OLTL Update Wednesday 6/27/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/27/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie and Vincent sit at a table as Miles walks into the bar. Roxy walks up and asks for a kiss on the lips. Miles is shocked and Roxy tells him it’s a drink. She orders and puts it on Miles tab. Roxy tells him that Natalie is hers and Viki B’s. Then she says Natalie's X john is panting after a lady shrink. Miles says that’s my wife. Natalie asks Vincent out.

Adriana goes home and Leila asks if she’s okay. Adriana says no.

Tate visits Kurt in jail and tells him “the cause” has it under control. He hopes this is the last stupid thing his father does.

John and Marty relive the day of Truman’s murder. Marty is confused. She says maybe she didn’t kill Spencer.

At the Gallery Bo and Mathew bring Lindsay something. Nora comes in and Mathew says its Jen’s birthday and he doesn’t think they should be alone. They talk about Jen. Bo brings out cupcakes. Lindsay goes with Mathew to get soda. Bo and Nora talk about how great Mathew is. Nora asks Bo not to give her a hard time about going to Statesville to visit Kurt.

Tate and Kurt talk about how Tate was changed after coming back from camp. They talk about the past. Kurt says that Tate’s beliefs are why he’s in jail. Tate says he believes in one pure people.

Natalie and Vincent discuss going out. Vincent turns her down and Natalie gets upset. He says there’s someone else. Roxy grills Miles about Marty and says she thought she had the hots for Johnny. Roxy says Johnny likes office nookie and Miles gets upset. Roxy tells him he’s jealous.

Marty tries to remember. John keeps asking questions. She remembers bunk beds, clothes (scrubs) and John takes her to another room. The on-call room for ICU. Marty and John enter and she says this is the room. She says she was asleep on the bunk and woke up with a headache. She can’t remember how she got there. John asks if she was knocked in the head. Marty says maybe.

Adriana tells Leila about running into Rex at Roadies. Leila agrees with Rex about Adriana being in danger. Leila talks bout Evangeline and how Adriana could be the next target.

Tate tells Kurt he is nothing like him. Kurt asks Tate to promise the violence will stop. Tate says “We’re in a war!” Kurt says that’s more OPP crap. Tate asks why he took the rap and Kurt says to end it. Tate says these people are stealing from real Americans. Kurt says his people are thugs who hurt innocent people. Kurt says this is Tate’s chance to change and do good.

Bo tries to argue with Nora about going to Statesville. Marcie and Mike come in with the baby. Lindsay is going to baby-sit.

Natalie asks Vincent who is the someone else. He says Leila and him may be getting back together.

Roxy tells Miles that his brother Mitch made her live hell. Miles says he’s nothing like him. Roxy asks about his marriage. Roxy talks about the other Laurence boys and tells Miles he’s one of them. Miles gets upset and doesn’t want to be associated with them.

John and Marty relive the night Spencer was murdered. Marty remembers getting up and going to the door. In the hall she tries to go to her car but got a text from Cole and came back inside. John says while she was in the car, someone was killing Truman. He asks if she knows who that could be.

Vincent teases Natalie because she thinks she’s a loser. Natalie says he’s a jerk and they talk.

Kirk asks Tate if he lost his mind. They talk about how things are and Kirk tries to reason with him. Then he says he’s thrown his entire life away to help him. Tate replies now he can continue his work. Kurt tells him to stop the violence or he’ll tell everything.

Miles and Roxy talk about how Marty and Miles got married. Roxy asks why he married her. She jokes that Miles made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

John questions Marty about remembering. Marty doesn’t remember. She says maybe she did kill him. John keeps questioning her.

Lindsay thanks Matthew for remembering Jen and everyone leaves. She tells Tommy his mommy and daddy love him.

Marty tells John she remembers the scissors, Spencer and Blair. John tells her she needs a CAT scan. Marty asks why he’s doing this and John just says Miles needs to be stopped.

Miles asks Roxy why he wouldn’t want to marry Marty. Roxy rambles on about love and sex. When Miles makes a face Roxy asks if the honeymoon is over. Miles flashes back remembering how Marty won’t let him touch her.

Natalie and Vincent talk and decide to be friends.

Adriana asks why would Tate go into business with them if he was racist. Adriana says it’s not Tate’s fault. Leila is scared Evangeline won’t wake up. Adriana tries to comfort her and tells her not to give up.

Tate asks Kirk if that was a threat. Kurt says he has to stop doing this stuff. Tate says if you can’t accept it that’s Kurt’s problem. Kurt asks about Adriana and Tate says it’s none of his business. Tate leaves and Nora comes in.

Nora calls Kurt a bigot, a throw-back and a relic. She asks him to look her in the eye so she can tell him off. She asks him how he could take other people’s children away from them since he’s a father. Kurt says nothing. She tells him that what Kurt did is destroying Tate. Kurt tells her losing Tate was the greatest loss of his life. Nora tells him, he makes her sick and leaves.

Tate shows up at Adriana’s door and tells her he saw Kurt. Leila gets in Tate’s face and says she has to go see Evangeline. She leaves. Tate and Adriana discuss what his father did to Evangeline. She hugs him and he smiles.

Natalie and Vincent talk about being friends.

Miles drinks at the bar and talks to Roxy. She plants a big kiss on him and leaves.

Marty stands in the hall way and John comes in and tells her to get the CAT scan now. She tells him to leave her marriage alone. John asks what she’s not telling him. He leaves.

Lindsay is digging through the diaper bag as Tommy cries and Bo walks in.

Adriana consoles Tate about his father. Tate thinks about discussion with his father.

Marty goes in for her CAT scan.

Natalie and Vincent share drinks and talk about being friends. They hug just as Leila and John come in. John goes to the bar. Miles asks what he can do for him now and John says this thing Miles calls a marriage is over.

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