promised Blair that they would find Todd.

Blair insists that they get going. Blair asks Cole if he would like to escort Starr. Starr exclaims, “Mom, really.” Blair tells them that she will see them later. Cole tells Marty that he is going downstairs to find his bathing suit. Marty tells him that it should be in one of the bigger boxes. Miles comes back in and wonders what he is looking for. Marty replies that Cole is looking for his bathing suit. Miles wants to know where is the box. Marty lets him know that it is in the storage room. Cole starts to go look for it, but Miles stops him.

Todd calls out for Blair. He groans.

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