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One Life to Live Update Monday 7/2/07


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Asaís Mansion

Nora sits on the sofa in the living room, practicing her opening remarks to the jury when Clint join her. He breathes a sigh as he enters the room. Nora questions him as to what he is doing here. Clint lets her know that he lives here. Nora remarks that she thought he was living at Dorianís. Clint lets Nora know that he had thought the same thing until Dorian had decided to bunk with David and Vikki.


Viki thinks that David must be kidding about them sleeping together. David informs Viki that she loves the idea of making Dorian furious. David wonders where the switch is to get the colored lights to going. David lets Viki know that Dorian was furious when she thought that they had made love, but she would be on life support if they really did make love.

Marty lets John that she is not staying the night with him. John lets her know that she had misunderstood his intentions. John tells her that he will rent her and Cole a room down from his at the Angel Square Hotel. He orders her that she is not staying another night with Miles Laurence.


Sarahh tries to call Hunter on the cell phone. She tells him that she is home and she questions him as to where he and Todd are. Sarahh informs Rex, Cristian and Blair that there isnít an answer. Rex, sarcastically, tells Sarahh that it would be difficult to answer a cell phone when you were carrying and unconscious body. Blair demands of Sarahh as to where Todd is. Sarahh, once again, insists that she doesnít know. Blair accuses of knowing more than she is letting on that she does. Sarahh swears that she had told them everything, exceptÖ.. Her words trail off. Blair threatens to shake the truth out of her if she doesnít tell them where Hunter had taken Todd. Cristian tries his best to calm Blair down. Rex assures Sarahh that she is safe. Sarahh confesses that Todd was in pretty bad shape when she left him.

Miles questions Hunter if Toddís body is in the body bag. Hunter tries to get Miles to lower his voice. Miles lets Hunter know that he is the one, who is attracting attention to himself because the body isnít moving. Hunter lets Miles know that Todd wasnít doing too good when they had left Chicago.

Michael and Marcie bring a sleeping Tommy into their apartment. Michael notices that Tommy is a tired little guy. Marcie knows that Tommy always gets that way when he is put into a car. Marcie offers to put him down, but Michael insists that he will do it. Marcie tells Michael that Jen had never gotten to know their son. Marcie mumbles to herself that she is never going to lose anyone she loves again.

Blair accuses Sarahh of trying to throw them off. Sarahh insists to them that she is not. Blair orders Sarahh to stop saying that Todd is dead and demands to know where Todd is. Sarahh wants to know what she can do. Blair insists that Sarahh knows what Hunter did. Sarahh questions them as to how she would know what Hunter was doing when Hunter wasnít even here. Rex reminds Sarahh that it only took one look at Toddís cell phone. Sarahh insists that she had to use Toddís cell phone so that Blair would believe her that she was with Todd. Sarahh also insists that she was the reason that Todd was alive. Blair begins to throw Sarahhís Mother up in her face. Cristian has to separate them from arguing. Rex tries to get Sarahh to talk to him and tell him what she knows about Hunter and where he could have taken Todd. Sarahh reveals that the only thing that Hunter had told her was that Todd was his meal ticket. Rex warns Sarahh that if Todd dies, then she will be an accessory to murder.

Marty refuses to move out on Miles. John reminds Marty that Miles is blackmailing her and all she can think about is worrying over hurting his feelings. Marty denies this. John questions her if she is afraid of Miles. Marty insists that Miles would never hurt her. John, once again, reminds her of the things that Miles had said about Cole. John insists that her and Cole move into a hotel and let him take care of Miles. Marty refuses to let John get involved in her problems. John sees through Marty and wonders what she isnít telling him.

Miles insists on knowing what Hunter had done to Todd. Hunter lets him know that he did what Miles had paid him to do. Miles reciprocates and tells him that he hadnít told him to do this. Hunter tells him that life doesnít always go as planned and this just happened. Miles wonders why Hunter had brought Todd here. Hunter tells him that if he dumped the body somewhere else then he would never have gotten his money. Hunter also tells him that that is why that he had brought him here so he would be sure to get his money.  Marcie is upset over the fact that it isnít right for children to die before the parents. Marcie doesnít know how Lindsay lives with the fact that Jen had died so young. Michael doesnít know how Lindsay does it either. Michael assures Marcie that they are going to stay together forever. He also assures her that they will live to send Tommy out into the world so that he can bring his children back for them to spoil.

Viki comes to the realization that David only wants to sleep with her in order to get back at Dorian. David denies this assumption. David lets Viki know that men gets lonely in prison. Viki accuses him of wanting to sleep with anyone just in order to satisfy his needs. David asks Viki how long had it been for her. Viki tells him matter-of-factly that it was none of his business.

Nora wants Clint to explain to her about his remarks that he had made about David, Viki, and Dorian. Clint lets her know that Viki had let David move in with her. Nora wonders why that Viki would let David move in with her. Clint thinks it is because of Dorian and to drive her crazy with jealousy. Clint also tells Nora that Dorian had walked out on him. Nora wants to know what he did then. Clint tells her that he had gathered his things together, and had walked out on Dorian. Nora lets Clint know that she had told him about getting involved with Dorian. Dorian walks in on the conversation and tells Nora to tell them exactly how she feels. Nora tries to make up every excuse to leave the room, but Clint asks her to stay. An argument erupts between the to women and Clint has to separate them. Once again, Nora starts to leave, but Clint insists that she stay and tells Dorian to leave. Dorian asks Clint doesnít he want to know what she had seen when she barged into Vikiís bedroom.

Viki and David discuss David and Dorianís feelings for each other when they were together. Viki lets David know that Dorian still loves him. David doesnít buy this sentiment. David comes up with the idea would Dorian pay him to stay away from Viki. Viki tells him to ask Dorian. David relates his true feelings to Viki about Dorian, and how he had felt on his wedding day, and how much that he had hurt Dorian. David feels that Viki would be good for him and in turn he would be good for Viki. He pays Viki a compliment by telling her that she is nice, rich, witty and rich. Viki thanks him for the compliment.

John wants to know why Marty lets Miles call the shots in their marriage. Marty lets him know that if she did anything then Cole would be alone in the world. John tries to persuade Marty to fight back against Miles. Marty reminds him that Miles would go to the police with the tape if she did anything to upset him. John tries to convince her that the tape would not be considered permissible evidence. Marty still tells John that she had confessed to everything that was on the tape. John reminds her once again that she couldnít remember everything clearly as to what had happened that night. John still urges her not to go home to Miles, but Marty still insists on going home to Miles. Marty still refuses to take John up on his offer for her and Coleís safety. This makes John wonder as to what Marty isnít telling him.

Sarahh tries to convince Blair that she did everything that she could to save Toddís life, but Blair still doesnít believe her. Blair urges Sarahh to call the police, but Sarahh refuses by saying what if the police arrested her. Cristian urges Sarahh to tell them everything she knows about Hunter and Todd. Sarahh demands to know why they are harassing her like this. Blair informs her that she doesnít care that all she cares about is Todd and his whereabouts. Rex makes the assumption that they need to find Hunter, then they will find Todd.

Miles canít believe that Hunter would think that he wouldnít pay him. Hunter assures him that the thought had crossed his mind. Miles gives him his money and tells him to get out before Marty gets home. Miles orders Hunter to tell him what he had done to Todd .Hunter lets it slip that he has a girlfriend. Miles goes ballistic. Miles is afraid that Hunterís girlfriend will ruin everything .Hunter assures Miles that Sarahh doesnít know a thing .

Michael is deep in thought. Marcie notices that Michael is pre-occupied. Michael tells Marcie that he doesnít want Tommy to be an only child. Marcie tells him, ďwhoaĒ. She is reluctant to talk about this topic. Michael reminds her that at one time she had wanted a large family. Marcie lets him know that she is still getting used to teaching and she wanted to teach for a little while . Michael tells her that that makes sense. Marcie quotes Confucius that everything comes to those, who waits. Michael lets her know that he is not a very patient man. He then asks her to go to bed. Marcie tells him that she is a little tired. Michael reveals that sleep wasnít what he had in mind.

Clint knows that there isnít a force on earth that would prevent her from telling him what was going on at Vikiís. Dorian proceeds to tell Clint and Nora everything that was going on. Clint wants to know if Dorian had broken in and sneaked upstairs to spy on them .Dorian lets them know that Viki had left the front door open. Nora butts in and tells Dorian that it was a good thing that she had gotten over there when she did. Dorian reminds her that the situation was all staged for her benefit. Clint tells Dorian that Viki and Clint had been trying to bait her and she had fallen for their bait like a starving carp.
David lets Viki know that he really likes her. Viki tells him that she thinks he does like her and she likes him, too, now. Viki reminds him about the time that David had tried to con her into believing that he was her long lost brother. David reminds her that conning was what he does best and he could teach her a thing or two. Viki, again, refuses to sleep with David, She makes a proposition of her own.

Sarahh and Blair are still at each otherís throats when the detective from the police department arrives. The detective lets them know that Detective Morris is out of town and he will be handling the investigation. He reminds Blair that if she and Todd had left town when they were told to then none of this would have happened. Blair tells him that if she admits that he is wrong then will he help them .The detective begins to ask Sarahh all kinds of questions about Hunter. Sarahh reveals that she is scared of Hunter. Rex butts in and tells the detective that Sarahh had taken a big risk by even calling Blair about Todd. The detective tells Sarahh that she needs to come down to the station. Sarahh tells the others that she thought that they wouldnít arrest her.

Miles lets Hunter know that he canít just walk out and leave Todd there with him. Hunter tells him for him to just watch him. Miles wants to know where Hunter is going. Hunter refuses to tell him. Hunter also tells Miles that the drugs that he had given Todd would soon be wearing off.

Clint canít believe his ears that Dorian is really admitting that he was right. Dorian reveals that she is uncomfortable that Nora is here when they are trying to discuss this. Clint overrules her and tells her that Nora is staying. Dorian goes on to tell them her feelings for David. Clint reveals that he wasnít hurt by Dorianís actions, but he was mad.

Viki lets David know that he can, but he has to get this idea out of his head of them sleeping together. She also lets him know that if he wants to walk around naked, then he can do it in his room. David asks her if the guest room has cable. Viki lets him know that if he wears clothes then he can watch television in the living room. David turns on a Cary Grant movie. Viki tells him that she always liked Cary. David asks her if she is going to watch it alone or is she going to hop up and pop them some popcorn.

Marty knows that John only wants to help her, but he is making things worse. John wants to know how this is, by his trying to protect her. Marty hears the voice of Milesí in her head and the threats that he had made about herself and John. Marty asks John if it ever occurred to him that she was trying to protect him. John asks her from what. Marty tells him from Miles. Marty reminds John that if he causes trouble for Miles then Miles could go to Bo with the evidence and John could lose his job. John tells her to knock it off that he can handle Laurence. Marty tells him that she can too. Marty insists that John let her handle this her way. John wants to know howís that. Marty insists that she is not sleeping with Miles. John wonders how long that will last. Marty tells him that she has to go. John wonders if she is going home to Miles. Marty tells him that she is going to Coleís high school play.

The detective tells Sarahh if she is innocent and she is as afraid of Hunter as she says she is then she will not be arrested. Sarahh questions him as to what he wants her to do. The detective tells her that he wants a list of all of Hunterís business associates. Blair offers to go to the police station, too, but the detective absolutely forbids. Blair begins to argue with the detective that if she hadnít found Sarahh then he wouldnít have been questioning her now. The detective tells Cristian that if he doesnít calm Blair down then he will have to arrest her. Blair tells him that she heard that. The detective lets her know that that is why he had said it loud. Blair insists that she is not leaving Chicago without Todd.

Marty comes home and walks into the apartment. She questions Miles as to what he has done. He refuses to answer. She asks him again. He tells her that he had planned on them having a drink and talk. Marty lets him know that that is for couples, who want to be married. Miles makes the remark that John hadnít arrested her. Marty lets him know that if she is arrested then she will reveal all and she wonít be the only one in prison. Marty goes to get ready for the school play, and tells Miles not to even ask to go with her. She leaves the room. Miles sighs.

Michael and Marcie have just finished making love. Michael tells him that he is ready now to go to sleep. Marcie tells him that she is ready to talk. Marcie tells him how much she loves him. Michael loves her, too. Michael tells Marcie that he has an early day and would she mind if he went to sleep. Marcie tells him, okay. They tell each other good-night.

You can hear the sound of the television playing. Viki looks and sees that David is fast asleep. Viki makes the remark to herself that she didnít know that David snored. Viki mumbles to herself that she guessed she would sleep in the guest room.

Clint reveals to Dorian that they had made plans, but Dorian hadnít paid any attention to their plans and had gone over to see what David and Viki were doing. Dorian admits that she had made a mistake and she would never do it again. Clint asks, ďuntil next time.Ē Dorian lets Clint know that there will be no next time. Nora butts in and remarks that if Viki marries David then she will be Viki Vickers. Dorian tells her to shut up. Clint tells Dorian to calm down. Clint suggests that they spend some time apart. Dorian tells him to take all the time that he needs.

Rex tells Blair to come on. Blair tells him to save his breath. Cristian reminds Blair about Jack and Starr. Blair remarks that Dorian can watch them and she will call everyday. Between Cristian and Rex they talk Blair into returning to Llanview. Rex promises to stay there in the apartment and see, who will show up. Cristian tells Rex that he will take Blair to the airport then he will be back. Blair is surprised that Cristian is staying since he doesnít like Todd. Cristian lets her know that Blair likes Todd and he likes her. Cristian promises that he will keep an eye on Sarahh. They leave the apartment.

John orders a draft beer. The bartender comments that the lady looked pretty upset. John tells him that he knows that he means well, but just get him the beer.

Marty comes back into the room and sees that Miles is out of breath. He lies to her and tells her that he had been doing push-ups. She thinks that this is a weird combination, push-ups and wine. Marty tells him good-night. Miles tells her good-night and to enjoy the show.

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