OLTL Update Tuesday 6/26/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/26/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio's mom and daughter visit him in the hospital. Jamie gives him a picture she drew. Carlotta tells him that she also made a card for Jessica, so Antonio tells Jamie that Jessica isn't in the hospital any more; she went home. This confuses Jamie. Antonio tells Jamie that he and Jessica are not gonna be married any more, and Jessica will live with Nash. She asks if Jess is going to marry Nash. Antonio tells her that he doesn't know, but he assures her that she will always have as much love as she's always had. He also tells her that if anything confuses her, she can ask him. She asks if he hates Jessica. Talia drops by for a visit as Antonio is explaining to Jamie that he doesn't hate Jessica. He lies that they just grew apart and decided not to stay married to each other. He says that because of that, they won't be able to see Jess and Bree as much as they used to. Antonio goes on to assure Jamie that both he and Jessica will always love her. Jamie smiles. Antonio suggests that they go down to the cafeteria for some ice cream. Talia asks him how he's doing. He feels better. She tells him that she was listening in and was impressed with the way he talked to Jamie. He confides that he doesn't know how he can move on or how he will be able to stand seeing Jess and Nash together. Talia assures him that he'll find love again and survive, just like she will. She tells him about a routine traffic stop she had, but really it's a joke, and it makes Antonio laugh. She gives him a book with cop jokes, so he thanks her. She leaves, saying that she will see him soon.

Jessica looks at her divorce papers while Nash makes sure Bree is fast asleep. He asks if she is going to sign them. She assures him that she will do that, so she can be free to be with him. They cuddle. She just wishes that she had told Antonio her feelings before they got married. Natalie drops by with some fresh homemade cookies and tells Jessica that she looks great. Jessica reminds Nash that they need groceries, so he leaves to do that and gives the sisters time to chat. Jess shows her the divorce papers. She tells Natalie that she is worried about marrying Nash because she doesn't want it to end up in divorce. Natalie tries to cheer Jessica up. They rehash Jessica's previous two marriages to Tico and Antonio. Jess tells Natalie that when she signs the divorce papers, she is saying goodbye to all of their hopes and dreams. Natalie makes sure that Jessica loves Nash, which she does. She is just worried about her track record. Natalie helps Jessica analyze her feelings. They hug. Natalie offers to wait until Nash returns, but Jessica assures her that she's fine on her own. Natalie leaves, telling Jessica to call her if she needs any sisterly advice. Jessica phones Antonio to let him know that she got the papers. She has some questions. Jamie and Carlotta return, so Jess asks to talk to Jamie. Antonio hands the phone to Jamie. Jamie tells Jess that she misses her. Jess says nice things to her in a tearful voice and then says goodbye, adding that she loves her. Jamie hands Antonio back the phone without saying anything. Jessica looks sad. Nash returns to see that Jessica is putting on a song that they both like. They dance. A song plays as we see the various characters. Carlotta and Jamie say goodbye to Antonio. He looks at the joke book.

Bo gets some file folder from a cop. Rex tells Bo that he's going out of town and asks him if he'll watch over Adriana because she's been spending a lot of time with Tate. Rex tells Bo that he doesn't trust Tate. He also worries about what Tate's father or his friends might do. They heard yelling and go outside to the precinct. An African-American cop is yelling at Kirk Harmon about his being a racist. Kirk says nothing as the cop insults him. Bo tells the cop to go cool off. Bo questions Kirk about the messages they got from the arsonist. He describes the type of person the messages seemed to be from. Bo doesn't know why the white supremacist who wrote those messages would not speak his peace in court. He gets in Kirk's face as he questions him about why he rolled over. Kirk tells Bo that he's just tired and wanted it to be over. He sighs and asks Bo if he can go now. Bo and Rex go back into Bo's office. Rex doesn't think that the case is really over. Bo asks Rex why he's leaving town. Rex just has an address and that someone told him he'd find what he was looking for there, so he doesn't know what it is. He has to follow up on it. Bo tells Rex that he will personally keep an eye on things. Rex leaves. He says hi to Lindsay as she arrives to see Bo. She brings a gift to Bo. She brings him a framed photo of Matthew in front of a flag (from the photos that Cris took). She wonders when she can open up the exhibit for real. He wants to make sure that none of the OPP gang is going to act again. Lindsay goes to hang the photo in his office, using a trash can as a stool. He worries about that, so when she does fall, she falls right into his arms. Of course, Paige comes in just then and asks if she's interrupting something. They explain what happened. Paige tells Bo that she was just there to tell him that she's not sure how much time she'll have tonight because of work. Lindsay leaves, so Bo thanks her again for the photo. Paige observes that it's nice that he and Lindsay can still be friends. Bo says that Lindsay is a different person now. The phone rings. It's the mayor, who phoned to talk to Bo about Kirk. Bo wants to make sure that there aren't other members of the OPP out there. Bo hangs up, annoyed, so Paige asks him what's going on. Still looking annoyed, Bo puts a "case closed" sticker on the hate crime file without a word. Lindsay realizes she lost her scarf, so she goes back to look for it. She sees Paige and Bo hugging, so she turns around and leaves. Paige then leaves. Bo looks at the file folder, then he sees Lindsay's scarf. He looks around but doesn't see her.

Tate drinks a beer at Rodi's. Adriana comes over and tells him that his father didn't commit those hate crimes and that he looks like the guilty one. He asks what she's talking about, so she explains that the blogs and news reports on the net are focusing on Tate rather than his dad. She thinks he should do something before his career is ruined. Tate thanks her but says it's fine because he was expecting that. Vincent comes up to say hello but is very cool to Tate. He tells them that Layla is visiting Evangeline, who is still in a coma. Tate tells Vincent that he's really sorry for what his father did. Vincent says that he knows Tate is innocent, but he wonders how it will look for Adriana and Layla's company to be associated with Tate's name. Tate says he will resign so that he is no longer their spokes model. He already had planned it and gives her his letter of resignation. She won't accept it. Adriana and Vincent argue until she points out that if Tate were a racist, he wouldn't be into her. Tate assures them that he is totally into her. Vincent pokes Tate in the chest when he says that Tate will do the right thing. He walks away after saying that he hopes Adriana is making the right decision.

Tate tells Adriana that he really is into her and he hopes that in the future, he can show her how he cares. He also tells her that he is going to visit his father. Rex comes by and insists on talking to Adriana, since he is leaving town. Adriana asks where he's going, so he explains that he got a lead on Todd. He wants to see if it is Todd and what he knows about Tommy. He says that he couldn't leave without telling her because he still loves her. He asks her to watch her back around Tate. She doesn't want to hear it. He points out that she might want to question her judgment a little bit, given her past where she suspected him of being her stalker and got into the car with her stalker and almost made a fatal mistake. He says she is doing the same thing with Tate. She asks, scoffing, whether he thinks Tate is trying to kill her, too. Rex replies seriously that he does. Tate drinks his beer as he watches them. Adriana argues that Rex's accusations are ridiculous. Rex says that he's worried about Kirk's father and what he will do with his son dating a Puerto Rican woman. She doesn't buy this, either. Rex says he will just worry for the both of them. He adds that he thinks something bad will happen to her if she gets closer to Tate. She thanks him for his concern and wishes him luck with Todd, then she goes back to Tate. Rex has a beer and watches Tate with Adriana. Then he leaves. Vincent runs into Natalie as he's leaving. He gives her a big smile.

Vincent sees Nash getting takeout for him and Jessica. He can't believe that Nash is finally revealing his "mystery woman". Nash is overjoyed to be able to tell him that he and Jessica are in love. Vincent congratulates him. Nash asks about his lady. Vincent thinks it's time to "bust a move".

Marty and John go to the hospital to see if they can jog her memory about the night of Spencer's death. She worries about what she will remember and wonders why he believes she's innocent. He says he doesn't think she has it in her to murder someone. They go over what happened that night. He asks if she ran into anyone before she went into Blair's room. She says she saw some people and thought that there was something weird about the way they were acting. Marty goes over it again but can't remember who it was that she saw. She thinks harder and remembers that it was Paige and Rex she saw. She says that she was on the wrong floor - Spencer's floor - and observed that Rex and Paige were acting out of sorts. She decided to take the stairs and made a call to someone. She realizes she phoned John. He looks confused. She got his machine but didn't leave a message. Then she went to Blair's room. He asks her to think about what she saw as they walk into the room that was Blair's room. John escorts her in and asks if she's all right. She says it's just chilling, given what happened there. She describes what she saw and where the scissors were. She heard Spencer talking, which didn't make sense because he was supposed to be handcuffed in his room. She suddenly exclaims, "Oh my god. I remember".

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