OLTL Update Friday 6/22/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/22/07


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Jessica admires how nice Nash's place looks when they go home (from the patio outside). He insists on carrying her inside, and she gasps when she sees flowers everywhere. He welcomes her home and they kiss. Jessica chats to Bree about all of the things she is going to do for her. Nash insists that he will do those things (give her a bath, etc.) while her mommy watches and eats her lunch. They are both so glad to be together finally. She praises him for everything he did, such as save Antonio's life. Later, Nash surprises her by showing her that Bree can toddle. Nash puts Bree to bed. Jessica feels guilty still about Antonio and Jamie. Their talk is interrupted by Bree waking up and crying, so Nash goes to her, but Jessica stops him and asks if she can do it. After some discussion, he lets her. A man comes to the door and asks for Jess. Nash is reluctant to let him see her without knowing who this guy is. Jessica walks up, so the man has her sign for the delivery. He tells her that she's been served. She opens it and sighs that Antonio is suing her for divorce.

Cristian visits Blair at home. He tells her how Kirk Harmon's trial went. Blair tells Cris that she can't sing at the club tonight because she doesn't feel like singing happy love sons. She's too upset about Starr hating her. Blair fills him in on what's happened lately with Starr and Cole. Cris figures out that Blair is keeping Starr away from Cole because of Todd. Blair tells him that she's worried that if Starr and Cole date, she will start looking at Todd like a rapist, which would kill Todd. Cris gets Blair to see that if she lets Starr date Cole, it's an admission that Todd is not coming back. Blair tells Cris that she both loves and hates Todd, but she doesn't know how to let him go. Cris asks her about dating in high school. He learns that she had mean foster parents. Blair is forced to agree with Cris that she should make her own decision about Cole and Starr, even if that means agreeing with Marty.

The girl that's helping to take care of Todd is told to give him another shot. She hears him mumble Blair's name, so she gets his phone and finds Blair's number. She tries to phone, but the number is busy.

Starr slams her locker at school, exclaiming, "That bitch!" Cole comes up and can tell she is angry at her mom. Starr wishes she could just push the whole world away so that they can be together. She suggests they run off together, but he reminds her that won't work. Starr keeps fretting about things and worries that they won't see each other soon after school is out. Nearby, Markko teases Langston about the show tunes on her iPod's playlist. Langston goes over to Starr and Cole to ask them if they are up for the opening of tonight's play. They fill her in on what's been going on with their parents. Britney comes up and makes snarky remarks, as usual. Langston gives it right back to her. Markko doesn't understand why Cole and Starr's parents care about them dating, so Langston takes him somewhere and explains to him about their parents' history. They see Britney, who says that it's sad that Cole and Starr can't be a couple. Cole and Starr declare to each other that they will be together no matter what anyone says. Starr complains some more about her mom. Blair phones Starr and tells her that she's changed her mind -- Starr can date Cole, but with a few restrictions. Starr is overjoyed and tells her mom that she loves her. Starr also asks if she's heard from her dad, but Blair tells her that she hasn't. Starr gives Cole the good news. Britney says to herself that she will have to do something about how happy they are.

Cris can tell that Blair is still sad even after she made up with Starr. She gets a phone call from the girl and asks where Todd is. The girl tells Blair that Todd is right there - she's looking at him.

Miles and Marty run into each other when they are both there to visit Jessica. Miles tells her that Jessica was sent home. Marty argues with him again about how he forced her into marriage, so she hates him. He reminds her that if she doesn't want to stay married to him, she can turn herself in to the police. He wonders if he could prove to her that he is still the nice guy he was when they met. Just then, a young boy with some scars on his faces come up and says hi to Miles. Miles ignores Marty and focuses on the boy, whom he seems to know. He is very kind to the boy and chats with him about his upcoming operation and other things (like baseball). Later, Miles explains to Marty that he asked the hospital to put him in touch with kids like Jeff so that he can chat with them. Marty is suspicious that he set this up for her benefit. He vehemently denies that. Marty admits that she saw some of the old Miles when he was talking to the boy. They argue some more. Miles, upset that she sees him in such a bad light, goes to find Jeff's mom. John phones Marty to ask her if she can meet him in his office to talk about Miles.

John visits Hannah, Marty's therapist, to question her. He wants the information that Marty told her about Spencer's murder, but she refuses on the grounds of doctor-patient confidentiality. John notices that she has a tape recorder, so he asks for it, but again she won't. John goes to talk to a judge to get a court order so that he can hear the tape. John goes back to Hannah and shows her the court order. She plays the tape, but it is blank. He is suspicious, but she doesn't know what happened. He guesses that Miles' took it and asks Hannah to confirm that he visited her and that she left him alone for a minute. Later, Marty arrives at John's office. He holds up the blank tape. She lets slip that Miles promised her that he would never give John that tape.

Miles visits Jeff again, bringing him some books from his mom. Jeff asks about Marty, so Miles tells him that was his wife. They play cards.

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