OLTL Update Monday 6/25/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/25/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

David goes to Roxy's hotel and finds Roxy sound asleep, her head on the desk. He tries to wake her but can't, no matter what he says. Convinced she's asleep, he grabs for the keys, but she grabs his hand and stops him. He yells in pain as she twists his fingers. She forces him to say that he was trying to steal the keys to get a room. Rex comes in during this. David tries to get a room, but Roxy says there are none available. Roxy replies that he can bunk in her room. David goes with her reluctantly. She shows him around and then grabs his butt when he leans over. She starts coming on to him, and he looks disgusted by what she's saying. Next we hear her yelling after him as he runs out of the hotel.

Lindsay and Marcie arrive and wonder to Rex what is going on with Roxy and David. They light candles on a cake to celebrate the late Jen's birthday. They all talk about how Jen affected their lives and share stories (some clips would have been nice!). They comfort Lindsay, who gets weepy. Rex gets a phone call. Marcie says she has to give Tommy a bath before the sitter comes because she and Michael are having a date night. Lindsay wishes that Marcie had called her because she loves babysitting Tommy. She says it makes her feel better, especially today. Marcie cancels her sitter so that Lindsay can baby-sit. Lindsay remarks that just a few hours with him makes her whole life better. Marcie agrees that he does have that effect and that she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Rex tells Roxy that he has to leave because he got a lead on Todd in Chicago.

Natalie sits in her new office on her first day of work. She has nothing to do. She has no calls, so she practices answering the phone. She goes to get coffee, but her assistant insists on getting for her and urges her to go work. Miles drops by for a visit. He congratulates her on her new job and mentions, "My wife", so she has to be reminded that he married Marty. She's surprised that he's there to see her, not Asa. He tells her that he was left a lot of money from Spencer. He uses some of it to help kids with disfigurements, but he would wants to set up a foundation to do more. She agrees that's a great idea but says she doesn't know anything about how to do that. He insists that they will learn together. She tells him that Asa will want to do a thorough background check of Miles and his family. She says that he might want to ask Marty a bunch of personal questions. Natalie is curious herself, so she's using the opportunity to find out why Miles and Marty got married so quickly. Miles seems to be suspicious of Natalie's questions and urges her to tell him if she thinks there is something wrong. She just says that relationships don't come easily to her, and she is leery of marriage. She also says candidly that Marty doesn't seem like the type to rush into marriage with someone she barely knows. He tells her that he blackmailed Marty into marriage. She is shocked, but then he says he is just joking. Natalie looks like she's not sure what to believe now. He makes an appointment with her for tomorrow at ten to discuss how to win over Asa.

In his office, John tells Marty to relax because the tape he has is blank. He knows that Miles blackmailed Marty with the real tape. He keeps bugging her until she admits that he did that. They argue about the decisions she made. She almost lets slip that Marty threatened John's life, too. She just says that she doesn't want John to get hurt, but he brushes off Miles as a threat. She reminds him that he and Blair think that Miles might have had something to do with Todd's disappearance. John agrees not to confront Miles for her sake and focus on finding the real killer. However, John says that if Miles crosses the line or hurts Marty, he will put an end to him. She points out that they already know who killed Spencer, but John doubts that she did it and reminds her that her memory is faulty. He gets her to agree to try to find out the truth. John has her sit down and they try to figure out together what she really saw that night. He takes her through what happened before the murder. She went to the park to look for Cole, then the next thing she remembers is being in the hospital lobby. She got a text message from Cole that he needed her. She went up and found that Spencer had been killed. John points out that they have two gaps there. Marty remembers that she went to Blair's room to talk to her about Starr. She figures she must have walked right into Blair's room as Spencer was attacking her, and that's why she killed him. John tells her to go back and then to think about the blood. He tells her to think about stabbing Truman over and over.

The girl with Todd has phoned Blair, who wants to know who she is and where Todd is. She repeats that Todd is right there. Blair threatens to call the police, but the girl tells her that she is the only one who can tell Blair anything and is keeping Todd alive. Blair is not sure whether to believe her or not, so she asks questions. The girl tells her that he is unconscious, otherwise she'd put him on the phone. Blair wants to know why he's sick, so the girl tells him that he has an oozing stab wound. Blair tells her to take Todd to the hospital, but the girl says that only Blair can come get him. When she finds out the girl is in Chicago, Blair yells at her to take Todd to a hospital because it will take her so long to get there. The girl doesn't want to get in trouble if someone at the hospital sees her. Blair says she'll come get him, but the girl is reluctant to give out her address. Blair asks how much she wants, but the girl is not interested in money. She makes Blair promise not to phone the cops or an ambulance because she is worried that "these guys" will kill Todd in that case. Blair worries that they will kill him before that, but the girl tells her she'll handle them and to just hurry up and get there because Todd can't hold on much longer. Blair tries to ask her some more questions, but the girl is in a hurry. Blair asks her to tell Todd she loves him, but she says that he's sure he already knows that. The girl says, "Damn!" and hangs up, leaving Blair to worry. Cristian, who has been with Blair all this time, demands that she tell him what's going on. She does, so Cris suggests that she phone the Chicago police, but she refuses as she hurriedly packs a suitcase. Cris worries that it is too dangerous for her. She still is going, so he stops her and tells her that she's not going alone. Blair remembers that Starr's play is tonight, but he tells her to phone Starr about what has happened and he is sure that Starr will approve.

Back in Chicago, the girl's boyfriend, Hunter, has returned. Hunter tells her that he doesn't need the stupid job any more and shows her a wad of cash. She wants to know where he got it, but he says that she is better off not knowing. He wants to have sex and starts undressing. She protests because there's a girl in her bed that's almost dead. He then suggests they go to the shower. Hunter heads to the shower; she tells him she'll meet him there. He tells her that Todd is their retirement fund.

Clint and Dorian drop by Llanfair to bring Viki some stuff. They have some stuff to cheer Jessica up and also some things to make Viki's life easier. They assume that Jessica is moving in there and that Viki will be caring for her. Viki tells them that Jessica has left the hospital and has moved in with Nash, which surprises them. Clint is a little put out, so Viki tells him that she phoned him all over the place and left messages. Things get awkward when it comes out that he spent the night at Dorian's. Viki looks at Dorian, who grins. Clint apologizes for the fact that Viki couldn't reach him. Viki suggests that Clint go visit Jessica, and she will phone her to let her know that he's coming. Dorian admonishes Viki for taking a sarcastic tone and then suggests that Viki accept her and Clint's relationship. Dorian and Viki start bickering. David arrives, so Viki opens the door. He asks, "What's for dinner?" David explains that he is no killer and has been set free, but he has no money and no place to stay. Viki considers the idea, which makes Dorian very upset. Viki tells David that he can stay, and just to make Dorian more angry, she says that instead of staying in the carriage house, he can stay in the guest room - right down the hall from hers! David grins at Dorian's discomfort, too.

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