OLTL Update Friday 6/29/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/29/07


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Dorian is shocked when she sees David on top of Viki and kissing her, in her bed. Viki and David nonchalant about their "affair" to Dorian, who is livid and raising a fuss. David puts his arms around Viki, kisses her, etc., making Dorian more furious every time. It's a really hilarious scene. Dorian calls Viki a bunch of names and says that she is just doing this to get back at her for taking Clint. Dorian also accuses Viki and David for putting on a show for her benefit. Viki asks Dorian why she's there, if she has such a great relationship with Clint. Dorian assures her that Clint is back waiting for her in her bedroom. They keep arguing until Viki tells her to get out. David and Viki congratulate themselves on their performance after Dorian leaves. David gets close to Viki and hints that it would make Dorian even more upset if they actually did sleep together.

Dorian goes home and is disappointed to find that Clint is gone.

An African American woman named Randi knocks on Adriana's door. She is a reporter and has questions about Tate and Kirk. Adriana doesn't want to talk to her, but Tate comes up and tells her that he will tell her what she wants to know. He has nothing but good things to say about Adriana's compassion and that she has not judged him for what his father did. He says that not only is Adriana beautiful, talented, etc. but she is also a genuinely good person that he is glad to call friend. Adriana assures the reporter that Tate will continue to represent her company. Randi shakes Tate's hand as she leaves. Adriana doesn't see how Tate wipes his hand off with disgust after the hand shake. Tate tells Adriana that he brought her food, since he knew she would be working and not eating. She invites him to joine her, since he brought so much food. She tells him that it makes her sick that people are assuming he's a racist just because his father is. He asks, "Well, what if they're right?", which shocks her. He quickly assures her that he's nothing like his father. He points out that everyone is a little prejudiced in that they pre-judge people based on their looks. Adrian admits that she judged Tate as a "dumb jock" before she knew him, but she does point out that it's not right, and she would never think that anyone has to die because of the way they look. She says that it's sick, horrible, and mean to want to kill people that you are prejudiced against. He agrees and says she made a good point. After they eat, she confides that Rex's warning freaked her out. They discuss it. Tate thinks he's just causing trouble and trying to get her to dump him. She reminds him that they're not together. He tells her that no one from the OPP would touch her because they would think he is "pure". Adriana is grossed out by the very idea. Tate adds that he needs her, so she wonders what for. He just says that he needs her in his life. She tells him it's too soon after Rex for her to think that way, and he understands. He thanks her for standing by him during this mess. He tells her that he will be losing his sportscasting job. She feels sympathetic. She tells him that anyone can see that he's not a bigot. She tells him that he's talented, has integrity, and is kind and fair.

Miles phones Bo to tell him he has information about the Spencer Truman murders. John, who is in the alley behind Rodi's with Miles, grabs his phone and tells Bo that he will handle it. Marty walks up and wonders what's going on. They all argue about what's been going on. Miles suggests that John put Marty in jail if she is the murderer. They keep arguing. Miles wants to go home with Marty, but John tells him that's over. Marty gets annoyed that they are talking about her future for her, so John tells her to choose. Miles pressures Marty, and she tells John that she is going with Miles. Miles leaves, saying he will see her at home. Marty assure John she will be safe with Miles. She doesn't tell him how Miles threatened his life. John reminds her that she is not the killer and they need to find out who is. She im presses upon him how important it is for her to protect her son. He asks her about the CT scan she had. She tells him that he was right - she had some sort of head trauma 5 months ago. She is still not sure if this is enough to convince her that she didn't kill Spencer. He assures her that she'll remember more, but she says that the radiologist told her she might not ever recover those memories. John asks her to stay at his place rather than go back to Miles.

After Blair, Cristian, and Rex go to the apartment, they see that Todd is not there. His bed is empty and there are signs of debris. Blair is devastated. Rex sees the girl return, and she tries to leave again, but he stops her and drags her back into the room. They realize that she is Sarahh, formerly known as Flash (viki's and Todd's niece). She swears that she doesn't know where Todd is. Blair keeps yelling at her. Cristian and Blair hammer her with questions. Sarahh tells them that it was all Hunter that did this, not her. She says that he was her boyfriend and pressured her to keep him there. She was going to dump Hunter but then realized that the injured man was Todd, her own uncle. Hunter wouldn't let her call the police or an ambulance. She tells how Todd said Blair's name, so that's why she called her. She also tells them that the had convinced Hunter to leave for a while, but he jumped off the train without her and apparently came back and got Todd while she was trying to get back to the apartment. Blair doesn't believe her and wants to know how Miles fits into this. Sarahh doesn't know what she's talking about. Eventually, she convinces Cristian that she is telling the truth about what little she knows. Sarahh has a picture of Hunter on her phone, so Rex suggests that they show it around the neighborhood to find Todd. Blair insists they don't have time for that. She grabs the phone and tells Sarahh to call her boyfriend now, to find out where Todd is.

Hunter shows up on Miles' doorstep with a very large body-sized black bag. Hunter tells him that he brought him a present. He unzips the bag and shows that Todd is there. Miles looks panicked.

Bo tells Lindsay about the phone call he got from Miles, so they chat about the case briefly. Bo and Lindsay have been baby-sitting little Tommy. Their talk turns to their children, since both have lost one. They discuss how hard it is and how to deal with their feelings. Lindsay had wanted to tell him something, but she covers it up and doesn't tell him. Bo tells Lindsay that she has changed for the better. They both agree that they are glad to be friends. Bo tells her about Matthew getting phone calls now from girls. Lindsay thanks Bo for everything, since he has to be getting home. They hug. After he leave, Lindsay says to herself that there are still things she can't talk about.

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