OLTL Update Monday 6/18/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/18/07


Written By Audrey
Pictures by Jennifer

Starr and Cole are each in their respective bedrooms, coming out of their song-induced reverie.    

Britney is at her house waiting for Cole, with a bunch of kids doing the conga line in the background.  She shushes them while dialing Cole’s number.  He answers and tells her he’s just now heading out the door.

Back at Dorian’s house, the doorbell rings.  As Dorian rushes to the door, she calls out, “Ok, Mr. Invitation-to-the-Prom-Come-Lately, keep your pants on, and I do mean that literally!”  LOLOL However, to her surprise, when she throws open the door, David is standing there (God, he looks goooood!) glowering down at her!  She blinks in astonishment as he yells, “you owe me $10 million!” 

Bo and Talia are still at Lindsay’s gallery, waiting for the OPP to show.  Lindsay has packed her suitcase and is preparing to leave for a safe house, when Rex shows up.   

Marcie arrives at the auditorium to find an absentminded Langston.  She finally is able to get Langston’s attention, and tells Langston she knows what’s bugging her – it’s Markko!   

David is furious at Dorian for telling John that he didn’t kill Spencer, thereby causing David to lose any hope of obtaining the money that Asa promised him.  He demands that she pay him, but she says she doesn’t have that much money.  Dorian has a couple of trays of food sitting out that they start throwing at each other!  Dorian picks up some dip and aims at David, but he sees it coming and ducks… just as Starr walks in the room!  Chip dip is running down the front of her gorgeous dress!  Blair is sure she can get it out with club soda and then dry the dress with a hair dryer, but Starr is sure the night is ruined!  Meanwhile, David and Dorian are busy blaming each other for messing up Starr’s dress.  Dorian goes outside for some fresh air and David joins her, while Blair runs to get some club soda.  Starr stands on the coffee table and sings, with Britney (at her house) and Langston (at the school) joining in. 

Cole is preparing to leave when Marty stops him to get his picture.  Miles asks if they will let him take the picture so Marty can be in it, and Marty thanks him. 

Upon entering the gallery, Rex immediately guesses that they are attempting to lure the OPP with the Real Americans broadcast and display at the gallery.  Talia is frustrated, stating that if Rex can figure it out that easily, the OPP probably have, as well.  Rex takes offense to this, rather huffily pointing out that he is a trained P.I.!   

Blair and Dorian manage to salvage Starr’s dress from the chip dip.  Starr starts for the door, but Blair says they must have a picture, and insists that it include Dorian.  Dorian hands David the camera, and he takes the picture, but first he examines the camera and wonders aloud how much he could get for it? (LOL He’s determined to get money out of Dorian somehow!) 

Starr goes to the door, opens it, and imagines that Cole is standing there.   

Langston is sitting at the ticket table, grumpily stamping hands of the kids as they enter the prom.  Markko comes in, and she gives him a hard time for not picking up Starr.  He wants to know again what’s wrong with her and she replies that he’s a freak.  He returns the compliment and she gets up and stomps down the hall.  He follows and they sing (it’s actually a cute song about being different and having your own unique style). 

Bo tells Rex that he wants him out of the gallery, as he doesn’t want anything to happen to him or Lindsay.  Lindsay says that she doesn’t want anything to happen to Bo, either!  She has to drag their ancient history into it by stating that just because they never made it to the altar, doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care about him (whatever, Lindsay!).  Rex asks if Lindsay wants him to go along to the safe house, and she asks a police officer to check with Bo.  She mentions that she’s not sure if she can help him with his love life, but she’ll try and he asks about her love life.  He points out that she was just “macking” on Bo a little earlier!  (LOL) 

After their song, Langston sits down at the ticket table again, and Markko stands not far away, ostensibly waiting for Starr to arrive. 

Cole, Britney, and the rest of her clique come in.  Several of the kids say their little obligatory mean remarks to Langston, while Langston gives them an extremely dirty look.  Britney, surprisingly, sticks up for Langston, and tells her that she thinks it’s brave of Langston to come to the prom alone.  Langston looks at her like she knows Britney is full of it, but lets it pass.  She spies Cole staring around and informs him that Starr has not yet arrived.  He turns around and lies, stating that he wasn’t looking for Starr.  Britney looks like she’s going to be sick. 

Bo and Talia briefly discuss Bo’s history with Lindsay while they wait for the bad guy to make his move.  Talia thinks it’s great that they can be friendly and still care about each other even though their relationship ended.  She mentions Antonio, hoping that he’ll be ok as he tries to get over Jessica.  

David and Dorian try to pull Blair into the middle of their argument, but she disgustedly opts to go out, telling them she hopes they kill each other while she’s gone. 

Starr is finally on her way to the prom when… yup, the limo has a tire blow out!  The driver gets out to check it, and Starr offers to help, but he says her Aunt Dorian would have his head!  He tells her to stay in the car and keep dry. 

Back at the prom, Cole is still looking at his watch every minute or so.  Markko comes by and remarks that Starr is running late.  Cole tries to pretend he doesn’t know what Markko is talking about, but Markko doesn’t buy it – he informs Cole that he’s aware Cole is still obsessed with his (Markko’s) date!  Britney sits with her friends, looking abandoned, but the girls try to reassure her that Cole’s not thinking about Starr.  Britney knows better, so one of the girls challenges her to make Cole forget about Starr.  This motivates Britney to go ask Cole to dance, and he agrees.  Britney mentions seeing Cole and Starr arguing earlier after rehearsal, and Cole admits it was his fault, that he was trying to pressure Starr into getting back together.  He adds that Starr thinks he needs to meet someone else, and Britney jumps on that with both feet.  She says that you can only beat your head against a wall so many times before it becomes certifiable (THAT’S what happened to him! LOLOL), and pulls him into a kiss, that quickly becomes mutual. 

Marcie comes by the ticket table and tells Langston she’ll give her a break if Langston will go ask Markko to dance!  Langston asks why Marcie keeps pushing them together, and Marcie replies that they have chemistry!  Marcie then sings (with the accompaniment of several male dancers) a song called High School Chemistry (Kathy B. is an AWESOME singer!!).   

Talia and Bo are still discussing Antonio.  She states that she wants to get this guy for Antonio’s sake, and then looks at Bo and adds that she realizes it’s personal for Bo too, because of Matthew.  Just then, one of the cops outside informs them that he just saw someone enter the building!  Bo and Talia prepare to take down the perp! 

The limo door opens and the chauffer sticks his head in to inform Starr that he’s going to have to go for help.  He tells Starr to stay in the car and then heads off down the road.  Starr, frustrated, decides that it can’t be THAT far, so she takes off walking in the pouring rain!  She trips and falls, and looks up to see someone standing in front of her!  She calls out, “Dad!” and then passes out. 

Cole pulls away from the kiss with Britney and says this isn’t right, that he loves Starr, and that he knows something is wrong, so he’s going to go look for her.   

Scenes from next time: 

More scenes from the prom 

Starr is at the hospital with Viki, declaring she knows she saw her dad! 

Marty and Blair are at the palace bar, grateful that their kids aren’t together tonight. 

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