OLTL Update Wednesday 6/20/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/20/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Cole and Starr kiss in the rain. At Marty’s place Miles and Marty discuss David Vickers' release. A knock at the door and its John.

At the prom Marcie announces the king and queen of the prom. Langston & Markko. They stare in disbelief. Marcie calls them up.

Cole questions Starr about the hospital and her cut. Starr declares her love for him and they kiss. Starr apologizes for the way she treated him. The go inside. The crowd is chanting for the king and queen to take the stage and applaud when they do. They crown them. Langston tells Marcie she wants to kill her for this. Langston declares it’s the lamest thing that ever happened to her and Markko abdicates. Langston spots Starr and Cole across the room and says she has a better idea.

At the police station Bo questions Kurt about the explosives they found with him at the Gallery. He says they have no proof. Tate and Adrianna are out in the hall discussing Kurt.

At the prom Langston gives her crown to Starr. Markko gives his to Cole. Langston starts them chanting Star and Cole and they step on stage and get crowned. They dance as an unhappy Britney looks on. The music picks up and we go to a dance club scene. No one is in prom clothes anymore. Music video.

Adriana and Tate talk about his father. Tate says they aren’t exactly close. Adriana asks about when they were younger. Tate can’t believe what he’s accused of. Adriana asks Tate if his dad could be guilty.

Bo and Talia confront Kurt with evidence about the fires at the warehouse and Nora’s house and the hospital bombing. Bo says his son’s house burned down too and he will personally see him burn for this. Kurt says nothing will stick. Bo says he’ll get life without parole if he’s lucky enough to avoid the death sentence.

Miles asks what John is doing there and questions him about David’s release. John asks if he minds if he speaks to Marty alone and Miles says he minds.

Starr asks why Langston did that and Markko says Cole and Starr look like they are so into each other. They tell them they are back together. Starr asks about Britney and Cole says he’ll make it up to her. Marcie questions Langston and Markko about what they did and says at least she tried. They can go back to hating each other now. Marcie leaves. Markko and Langston say they never hated each other and Langston walks off, Markko follows. They break into song.

Tate tells Adriana his father didn’t do this. Adriana says Bo doesn’t think so and if it was Tate’s father then he deserves to go to jail. Tate gets upset but Adriana says she almost died too and she hopes that whoever did this gets what they deserve. Tate asks if it goes for him too if his father did do it.

Bo keeps grilling Kurt. Kurt denies everything.

John tells Miles he’s not asking his permission. Miles says it will have to wait till morning. Marty says John wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t important. Miles’ phone rings and he says it’s his lawyer. John is surprised since its midnight. Miles says he’s in Beijing. Miles plants a big kiss on Marty and leaves. John says he saw that. Marty says saw what? John says she can’t even kiss him and he can help her.

Cole and Starr go to leave the prom and Britney stops them.

Adriana asks Tate why she would hold it against him. Tate says what if some of his ideas rubbed off on me. Adriana says he never acts racist.

Bo tries to get Kurt to confess. He asks who his attorney is and Kurt asks for a public defender. Talia handcuffs him.

Marty avoids John’s questions and they talk about her murdering Spenser. John says her mind may be playing tricks on her. Marty asks why he’s not arresting her. John says he’s working on something and has to know what’s really going on. Why is she protecting Miles? Marty denies it and John says he doesn’t believe her. Mile interrupts and Marty says they’re done. John says he’s not giving up and leaves.

At the prom Cole says it’s late and he wants to go. Britney yells at him because he brought her here and left her for Starr. Cole says he’s a jerk and he’s sorry. Britney then attacks Starr for taking Cole back. Starr says she never meant to hurt her. Then she says they deserve each other. Cole says when you’re right you’re right and Starr and Cole leave. Britney’s friends come up to her and we cut to another music video.

Marty and Miles talk about John’s visit. Marty says she does profile work for John. Miles questions her. Miles says he’s worried about her. Marty says that’s because he’ll lose his leverage if she’s arrested. Miles says not all of it. Marty says don’t hurt John.

Cole drops Starr off. He gives her back her phone. She says the night started as a nightmare and Cole says it ended as a dream. They talk about being back together and being happy.

At the police station they take Kurt to a holding cell. Tate questions them as they walk by. Tate offers to get him a lawyer. Kurt says he doesn’t want Tate’s help. They take Kurt away and Adriana tells him she’s sorry. She tells him to go home and get some rest. He says the press is probably camped out at his place. Adriana offers him her sofa.

John at home when there is a knock on the door. It’s David Vickers. He asks for a place to stay. David says John owes him and asks to borrow his toothbrush.

The people leave the prom. Markko offers Langston a ride home. He calls her a freak, she says don’t you forget it and they kiss.

Cole and Starr at her house. It’s not one pm yet so Cole puts on the car radio and they start singing. They kiss.

The End??

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