OLTL Update Thursday 6/21/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/21/07


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Blair is excited to see that Starr has a crown from the prom. She wants details, but Starr hesitates to tell her about Cole.

Marty also asks Cole about the prom. Cole tells her that he and Starr are back together. Marty argues with him, but he is adamant. He points out that he loves Starr, unlike her, who married a man that she doesn't love. Marty and Cole go to Starr and Blair's place. Marty is not happy to see them and is upset to find out that Marty supports Cole and Starr getting back together. They try to reason Blair, but she will not budge. She accuses Marty of trying to be cool rather than say no to her kid, and she blasts her for marrying Miles. She also accuses Marty of being involved with Miles sending Todd away. Marty and Cole leave. Starr yells at Blair and tells her that she really blew it because Cole was going to help her find out about Todd's disappearance. Starr storms out of the house after declaring that Blair will never keep her and Cole apart.

John is trying to figure out Spencer's murder at home when he hears weird sounds. He goes into the other room and finds a half-naked David doing some kind of tai chi moves and making weird sounds. David says, "You should join me, roomie". John tells him to put on pants. They argue about whether David should stay there or not. David threatens to tell Bo that Marty might be the killer. John gets annoyed and threatens back that he will arrest Asa and put him in the same cell with David. David is disappointed to hear that John has guessed who was going to pay him. Later, David accuses John of being hot for Marty and that's why he won't charge her for Spencer's murder. When David mentions Marty marrying Miles, John has a flashback to Marty having her anxiety attack. John rushes out, telling David not to be here when he gets back. David drinks some of John's coffee.

Rex knocks loudly on Adriana's door. She comes to the door in a robe and with a towel wrapped around her head. Tate comes to the door, too, in his pajamas. Rex disgustedly accuses her of sleeping with the racist. She tells him that Tate spent the night on the couch. Layla and Vincent arrive. They, too, are hostile towards Tate because of his father. Adriana agrees that his father's actions were horrible, but she sticks up for Tate, saying it was his father, not him. They are not giving up their anger and mistrust quite so easily. Tate assures them that he doesn't want anything to do with his father if he is guilty. He plans to go to court and see what his father has to say. They all plan to go to court. Rex gets in Tate's face and says he wishes he had pushed harder to find out what Tate was hiding because he might have been able to stop his father.

Nash and Jessica awaken in the hospital. He's been sleeping in her bed. Viki comes in, interrupting them. She brings Bree with her, so they are happy to see their daughter. Jessica insists that she wants to go home today. Viki doesn't think that's a good idea, and Nash agrees. Paige arrives, so they ask her opinion. She has to examine Jessica, so they go outside. Viki tries to get Nash to realize how hard it's going to be on Jess, and on him. She wants Jessica to come home with her. He knows it will be tough, but he and Jess have waited a long time to be together. Viki thinks he will be risking her health. Nash thinks that Viki just blames him for coming between Jessica and her husband. Viki swears that she only cares about Jessica's health and the rest is fine as long as she's happy. Paige calls them back in. Jessica says that she can go home. Paige adds that she can go home, as long as she takes it easy. Viki worries that Jessica was being pushy with Paige, but Paige assures her that she wouldn't let her go home if she wasn't healthy enough. Paige goes to get her release papers. Jessica and Nash joke around about how they are going to celebrate, which upsets Viki because she doesn't think they are taking Jessica's health concerns serious enough. Jessica assures her that they are just joking but says she has to do one more thing before she leaves.

Talia visits Antonio in the hospital. He jokingly accuses her of busting the hate crimes case without him. She claims that he was with her the whole time because she kept thinking, "What would Antonio do?" When he notes that there aren't a lot of people he can count on, Cristian appears at the door and asks if that includes him. He tells Antonio that he wants his brother back. Antonio reminds him that they're not really brothers. Cristian confesses that when they were younger, he kept leaving Antonio's bike out in the rain. Talia leaves them alone but urges Antonio to cut Cris some slack. Cris continues to joke about the bike. He says that was worse than keeping the news about Jessica and Nash from him because he was just looking out for his own butt back then. With Jessica and Nash, he was trying to help Antonio. Antonio argues with him, so Cris asks him what he would do if their positions had been reverse. Antonio knows that he has lied before to protect people he loves. Cris calls Antonio a hero, not because he gave Jessica part of his liver, but because he's his big brother. He's looked up to him all of his life. Cris apologizes again. Antonio tells him that he wants him to stay. He asks Cris to represent him at Harmon's arraignment, so Cris happily agrees to do that. Jessica brings Bree by to see Antonio before they go home. She thanks him for helping and knows that he did it for her daughter and that he loves Bree. Antonio acknowledges that he loves Bree like a daughter. Antonio talks to Bree and tells her goodbye. Jessica tells him that she won't let Bree forget him and that she hopes he can forgive him. He tells her that he is all out of forgiveness right now.

Paige brings the release papers, so Nash takes them to Jessica. Viki asks Paige again if it's okay for Jessica to go home. Paige assures her that she'll be fine. They chat for a moment about Bo and their love lives. Viki urges Paige to attend to Bo because he's so special. She is glad not to have a man in her life not to worry about and notes that the last guy she talked to was arrested for arson and murder.

Nash brings Jessica the papers, so she bids goodbye to Antonio.

At the courthouse, Bo wonders if Nora is ready to handle Harmon's case, but she assures him that she never wanted to prosecute a case more. Bo hopes they got the right person. Nora is sure they have the right man. Bo points out that there is nothing to tie him to the other crimes, only Lindsay's gallery. The reporters shout questions at Lindsay as she arrives. Bo wonders why she is there. Lindsay wants to see Harmon pay for what he did. She also tells Bo that she intends to open the "Real Americans" exhibit for real. Bo asks her to wait on that, to make sure they have the right person.

Everyone gathers at the courthouse. Tate worries that everyone hates him now. The charges against Kirk Harmon are read and he says that he understands them. Kirk charges nolo contendere. Adriana explains to Tate that this means "no contest" and that Kirk is saying he's guilty. Court is dismissed. Nora explains to Layla, who asks, that Kirk is not contesting the charges, but Bo adds that he's not admitting any guilt, either. Nora thinks he might just be protecting himself against civil charges. Adriana tells Tate that he should speak to his father one last time. Tate goes over, so Kirk leans to his ear and tells him that he loves him and that he'll take to the grave that Tate was the real culprit.

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