OLTL Update Thursday 6/28/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/28/07


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Viki hears a door open as she is walking in her hallway and wonders who it is. She thinks that it is Natalie, so she calls out but gets no answer. David walks out of her bathroom wearing only a towel. He exclaims that he'd forgotten how good the water pressure was in this house. Viki rolls her eyes and turns away in embarrassment. She tells him to go get a bigger bath towel or a robe because she doesn't own a clothing optional facility. They have a very funny conversation going back and forth. He suggests that, since she has a hangup about naked bodies, she should join him in naked tai chi. She keeps joking until she tells him to get dressed and leave her house. He looks surprised and confused. David calls her rude for offering him a place to stay and then taking it back. She says she only invited him to make Clint and Dorian jealous. He knows that and is fine with it. He offers to help her get revenge on Dorian. She wonders why, so he tells her that Dorian cheated him out of ten million dollars. She doesn't want to get into a big fight with Dorian. She asks him to leave again. He flirts with her as he asks to stay because he can make it worth her while. She looks at him, aghast, and asks him what he's offering. He gets closer to her and offers her companionship. She walks away and tells him never mind. She says she can get him a room at a hotel. There is a lot of funny dialogue here. She notices the ankle monitor and says she assumes she can't send him too far away, so she agrees to get him a room at the Palace.

In Dorian's bedroom, Clint sits at a desk, typing on a laptop. Dorian walks in and gives him a drink while he finishes typing. She starts in about Viki and her nerve. She is clearly jealous of David being a Viki's house. Dorian speculates that Viki might make David her next husband. Clint finishes typing and asks Dorian if she's jealous. Dorian pretends to be shocked at the very idea. She swears she is not. She assures him that she adores him, not David. she only cares because she thinks it's a disaster if Viki hooks up with David because they will both do whatever they can to make Dorian jealous. Clint laughs at what she says, saying there's no way that David and Viki would get married. Dorian plans to stop it now. Clint grabs Dorian's arm to stop her from going over to Viki's. They argue. He points out that she is overreacting and falling for their plan to make her jealous. Clint gets very confused by Dorian's wild imagination. She kisses him, so he tells her to forget Viki and stay there with him. He practically begs her to stay with him. She assures him that it has nothing to do with him, but he replies that whatever she does reflects on him, and vice versa, since they are a couple. He points out that she compromises their relationship when she lowers herself to this kind of behavior. She doesn't understand why this is the case. He asks her plainly why their relationship always takes a back seat to her relationship with Viki. She laughs and says she doesn't have one with Viki. He says that she and Viki have been committed to each other for years. He guesses he was a fool to think that she and Viki could put the past behind them. She rails that it's not all her fault. He says it's both of their faults, but he's sleeping with her. He wonders if they can work out. Dorian looks upset. They keep arguing. She takes off his coat and tells him to relax. She takes his boots off and tells him that she hopes he doesn't make her choose between him and her self esteem. He wonders if her self esteem wouldn't do better if she took the high road sometimes. She won't let Viki steamroller her and says she might forget who she is. She tells him she will only be gone a few minutes and then will be back to give him a great massage. Clint falls back on the bed with his eyes crossed, frustrated.

Clint phones Viki to warn her that Dorian is on her way over to give her an earful. He wanted her to be prepared. She sighs and thanks him. David is doing tai chi, still just wearing his towel. Viki tells him that Dorian is on her way over, so she thinks she will go to bed. She pulls down the covers. David jumps in the bed, saying, "Make room for daddy". LOL!! Viki tells him to go to bed in his own room. She prepares to go downstairs, but she hears Dorian's voice shrieking up to her. Viki yells at David to leave. He insists that he has a much better idea. He grabs her, puts her on the bed, climbs on top of her, and kisses her, as Dorian enters the room to see them. Dorian leans against the wall, stunned.

Clint gets dressed and leaves, taking his things with him. He says to Dorian's bed, "Dorian, you're on your own".

Cristian and Blair sit in an airplane. She is impatient because they have been waiting to fly out for two hours. Cristian tries to calm her down because she wants to leave the airplane and get to Chicago some other way. She frets about Todd. The captain comes on the loudspeaker to tell them their mechanical issues have been fixed and they will leave as soon as their additional passenger boards. This annoys Blair. She looks over at the new passenger - it is Rex. He asks, "Going my way?" Blair knows that Rex has some information. He tells her that he was going to check it out first to make sure it was real. Rex shows them that he has the same address as they do. Blair tells Rex about the girl that phoned her. They discuss the information. Rex tries to convince them that it might be a trap. He says they should have brought Bo in on it, but they tell him why that wouldn't work. They remind him that he didn't get police help last summer when Adriana was kidnapped, but he reminds them that he also got shot. They still argue and debate about the girl in Chicago. Blair plans to bring Todd home no matter what. Rex gets impatient when the line to get off the plane is really slow. Cristian asks Rex if he remembers what day it is (Jen's birthday). Rex tells Cris about how he and Marcie got together with Lindsay and adds that they plan to do that every year. Rex tells Cris that he is welcome to join them next time. Cris says maybe he will. He apologizes to Rex about bringing up Adriana before and asks him why they broke up. Rex sighs and explains what happened, blaming the whole thing on his suspicions about Tate. Cris wonders if he is right because he is usually right about that sort of thing. He thinks Rex should keep pushing about it, so Rex confirms that he plans to. The line moves, so Rex starts walking. Blair comes out of the bathroom. Cris tells her they can leave. She tells him to go ahead and she'll meet him at the gate. She phones Starr on her cell phone.

The girl puts a wet washcloth on Todd's face to tend to him. She tells him that it will all be over soon. Her boyfriend Hunter comes in and asks him why that is and if she knows something he doesn't. The girl yells at him for eavesdropping and explains that she just meant that this guy is not going to last very much longer. She tells him that she thinks they should take him to the hospital. Hunter doesn't want to get rid of their meal ticket, so she says they must leave if Todd doesn't. She wants to go see a movie, but he refuses to budge. She looks at her watch and remembers the phone conversation she had with Blair. She complains about how bad Todd smells. He tells her that they need to stay in case he wakes up and calls the cops. She tries to leave, but he stops her. She starts throwing things at Hunter so that the old lady next door will wake up and call the cops. He runs over and grabs her to stop her. She gets in Hunter's face and demands to know what he will do with her. Will he stab her, like he did Todd, and then how will he deal with two people bleeding to death? Hunter pushes her against the wall and kisses her. He says she's right -- they need to get away from this place. He agrees to go see a movie or get dinner. She thanks him and tells him to go her money while she checks on Todd. She whispers to Todd that she has to leave, but they can't be there when Blair comes back. She apologizes for not doing a better job of taking care of him. She urges him to stay alive. They leave. She makes sure the door is left open and unlocked.

John goes to Rodi's, where Miles is sitting at the bar. John orders a beer and tells Miles that this fake marriage of his is over. Miles pretends not to know what he's talking about. John tells him it's over tonight or else he will be in jail for a long time. Miles tries to leave, but John gets in his way and tells him to listen to his rules. Natalie comes up and tells John to lay off Miles. John tells her to back off, but she won't back down. Miles makes things worse by telling her it's about Marty. Then Miles tells Natalie that it's okay, so she walks away. John wonders if Miles has dirt on her, too. Miles insists that he comes by all of his relationships honestly. John replies that if finds out that Natalie so much as stubs her toes when Miles is around, he'll come after him and rip his throat out. John goes back to the subject of Marty. He warns Miles that he'd better get an annulment of his marriage or else. They glare at each other. John tells Miles that he knows all about the tape he used to blackmail Marty. Miles learns from John that Marty is still protecting him. Miles keeps pretending that he doesn't know anything about the tape, but he does know that Marty killed Spencer. He twists the truth about her marriage, but John doesn't buy any of it. Miles points out that people will believe him over Marty, since she's a murderer. Mile asks him how long until he arrests Marty.

Bo helps Lindsay babysit Johnny for Marcie and Michael. They sing Old MacDonald to him to stop him from crying, and it works. She praises him, but he knows from what Nora said that it's the song because it worked on Matthew, too. Bo offers to stick around to help, so she takes him up on the idea. Lindsay watches them hopefully. Later, Bo comes out after putting Johnny to bed. Bo talks to Lindsay what a great bond she has with the little boy. He wishes he could do this more often. She tells him that she will phone him next time she is baby-sitting. He talks wistfully about how he missed out so much with Drew and Matthew. She asks him, as one parent to another who has lost a child, how he gets through it because she is having such a hard time with it still. She asks when it will get easier. He replies, "When it does, then I'll tell ya". They hug. She pours him some wine as they talk about their grief.

Langston finds Starr has arrived to prepare for their musical very early. Starr is sitting at the makeup table and tells Langston how nervous she is. Langston assures her that she will rock and that she has an amazing voice. Starr is surprised to find that Langston has brought her flowers. Langston gives her a vase. Starr looks at a picture of her parents, wishing they were there. Starr gets the call from Blair, wishing her well. Starr tells her how nervous she is, but Blair just tells her to be confident. She tells Starr that she hired someone to videotape the play. Starr is dismayed to hear it. Blair tells her she did it because she feels so bad about not being there. Starr is glad that Blair is not there if she's bringing Todd back. Blair urges her to sing her heart out and to sing for her daddy. Starr says she will. Blair tells her that she'll call her if she hears or knows anything. They both say, "I love you". Langston tells Starr there's a big guy out there with a video camera to get some footage. Starr laughs and says she can send him in because her mom sent him.

At Rodi's, Layla gets on Vincent's case because thinks he was way too cozy with Natalie. He assures her that it was not what it looked like. She doesn't want to believe him, but he assures her that he only has eyes for her. She believes that he and Natalie are just friends, so he kisses her. She pulls away, telling him that she's not ready. He begs her to give him a second chance. She warns him to be straight with her. He swears he will. She holds his hands and they leave together. Natalie watches them leave. She goes outside into the alley and sees John and Miles still there, so she worries some more, but they tell her things are fine. She leaves. Miles tells John that it's now time for him to get everything out in the open. Miles phones Bo to tell him that he has important information about Spencer's murder.

Blair, Cristian, and Rex go to the apartment. She tells them that the girl is expecting her, so they let her go ahead. She knocks on the door, but no one answers. She sees that it is open and goes in slowly. She goes in and looks at Todd's bed, then says, "No!"

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