OLTL Update Tuesday 6/19/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/19/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

Cole is at the prom, wondering where Starr is. He gets the idea that she is in trouble, so he leaves the dance to search for her. He gets stopped by Bo, who wonders why he was speeding. Bo makes him get out of the car. Cole swears that he hasn't been drinking and explains that he is trying to find Starr, who didn't show up at the prom. Meanwhile, Bo gets a phone call from Talia. He then goes back to Cole and asks for more details about Starr being gone. Bo finds out why Cole and Starr are not together. Bo notices the pocket watch that Cole has, which he recognizes from when Patrick used to wear it. He tells Cole that he and Patrick were good friends. They both wish he were still around. Bo lets him go. Cole finds Starr's cell phone. Cole finds Starr's driver and then finds out that she went to the hospital, so he rushes off to find her.

Meanwhile, Starr has fallen outside somewhere and hit her head, muddying her prom dress.

Britney sits in the corner at the prom, on the floor, bummed because Cole is out searching for Starr. Her friends Heather and Aimee come over to cheer her up. They give her a drink and are happy when she starts acting like her old bitchy self again.

Marty orders some wine at the Palace bar. Blair comes up, too, and both are depressed and out in the rain. They both decide to have scotch. Marty asks if Blair has heard from Todd, which she hasn't. Marty wonders if Blair is there to try to forget about her troubles, but Blair says it will take a lot more than this. She also tells her that Dorian and David are having a big fight back at the house. Marty notes that she'd heard that he was released. Blair wonders why. David arrives, wearing one of Dorian's frilly coats, and says that John thinks that Spencer's real killer is still out there. Marty looks uncomfortable. Blair wonders if Dorian and David were arguing about who killed Spencer, but David says that's not really it. David tries to get a room at the Palace, since Renee is not there. Blair mentions to Marty that whomever killed Spencer probably saved her life. Marty and Blair both tell the other that they didn't go to their prom. They also each learn about the watches they gave their kids.

At the hospital, Viki finds Clint, who is half-dozing in a chair. He claims he is awake when she comes up to him. Viki tells him that she just heard on the news in Jessie's room that David was released from prison. Clint is surprised to hear it. Viki says that John was on the news and said that they found evidence that David is innocent. She wonders why he would confess if he didn't do it. Clint notes that David has always been strange. Viki still doesn't think it's like David to do this. Clint wants to leave and check on Asa, to make sure the storm didn't knock out his electricity. Clint worries about Viki, too, so she snaps at him. After he leaves, Starr shows up, looking wet and muddy, so Viki is shocked to see her and asks what happened to her. Starr explains to Viki what happened. She says that after she fell in the mud, she saw her father. Viki is doubtful that she really saw Todd and wonders if she hit her head. Dorian's limo driver comes in, so Starr introduces him. He explains that he was the one who carried Starr there, and that she called him "Dad". Viki tells him that she'll stay with Starr. Starr gets upset, saying that the driver lied and that it was definitely her dad. Viki tells her that she believes that people we love show up when we need them. Viki makes sure that Starr gets medical attention for her cut on her face.

Cole and Starr sing a song. Afterwards, Viki wants to call Blair to let her know about Starr being in the ER, but Starr doesn't want her called. The doctor tells them that Starr is fine now that they cleaned out her cut. Upon learning that the prom is over at midnight, Viki wants to get Starr fixed up so she can go. Starr doesn't really want to go, she tells her. Viki figures out that Starr wants to go with Cole, not her date. Starr realizes that she lost her phone in the car. Starr makes a phone call with Viki's phone.

Clint goes to Asa's but everything is fine. Nigel tells Clint that David was released from prison, so Clint realizes that Nigel knows that Asa paid David to kill Spencer. Clint gets annoyed again at Asa. They speculate what will happen next. Clint wonders why Asa wanted Spencer dead. Nigel says that he couldn't say, but the expression on his face looks like he does know. Nigel wonders if they should send Asa away. David arrives, looking wetter. Clint chews him out for coming in without knocking. Clint tells him that he knows about his $10 million deal with Asa and that he's not going to get his money. Clint threatens to tell Bo about the arrangement. Left with no choice, David just asks Clint for money, but he tells David to get out instead. David begs for a room to stay in, but again Clint tells him to leave, so he does. Clint wonders why Asa would trust a weasel like David. Nigel thinks that maybe it was a test to see what he's made of. Clint doesn't know why he would care.

Marcie tries to get Markko to ask Langston to dance, but he refuses, saying she's a freak. When Starr phones Markko, Britney has his phone, so she pretends that she's been kissing both Cole and Markko. Starr can see right through her lies, though. Britney and her two friends sing a song and dance number. Marcie keeps nagging Markko to ask Langston to dance. Britney gets her friends to help her stuff the ballot box for prom queen, so they get Langston to leave her post (watching the ballot). They start to stuff it, but Marcie catches them and gets rid of them. Then she gets an idea to stuff the ballot box for Markko and Langston. Markko and Langston commiserate about how Marcie has been nagging them to dance. Marcie announces that the prom king and queen are Markko and Langston. They are shocked.

Viki helps Starr get cleaned up so she can go to the prom. Starr still can't believe that her dad was not there because he seemed so real. Viki urges Starr to follow her heart and uses Jessie as an example. Starr says she loves Cole, so Viki tells her to go find him, so she can tell him. Viki recognizes Starr's watch, which she knows Todd gave to Blair. Viki finishes fixing Starr up and then drives her to the prom. Starr thanks Viki when she drops her off. Viki makes her promise to call her when she needs a ride home.

Starr goes into the prom and sees Markko. She apologizes but tells him that she needs to find Cole. He tells her that Cole left a while ago.  She goes back outside.  In the rain, Cole runs up and finds Starr, and they kiss, and they sing another song.

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